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iFanboy #109 – New York Comic Con 2009 (Part One)

Show Notes

On a cold, February morning, The 4th annual New York Comic Con began, and Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards were there to cover it. With Conor Kilpatrick down with the flu, iFanboy staff writer Paul Montgomery, does his best to fill some daunting shoes. As always, iFanboy talks to theΒ  creators doing some of the best work out there. This year is no exception.

Bryan Lee O’Malley was the hottest creator at the show, hot on the release of his eagerly anticipated fifth volume, Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe.

Mitch Breitweiser is one of the most exciting young artists to come out of Marvel in some time, working on everything from Annihilation to Captain America: Theater of War.

iFanboy favorite Jay Faerber updates us on the end of Noble Causes, and the wonderful Dynamo 5, as well as some web only comics related to Marvel’s “War of Kings” story.

Releasing a barrage of creator owned stories over the last year, Joe KellyΒ is a formidable franchise unto himself, with such titles as I Kill Giants, Four Eyes, Bad Dog, and others. Plus he’s throwing in a Spider-Man story later this year.

Sure you like Phonogram, but if you really want to know far too much about Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen, this might be the ultimate place for it. Either way, guard your CD’s.

Mike Norton, DC exclusive artist on Trinity and Green Arrow/Black Canary, tries his best to answer our questions.

Finally Tony Daniel, artist from “Batman RIP,” and upcoming writer/artist on the follow up “Battle for the Cowl,” talks to us about going from pencils to scripting duties, as well as what it’s like to translate the complicated mind of Grant Morrison into clear comic book pages.

Make sure you come back next week for even more creator interviews. It was too much to fit into just one show!


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  1. I always love the con shows. Great job guys.

  2. It just went live!  You couldn’t possibly have watched it already!

  3. It’s true.  It could be the worst show ever.

  4. Oh this is such a beautiful show….Although I dont think it uploaded right since all I see is a white blank screen…

    But so touching *sniffs*

  5. totally saw ron, josh, and paul here!! it was AMAZING!!

    *i dressed up as Captain America and had an iFanEnter text here.boy sticker on my shield endorsing iFanEnter text here.boy!!

  6. Cadgers came from the future to comment on your show.  Its totally possible!

  7. Yes Joe Kelly, every 4 months for a comic to come out is slow.

    Great show guys, can’t wait to read the second issue of Four Eyes.

  8. Another fantastic con show.  The Tony Daniel stuff  kind of makes you believe even he thought Morrison’s scripts were out there.  Joe Kelly seems like a nice guy.  Someday I’ll get to a con.


    Also:  I think this show really showed Paul’s true personality.  It’s time the rest of the world knew.

  9. Too bad this was Ron’s last episode.  πŸ™

  10. Great episode. Now I have to go donate blood to go purchase all of the Joe Kelly comics featured here. I think I may have an addiction.

  11. @paul im assuming your his replacement


  12. @Mike – At this point I’d be happy even if Hank replaced him.  

  13. Hey, its Paul taking a picture with the ugly thing!  That very same picture he featured on his article!  Wow, that blew my mind.

    Great to see more Faeber love.  He speaks truth, the book is all about accessibility.  Love it.  Glad he is getting some War of Kings action.

    Mad props to P-Money for is wicked interviewing skills.  Hilarious!  Although I think Ron might have a Prius, not a PT Cruisier πŸ˜›

    And for some reason, I pictured Tony Daniel would be taller.  Loved seeing the Flash and Emma Frost taking a picture together behind him.  Man, I love cons.

  14. Ron definitely has a PT Cruiser.  No doubt about it.

    Gordon has a Prius.

  15. @Drake – Ron does drive a PT Cruiser.  I had to sit in the back with Josh because there’s a cardboard cut-out of Morrissey riding permanent shotgun.  

  16. More Hank the Intern. Also, Kieron Gillen….. Wonderful unscripted moment.  Thanks for a good shw guys.

  17. @Paul-haha, the mental picture is incredible.  As a resident of the the SF Bay Area, I can very much say that the pressure to buy a Prius is staggering.  That or a smart car…

  18. paul, if you don’t get a second chance in the next video i will be very upset.

    i’m very excited about the next part.

  19. …ahem…

    Paul, you do realize I read the comments, right?

  20. Ha!  Good stuff.

  21. @Ron – We appreciate you still sticking around in the comments section as an old friend of the organization.  As you may recall from the incident, our professional relationship is terminated.  Cheers.  

  22. "We" he says.

  23. I’m a team player.  

  24. You need Conor…if it wasn’t for that blow-dryer Josh used, you would be shorter than everybody else you interviewed. That’s why everybody sit down when interviewing – it’s the second rule of journalism. Also – nice Hulk plug.

  25. Thoughts

    Bryan Lee O’Malley: Seems like a nice guy, very awkward though…I love those trading cards though. Marvel and DC should bring those things back.

    Breitweiser: Wow! Where has his pencils been all my life? I want to see that Namor comic in the worst way now.

    Jay Faerber: Intrigued on Dynamo 5, hope to get the first trade soon. I wish his War of Kings stuff wasnt online only.

    Hank the Intern…..why did Gordon get plastic surgery and changed his name?…..

    Joe Kelly: Future of comics, like Brubaker or Bendis type of future….in my mind he should be that big. His Spider-Man stuff is the only thing I enjoyed 100% since BND started. Cant wait for the ‘I Kill Giants’ trade later in the year.

    Paul oh my god….Paul. That might’ve been the greatest thing I’ve seen on this site. The look on Norton’s face at the end of that skit. Did he know what you guys were doing or what? That is up there with ‘Ode to the Beyonder’ that Jimski did as the funniest thing on ifanboy.

  26. Paul…Ron…I hate it when you fight πŸ™

  27. I just love Ron’s complete inability to keep a straight face throughout that entire bit.

  28. Everybody keeps calling it a skit.  Sure, we can laugh at it in retrospect, but really…

    Had I known Ron was going to behave in such a….just an unprofessional manner, I don’t know if I would have boarded that train friday morning. I just don’t know.   

  29. @Paul: It would’ve been funnier if you kept the Bale them going….

    ‘Your a nice guy Ron! Your a nice guy! But we’re done professionally!!!’


    ‘Do I go up to your microphone and be like (do weird chant Bale did)’ πŸ™‚

  30. ((muton chops))   ((head in the stockade))  best lines ever lol

  31. "Okay… I was drunk… it was a record."  This killed me.  Killed me dead.  I am writing this from the afterlife. Surprise! It exists!

  32. After seeing Paul on this episode (Hilarious!) and hearing Sonia (Awesome!) on a recent Podcast I have been struck with a most excellent idea!  You see I really loved the iFanboy mini’s  but apparently you guys dont have the time to do anymore and I also liked the idea that came up on the site last week about the "pther" writiers having their own podcast, which is logistically impossible. BUT, what if you combined the two.  Paul, Sonia, Jim, Mike, Dave and Gordon could all take turns doing a mini a day from their hometown. 

    Awesome right? I mean, an iFanboy video a day?! What could be better?!

  33. @AlanRob: It wasn’t a lack of time that killed the Minis, it was an experiment by Revision3 that didn’t pan out financially.

  34. Granted, shooting, editing, and posting one mini a week, is a bungload of work for people who have dayjobs. I admire your entirely ill conceived optimism however.

  35. There will be video content in my column from time to time.  Using the little Kodak camera (no tapes) makes it much easier to shoot the dumb little videos I’ve been doing.  They’re not the minis, not nearly, but it’s there.  

  36. Okay I’m sure you guys have answered this already (probably 1,000x) but….

    What happen to Gordon? I was literally thrown off to see this new intern.

    He’s gonna need to work his magic to turn me around πŸ™‚

  37. Gordon’s a busy guy. He’s dealing with the rest of his real life these days. He’s still our very good friend, and part of iFanboy. He’ll be back when he’s able.

  38. Gordon’s not an east coast intern.  Last year it was me.  This year it was Hank.  Next year it could be….

    Well, personally, I’m hoping we can get Siuntres.   

  39. You should see that man put away waffles.

  40. mmmm waffles….but this hank guy…has he been a member on this site? Or is he just filling in for a couple of weeks?

  41. He’s Hank41 on the forums.  He’s also a regular on Around Comics, yes?  

    What….what exactly do you think the interns do?   

  42. @Paul: Well….I shouldnt say, I mean…I could get banned if I provide the XXX material I was thinking so….shhhh

  43. Well’s here’s a taste of what I thought:

    A lot of Green Paint and Silly Putty. That should be enough for your imagination πŸ˜‰

  44. I never touched the kid… the putty is slippery. I skidded. I’ll say no more.

  45. You crazy old cats, interns don’t provide ifanboy with strange sexual pleasures!!! silly ifanbase!

  46. just saw your san diego con podcast.  great job guys

  47. Its the intern’s job to interpret whatever chlop says

  48. I love Ron’s lack of acting chops. He just laughs.

  49. Worryingly, the footage after I said "Stop" was even more disturbing. I feel dirty and ashamed. I think I like it.


  50. Where IS Gordon? He rocks!

  51. @Kieron – We figured it best for all of us that we burn the footage.  In fact, we also destroyed the camera, and I gouged out my eyes just to be sure.

    @JJ – Dude, I answered the Gordon question in this very thread.

  52. Great show guys – loved the Gillen and McKelvie, good to see you guys are still championing these guys – Phonogram is the best comic on the market!

    Also, Paul is on the money – how DO they draw Black Canary’s fishnets???

  53. I’ve tried to watch this, but I keep going blind with jealousy.

  54. You know, I ran into Josh and Conor toward the end of the con and was like, "I bought art from Mitch Breitweiser!" "We talked to him."  "I met Joe Kelly!" "We talked to him too!"

    I was following in the ifanboys’ wake without even realizing it. 

    I do have to register a complaint that I talked to Kieron and Jamie, mentioned ifanboy, and was not offered slave services of any kind. :-(.


  55. Dude, where’s my car?

  56. Great show, always glad to get a peek at the shows and cons I can’t attend.

    Paul, you rock.

    You are the Chick McGee to the Bob and Tom that is iFanboy!

    (if you’re not familiar with the reference, it’s a compliment)

  57. @Paul – Carol from HR has been trying to get in touch with you, please call her or go down to her office ASAP

  58. Every time I go down to HR she’s not there or on the phone with that idiot boyfriend of hers.  Keith or Kippy or whatever it is. Just waves me off.  No one in this organization is professional.  

  59. "This organization"

    When did iFanboy turn into COBRA?  Heh.


  61. COBRA is going to be what Paul is filing for soon

    (layoff jokes – too soon?)

  62. @Ron – You can stay, but I’m starting a fund for wireless mics so it doesn’t happen again.  

  63. Wireless?

    It’s a fad…   Just like them talkin’ pictures.

  64. If you guys turned into a terrorist organization, I would be the first member to do anything for you guys….you want a comic site taken out? I’m your man.

  65. Just like Fumbles?

  66. It is apparent that, as much as the iFanboy community misses Gordon and respects the acting prowess of Paul’s beard,  I am the only person concerned with the lack of a satisfactory answer to the fishnet query.

     While I applaud the jaunty attitude of this community there is simply no excuse for this unabashed avoidance of knowledge when it comes to the most important issues facing the comic book fan community today.  Probably tomorrow as well.

  67. You can ask him yourself you know.

  68. Josh did the camera catch you buying marvel minis?? (^_^)

  69. Hell yeah.  I bought the Invaders set.  Steve Rogers has interchangeable hands, heads, and shields.  And the Human Torch is fantastic!

  70. Not to downplay the great and hilarious con footage (as always), but this episode looks really great! Kudos on the editing and production. 

  71. Thanks!  I’m actually really proud of the shows we got out of this year’s NY Con.  It was a lot of fun.

  72. @josh

     Touche, sir.  I know when I have been bested.

     I was hoping that the gag would run into the next episode.  The iFanboy team has a lot of comedic talent and I enjoyed seeing it in a structured fashion.  Keep it up!

     I always know when the theme music is extended that we’re in for something special.  This was no exception.

  73. Paul’s comedic stylings were all contained in this episode. We had only planned on doing one episode originally, but we shot too much stuff!  So you get two shows.  The next one is also extra awesome, just in a different way.

  74. Thats right Josh! minis are awesome! I have aquaman,blue beatle,Green Arrow, and soon Nova!

  75. Anyone notice what t-shirt Tony Daniel has on? Its Aquaman!

  76. haha, only Aquaman would get a mini of himself.  He’s probably the only one that bought it πŸ˜›

  77. Nice show, can’t wait for the next one, these really are my taste of all things con, I’d love to go to a real american comic convention one day, that’d be sweet, till then, thanks for the vids πŸ™‚


    Nice interview Paul, great stuff πŸ™‚

  78. Great show this week guys.  I laughed my ass off.  It hurts to sit.

  79. @Neb: There’s cream for that.


  80. I just finished watching this and I’m still laughing. Paul, you stole the show πŸ™‚

  81. Oh man! That was awesome, give Paul his own show.

  82. woah.  i just read these comments.  is there something going on i should know about?

     im gonna send uncle Sal and Chris down here to kick some ass 

  83. Paul – I know I’m really behind on the video podcasts but I just watched this and you were very funny.  Assuming that you were trying to be, otherwise I’m sorry if I offended you πŸ™‚  Great job.

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