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Booksplode #3 – Asterios Polyp

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Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli seemingly came from out of nowhere and is the iFanboy Book of the Month for September 2009.

Join Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, Paul Montgomery, and Conor Kilpatrick as they discuss just what is so great about this book. It turns out, there are many things.

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“Insatiable (Two)”
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead


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  1. Note: If you’ve yet to read the book, the beginning of the discussion is Spoiler-free. So if you want to get an idea of what Asterios Polyp is all about, I encourage you to check out those opening minutes. We call it out when we get to the finer points so you can pause, rush off to pick up the book and listen to the rest when you’re all caught up. 

  2. yeah, I think I give this whole podcast a miss till I’ve read the book. Seems the general consenus is that it’s the shiznit

  3. The book is fantastic.  I am quite interested to hear what ifanboy thought of it.

  4. I can’t wait to hear you guys talk about this!  I’m about to sit through and give this book another read too, so perfect timing!

  5. booksplodes are the best. 

  6. Doing a monthly Booksplode podcast when you can devote some time to the Book of the Month is a great idea.  Continuing this every month would be great, if you guys can schedule it (and enough iFanboy staff have read it).

    I’ll listen to this after I’ve read the book.  So, maybe in a month? 

  7. you know, maybe I was being too optomistic, but I initially took the ending as being a trick by Mazzucchelli using perspective.  I thought he wanted it to look like it was going to hit the home by putting it in the foreground, and that it tied into the running theme of perspective and how we all see the world, etc.  You guys all gave convincing reasons for the other explination though.  And that’s exactly what I love about this book; everyone sees and interprets things different. 

    Great discussion!  I’ll make sure to point people to it every time I fail to properly describe it myself 😀

  8. Great pick and great discussion fellas. Like Ron I had to buy two copies because I have yet to see the one I loaned out. I am going to be optimistic in thinking this will inspire new creator as well as veterans to do work of this caliber.

  9. The end mirrors the that of Orpheus Descending, which was a major theme throughout the book.  If your interested in learning more about the book we have made extensive annotations. http://stumpnotes.blogspot.com/

  10. Great discussion. Re-read this a couple of days ago and I can’t really add much to the convo cause you stated anything I could say about it.

    Although the more I think about it, the ending is even more grim then I thought. Cause that asteroid is probably the same that was foreshadowed that killed all the dinosaurs. So not only did Asterios and Hannah died; but also the family Asterios stayed with and probably all of mankind.

    So yeah….kinda grim if you think it that way. lol

  11. I really enjoyed reading this book in my backyard on a beautiful day.

  12. alan moore isn’t JD Salanger?   When he dies, we shall find a vault of superman comics.

  13. I also like the fact that nowhere in this book does it say Batman Year one or Daredevil born again.

  14. I’ve read it twice and lent it out once already.  A lot of the things yall discussed I’d thought about before, but yall had some new perspectives too.  This book is great to read, it’s just as good to talk about and dwell on.  Great stuff, thanks for talking about it!

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