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iFanboy #116 – Geoff Johns: Writer of ‘The Flash: Rebirth’ and ‘Green Lantern’

Show Notes

Superstar DC writer Geoff Johns is responsible for the reemergence of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern: Rebirth and the “Sinestro Corps War,” as well as legendary runs on The Flash and Justice Society of America. Currently, he’s working on reinvigorating the world of Superman, as well as returning Barry Allen to the DC Universe with The Flash: Rebirth, in collaboration with Ethan Van Sciver. Soon, we’ll see the release ofย Blackest Night, the much heralded Green Lantern event.

Johns did a Q&A panel at Jim Hanley’s Universe to celebrate the release of The Flash: Rebirth, and he took questions from Josh, as well as the audience. He covers everything from his approach to creating comics, to how he got his start, to his time working as director Richard Donner’s assistant.


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  1. Never heard of him.

  2. Holy crap 55 minutes of interview! Awesome! Josh you lucky bastard

  3. I only watched the first 20 minutes or so, cuz its bed time, but so far its great stuff.  A lot of info about the guy’s writing technique, me like ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That did clear up a lot of things but not what I really wanted to know… will he return to Superman after secret origin?(Im guessing Adventure Comics is a possibility though)

  5. great interview. the stars and stripe story was very moving. what a great reason to write a story.

  6. Nice early release. Great interview, that seemed very nerve wracking, you’re a champ Josh.

  7. Ha! Where are the Taupe Lanterns?

    P.S: I think I found the "clue" Sciver put in the Flash cover…

  8. After watching this I really don’t know why I’m reading anything but Johns stuff.  I’m thinking of dropping batman and everything else and just picking up the DC books he is doing.  In Johns We Trust!

  9. Great interview.

  10. Nice!

  11. Thanks Guys. That interview made my day. Awesome job.

  12. Nearly an hour of Johns-y goodness? Can’t wait to watch.

  13. Josh slowly becoming the Charlie Rose of Comics. I believe, it’s that tie.

    Great Interview! Now I feel like I have to read Green Lantern: Rebirth…

  14. Johns makes my heart sing ^_^

    Great interview

  15. Most down to earth.. and just coolest guy in the big 2 today.

  16. I’ve been reading the run Johns did on Avengers. The stories were decent but the art has been phenominal.

  17. Nice — glad to hear Johns mention "Shade the Changing Man." That was a pleasant surprise.

  18. Fuck yeah Aquamans cool!!! Great interview.

  19. Johns is constantly mentioning Aquaman in interviews.  He’s a tease!

  20. @JJ: please explain. anyone else have any theories about the clues in Rebirth?

     HA! got a question answered, right on.  i think josh may be in love with Johns.

    this is what I like about Geoff Johns. he doesn’t have any of the supposed affectations of creative person, he just a normal hard-working dude who is good at what he does.

  21. Now I want to pick up stars and stripe.  What a way to break into comics.

  22. DC without Geoff Johns would fall apart.  Whereas Marvel without Bendis would be Marvel w/ Brubaker, Jason Aaron, Hickman, Slott, Guggenheim, Fraction, Millar and… well… Loeb.

  23. Great interview, and great job as moderator Josh.

    I know I have to ask him about The Turle in a con someday.

  24. Great episode. Very easy to watch practically an entire hour of Johns talking and not realize it’s been that long.

  25. @Edward: Agreed. It has always been my opinion that "odd" does not make you appear more creative. It in fact makes you appear less professional. My wife and I are both quite involved in the local art community, her being an artist me being an aspiring one. Trust me. The "squares" are just as creative.

    As for the clue on the cover. All I see that is out of the ordinary is that Flash/Flash’s costume disintegrates/melting/burning and smoke-like stuff is trailing from the jaw and insignia. That’s all I see that might be a clue. It looks deliberate to me. I think we’ll look back on this in a few months a say: "Oh I get it!"

    I dunno, any other ideas?

  26. Very good show. Hopefully someday Johns will get that Aquaman book.

    @JumpingJupiter: When I looked at it again I noticed all the Speed Force energy was coming from his ring. I am not sure if it means anything though. 

  27. I noticed that also, and the disintegrating thing is on his boot too…

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Thrilled that Geoff is a fellow Roald Dahl fan.  

  29. Great show, guys. I was lucky enough to be there for the interview (that’s me in the Detroit hat!). It is amazing that Geoff is so relaxed considering a majority of the DCU basically rests on his shoulders. He is also an incredibly nice guy to boot. The Blackest Night cannot get here soon enough. Oh, and yes, I did have him sign my stuff "Go Tigers!"

  30. What a cool guy. I think its hilarious how he got into comics without even trying.

  31. The new DC blog has a link to the interview today. Go iFanboy!


  32. Mr Johns wanted to pass along some new rules before he agrees to do another interview…

    1) Never touch Mr Johns’ microphone.

    2) Rule one is king! 

    All kidding aside, something often lacks in reading a transcribed interview, and Geoff Johns is one creator I wish gave more audio/video interviews; so I really looked forward to catching this weeks show. It didn’t disappoint. Unless of course you count the fact that it had to end. I could have easily listened for another hour or two of Josh and Geoff talking about the books.

  33. I’m going to talk about the elephant in the room.  Geoff Johns is easily the best looking writer (male) in comics.  His also being one of the best writers in modern comics is not at all fair.  I mean, Whedon ate nothing but chicken fingers, and threw himself into a chainlink fence for years so that he wouldn’t be the total package.  Alan Moore duct taped a wookie to his chin.  Grant Morrison waxed his head, and, allegedly, shit himself on airplanes.  Mike Carey and Garth Ennis made themselves as British looking as possible.  Neil Gaiman, ummm, ok, for an old guy, Gaiman’s alright looking.  Brian Michael Bendis shrunk himself five inches and got breast implants (they don’t show up in photographs because he has a special cloaking device).  Robert Kirkman ate Ed Brubaker (seriously, when was the last time you saw him at a con?).  The list goes on.  But Johns, Johns that selfish bastard refuses to uglify himself or his writing.

  34. @josh – So much fun watching you adjust the microphone while Geoff kinda gives you the: "you want me to wait until you’ve got your shit together" look.  The second time was the best as you mumbled something about "keep going".

    Seriously, I’m just ‘josh’ing you here. I know broadcasting’s difficulties from working in television and radio for a couple of years myself. You handled yourself very well and pulled out some good questions. Though, I would have liked to receive credit for asking Geoff how long he intended to stay on GL. I did post that question in the thread!

    But the truth of the matter is – I knew you’d probably ask that question anyway

    If I had it to do over again I’d likely change my question to "how much can you curl, Geoff?" Because, SOB(!), that dude’s got some pipes on him. He must have a dumbell sitting next to his desk that he curls while contemplating. Apparently he contemplates a lot.

  35. The clip came loose from the mic stand and it was swiveling a bit, and that would have translated to nasty sound very soon.  I was thinking, "should I….?" and then, of course, I did.  You gotta take charge!

  36. Nice video show. All it needed was someone accidently entering that little room.

  37. I just noticed this and maybe my brain is just in a ‘Sinestro Corps’ type of mode (need to read it again).

    But did that mic had a yellow ring around it? Come to think of it I saw a lot of people wearing a color ring in there…

  38. Flash rings. DC gave them out to everyone.

  39. Wow, I gotta say, Sr. Johns isn’t the most humorous interview you guys have had…

  40. Great interview from a great writer.  I’ve never really seen Johns give an interview before, but he sounds like a really amazing process and craft sort of creator.  The things young writers could learn being a fly on the wall of his room.

  41. @Neb – like that drinking too much cold coffee drinks (not ice coffee – it’s just cold) makes you nauseous?

    I love those "fly on the wall comments" ๐Ÿ™‚

    It will probably be more like "remember to back up data, watch your finger when you hang a picture, don’t eat too much cake". 

  42. I prob would’ve given up on DC if not for Johns, I wish he’d get on more books! I think him in the bat family would be amazing…but that’s just a wish!

  43. @tyronesf: More books? He’s writing like six books right now.

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