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iFanboy #122 – Your E-Mails and Voicemails About Comics

Show Notes

First up is Chris from Minnesota who asks: “How much is too much?! How often is too often? How much are people willing to pay to keep current on a title?

Next, Brett from California asks: Who would be better to play Captain America in the movie? Marc Blucas or Adam Baldwin?

Next, Drago who has recently started to read Spider-Man asks: Do you have to read all the bubbles or can you skip the blabber? Will it affect the understanding of the story?

Up next, Eric asks Josh whether he’s pissed off at the omission of Hawkeye from the Avengers cartoon and the upcoming Avengers movie?

After watching the show on Grant Morrison, Marianne asks Ron which he’d rather buy: New X-Men or Ultimate X-Men? She also wants to start reading more DC titles and asks if JSA is a good book to start on and if so, which trades to start with?

Alicia from New York asks: Apart from The Sword what else can iFanboy recommend by The Luna Brothers?

Ben asks: As a comic convention virgin, which is the best con to go to? Start small or go for broke at San Diego?

Lastly, Darrell from New York comments on Action Comics and Secret Six.


Get Involved

Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. Wait so when we call in to the voicemail line does it go to a GrandCentral/GoogleVoice account? I know Ron has one of those for himself but is that what you use for everyone’s calls?

  2. Wow the answer for the first question (if you grouped the X-titles/Bat titles together) is very similar to what Richard_D on the forums just asked.


  3. Good show! Now I’m going to go enjoy an Animal Style Double Double with Fries & a Shake at the In-n-Out down the stree from my crib!

  4. @Tiocore-You pansy!!  Get a 4×4!!!

    Brett was not very sly about talking on his phone while driving.  Poor bastard.

    haha, and as soon as I heard it was a Hawkeye question I knew one of you would say "not like this!"  You guys rock.

    I love these listener question shows.  Pweese do more.  Pwiddy pweese!!


  5. @josh: But you already have a cartoon representation of Hawkeye:


  6. IN-N-OUT Does have the best the best burgers!

  7. I get hours of entertainment out of a 3$ comic. Many people read so many comics that they feel the need to blast through their issues. Read less, get more out of the less. I find it way more fun that way.

    P.S: I cast Patrick Wilson as Cap.

  8. If it takes you 12 Minuets for 0ne issue you are Reading waaaaay too fast. I tell you this if I paid 12 bucks for a Digest Sized book and read it in 40 minuets, and never read it again, I’d be pissed off so If it takes me a half an hour to genuinly enjoy GLC when I paid 3 bucks for it, then I’m all for that.

  9. Great show.

    @TNC that way of animating people putting on armor seems familiar but I can’t put my finger on it… I remembered – the Samurai Pizza Cats intro or cartoon. 

  10. I would read Secret Six, but after I bought Six Degrees I hated everything about them and it ruined everything about Villians United. I tell you Six Degrees of Devestation was so bad, I wanted to throw Gail Simone on a Fridge just to make it stop.

  11. I’m kind of surprised none of you mentioned San Francisco’s WonderCon in answering the convention question. I’d say that’s a great mid-sized con, not as overwhelming as San Diego but also not a glorified flea market like your local Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con style show.

    And maybe I’m biased since I live out here but I’d say San Francisco is easily as good or better than San Diego when it comes to interesting touristy stuff to keep your friends/wife/whatever occupied while you get your geek on at WonderCon.

    Plus we also have In-N-Out Burgers up here too. And don’t get me started on the Isotope’s legendary WonderCon afterparties because I could go on about just that aspect alone all damn day long.

  12. MoRE DArrell!! More DArrell!!

    Dc’s trade program needs a MAJOR overhaul!!

  13. Thanks guys! I laughed my ass off the whole time!

    Is that the In-n-Out Burger on Radferd? No wait, the In-n-Out Burger’s on Cameron man.

    Those are good bugers iFanboys.

  14. Loved the show, but to answer the too much manga question.  That comes around volume twenty of Naruto when you begin to realize the story has no future and I have seen issue 42 and you could have skipped volumes 22 through 42 and not missed anything.  Manga is slow moving and crappy when done wrong.  However, Death Note and D Gray man are both fast paced and have an end in sight.  Don’t read Naruto or Bleach if you want a story that moves because they just shovel out crap monthly and hope people will buy it in hopes of some progress.

  15. To the emailer saying that he thinks it takes too long to read a Spider-Man issue:

    SO WHAT?!  Soak in the Ditko, the Andru, the ROMITA art!  Savor the issue that is "The Death of Gwen Stacy"!  Glory in the Spider-Moblie Saga!  Enjoy it, don’t rush through it!  I had problems with the Stan Lee issues too, but once you get to the Conway and Wein issues it’s a great book.  There’s a lot of detail per page, but that’s what makes these so good.  Keep reading!   

  16. Isnt Hawkeye going to be in Iron Man 2? Or was that just a big fat internet rumor?

  17. If anyone is confused about DC trades, always check wikipedia, its normally pretty accurate.

  18. Want to learn about the Holocaust? iFanboy.com

  19. Nightwing and Flamebird were introduced in Action comics in the 50’s i think.  I think jimmy dressed up as flamebird, and Supes as nightwing.

  20. You know, having lived in San Diego my whole life I love it here and I understand how you say the warm weather feels like a vacation. But I can only assume you would think the warm weather is great in small doces because when it definitely overstays its welcome during long summers living in front of a fan. I mean 72 degrees? Only in the winter!

    But yeah, In N Out has the best burgers in the entire world!

  21. @DarkNightDetective: It’s always 72 degrees during San DIego Comic Con – in July.

  22. I recently read Morrison’s New X-Men and thought it was excellent.  As well as Ultimate X-Men, especially the first 3 writers runs, Vaughan being my favorite.  I want to know what Ron considers to be "Good X-Men" besides the obvious Astonishing and Dark Phoenix runs.  I haven’t read that much, so I wouldn’t know.  He should discuss this sometime.

    Can’t say I was much of a fan of Gerry Conway or Len Wein’s "Amazing Spider-Man."  It just felt so different than Stan Lee’s Spider-Man, and they wrote Gwen Stacy horribly.  Even the "Death Of" story doesn’t really work.  It wasn’t executed well.  It’s unclear how she actually died.  Was it a good idea?  Who knows, it was weird and disappointing to read for me.  (I read the whole ASM chronologically in order on DVD-ROM as well)  After Stan left it felt like "Bleh" for a while, though Conway did have some fun with Hammerhead and Doc Ock that was pretty good.

    I will say there is some great manga out there, so hopefully more people pick it up.

  23. I would also be very curious to know what Ron considers to be "his" X-Men if Grant Morrison’s New X-Men wasn’t it.

  24. @kenkneisel: It’s pretty easy, he talks about it all the time.  "His X-Men" are, primarily, the Claremont/Byrne era X-Men.

  25. @conor: Gotcha, thanks! I’m still pretty new around here so I wasn’t sure if that was common knowledge or something.

    I personally love New X-Men, even though the inconsistent artwork was kind of annoying. But when it was good, it was great. My personal favorites being any of the Frank Quitely issues, that one issue drawn by John Paul Leon & Bill Sienkiewicz where Emma first dresses up as Phoenix for Scott and the two issue arc drawn by Phil Jimenez where Jean discovers Scott & Emma’s telepathic indiscretions and winds up resurrecting Emma when she’s shot. Oh and the Leinil Yu annual! I really need to get around to rereading all of those sometime soon.

    As far as the older stuff goes, I’d say "my" X-Men are probably more the mid to late 80s era. Specifically the John Romita Jr and Marc Silvestri stuff since those were what really got me started on the X-Men (and hooked on comic books in general) in the first place, and also anything drawn by Art Adams.

  26. Hey, guys thanks for answering my con question.  After hearing your advice and talking to others, I think we’re going to go to San Diego for next year’s con (this year’s just so happened to conincide with my marriage and honeymoon).  When do they normally start taking reservations for stuff like that?  I always hear you need to do it early, but how early?

  27. Hey Guys in answer to your question about why is Naruto coming out so many times a month is not because its a quick read or any of the other things noted on the show but for business reasons.

    To battle pirate scanlations of the book. In Japan, Naruto was about 15 to 17 volumes ahead of the US trades. Many fans being impatient to get the latest chapters would bootleg the book online. So in order to curb that from happening the publisher is releasing them in such a fast rate to play catch up to the series overseas, so fans around the world get them all at the same time. And once done release them at the same time in Japan as the US. On a side note, it is also being done that was now with anime as well.

    big fan of the show, thanks!

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Makes sense.  

  29. Great to see Gordon again, even if he was stuffing his face.

    You should do a cross promotion with ifanboy.net (it is parked free by Godaddy, so Ron could use his Rev3 connection to set it up).  Who wouldn’t love to see some sexy MILFs dicussing the holocaust and bashing manga while MILFing each other in the MILF?

  30. Loving every minute of it.

    I don’t know how much I could counsel Drago about his blabber problem, although I will say StanLeespeak has been a huge barrier to me as a would-be reader of Avengers books. That original "return of Cap" issue must have taken an hour to get through. (Don’t start late at night; there will be dozing.)

    I can say this, though: if you are aware that it takes you exactly twelve minutes to get through an issue, you might not actually like doing any of this. Rarely do you time your fun, generally speaking.

  31. @animulder: Wow….would never have realized that. Here I am unloading the books onto the shelves thinking Shonen Jump was just whoring themselves out to get more money.

  32. @Jimski – Very well said.  "Rarely do you time your fun" is a Confucius level quote.

    I would very strongly suggest to Drago that he start with some highly suggested/respected recent books to see if he will like this comic book world and then dig into wikipedia if he wants some background.  In my experience (overt and acknowledged qualifier) "Golden" Age books are for collecting, not reading.  Silly is the most generous way I can describe their content in most cases.

  33. I love reading Golden Age books. It’s great fun.

  34. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    While Shonen Jump is still getting published, word is that Shojo Jump, the manga magazine aimed at girls, is cancelled as of July.  I’m betting there won’t be a long discussion list sad at it’s cancellation on this website.  🙂

    And though they’re not "Golden Age," I enjoy the goofy 1950s and early ’60s era Batman stories.  They were silly, but I still love ’em.

  35. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Aw crap.  I meant Shojo Beat is cancelled.

  36. @conor and JeffR – I am glad you enjoy the Golden Age books.  Unfortunately, I can’t read more than one in a sitting.  I think I might be trying to hard to take the book seriously.  I blame rap music.

  37. Last I saw Hawkeye was sue to be in Iron Man 2, so we’ll see.

    You guys didged the Fillion factor, in that whenever a comic book character has to be cast, someone mentions Nathan Fillion. Even for like, Wonder Woman and stuff.

    Has anyone read that new Avengers book Bendis is writing? It’s pretty dark. 🙁

    (I’m sorry.)

  38. Doesn’t look like Hawkeye will be in Iron Man 2. Last time I checked IMDB he hadn’t been cast yet, and they’re over half way done with principal photography according to Favraeu’s twitter. It sucks, because I was definitely excited about his inclusion.

    Thanks for taking time to asnwer my question guys. 

  39. Anybody think Guy Pearce (no idea how to spell his last name) would be any good as Steve Rogers if he bulked up a bit?

  40. Guy Pearce is 41 years old.

  41. They can always do an "House of M" ending with the costume…

  42. @Conor That’s my only problem with liek, all of the actors that I want. They’re all too old! or foreigners. We all know we can’t have that.

  43. That’s why casting directors make a good living.

  44. I’ve always wanted to see auditions and stuff for these kinds of movies. I loved Robert Downey Jr.’s tapes that were included on the Iron Man DVD.

  45. There’s some documentary/reality movie or series about the people casting a movie, but I don’t remember the name.

  46. Ok since I’m a manga buff I feel obligated to make note that ALOT of people read manga online, not saying where but evidently there are a multitude of on-site manga viewing which allows reader-a-many to simply start from issue one to the current issue as opposed to the inability of starting from issue one of an american comic online due to strong affiliation file hosters make between online viewing a series and piracy here in North America. Because of this most file hosters are adament on enforcing anti-piracy via swift file deletion.

    Lately I’ve come to realize that this is (mostly) happening on sites with servers in N. America. Meaning that servers in say Singapore could definetly provide straight downloads (and not just torrenting) of scanned issues etc etc.

    My opinion? The caller is either torrenting or straight downloading direct bulks of issues (more likely), as a result he’s pretty much expecting comic book arcs to read quicker.

    Oh and as for Naruto, it’s pretty much like the situation with Ex Machina, it’s been relatively good… the plot has been exponentially raising stakes, nothing more or less.

  47. What’s wrong with Tijuana? A lot of hating on this episode first the holocaust then Tijuana?

  48. @grottesco: Nothing’s wrong with Tijuana. We just had a friend disappear there overnight during one SDCC.

    (Don’t take everything so seriously, this is supposed to be entertainment)

  49. It is OK to "be hatin’" on the Holocaust right?

  50. @josh: Unless your the president of Iran, then yes it’s okay.

  51. I be hatin’ on Tijuana because one time I got deported there by mistake and no one believed me when I said I was from East L.A.!  So I had to work at a sleezy bar and try a bunch of crazy ways to try to sneak back into the U.S.  It was crazy.

  52. @drakedangerz – thanks for filming it. Your antics were hilarious, and I liked your version of Born in the USA.

  53. @drakedanfgerz: It’s your fault for not knowing who the President was.

  54. Although I agree that Wizard World Chicago is a great first Con, I’m going to have to wag my finger at the guys for dissing the locals. I’m a Chicago native myself and while I admit there are some locals who come off mean, we’re not all that bad. I my self like helping out new comers to the city.

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