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iFanboy #139 – Captain America

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If there is one man who you would trust to lead your army against impossible odds, or to find a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, or to punch a Nazi in his stupid face, that one man would be Steve Rogers — Captain America!

This week Ron, Josh and Conor examine the man who represents the heart of the Marvel Universe, the man who lead The Invaders in World War II, and the man who has come to define The Avengers. And did we mention that he PUNCHED HITLER IN THE FACE?


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  1. Welcome back!!! This just comes back when cap is returning. Good timing iFanboy video and Steve Rogers return together!


  3. I’m so excited to watch this!

  4. YES!!!

  5. Outstanding way to end the day!

  6. finally!

  7. Oh joy!  My very first marvel character.  Great ep.  Supprised no real talk of ultimate cap…..


  8. The most important part of being Captain America (according to this video’s still): perfect running form.

  9. yeeaayy !

  10. That was a great show. Glad to have you guys back. Those openings were hysterical.

  11. Awesome show! Welcome back! iFanboy brought to you by Vodka!

  12. I would love nothing more than to watch this right now, but I need some sleep.  Great to be getting new shows again. In case you don’t get it enough, thanks for taking the time to make them for all to enjoy.

  13. I want a snuggie!!

  14. Vode-kaaaaa!

    Captain America is a-numberr one!

  15. as long as you don’t mind Silver Age Marvel, it does not get much better than Lee/Kirby followed by Lee/Colan with a little Steranko in between.  great stuff that really built the world that Brubaker plays in today.

  16. What a treat to that not only is iFanboy Video back, but that it’s about my favorite Marvel character! Can’t wait to watch this one! (At work, of course.)


  17. I cant think of a better charectar to bring the show back on. Also after watching this I really, really want that Captain America Omnibus. Guess I better start saving.

  18. AWESOME!

    Great to have the video show back and a great episode. At first when you guys announced the hiatus, ‘I was like ‘eh,’ not a big deal, whatsoever,’ BUT when this started downloading I got way more excited than I thought I would.  Now depending on how breakfast goes…this could be a helluva Wednesday morning for me. 

  19. Yay!1!1!


  21. Its true… you really don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the video show. 

     But one slight nit-pick:  THe hulk series was retitled to Hercules and kept the numbering from that run of hulk (which has caused havok with my comic organizing once the hulk series returned — but thats a different discussion altogether)

    Again great to have the video show back. Wednesdays just got a little better again.

  22. Great vid guys, great to have you back.

    Im one of those heathens who hasnt been able to connectwith Captain America (I read the two Winter Solider trades). While I was reading I knew it was damn well written and Bucky seemed like an interesting character, but I couldn’t get past the suit.

    As an Australian I’m naturally going to have a harder time accepting the suit than most Americans will, but it really seemed against the Spy typ, cosmic, conspiracy story that was being told. Maybe I’m being to harsh but for some reason I can accept that a man can fly before I can accept that a man would sneak around doing spy stuff in a giant flag.

    Do any other non-US citizens have the same problem?
    Is this going to effect the movie in any way?

  23. Very nice, welcome back.  I’ve been a diehard Cap fan since Marvel Super Action #13 (Steranko reprint) in 78.

     I think the whole ‘Cap doesn’t kill’ thing was first pushed back in #321 (with an awesome Zeck cover I would trade most of my children for) when Cap gunned down one of Flag Smasher’s ski-crazy goons.  The next issue had Cap internally agonizing about it saying "I believe that guns are for killing, and killing is the ultimate violation of individual rights.  I never carry a gun, I have never taken another person’s life."  Obviously, this was Gruenwald’s personal take on Cap, and a device to setup the ‘Captain America No More’ storyline.  Gruenwald never referenced WWII much in his story telling, but did add in the letter column in #327… "Neither Cap nor the Invaders ever carried guns behind enemy lines during the war.  They were never actively engaged in combat with the Axis militia, but concentrated their efforts against Nazi super-agents and their leaders. All this is to say that Captain America never sought to kill anyone on the battlefield."  He was taken to task for this for quite a few letter columns, but this was his personal take.  And probably a mandate from above that Marvel heroes are not killers.  I didn’t believe it for a second at the time, and was glad when the series moved past it.

    Yes, my Cap shelf is in # order, and thanks to this research I’m spending my morning reading mid-80’s Cap books.


  24. Thanks for coming back, everyone. Always a pleasure.

    You know, seeing Conor in a Snuggie has only deepened my desire to never allow one in my home. He looked ridiculous. Nothing personal, you understand, but it looked like you were wearing a robe backwards. Just put on a sweater, people!

    Also, good Cap discussion. I’ve never gotten into the character aside from the occasional trade I’ve picked up from the library, so it was nice to get a bit of history on him. As others have said, that omnibus looks mighty lovely. I’d love to get that bad boy.

    Oh, and it was nice to see Paul again, even if he was playing Josh’s younger Russian brother. 😉

  25. yay

  26. hahha


  27. *Click……….." YAY!!!!!

    Great to have yas back!

    BTW: Watched the show on the Motorola Cliq running Android. Works, and looks great!

  28. Glad you are back.  I suspect they found Conor in a block of ice, hence the snuggie, still trying to thaw out.  At any rate, you started out the videos on a high note, with a Captain America episode.  Nice.  And for those fans who haven’t read the Omnibus yet, go pick one up.  I know it’s pricey, but one of the better runs in the past few years with great art, and a great storyline that has an introduction into some of the past characters Cap. has associated with good and bad. 

    I wasn’t the greatest of Cap. fans either, I just knew he came from the Avengers, and would pick up some of his comics off the stands from time to time in the late 80’s. I remember a series called Streets of Fire (I think was the run) about drugs in America.  I guess one of the reasons it took me so long to read a Cap. comic was the suit, but now it’s so iconic, it just…fits.  I don’t know how it might translate to a big screen, but hey, if they can do it with Spider-man or Ironman they should be able to do it with Cap. too.  More than anything, it’s the story!!  I think it would be cool if they did the movie flashbacks in black and white as well sort of like Band of Brothers, but that’s just how I envision it.

    Since I’m a late comer to Cap. and that universe, and don’t have a whole history of Captain America, I was sort of wondering about the Red Skull.  Is the red skull a mask or what?  Is that just how the character is or is he more like Dr. Doom and it is a mask hiding a disfigured face or more like Joker and that is his face, deformed somehow?  I’ve always been curious.

  29. Yay! Welcome back!!

  30. Great to have you guys back.

    Question though: Is anyone else getting weird flashes on the screen, almost like other frames are coming up?  One in particular happenes around when the art of Red Skull holding the cosmic cube is shown (11:39). (I download the HD from iTunes)

  31. Awesome guys! Great show as usaul.


    On a side note, I went on ebay to buy some of those older Captain America stuff Conor had! Man they’re expensive! 

  32. It was so much better before the break.

    I kid, I kid. This was one of the best issues you guys have made thus far. Congratulations.

  33. Awesome! I’m so glad this is back. It seems like I’ve been waiting for so long!

  34. this show made me realize i need that Captain America Omnibus.

  35. It’s one of my favorite volumes on my shelves.

  36. Spot on job guys. couldn’t agree more with this vid.

  37. Hooray! This isn’t a dream….but yet I will rub my eyes just in case.

    *rubs eyes* No it’s here!!

    Great vid and the opening had me in tears.

  38. I enjoy any love that the Kieron Dwyer Cap gets. Mark Gruenwald cannot be praised enough for his seminal run — like Denny O’Neil’s on "Detective."

  39. @skrulldave- various answers at various times.  originally, it was just a mask that Johann Schmidt wore over his face.  at some point, I’m pretty sure it was just an actual skull because there’s a scene in issue #1 of the current volume with Skull drinking and the liquid just falls out of his face.  This may have been while he was in a Steve-cloned body.  Not totally sure.  After that body is killed, and (spoilers for first Brubaker arc) ………………………..he’s in Aleksander Lukin’s body, it’s a mask again.  After that, it’s an image on a robot screen.  With the current developments in Reborn, anything is possible from this point forward.

  40. Great episode guys. I actually picked up the Brubaker omnibus when I first watched the "another five" episode way back.

  41. Conor, why don’t you have the Stylish Snuggie? You know, the new one w/ the leopard skin pattern? Thats the only was you could have looked cooler, but otherwise, great look!


    Cap just never intrigued me in my early years, I could never get into his stories. I suppose thats because my early comic reading was done with issues put out in the 90s and late 80s. I mean I always like the IDEA of him, but I never sought out a full story of his. Brubaker’s series changed all that for me around the beginning of his run, as he’s turned into one of my favorite characters. Now that he’s turned into that over the years, I’m sure this episode will really help me find the really good older stories of his, as I think I’ll have a greater appreciation for them now. Thanks guys!


    Man Titty Cap sucks!

  42. LOL!!! Connor with the Snuggie!!!! 😀

     But really, Captain America?  After the last video post with all those interesting books Josh had in front of him, you choose the Marvel shill book?!?!??!  Really???  O.o



  43. since the video show is back I was wondering if one of the IFanboys could answer a technical question for me. I know that the three of you dont live in the same city, hell If I remember an older episode you guys dont even live on the same coast. And for the audio show you probably use skype or something like that, But for the video show do you guys fly in every couple of months or so and just film a slew of diffrent shows with diffrent topics in a row? I’m just asking out of general curiosity on the process of putting one of these things togethor. thanks for another great episode.

  44. You know, I’ve been wondering about that too. Does Ron "Richie Rich" Richards fly in on his private jet each week to record the video?  ;o)

  45. You guys brought your A-game to the return episode. Witty, funny and interesting. Great job!


  47. RE: Birdseyview:  Hum, different ideas/cases for the Red Skull, I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.  It seems that Marvel has had a lot of  continunity errors, or realigment history. No wonder they used to give the no prize.  They still put out a multitudinous multiversity of mags, as Stan Lee might muse.

  48. That was really good show!

  49. It’s a crime that the Captain America omnibus is out of print. I’m so pissed.

  50. Holy crap! They brought it back into print! Now I just need the Punisher omni in print.

  51. Glad to have the video show back.  The opening was awesome.  My wife has been pestering me for one of those Snuggies.  There’s just something damn eerie about them.

  52. @Neb: Don’t get her one — they are awfully uncomfortable.

  53. Yeah, the snuggie was junk.

  54. "Don’t even think about it, Little Man!"

    Great episode, Cap’s my #1 Marvel guy too.

    One of my favorite scenes in recent Cap is when he gets summoned to the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier by Commander Hill, who assumes he’ll lead the fight against the anti-registration heroes, and he basically tells her to go **** herself. When the agents try to take him down he goes through them like nothing and escapes. That was a fist-pumping moment for me.


  55. @Patman2- I don’t expect the iFanboys to explain the details any time soon, but if you pay attention to some of what they say during audio shows, Ron flies into New York every so often so they can film some episodes.  You’ll notice that there will be a handful of weeks in a row where the location (Josh’s house or Conor’s house) is the same for a bit, and then it will switch to the other for a bit.  There are also some repeats in clothing within a few weeks’ worth of episodes.  However, there are also changes, which leads me to believe these filming sessions include wardrobe changes, which is pretty funny.

  56. @ABirdseysView: Yeah that makes sense, I was just curious.

  57. Snuggies just look so freakin’ awkward.  I would get a jedi one if they made it though.

  58. @vadamowens: They are awkward and also scratchy.

  59. @conor did someone get you one as a gift or did you just get a wild hair?

  60. @vadamowens: It was a gag gift someone in my family got and they were going to toss it (because it’s awful) but I asked them to hold onto it long enough so I could use it in this bit.

  61. "UPGRADE!" xD!!!

    Oh yeah. I’m back too. Coincidence? You be the judge…

  62. @conor lol, I think white elephant is the only excuse to get such a thing.  god they’re fucking hideous.  i’m laughing my ass off thinking about the commercial where the entire family wear’s them to a sporting event.  still laughing….

  63. Yes, the Cap Omnibus is back in print (thank god!) which I picked up.  Should we then also consider the Death of Captain Amerca Omnibus as volume 2 of the Brubaker run?

  64. Regarding the Omnibus issue, here is a theory put out by someone on Amazon – This Omnibus is called "The Death of Captain America" omnibus – so it collects 3 TPBs that comprise the "death of…" story. So I think there will be "Return of Captain America" omnibus (almost title of the 3rd lotr volume) that will contain "Man with no face", "Road to Reborn", and "Reborn".

    Anyone agree?

  65. Snuggie = Mexican Poncho , but not as cool ( Connor looks like Friar Tuck)

    Would like more Bucky Cap just not ready for Steve to regain his mantle er shield


  66. Oh man, I was in a school coma and missed the triumphant return.  You guys rock, thanks for doing this, and it’s good to have the shows back!

  67. That intro was hilarious! Superb job, guys! I have a blue Snuggie too, Conor, and yes it is difficult to get me to remove it sometimes also.

    It was cool to see you guys go over some of the lesser-known Cap comics between the ’60s and the late ’90s. I actually wish you guys would’ve spent more time on that long, relatively obscure era–but on the other hand, being honest, the Waid and Brubaker stuff is overwhelmingly where it’s at for contemporary readers, and if anyone wants any older stuff the very early ’40s Cap and ’60 Avengers comics are where they should go first. All I know about the in-between stuff is that when I was a tyke in the mid-’80s I had some awesome Cap stories, all about the Red Skull dressing up in Cap’s costume.

    If anyone wants a more (almost "too") detailed examination of Cap’s publishing history, Jamie D of Comic Geek Speak did a long "Essentials" podcast on that topic.

    Good to have you back with the video show, guys.

  68. Ok, so who was the hot guy at the beginning and can we see him in more videos? 

  69. @Garrett: Josh’s younger brother.

  70. that little exchange is CREEPY !

  71. Why?

  72. keeps getting creepier

  73. Where are all of your muscles Josh?;)

  74. …I just realized that in order to defeat the Nazis in the MU, they had to created the ultimate aryan, blond-haired blue-eyed Steve Rodgers. That hadn’t even remotely connected until now.

  75. he was already blond-haired and blue-eyed, they just had to make him a patriotic fighting machine

  76. They took the mensch and made him über.

  77. Maybe he’s jewish, like Daniel Craig in Defiance, or Jesus in the American paintings of himself.

  78. I don’t think I understood how much I missed this.  Welcome back.

  79. I am now on a hunt to track down as many issues of the Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer era.

    While watching this episode I couldn’t help but think that I’d love to see a Hellboy, Captain America teamup what with all the Nazi and occult stuff.  

  80. At last! iFanboy’s been off my radar since the podcasts went a few months ago. Now that they’re back, so am I. Great show guys – keep it up.

  81. We did other stuff…

  82. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Like…a lot of other stuff. 

  83. Probably more than usual when you think about it…

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