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iFanboy #112 – WonderCon 2009

Show Notes

This just might be the biggest and best convention episode in the history of iFanboy. Go on the Tiki Tour, head to the parties, find out if iFanboy staff writer Mike Romo gets to do an interview, and hear from as many creators and stars as you can handle.

Our old friend, writer Rick Remender tells us about his work with Dark Horse and Marvel on The Punisher, as well as his mysterious unit.

Man of Action, Duncan Rouleau tells us about The Great Unknown.

Lars Brown is back with Northworld, talking about the second volume in his fantasy story.

Mark Andrew Smith is one of the men behind the juggernaut Popgun Comics anthologies from Image Comics, as well as the all ages book, New Brighton Archaeological Society.

Joe Casey reluctantly catches us up on some new projects like Dark Reign: Zodiac and Final Crisis – Aftermath: Dance. He also handles some special correspondence duty.

Ben Templesmith is a multifaceted creator who just happens to know a lot about US Presidents as well as vampires.

Ed Brubaker, one of the biggest names in comics talks about his new film, Angel of Death, as well as his work on Daredevil, Captain America, Incognito, and the upcoming The Marvels Project.

Finally, Ron talks to Zack Snyder, Dave Gibbons, and the cast of Watchmen, including Billy Crudup, Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Malin Akerman.


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  1. Fear Agent Omnibus?!?  Hell Yeah!  Best news that I have heard in a long, long, long time about this series.

  2. Made my Day. Mike Romo is a mad genius. Ron did better than I ever could have with the Watchmen cast interviews. Great to see Blair Butler. The Fresh Ink podcast is the  best thing on G4. The Joy Casey bits were fantastic. Hopefully, we get  the Podcasting Panel in a future show. If not, oh well. This is perfect episode. Josh did a great job editing I have to say.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Great work, guys.  Best con show yet.  

    Romo is a force of nature and ought not be tamed!   

  4. Good episode. Mike Romo was great. I hope all the iFanboy staffers are as funny as Paul & Mike (Jim, Sonia, Gordon- I’m looking in yr direction) in future episodes.

    "RICHARDS!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!– Is still iFanboy’s greatest and funniest moment though. I could watch that on loop forever. The fury in Paul’s eyes…

    Oh man and Casey interviewing Grant Morrison. XD

  5. So I felt bad for not picking up Fear Agent amid all the hubub on the site.  But rest assured, when that Omnibus hits…I shall pick it up.

    Romo steals the show.

  6. "IT ALL COMES OUT MY BRAIN!" is my new favorite quote

  7. The look of disappointment in Brubaker’s face as he said Incognito sells twice as much as Criminal due to the superhero aspects was heartbreaking. SMFH @ comic book fans.

  8. Wow, a lot of big interviews in this one huh?  Awesome episode guys, very funny.  I was especially glad to see Josh’s interview with Duncan Rouleau, and I thought Ron did a great job interviewing everyone from Watchmen. 

  9. Only an hour? I demand two from you!!!

    Jeez the hard work that had to be done just to edit this show. Great job guys, this might be the best con show you have ever done.

    Still I agree with Labor, nothing will beat Paul’s infamous Ron Richards bashing.

  10. "There will be more Fear Agent." 


  11. Remender makes me so excited about Fear Agent.

  12. I recently bought the first Fear Agent trade and loved it. I was gonna go buy the rest but I’m glad I didn’t because that omnibus sounds awesome. Definitely one of my most anticipated buys.

    I also can’t wait to read the Marvels Project. Nobody can play around in the old school Marvel universe like Brubaker can and he seems enthusiastic about the project.

  13. Just the sexual tension between josh and Joe Casey is just amazing

  14. What a beast of a show. I am not sure how Josh is still alive after editing it.  Very nice job to all of iFanboy.

  15. Good show, guys! the FEAR Agent Omnibus made my day.  Joe Casey was hilarious!! 

    And thanks to those of you who wrote they appreciated my appearances…! Glad to help! 

  16. I’m still confused on why Remender would change his opinion on the future of the show so drastically….but hey if there is an omnibus I am all for it.

    I really liked the Templesmith interview, he seems like a nice and funny guy. The president’s book he did was in my LCS today, maybe I’ll go pick it up next week.

  17. Hey, that’s my Youngblood hardcover Joe Casey is signing at about 1:05! 🙂


    Great show, guys! I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of the Isotope after party on Saturday, but I’m sure you guys were otherwise occupied that night. 😉

  18. the omnibus… dammit i just bought almost all of the trades last year. im not dissapointed because i love fear agent but dammit its like buying watchmen ans than finding out there was an absolute

    by the way you guys notice blair buttler was wearing the hurm t shirt

  19. she wore it on her fresk ink blog as well

  20. This show just reminds me that I still owe Mike a drink. Although it has to be the most terrible of whatever it is, because I’m still having flashbacks of the most awful Blue Hawaiian ever.  Also from my limited experience with him on the Tiki Tour, he is indeed that funny. 

    Also you can see me in the background making weird faces when everyone else is happy and drunk.  Apparently after that many drinks I get some weird distortion of the face.

    Lastly I’m upset that a certain something got cut from the video.  I think you know what it is iFanboys.

  21. I literally have no idea what that is.

  22. Lots of stuff ends up on the cutting room floor.  Gotta go to the con to see it all unfiltered!

  23. Caseys and Jeffreys and Brubakers. Oh My!

    I’ve said this before, but this was absolutely the BEST Con show you guys have done. It was outstanding.

    Mike, you were hilarious. Absolutely brilliant. I’d kinda like to see a Mike/Paul double act.

    @RON – Sir, you comepletely knocked your interviews OUT OF THR PARK! I’ve seen interviews on the BBC with the cast of Watchmen that didn’t even come close to how good yours were. Your excitement for the material visibly rubbed off on them, and they warmed to your questions instantly. And seriously, how cool is Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

    Best show yet. Makes me proud to be a member.

  24. Was Josh’s Alex Robinson panel taped?  Was the Ifanboy panel taped?  Either way, great show, and Patrick Wilson didn’t seem too pissed off.

  25. @Gabe: Neither panel was taped.

  26. @Conor-Unfiltered and unrated!!

  27. @conor: Boo! I would’ve paid to see that!

    Still great job at Wondercon

  28. @Conor  Rats, I wish I could have seen the Alex Robinson one, and the half of yours I missed.  God, I can’t believe I’m whining like this, but back when the mini was still around, you guys would put some of your spill over material there.  Any spill over material here that might ever see the light of day?

  29. I’m twenty minutes into watching this, and I just stuck next year’s wondercon into my calendar.  I have to go on this tiki tour.  It combines two of my biggest interests, comic books and irresponsible amounts of rum. 

    If you worked boobs and pizza into this, the moritcian wouldn’t be able to angle-grind the grin off my face.  

    Seriously, we’re talking closed casket here so grandma isn’t offended.  

  30. @Gabe: No major spill-over – that’s why it’s an hour long.  Plus, the extra material at San Diego wasn’t spill-over, it was shot specifically to be iFanboy Minis.

  31. Anything worth seeing is in there. Promise.

  32. Woah, can someone explain to me the tension between Josh and Joe Casey? It felt like they were an old broken up couple agreeing to reconcile

  33. If you watch all the San Diego shows we’ve done, you’ll see a recurring theme.

  34. The running Joe Casey joke is one of the funnier things I have ever seen.  

  35. OMG Mike Romo is hilarious!!! i love every moment hes on screen. i actually felt like tearing up when Mike walked away from the Alex Robinson interview.

  36. Also when Joe Casey did the waving peace sign when getting in the taxi, i couldnt stop laughing lol

  37. Something during the Watchmen junkit.  That’s as far as I’ll go with it since it got cut out.

  38. HAHA Romo!

  39. Was the weird thing between Josh and Casey for real? I looked real, if it wasn’t, the you guys are good actors?

  40. @muddi900: Have you watched the San Diego episodes?

  41. ron is shit faced.  i almost laughed out my pizza.  and way to ruin it for mike romo, paul montgomery!

  42. So we’ve seen Paul, Mike, and now Sonia on a podcast….When is jimski coming into the mix?

    Maybe my dreams of an all out ifanboy royal rumble is in the mix?

  43. Best Part of the show:

    Ron: Are we Drunk? (stumbled backwards and start laughing) 

  44. I wish Mike Romo was my friend.  He makes me laugh.

    Ya know, I’d love to watch a podcast of the whole staff chatting while sitting around a big table with individualized logos painted on them.

  45. Oh, and NEVER pop your collar.

  46. @ connor. I just did. It was hilarious.

  47. It is my dream for a Josh and Joe Casey road movie.  Whatever hackneyed reason, get those two into the cramped confines of a 1992 honda civic and just let the cameras roll. Beautiful. 

  48. No offense to Mr. Romo, but that was way too close to and way to much of your chest hair.  Other than that, I really enjoyed the show.

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