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2008 Year End All Media Spectacular!

Show Notes

Running time: 02:02:50

December 28, 2008 – It’s our third annual All Media Spectacular where we discuss everything we enjoyed in 2008 from movies, to television, to podcasts, to music, to video games and of course, comic books.  Enjoy!

And as an extra added bonus try to figure out when Ron’s microphone cable dies!

00:02:05 – Role Models
00:05:47 – WALL-E
00:07:45 – Gran Torino
00:11:24 – Frost/Nixon
00:14:13 – Milk
00:16:15 – In Bruges
00:18:18 – The Visitor
00:20:10 – Rachel Getting Married
00:22:05 – Hancock
00:23:55 – Quantum of Solace
00:27:04 – Transporter 3
00:28:41 – JCVD
00:33:09 – Bigger, Stronger, Faster
00:35:57 – Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
00:37:08 – Tropic Thunder

00:40:01 – Mad Men
00:43:23 – 90210
00:46:04 – 30 Rock
00:48:30 – True Blood
00:51:15 – Life on Mars
00:53:07 – Saturday Night Live
00:55:27 – Psych
00:56:27 – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
00:58:18 – Californication
01:00:45 – Burn Notice
01:01:53 – ER
01:03:33 – Peep Show
01:05:33 – The Shield
01:08:55 – Smallville
01:11:05 – The Wire

01:13:41 – The Bugle
01:15:17 – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
01:16:18 – Tom vs. The JLA/The Flash
01:17:56 – You Look Nice Today

Video Games
01:19:31 – Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
01:21:52 – Rock Band/Rock Band 2
01:23:10 – Grand Theft Auto IV
01:24:45 – Mario Kart Wii
01:25:29 – Josh & Conor wrote video game reviews for An Entertaining Grime

01:26:14 – Los Campesinos!
01:28:09 – Flight of the Conchords
01:29:21 – Mates of State
01:30:10 – Vampire Weekend
01:30:57 – Magnetic Fields
01:31:47 – The Decemberists
01:34:01 – My Bloody Valentine

Comic Books
01:36:39 – Amazing Spider-Man
01:38:00 – Too Cool To Be Forgotten
01:38:52 – Echo
01:39:54 – Nightwing
01:40:45 – Proof
01:41:23 – The Young Liars
01:42:29 – Action Comics
01:43:54 – Powers
01:45:06 – Uncanny X-Men
01:45:57 – Justice Society of America
01:46:44 – Fables
01:48:29 – Captain Britain and MI13
01:49:12 – The Walking Dead

01:50:19 – Scalped
01:51:17 – Glamourpuss

The Two Best People Working in Comics – 2008
01:53:56 – Geoff Johns
01:54:46 – Jason Aaron

01:56:50 – Yet another special announcement!

Fairytale of New York
The Pogues (featuring Kirsty MacColl)


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  1. Hurray!! I can’t wait to listen!

  2. Hey ifanboys, murmur.com looks great!

  3. Yay, I love the all-media podcast! Haven’t listened yet but great to see Los Campesinos! getting some props (well, I’m assuming they get props, like I said haven’t listened yet). They’re an amazing band and 2 records in one year commands respect. 🙂

  4. yay, two hours of iFanboy goodness!

  5. Great to see the Bugle make your podcast list. I just discovered the podcast I couple of weeks ago thanks to the Jon Richardson show on BBC radio 6 on which Andy Zaltzman was a guest, and it has quickly rose one of my favorites, heard 30ish episode in the last three weeks while catching up.  John Oliver is great, fantastic to see a fellow Brit doing so well in the US with the Daily Show.

    Love the end of year shows, about to go to bed and listern to it.

  6. I don’t know what it says that I saw 3 of the 15 movies, watched 3 of the 14 shows, and listened to/watched 2 of the 4 podcasts listed.  It wasn’t a great year in traditional media for me, I guess — but that’s cool because I’ll be able to hear about a lot of new-to-me stuff when I listen to the show.  Awesome, thanks for doing this.

  7. Great show, guys. I always love these specials.

  8. Watched In Bruges this weekend.  LOVED it!

  9. Awesome show. You guys zipped by everything so quickly though. Amzing how much you packed into such a short amount of time. Double kudos to you!

    I’m glad to see that Jason Aaron was one of the two  best people working in comics this year. He truly is and my pick for best story arc this year would be his Black Panther Secret Invasion tie-in. Other than the Captain Britain first few issues, Aaron’s story was the most satisfying read of anything connected to Secret Invasion. I loved what he did with not just Black Panther and Storm but in integrating the rest of the country and its forces I really got a sense of real united front here and not just one person against the Skrulls which this could easily have been.

    In music, a lot of big things happened near the end of the year. My best live music experience was seeing Minipop on stage live for the free Recession-Proof Party @ The independent in SF. Best albums for me are the new Fleet Foxes and the new Glasvegas album, which I just can’t stop listening to. Damn those Glawegans and their accents! Special mention to Girl Talk for some of the best party music from the Feed The Animals album.

    What’s this Murmur I hear? I went straight after I heard the announcement and it looks awesome guys. really good work on the design so far. I want to join. How do I join?

    Don’t have TV and am not a gamer, but Burn Notice is a really fun show and you forgot to mention Corbin Bernsen in Psych. The best father any fake psychic could have. Am I right?

    On podcasts, does anyone else have any suggestions for music podcasts?

  10. I’m gonna have to disagree with you Josh on SNL.

    I’ve been watching every single episode this season and so far, it’s one of the worst I’ve seen in years. I dont understand a lot of the jokes, and the premise of them. One of my favorite jokes (there are a few sketches I can say are great, but they are few and far between) is the episode with Hugh Laurie and a family bickering with eachother at the dinner table. The idea is funny that they all hate each other (plus Laurie saying DAMNITTT!!! was hilarious) but the premise makes no sense.

    All the sketches just feel like ‘we dont know how or why the premise of the sketches are occuring, lets just do them and not worry about it.’ Overall the humor just isnt there and they dont have the best talent around for the show. It’s great to have young and up incoming comedians on a show, but the majority of these comedians just arent hitting their stride. I can say Kristen Wiig is a great comedian and I hope she becomes a huge factor next season.

    It might not be as bad as 1995-1998 SNL, but it’s really close to being that bad.

  11. Psych is one of my favorite shows on TV.  I really hope USA starts pimping it more and pushing Monk to the background.

  12. Well, Monk is entering it’s final season, so…

  13. @Paul: IT IS!?



  14. I hope it’s the final season… haven’t we been down that road before and it comes back?  God, Shaloob bugs the motherloving hell out of me… but I’m not sure why.

  15. Well it says the 8th and final season will be this summer of 09…..That’s so sad.

    Been with the show since episode 1, loved every second of it….Why must all great and original shows must go off the air!?

  16. My big discovery this year was Dr. Who.  Good lord do I love this show.  I only started watching the David Tennant series a few weeks ago, but it’s such a "where have you been all my life" scenario I can’t even believe it.  What a wonderful, wonderful surprise.  

    Aside from that, my top television for the year was undoubtedly Mad Men and Lost.  I look forward to catching up on True Blood as well.  

    Top music: The singles released by the Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Sia, A Fine Frenzy, and Dr. Horrible

    Top movies:  WALL-E, In Bruges, Dark Knight, Iron Man, and probably a number of films I’m seeing this week.   

  17. I watched about seven or eight movies this year as opposed to my regular two or so.  However, compared to you guys, I must be a film hermit.  I want to see Gran Turino but I don’t live anywhere close to a theater that’s playing it.  I will say that I thought Hancock was very very average.  The first part is good like Conor said but it all fell apart for me after the "whattatweest" moment. 

    And for some reason I can’t quite figure out, I couldn’t get enough in Quantum of Solace of Felix Leiter in a bad suit sitting around with the villains looking very annoyed.  And I couldn’t tell if the girl playing Fields was really good or not, but I want to see that actress in more movies for some reason.

  18. For the record, I love MONK.  I went through a pretty rough patch this summer, and watching Monk really cheered me up.  It’s a guilty pleasure I don’t feel all that guilty about because it has such heart.  I’m assuming they’re breaking it up into one or two final batches of episodes.  It has been confirmed that it’s ending in 2009 though.  I’m sad to see it go, but excited to see the big mysteries resolved.

  19. JCVD sounds fucking amazing. Sorry for the language but that premise and plot just sounds really really good.

    Would it be sad that a film pretty much showing the decline of his stardom is the best for Jean Claude?

  20. @PaulMontgomery – Love me some David Tennant/Dr. Who!

     I forgot to mention some top movies. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button should not have worked. It fit better as a short story that let your imagination visualize how this could have happened and allowed you to suspend disbelief easier. But, goddamn David Fincher and his astounding cast for pulling off probably my favorite film of the year. I can go on about the whole cast from Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, to the woman who plays his adopted mother and the fishing boat captain. But, the message in the story was what really made it for me. The idea that we all have to look at every day as precious and be brave enough to just go for it no matter what the cost, really hit home for me at this time in my life.

    One other movie that got to me was the first movie out of the gate from Magnolia Pictures’ Six Shooter Series: Let The Right One In. When the world was talking about Twilight, a truly bad vampire film, this little gem comes sneaking up and literally bites you nad takes you for all you’re worth. It’s quiet and subdued and focuses on a realistic relationship between a boy and a girl who just happens to be a couple hundred year old vampire. It plays with vampire lore really well. The scene of her being forced to come into his house without being invited is phenomenal and speaks to the kind of fear and isolation that teens feel at that age. GO FIND IT AND WATCH IT if you haven’t done so already.

    Plus, there were those little movies about the millionaire in the bat suit and the millionaire in the metal suit, too.

  21. You know what the highlight of the year was?  German-speaking Daleks.  TV should have just ceased to exist after that because there will never be anything so epic ever again.

    (Still, Eccleston > Tennant… heh.)

  22. Really?  I wasn’t a big fan of Eccleston, especially compared to Tennant.  I think the difference is that Eccleston wasn’t as grounded and there was a disconnect.  Almost as if he were too alien and too confident in many situations, which made it difficult to worry about him.  Tennant’s got the same passion, but he’s so much more engaged with the other characters.  More concern, more peril.  But that’s just my take.  They’re both very charismatic, and I’ve enjoyed the series with both Doctors so far.  

  23. I actually prefer the Doctor to be really alien and aloof.  I liked his sarcasm and off-handed way he’d deal with stuff.  I never "worry" about the Doctor per se since there’s the whole regeneration thing so there’s that.  I also like his interation with the Daleks, my primary reason for watching the show in the first place, leaps and bounds more than Tennant who seemed to lack Eccleston’s temperment.  Plus, I liked that Eccleston wasn’t afraid to be violent where Tennant acts really spastic in his takes on violence.

    Still, my favorite characters are probably always going to be the Daleks and John Simm as The Master.  I love the villains on Doctor Who.

  24. Though it might also be that Tennant’s biggest adversaries (Davros, the Cybermen, The Master, the Sontarans, etc.) have either such a strong presence or a strong personality that I tend to root for them more so than him.

  25. the wife loves Tennant.  She was inconsolable when she heard he would not be coming back for the next season 🙁

    Still listening to the show guys, getting through the movies!  I totally want to watch Gran Torino and Frost/Nixon now!  

  26. fairy tale of new yorks one of the best X-mas songs ever!!! 🙂

  27. Only about 20 minutes into it.  What the hell, guys?  James Franco was the only reason to watch Spider-Man 3, and he was awesome in Pineapple Express.

  28. Haha great year ender guys. It was cool that you got eddie to make another guest appearance, but i was hoping quint would show up too. lol

  29. @Conor I was surprised when you used the word "good" for the movie Hancock without preceding it with the words "would have been".

    I thought it was really rather bad, but mainly because it was really achieving something with the first 1/2 of the film, but later went so wrong. (It fell from such a great height.)

    To put this in perspective, one of my top ten comic book stories would have to be the first AstroCity story "In Dreams" in which Samaritan (a Superman-like character) is the total work-a-holic, because since he can save everyone, he feels like he MUST save everyone. Here he is, one of the most powerful people on the planet, and he can’t enjoy his life; such as enjoying the adulation of a girl whose cat you’ve just saved from a tree, because stopping to do so might cost the life of some guy in Boston about to be clobbered by a falling building.

    In Hancock we have a different version of this situation, in which our hero can’t live up to his potential. He lacks the grace of Superman, causing more problems then he’s solving, which gets everyone to hate him, and for him to hate himself. It’s a totally understandable situation, and again one which starts out well, but I have the feeling the writers/director/whomever really wanted to put some completely unexpected moments in the movie, which interfered with completing a the overall story arc well. Sure, one natural completion to the film (the most obvious one) might have been some what predictable, but good films can be predictable, there’s no crime in predictability. They all don’t have to be The Sixth Sense or The Crying Game, and that’s where I think this film really lost its way. The "big change" half way through the movie generated so many questions in me (the type of questions which need to be answered to get the story back on track) that the ending seemed so arbitrary and in the end misdirected.

    Okay, that’s my two cents on Hancock.

    @Josh, yes, The Bugle is one of my favorite podcast. And I’ve really become hooked on Tom vs. The Flash.

    Other than that, great show guys!!  I always love it!

  30. My tip is thus: the best podcast of the year was The Best Show on WFMU. It promises great big smiles, especially for music and comedy nerds.

  31. my only concern is that the ifanboy site and programming doesnt suffer with the existence of another site that you guys are also creating considering that I and other ifanbase have paid monthly to this medium now.

  32. Nice to see a documentarie get some love, a update about Bigger, Stronger, Faster one of the brothers the one who was a high school football coach passed away a coupple of weeks ago in a rehab in california.

     As always a great podcast!

  33. I wish I saw MBV at ATP as many accounts mirror yours.  I dropped $50 for a chance to revisit their past glory when they came to Chicago in late-September and it was one of the worst concert experiences of my life.  They sounded terrible, completely uninspired and very dated.  Only the Pixies have successfully pulled off these reunions of late… I’ll stick to jazz.

    I’d like to give REAPER a nod for entertaining TV this year as well.  That show really grew on me and I can’t wait until March brings new episodes.  Another great TV show that ended it’s run (2 seasons) along with The Wire and The Shield was Canada’s INTELLIGENCE.  It just didn’t get the ratings… sound familiar?  The creator is working with FOX to bring an adaptation to the US… though I haven’t heard anything in a while.  Espionage and Intrigue along the Canadian/US border.  A drug kingpin turned government informant and trying to balance it all out.

  34. Thanks for the "You Look Nice Today" podcast recommendation, Ron. Very funny stuff.

  35. After 2 hours of content, some random musings:

    Great show. An annual favorite and this one certainly delivers. I now have a list of ways to spend the Barnes & Noble and iTunes gift cards I recieved for the holidays.

    Christy MacColl’s England 2 Columbia 0 is a great song…go check out the rest of her stuff, especially Tropical Brainstorm.

    Super pumped about murmur.com. Looks fantastic and can’t wait until the sandbox is open for the rest of us.

    Thanks for an absolutely great year guys, staff and iFanbase!

  36. Thanks for the kind words about the podcast!

    I believe Ron destroyed his cord in his excitement about Transporter 3 and the shirtless scenes.

  37. I love Tom Vs. The Flash, it completes me.

    Josh really  made me want to find episodes of Peep Show.  Thanks for the other podcast recommendations.  

    K, back to listening.  Ron’s talking about Los Campesinos, he sounds giddy about them.  If you can’t say "Los Campesinos" yet you live in California…something wrong Ron 😛

  38. Hey Ron since you love Jason Statham, what did you think about Crank? The film critic in me says it’s horrible; but the real TNC in me says it’s the best film in exsistance. That scene where he’s beating up the hitmen at his girlfriend’s house, priceless.

    I’m shocked you guys didnt talk about Heroes in some capacity. It’s probably because you do a discussion post for it every week, but I would imagine it would’ve garnered some attention for this spectacular podcast….Maybe it’s in the Worst of 2008 article you told me about…

  39. Hmmm…new website?  Should be pretty cool.  I checked it out, another place for me to waste my days 🙂  How are you guys going to balance your time between both websites effectively?  Quiting day jobs?

    Great show guys, keep it up.  Looking forward to next year and more iFanboy!

  40. I can’t decide if my favorite part was Ron’s explanation of the elements of a great Transporter movie, or Josh trying to leave the room during the 90210 discussion. . .

    On another note, Tom Versus. . .is so entertaining that I almost forget to notice what good analysis it is.  It would be way too easy to come off as glib or dismissive, but it’s just a great close reading every time. 

    I need to add "the Bugle" to my itunes feed, I keep hearing about it.

    Great discussion, as always.

  41. @Megnolia, yes, Christy MacColl’s England 2 Columbia 0 is a great song. One of my favorites. The whole album is great.

    It’s too bad she’s gone. 

  42. If you like Peep Show check out That Mitchell and Webb Look which is a skit show, and The Smoking Room which has Robert Webb – it’s about a designated coffee break/cigarette break room in some office where people talk and it’s very good.


  43. You guys got to see The Decemberists? The day after election day? And Marvel paid for it?

    Man. That is just about the coolest thing ever.

  44. @BrianBaer – Yes, yes, and no (?).

  45. I’ve watched That Mitchell and Webb Look, and listened to the audio shows as well, but I like Peep Show best.

    And how do you get Marvel to pay for concert tickets?

  46. Oh. I must’ve heard you guys wrong. You should look into that for next time, though.

  47. the second half of Hancock was bullshit. i loved the first bit. the twist was the suckiest twist in the history of sucking.

    i thought Quantum of Solace was awesome. i thought it was way better than the first[not that is was bad]. i wasn’t sure of Daniel Craig in the first, i guess i hadn’t made my mind up. but in this he was really good.

    its awesome how you guys didnt spoil any of the comic plots. i was worried about walking dead[ive only read the first 8. i’m so exited]

  48. jason aaron-let’s not forget his awesome mini on hellblazer

  49. I was really hoping to hear what you guys thought about Cloverfield… ah well guess ill have to wait for the sequel!

  50. @LukusLuke: I don’t have a ton of thoughts on CLOVERFIELD (I *might* have been the only one of the three who saw it).  My thoughts are thus:

    "It was a great late Saturday night thrill ride. I wish I had seen this in the theaters… but I did not. "

    Taken from the forum discussion on CLOVERFIELD.

  51. In Bruges was an exceptional film and i would even say that if it wasnt for Dark Knight(though i may be subjective as a die hard Batman fan) that it would be the best film i saw this year

    And I always knew Colin Farrel was a great actor who just made a few crappy films, hell, he was the only good actor in the god awful film adaption Daredevil

  52. It was indeed a great comeback year for James Franco with Milk and Pineapple Express.  He hasn’t shown those kinds of chops since Freaks and Geeks.  Hope he gets more great roles like this.  

    Just saw Milk today.  Sean Penn was insanely good.  I’m actually not a big fan of his performance in Mystic River (or that movie in general), but I can’t believe those are the same actor.  Totally inhabited that role.  

    I also saw Benjamin Button, which was phenomenal.  Look for my review on Murmur tomorrow.  

  53. I like ‘Mystic River,’ overall, but his big Oscar clip crying-orgy ruins the best moment in the novel.  It would have been a better movie if Eastwood knew when to say "cut."

    I’ll still end up checking out "Grand Torino," though, I’m sure. 

  54. Yeah, I think I let that scene (and some of Tim Robbins’ scenes) taint the rest of the film, and that’s really not fair.  It’s been a while; I should revisit it.  

  55. Or just watch ‘Gone Baby Gone’ again.  It’s a much better adaptation.

  56. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times, Gone Baby Gone was an awesome movie and should either be a movie franchise or a premium cable series.  

  57. I wish to see Mystic River but after I Am Sam, I really don’t want to watch anything with Sean Penn in it.

  58. @Paul  Gone Baby Gone was my favorite film of 2007.  That or Juno.  I’m diverse, or possibly schizophrenic.

    @Tork  Don’t hold one lousy movie against Sean Penn.  He’s got a great resume — Dead Man Walking, State of Grace, Sweet and Lowdown.

  59. I suppose and I understand he’s probably fantastic but people were clammoring to me about how good he was in I Am Sam and when I watched it and then thought "If this is what his A Game is, I don’t want anything to do with this guy."  I’m sure he’s great in other stuff but that movie really left a bad taste in my mouth.

  60. "I am Sam" had a great soundtrack.  All Beatles covers.  That’s really all I know about it — but from what I can tell, it was in a totally different genre than any of Penn’s other movies, so I doubt it’s much of a gauge for how you’d like ‘Milk’ or ‘State of Grace’. 

  61. I’m a little confused by this new murmur site.

    It looks totally awesome, and it looks like you can join….But what are the limits to the site so far? Since you mentioned you cant do a lot of stuff yet. Just curious, cause this looks like my 2nd favorite site….with this being the 1st.

  62. @TheNextChampion: We can’t join the site yet. It’s in closed Beta, invitation only.

  63. I have to confess that I have been listening for about a month now but Do Not Get "You Look Nice Today." For some reason, I am not picking up what they’re putting down. I think it’s probably funnier when you’ve spent some time getting to know the guys involved, which is why I’m hanging in there. I do heartily recommend a show they’re associated with called Jordan Jesse GO! (http://www.maximumfun.org/blog/labels/jjgo.html) which routinely has me in tears. Probably because I’ve listened to 80 episodes of it and have gotten to know the guys involved.

  64. ohcaroline– I Am Sam was about a mentally challenged person with a capacity of a seven-year-old is fighting in court for custody of his daughter.  A lot of my problem was with the story which was really one-dimensional and very forced, but I thought Sean Penn’s performance was very much a cardboard cutout caricature of typical Hollywood depictions of mental dysfunction, which having family members with similar conditions, really irks me to no end.

  65. So this I Am Sam film….

    is this about a mental challenged person or Sean Penn?

    Answer: What’s the difference!? (rim shot)

  66. You are not the first person to make that joke and I sincerly doubt you will be the last.

  67. @Tork: Well you gave me the set up….how can I not resist a Sean Penn retard joke? 🙂

    You put eggs on a frying pan, what else can you do but do the obvious.

  68. Show some class and move on?  

  69. The idea of Sean Penn being a bad actor is sort of absurd.  The thing is, i figured I wouldn’t like I Am Sam, so I didn’t see it.  The dude deserved that Mystic River Oscar, and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be up there again for Milk.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

  70. He totally deserves it for Milk.  It’s a seamless performance.  You can’t see him acting.  He just is that person.  It’s amazing to watch.  

  71. Sean Penn has been a great actor recently. Before I am Sam and Mystic River I didnt think he was that special of an actor.

    But he has proven that he is working hard enough to get people to notice him. Maybe I just dont like him cause of his attitude, cause if you think I’m a jerk….you anit seen nothing yet from that guy.

  72. nice show, guys.  I just added the other podcasts and updated my netflix queue…right on…

  73. Like I said, I’m sure Sean Penn is fantastic but I just don’t have any desire to see anything outside of Mystic River with him in it.  I’ll see it eventually though. It’s just that my first experience watching him was unpleasant.  Also, most of his films look to be imovies I really don’t want to see.

  74. Fantastic show! I agreed with nearly everything, and the ones I didn’t are simply the ones I haven’t seen/heard/read/listened to.

    True Blood was awesome. Ryan Kwanten as Sookie’s brother was staggeringly good. Peep Show is brilliant, Super Hans might be my favourite character ever on telly. Josh, no love for Weeds? I thought the shake-up worked really well, and having Albert Brooks was a real coup.

    One of my favourite films of the year was War, Inc. I don’t know when it came out in the states but we only got it this year. If you like John Cusack, especially Grosse Pointe Blank you’ll love it.

    By the way, as far as I know, people here in the UK really like Jason Statham too, and love Snatch (fnar fnar). In fact, we actually hate Billy Zane, because Statham was in a long relationship with Kelly Brook until Zane stole her, so he instantly got national sympathy.

  75. Weeds was great, but I talked about it last year (when it was a bit better) and my new love is Californication.

  76. I haven’t seen Californication season 2 yet, but I remember devouring that first season from iTunes.  It was late at night and I was absolutely out of my mind depressed about a school project, and that show got me smiling again.  So crass, but undeniably charming.  You really root for the guy.  

  77. @TheNextChampion – I love Crank and any movie Statham is in

  78. @Ron – Get thee to NYC if Los Campesinos play! I saw them twice this year and both times was just electric! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

    I agree on about Statham, he even made Death Race good.

    Forgot to ask, did any of you guys see Burn After Reading? I thought it was fantastic!

  79. Thank god! Someone other then me has a non-homosexual love for another man! 🙂

    I will go down and say Crank is one of the best films I ever saw. Not in the same vein of Casablanca or Citizen Kane….just in terms of pure entertainment. The last shot in the film (which I wont spoil) might be my most favorite film in cinema.

  80. Champ, Crank was aces, but you should watch more cinema. Love to ya 🙂

  81. @Eyun: I saw BURN AFTER READING yesterday (and THE VISITOR).  I love them both.  Richard Jenkins was in them both! AND he is in STEP BROTHERS which is th third disc I have from NetFlix.

  82. Burn After Reading wasn’t released on DVD until just after we recorded that show.  I tried…

    Now the blu ray disc is listed as "very long wait" on Netflix.

  83. I wanted to see Burn After Reading, it looked great.  Maybe I’ll rent it.  Also, I just saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday.  I love that movie.  Technically it is a really amazing movie.  The reverse aging of Brad Pitt was stunning.  I have yet to see Milk, which I am ashamed of because I live in the bay area and totally had plans to see it a while ago.

  84. BURN AFTER READING is… different.  I would describe it as idiosyncratic farce.

  85. Burn After Reading was confusing at times, but still funny as hell when it wanted it to be. The line J.K. Simmons (aka J.J. Jameson) says pretty much defines the film:

    ‘We really have no idea what went on here. Report back to me when….I dont know….when it makes sense’

    @Eyun: Trust me I watch a ton more films then stuff like Crank. If anything I’m probably more of a film expert then a comic book nerd (excuse the expression).

  86. The part in Transporter 2 when he gets rid of the bomb on his car by jumping into the air, flipping the car and having the bomb latch onto a hook off of a crane, then landed the car perfectly…that was genius.  I almost shit my pants with excitment.

  87. Re: Videogames. You should’ve mentioned Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Besides a great story that bridged the gap between the awful prequels and the original trilogy, it was adapted as a Dark Horse comic.

  88. I’m going to have to find me some Peep Show as soon as I finish the first 2 seasons of Torchwood.

     I may need to broaden my musical horizons, haven’t really heard of the bands mentioned outside of The Decemberists.  (and all i know of them is July July).  But my best live music of 2008 was definitely the Hold Steady touring with the Drive-By Truckers.  Made me happy as a pig in poop.

  89. @ron, josh or conor: Is murmur going to be like ifanboy were there’s a strong connection between the fanbase and the website, like we can post comments about or write our own reviews of albums, books, movies or tv shows?

  90. @WinTheWonderboy – Yessir.  It’s in private beta now, but as it opens up, users will be able to write their own reviews and articles in addition to comments.  

  91. @Paul: Really?……Well I’m gonna become a regular reviewer on that site then. Then lots of people will wanna listen to my opinions I…..Hey! Where did everyone go?

    *site is completely empty with a tumbleweed in the background for some reason*


  92. @AriesDog: None of us have played STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED.  It would be disingenuous to talk about it.

  93. @PaulMontgomery: Thats awesome! Thanks

  94. Ron, have you heard they are making a Crank sequel? Starring Statham? And picking up directly where the first one left off?

    I have no idea how they are going to do this, but that’s why I am so excited.

  95. @Brian: You, Me, Ron; first in line for that!

    I’m gald more people are talking about ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. Such a funny show, and it’s such a huge hit here in the Deleware Valley. The Dayman song might be one of the funniest sketches I’ve seen in a tv show.

  96. I just beat MK vs. DC on HARD with Green Lantern. YAY!

  97. Best Podcast Nobody’s Ever Heard Of: Speedway Squad

    Three Canadians BSing about absolutely nothing.  SCTV meets Sienfeld.

     PURE GENIUS!!!!

  98. The most amazing factoid I took away from this 2hr podcast…Ron has a Wii (unopened)sitting in his closet and no TV!Also, with the DVR’s of shows, movies and comics, when do you guys sleep?

    Damn, disposible income how I miss you so.

  99. Lost???

  100. Mumur sounds and looks great guys. Can’t wait until I am able to jump on there with yall.

  101. Saw John Oliver live once.  He was fantastic.

  102. Gotta say that Murmur is looking great.  Really slick design going on.  Brilliant idea for a site, too.

  103. (looks at empty email)

    They’ll invite me soon, I know it!

  104. Just finally finished the show – you gentlemen have done it again – made me feel old. I have absolutely no connection to any of the music you discussed, with the possible exception of My Bloody Valentine – that’s my era. Without getting into a flame war, though, I’ve got two words for Ron – The Pixies. Great show as always, and I’ve added Peep Show to my Netflix.

    Thanks for the Pogues as well – just re-discovered them this year and dropped major cash on the re-released CDs. Missed them when they played Baltimore in March, though, and I’ll never forgive myself. 

    @TonyT – Lost was an amazing show last season – got back the magic of the early episodes, although in my opinion, it never got bad.

    Have to say Murmur looks amazing – can’t wait to get in there and participate.


  105. I agree dan my man. Turn that donkey wheel!

  106. OK, so last night I saw that In Bruges was free on my On Demand.  "Hey, let’s watch this, the guys on ifanboy really liked it." 

    2 [violent, bloody, gory] hours later, my wife, "Honey, why don’t you give me a list of movies they liked so I know what not to see with you."

    She is really not into the blood and violence. 

  107. Murmur.com–awesome.

  108. @SteveM – Try the Visitor.  Not a speck of blood in it.

  109. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m pretty sure my favorite comedies of 2008 were Iron Man and In Bruges.  In Bruges is sublime. 

    No real standout traditional comedies this year like last year.  I saw Role Models, Tropic Thunder, and Pineapple Express.  I don’t think any of them were as airtight as say, Superbad or Juno or the like.  The best comedy came out of unexpected places like In Bruges and Iron Man.  

  110. Man, no love for Dexter or Supernatural? You guys talk about Californication and Smallville, two inferior shows on each respective network (Smallville by far to Supernatural).

    And I thought there’d at LEAST be a mention of Heores, even if it’s just to mock how low its sunk into depravity.

  111. I tried Dexter and didn’t really get into it.  I’ve barely even heard of Supernatural.  Can’t like everything…

  112. @Josh: I personally enjoyed it, but the wife was suspicious when I said it was about hitmen, but I falsely assured her that it was really about their personal struggles etc.  Oh well.


    Yes, I saw the Visitor on a plane ride from NZ to SF–it was awesome!!  

    We’re going to check out the rest of your list as well.  It was more funny to me than anything else.  She tends to have a big reaction to blood and such.  She hated Hot Fuzz for the same reason.

    Great show by the way!! 

  113. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I watched Dexter season one.  It has a really weak ensemble.  Aside from Michael C. Hall and maybe Julie Benz, the acting was really lacking.  I never got into the show because of that.  

  114. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Saw Slumdog Millionaire last night.  Amazing movie.  Really, really good.  A gentler (but still effective) City of God.  

  115. great show. really enjoyed the media stuff cuz i seen most of it and listened to some of those bands

  116. Gus Van Sant needed a win? His four films prior to Milk (Gerry, Elephant, Last Days, Paranoid Park) are gonna go down in film history amongst the great ‘great runs’, along with Coppola’s (Godfather, Conversation, Godfather II) and Antonioni’s (L’Avventura, La Notte, L’Eclisse, Red Desert).

    If you’re into that sort of slow hypnotic thing (and a lot of people are), that Van Sant run is an insane triumph. He’s had an incredible breakthrough and really found himself as an artist. One of the really awesome things about Milk was how it incorporated that aesthetic into a more straight, heartstring-tugging (and boy did it tug) biopic. 

  117. @MyManD: We talk about HEROES every week here at iFanboy.

  118. @John42 – Alright, he needed a commercial hit.  I think your comparison’s to Coppola are a bit overblown, but I haven’t been in film school for a while, and I’m out of touch

    (I’m not making fun of you, I really am out of touch.)

  119. I watched ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘Milk’ within 24 hours this weekend.  An intense, and excellent, day of moviegoing.  Penn deserves all the buzz. 

  120. @Josh- With Coppola and Van Sant, I was comparing the run as opposed to the individual films within that run, if that makes sense- i.e., Godfather and Elephant might not be comparable, but their directors’ string of unbroken artistic success is.

    OK, I got a little hyperbolic. But I’m sure you’re familiar with the use of hyperbole to advocate for something you love.

  121. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hyperbole has never before been used on this site.  It is entirely alien to us.  

    Michael Scott as Borat: "Not!" 

  122. That was the greatest two-tiered reference of all time.

  123. I have never, nor will I ever as long as I shall walk this earth, and breathe it’s life giving air, use hyperbole.

    To suggest such a thing would be tantamount to genocide.

  124. heh hyperBOWEL heh

  125. Okay, please tell me that you review video games, books, comics, tv shows, movies, etc, as a job.. Otherwise you must be working on 48 hour days to digest that much media! After listening to the podcast, I felt like an outcast, because I have hardly enough time to read my two or three comics in my pullbox, and one or tv shows to follow! How do you do it?

  126. Would that it were so.  I did a lot of cramming for the year end show though.  Still, you fit it in where you can.

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