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2012 All Media Year End Roundup

Show Notes

It’s the seventh annual iFanboy All-Media Year End Round-Up! Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick discuss everything they enjoyed in media in 2012. Movies, television, books, podcasts, music, video games, and comics — it’s all here!

Running Time: 02:18:45

Argo_Movie Poster00:03:18 – Wreck-It Ralph
00:06:42 – Goon
00:08:31 – 21 Jump Street
00:10:35 – Looper
00:12:44 – Skyfall
00:15:37 – Prometheus
00:18:29 – The Cabin in the Woods
00:20:16 – Sleepwalk with Me
00:23:02 – Beasts of the Southern Wild
00:24:29 – Robot & Frank
00:26:45 – Argo
00:30:19 – Chronicle
00:32:23 – Safety Not Guaranteed
00:34:17 – Lincoln
00:39:43 – Life of Pi

00:41:50 – Washed Up Emo
00:43:36 – Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

Video Games:
00:46:02 – Fez
00:49:33 – Mass Effect

Boardwalk Empire00:52:55 – Boardwalk Empire
00:57:55 – Treme
00:59:54 – Homeland
01:03:14 – Modern Family
01:06:29 – 30 Rock
01:08:59 – New Girl
01:10:37 – The Good Wife
01:14:09 – Sons of Anarchy
01:15:52 – The Newsroom
01:18:07 – The Walking Dead
01:19:58 – Justified
01:21:56 – Arrow
01:23:40 – Game of Thrones
01:26:32 – Mad Men
01:29:54 – Breaking Bad

01:34:00 – “You’re Doing it Wrong” by Michael Ian Black
01:35:03 – “A Song of Fire and Ice”, Books 1-5 by George R.R. Martin
01:37:42 – “Alpha” by Greg Rucka
01:39:34 – “Marvel Comics: The Untold Story” by Sean Howe
01:47:52 – “Cronkite” by Douglas Brinkley

01:49:07 – Louie

01:50:06 – Bob Mould
01:51:17 – fun.
01:52:14 – JJamz
01:53:22 – Reunions: Quicksand, Texas is the Reason, Braid, Refused, Pulp, & New Order

Batmanvol101:55:10 – Saga
01:56:00 – Fury MAX
01:56:34 – Batman
01:57:18 – The Manhattan Projects
01:58:13 – Conan the Barbarian
01:59:01 – The Shade
01:59:48 – The Walking Dead
02:00:38 – Before Watchmen: Minutemen
02:01:23 – Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre
02:02:10 – Wolverine and The X-Men
02:02:46 – Scalped
02:03:58 – Thor: God of Thunder
02:04:29 – Spider-Men
02:05:09 – Hellblazer
02:08:15 – Hawkeye

(Three of) The Best People Working in Comics in 2012:
02:09:28 – Jonathan Hickman
02:10:38 – Mark Waid
02:12:52 – Scott Snyder

“Let’s Start The New Year Right”
Bing Crosby


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  1. I’m with you Conor Le Mis was awesome.

  2. THE event of the year. I will savour this with a nice chianti by my side. It was a great year guys, you did yourselves proud. Greetings from Belgium.

  3. Time for me to use my new iTunes gift cards on Ron’s music recommendations.

  4. You guys did not like Brick? I love that movie and all of Ryan Johnson’s films. He’s so great with characters and style and genre mixing.

  5. A couple of updates since we recorded:

    – I watched the second half of season 2 of HOMELAND and it was FAN-TASTIC. It was almost as good as season one.

    – I read MARVEL COMICS: THE UNTOLD STORY and it was even better than I had hoped it would be. It’s a must read for every comic book fan.

    – The descriptor that I was grasping for when describing season one of JUSTIFIED vs. season two was that season one had more of a “gunslinger” vibe than season two.

    – Saw THE HOBBIT, didn’t love it. Seeing LES MISERABLES tonight.

  6. Just had the worst day of my life and seeing this up, I nearly cried tears of joy. Thanks for the extra long episode guys, this is gonna pull me back from the brink and never ever stop this show, its too important.

    Skyfall sucked, the first twenty minutes were awesome but the last act was abysmal. The head of MI6 gets nearly assassinated and so hides with one agent and a shotgun in a derelict manor in the middle of nowhere Scotland? And James Bond born Scottish? Goldeneye has a better execution of premise, a special agent going rogue, but because it is another 00 it has more of a super villain quality to it that I think Mendes was going for but didn’t pull of because the character wasn’t defined at all. I wish they had explored the cyber terrorism aspect of it a bit more. End of second act should have been Judi Dench dead after the storming of the hearings. Third act Bond goes after Bardem

    Also, what are your final thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises? I’m assuming you got the Blu-ray?

    • Well I will strongly disagree with your take on Skyfall but respect your opinion, but I must point out that the movie version of James Bond has always been Scottish, and after Connery was cast Flemming even wrote his Scottish ancestry into the book You Only Live Twice, so it would have been a big miscue if they hadn’t made him of Scottish acenstry in Skyfall.

    • Disagree as well, STRONGLY. Also, Judi Dench dies anyway, and Bond goes after him anyway. Why does it have to happen sooner?

  7. Guess none of you guys saw ‘The Master’? Definitely my choice for best movie of the year….Feels like something josh would watch. Just a feeling.

    Wasn’t a big fan of the Cronkite book. The early years of his life was interesting but it felt like Douglas Brinkley was repeating himself a lot once we get into his career at CBS. Also, even if it was a big factor in his life, his political views were not interesting to read about at all. But Brinkley is a good writer so I did find some enjoyment out of the book. His biography with an environmental slant on Teddy Roosevelt was excellent.

  8. I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I was just wondering if Ron had a opition on the show Girls. It just seems like his kind of show and I have been enjoying it.

  9. Conor & Josh: not that it sounds like you’re particularly looking for new podcasts, but I have one that is right up your alley: the Pritzker Military Library Podcast (http://www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org/Home/Podcasts.aspx)

    Tons of great content from authors and veterans. Really enjoyed the shows with the guys who wrote “We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young,” Nathaniel Fick from “Generation Kill,” James Megellas (504th PIR vet from WWII), and the Tuskegee Airmen.

  10. I love these end of the year all media podcast, always something new to put on my Netflix queue.

    @Josh-The first five books of “A Song of Ice and Fire” are not the only stories placed in this world. There are currently 3 short stories, with a 4th one out in 2013, that show the world 100 years before the events in ASOIAF and build on the background. They are quick and fairly stand-alone tales. The first two were made into Graphic Novels. They are currently in several different anthologies though but after the fourth one comes out it, they’re supposed to be collected into a single book. They are called the Tales of Dunk and Egg. Figured I should mention it if you didn’t already know.

    The Hedge Knight
    The Hedge Knight II: The Sworn Sword
    The Mystery Knight

  11. As a native New Orleanian, I can’t share your enthusiasm for Treme. I really did try to like it, but as an insider having lived in the city for 35 years, there’s just too much that they get wrong or feels off. And it bugs me and I haven’t been able to watch it regularly. I’m not saying that there aren’t great parts because there are (esp. the musical performances) and I’m not saying that the show doesn’t get a lot right, too. But, it’s flawed and deeply flawed from my perspective. I really am glad that people like it and watch it because it’s great for the local economy which desperately needs help: it’s a one hour advertisement for tourism every night it airs.

    So, the only reason I bring this up is how it’s made me feel about The Wire. As great as that show is, I’m guessing that Baltimore natives have a similar perspective as mine. For a show that seems so real, I find that angle of inquiry interesting.

  12. UPDATE on my end:
    – The Hobbit – saw it, enjoyed it – didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. Didn’t mind the 48 FPS

    – Django Unchained – saw it and LOVED it. Fantastic. I was skeptical of the length and it did feel a bit long – but I thought it was great.

  13. Loved the wrap up! Lot’s of stuff for me to add to the watch/read list. Thanks guys!

    PS: Singin’ in the Rain is a movie classic for a reason.

  14. I have questions.

    Frank Langella was nominated for an Oscar. How does that count as very underrated?

    How can you be a “closeted stand-up comedy fan”? Is stand up comedy considered a bad thing to like to some people?

    I think I’m sure that there was a discussion of “Brick” on the show at one point. Was it actually reviewed on an episode?

  15. I appreciate the music section in the round-up. Thanks to Ron for keeping up with new stuff. As for Conor and Josh, if you are Beatlemaniacs I would recommend the new Tame Impala album (Lonerism); not only is it very good on its own merits, it is said to be somewhat John Lennon-esque:


    Too bad none of you (apparently) are into hip-hop. I feel like not liking hip-hop is akin to people who lived during the Jazz Age that were still only listening to chamber music. But to each his own. Like Ron, I too love The Smiths and Pulp and Husker Du, so I respect your musical tastes.

    Does Ron always pick the song track for each episode, or do others have input?

  16. Looper: The movie tells you not to think about it and it’s NOT gonna explain anything. How does that “explaining too much”.

    Also, I hated Brick too, but then I read Hammet, and watched it again and then it was awesome.

  17. Great podcast, as always. If you get the chance give Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ game a try. It’s at least as good as the comics and has a fantastic graphic style. The character’s are superb, especially the main guy and Clementine, and the choices are agonizing (in the best possible way.)

    Happy New Year!

  18. Do any of you watch Dexter? It was a return to form this season.

    I was a little taken back that Josh thinks Son of Anarchy isn’t a good show.

    This is the year that Boardwalk Empire really clicked with me. Amazing season.

    2012 wasn’t the best year for games so you guys didn’t miss much.

    Those are my thoughts on the episode, I always enjoy these wrap-ups.

  19. You mentioned Premium Rush in a throw away comment, I was wondering if that meant you didn’t like it? I personally had a lot of fun with it, it wasn’t a great piece of cinema history that’ll stand the test of time but, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    • No one’s really talked about it, and I think that’s probably as much as it deserves. It’s a bike messenger thriller.

    • I thought it was really fun, the way they did his vision with multiple routes and their consequences was cool and I thought it was shot pretty well. I know it’s not the Avengers but I think it’s worth mentioning as a movie you probably didn’t hear of, would dismiss as ridiculous but might actually have a fun time with.

  20. Television–I liked PBS Ken Burns Dust Bowl documentary, Call the Midwife, and Downton Abbey too, among some of their other stuff like the David Geffen special. It’s my main, go-to station. I’d also add the new American Sherlock Holmes series, Elementary, and I liked the Brit version too, Sherlock.

  21. Finally got around to listening to this. Just wanted to add that I liked Mass Effect’s 3 ending too. The controversy didn’t make sense to me either.

    One thing though: If you didn’t go out of your way to download the modified ending (which is free) from the marketplace, then Josh, you actually played the original ending.

    I played both, and they’re basically the same, with the modified version adding a little more content and context to what happened to your friends/squad.

    • I haven’t played ME. Not a one. I will when the collection comes out for PS3. From what I heard, it’s a slapdash ending. There’s a “magical space baby,” and three choices that aren’t all that great. From playing the whole series, don’t you feel that it didn’t end as strong?

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