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iFanboy #101 – 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

Show Notes

Sure, everyone knows about the Watchmen movie coming out, but the best version of the comic that spawned it is Absolute Watchmen, as well as the companion piece Watching the Watchmen.

You want straight up superhero action from the best of DC? Check out Grant Morrison’s JLA: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1.

A gorgeous version of Howard Chaykin’s classic American Flagg is now available from Image Comics. This is comics history, and deserves to be read.

You can’t appreciate modern comics without appreciating all that Jack Kirby did, and Kirby: King of Comics is a great way to do it.

If you know iFanboy, you know we love Queen and Country, and the the Definitive Editions are the best way to read them.

You want to give a good cry this Christmas? Try the Essex County books from Jeff Lemire.

A whole lot of people in their 20’s who are trying to learn about themselves and the world will appreciate this beautiful collection of Local.

If you know anyone into World War II history, you could do a lot worse than this box set of Bill Mauldin’s WWII work, Willie & Joe: The WWII Years.

If you can’t find some gifts in there, then there’s just nothing we can do for you. Happy Holidays nevertheless!


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  1. Last year, I gave my mom the Persepolis graphic novel.  She liked it, but was really excited when she heard about the animated movie.  She was able to sound hip and cool at all the holiday parties.

  2. Wow, I can’t wait to read Local. (Lost guy in his 20’s)

    Oh and I couldn’t stop laughing at "the holidays are coming upon us." Seriously, I’m still laughing.

  3. You guys look like three little birds waiting to get their food 🙂

    All great ideas, and I love that Willie and Joe book…I’m not a huge WWII guy, but you had me with that beautiful case for the books. That’s the best of the bunch, its a great idea for X-Mas.

    Kirby: King of Comics was a great book as well, that is a must buy. Cant wait for your Kirby show later ‘next’ year.

  4. I’m reading David Michaelis’s Charles Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography right now (thank you, Chicago Public Library), and it’s a fantastic read.  Note that I’m someone who typically can’t stand non-fiction, and am not a particularly big fan of "Peanuts", and I still can’t put the book down.  I’m learning so much about Schulz’s complicated upbringing and how it is directly reflected in his strips.  A real eye-opener.

  5. I love shamwow, but despise ordering from tv.  *sigh*

    Yay, your gonna talk about Kirby!  I am one of those modern readers that doesnt know as much about Kirby as I would like.  Can’t wait for that show and will most likely pick up that book you mentione.

    Fun show guys, some great ideas for gifts for sures

  6. Just for the record, and obviously much to my dismay, shamwow has named themselves sort of unfortunately with that first syllable.  Search for it on youtube, and you’ll see what I mean.

  7. I just sent my mom a copy of Ultra–as a gift for someone who may or may not ever have read a comic before and may or may not ever again, you can’t go wrong with a finite story set in a closed universe!

  8. @Josh-That guy is a better salesmen than the Orange Clean guy!

  9. Understanding Comics makes a good gift.


  10. Best intro yet.  Wille and Joe is a must. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  11. My Amazon wishlist is now larger. Thanks iFanboy!

  12. That absolute is a land mine – HCs are risky gifts. Someone might see the shape and weight and think it’s a laptop.

  13. I feel bad for the regular hardcover edition of Watchmen.  Not as treasured as the Absolute.  Not as convenient as the paperback.  

  14. Great show guys!  I really am interested in that Local HC.  That shot of the Union Station train station is way accurate.  I live right behind that building and use that clock all the time.  I was stunned when I saw that.  Nice.

    Keep up the great work fellas.

  15. @PaulMontgomery I could not agree more. The book store at my university is constantly sold out of the paperback yet there is just one lonely hardcover version that no one seems to want to buy, its been there for at least a month.

    Also I have wanted that Kirby book for a long time now and you guys sure do make it hard to say no to it. Hopefully I will get it for Christmas.

  16. In the show you guys said that all of queen and country was contained in the three volumes but according to Amazon there is a fourth and final yet to be released volume. Just fyi.

  17. Still four softcovers for that price to get a series that I’ve heard great things about is a wonderful deal. Queen and country definitely made it to the top of my "What to Spend X-Mas Money On" list.

  18. I just got the Dark Knight bluray for my birthday.  Great gift!  Be warned:  not everything looks great in HD.*

    *Maggie Gyllenhaal

  19. @cman12 – The guys do mention that volume 4 of the definitive edition contains material that is not part of the regular series.  

    @ultimatehoratio – Happy birthday.   

  20. @Paul – Thanks!  I was going to have a Super Sweet 37 but Rihanna was already booked.

  21. Josh,

    Can I repost this on my CCL Homepage? You read my mind completely.

    Excellent picks!!!


  22. Sure you can.  You can get the embed code from the Revision3 show page if you want.


  23. I love that JLA hardcover.  My favorite JLA story ever (the first three issues).  Howard Porter’s art has a strange appeal for me.  Maybe it’s the odd poses.

  24. Why cant Morrison do an Aquaman title? I would totally buy it if it’s just like the Aquaman from his JLA run.

  25. I willl never buy an Aquaman title where he’s wearing that stupid orange shirt.  I bought the mini with the camo suit and the Peter David run with the gladiator thing, but I want nothing to do with that orange shirt.

  26. The orange shirt is awesome.  Looks good in the absolutely bizarre Aquaman story in this week’s DCU Holiday Special.  

  27. People don’t make fun of Aquaman because he talks to fish; it’s because of the shirt.  It’s kept him from being taken seriously.  Black Vulcan makes fun of Aquaman’s shirt.  And, no, making the belt buckle larger doesn’t help.

  28. @Paul My mistake, I missed that part. Cool, that means I have to buy one less book.

  29. The orange shirt is the ONLY way Aquaman should be.  It rules.

  30. Orange shirt in a Banana Republic catalog?  Fine.

    Orange shirt on a superhero?  Gets you made fun of by the Cartoon Network.  The Cartoon Network!

  31. Let me do a little equation here. Aquaman = Awesome. Aquaman + Orange Shirt = Extremely Awesome.

  32. You got it.

  33. Ifanboy was going to an orange t-shirt, but now I dont know with this negative reaction 🙂

  34. It should be noted that all my favorite shirts are orange.

    This is not a joke.

  35. I choose what college to attend specifically because their colors were black and orange.  Needless to say, I have a plethora of orange shirts.  Hell, even an orange tie.

  36. As I stated earlier, orange shirts in a Banana Republic are fine.  I have lots of orange shirts, but that’s okay because I don’t fight crime.  I like Aquaman.  Really.  His wardrobe not so much.

  37. Lemme guess, when you were a kid, Aquaman was your favorite character, and one day you were wearing your favorite form fitting orange chain mail shirt, and giant A belt, and you got beaten up.  That’s it, isn’t it?

  38. Goldfish didn’t decide to be orange until Aquaman donned that shirt.  They used to be beige.  

    That tale is included in most editions of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories.   

  39. I doubt it but now it makes sense – camouflage. He wanted to blend with the fishies. He’s a fish man that wants to belong.

  40. God, if I had a form-fitting orange shirt and a giant A belt, I’d pimp that shit.

  41. @ultimatehoratio: and you think Aquaman doesn’t pimp his suit? Don Magic Juan trembles at the feet of Aquaman, no other superheroes pimp-hand is mightier(except Batman)!!!

  42. I’m not a superhero.  Even Namor in with his speedo makes fun of Aquaman’s costume.  I like Aquaman as a character.  I’ve read lots of Aquaman comics.  I just think he needs a wardrobe change.

  43. @horatio: Considering how terrible DC has let Aquaman go, a costume change is the least of his problems.

  44. Because Namor thinks walking around with perky nipples is the norm since he grew up in the ocean. Aquaman tryes to blend in with both sea creatures and humans.

  45. Hey guys, just an FYI.  I went to purchase the 3 Essex County books today and saw that Chapters was taking pre-orders for both hard and softcover collected editions.  I guess I can wait a few more months for it (June).  http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/search?keywords=the%20complete%20essex%20county&pageSize=10

    I don’t see it on Amazon.     

  46. @chlop-Namor doesn’t have perky nips.  He is totally used to the fridgid waters of the deepest ocean, so no way it gets cold enough on land for his nips to stand at attention.

    @ultimatehoratio-The orange shirt makes him stand apart from the other DC characters.  He cool like dat.  Real men wear pink?  well, real superheros wear orange.

  47. Didnt Namor say in Dark Reign one-shot: ‘My nipples explode with delight!’ 🙂

  48. I actually gave Marvel Knights Inhumans TPB as a gift this year.  Josh will you please do a mini mocking the Shamwow commerical it would be hilarious.  PLEASE!!!!!

  49. If Josh shaved, rocked the fauxhawk, drank 5 cups of coffee, and didn’t sleep for 2 days…he could totally look like the Shamwow guy.

  50. @drakedangerz – a van and duct tape is cheaper and faster.

  51. Great show, guys.  I just ordered Willie and Joe for my military buddy.

    @drakedangerz – the useless headset is key. 

  52. @chlop-there is something really wrong with you

  53. @drakedangerz – yes.

  54. For the fan of Clockwork Orange:  The Boys

    Fan of War Stories (WWII): War Stories

    Fan of Horror:  Ennis Hellblazer

    Fan of Storys of Storys:  Fables, Sandman

  55. For people that enjoy constant warfare and somewhat racist depictions of people: Asterix and Obelix – the more recent ones.

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