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2010 All Media Year End Roundup

Show Notes

It’s the FIFTH annual All-Media Year End Round-Up! Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick discuss everything they enjoyed in 2010 in movies, television, music, video games and of course, comic books. For reasons unknown it’s a bit speedier than normal, but whattya gonna do? Enjoy! (Sorry about the heavy breathing. We got a bit mic careless.)

Running time: 01:24:46

00:02:00 – Toy Story 3
00:05:06 – Exit Through The Gift Shop
00:07:22 – Inception
00:09:31 – The Town
00:11:37 – Get Him To The Greek
00:13:21 – Hot Tub Time Machine
00:14:50 – How To Train Your Dragon
00:16:01 – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
00:17:13 – Step-Up 3D
00:18:52 – Piranha 3D
00:20:26 – Tron: Legacy
00:22:47 – Solitary Man
00:24:12 – The Social Network
00:25:58 – The A-Team
00:27:20 – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

00:28:59 – Community
00:30:40 – The Good Guys
00:31:42 – Top Gear
00:33:47 – Party Down
00:35:15 – In Treatment
00:36:01 – Modern Family
00:37:21 – House Hunters
00:39:05 – Terriers
00:40:08 – The Pacific
00:41:55 – Human Target
00:43:24 – Rubicon
00:44:28 – Boardwalk Empire
00:46:34 – Grey’s Anatomy
00:47:23 – Mad Men
00:49:33 – Breaking Bad

Video Games:
00:50:46 – Mass Effect 2
00:52:27 – Ron’s adventures with his X-Box 360
00:54:23 – Angry Birds
00:55:14 – Red Dead Redemption
00:56:37 – Sonic 4

00:57:48 – Black Keys
00:59:29 – Iron Chic – “Not Like This!”
01:00:25 – Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt – s/t & Live
01:02:09 – Walter Schreifels –  “An Open Letter to the Scene”
01:02:42 – Superchunk – “Majesty Shredding”
01:03:16 – Belle & Sebastian – “Write About Love”
01:03:36 – Sleigh Bells – “Treats”
01:04:08 – Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack
01:05:00 – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
01:05:31 – Unrest
01:05:55 – Cap’N Jazz
01:06:11 – Guided By Voices

Comic Books:
01:07:18 – Power Girl
01:07:46 – The Flash
01:08:14 – Scalped
01:08:55 – Thor: The Mighty Avenger
01:09:20 – The Amazing Spider-Man / Ultimate Spider-Man
01:10:33 – Chew
01:11:12 – Batman and Robin
01:11:48 – Uncanny X-Force
01:12:28 – American Vampire
01:13:39 – Action Comics
01:14:35 – The Sixth Gun
01:15:21 – Mystery Society
01:16:12 – Irredeemable
01:16:33 – Daytripper
01:17:22 – Thunderbolts / Hulk

The Three Best People Working in Comics – 2010:
01:18:58 – Jason Aaron
01:19:57 – Jeff Parker
01:20:40 – Brian Michael Bendis

“Back Door Santa”
Clarence Carter


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  1. No mention of the Lost finale?!? I’m shocked! (not really) but c’mon, you guys didn’t even touch on it on the murmur podcast and you don’t say anything here? Oh well, I know Josh didn’t watch it but I was curious what conor thought of the series as a whole at least

  2. Wow, that’s some fast talking.

  3. I’m surprised you guys don’t talk about the Walking dead show.

  4. Hey, no one from ifanboy saw Easy A? That was the best comedy of the year IMO.

    These year end round ups are awesome, thanks again!

  5. No Smallville mention either??? 



  6. I think this is the only year-end roundup that doesn’t dedicate half their program to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

  7. Helluva year, helluva podcast. Looking forward to more excellent content in 2011! Thanks, guys!

  8. You guys really should watch Sons Of Anarchy. It really is the closest thing to having Scalped on TV but it also holds its own too. Definitely recommend it!

  9. Bendis is great in Ultimate Spider-man, everything else… not so much.

  10. Hey its Murmur.com podcast!  Oh wait…

  11. @wangman31888  I got it for Christmas. Watching it tonight. 

  12. It’s the All Media Murmur roundup!

    *Holds pennant that says MURMUR on it*

  13. Thought u guys would have been digging on “Justified” on FX

  14. ah, and with this the soundtrack to tommorrows commute is suddenly revealed…

  15. Great year/decade guys!

  16. Glad to have started off the “I can’t believe you didn’t mention XXXX” thread 😉

  17. good year recap, guys.

  18. Great call on Iron Chic! 
    Btw, anyone else wondering what Superchunk has been up to for the past ten years should check out the book “Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records.” Even if you don’t love the band or the label, it’s a great read about how a small indie label has produced so many successful bands while staying true to their own business model. 

  19. Oh Terriers, I will miss you

  20. Just to clarify: Regarding anything we didn’t discuss that you hoped to hear about etc., we keep a very strict, unyielding limit on the # of things per category that we discuss.  We all watched Lost, Walking Dead, Conor and I watch Smallville etc., just because we didn’t discuss them doesn’t mean we don’t watch – rather here we highlight the things we think deserved being called out.

  21. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” sounded really interesting when you guys talked about it. I netflixed it and I almost cried at the end. Thanks for the recommend. Now onto Valhalla Rising. 

  22. Random toughts: I miss the heck out of Terriers! Didn’t hear about the Banksy movie, thanks for the heads up! Bought season 1 of In Treatment and can’t wait to get into it. Still haven’t got into Party Down but hear nothing but great things. Just getting into Mad Men (almost done with season 2) and absolutely loving it. I know you didn’t mention it but I thought The Event was a great surprise and Sons of Anarchy was the best drama on tv again. I refused to buy American Vampire when it started as I didn’t want to be into the vampire craze but picked up the first hardcover and I’m hooked! Great stuff. Jason Aaron is the man. Uncanny X-Force is one of the best looking books I’ve read in a long time. Daytripper was probably my favorite thin in entertainment this year.

  23. Wow. You guys kept it short this year. I bet that there was some things that where hard to cut out that you wanted to talk about this year. Good for you guys.

  24. I hate to be the iTunes guy, but what feed do I go to to get this? I thought it’d be in the regular feed, but it’s not there. Damned technology…

  25. If you like Banksy, check out the book ‘Banksy Wall and Piece’. A few years old but the only one endorsed and written by him. Tells you what made him convert to stencils, photos of all his best work in a thick book. Very English in it’s humour.

  26. I fell madly in love with Mass Effect 1 & 2 in the last couple of months. I’m in the same boat as you, Josh. I just can’t make virtual me be nasty, though I found myself doing the renegade actions (where the icon comes up to usually kill the bad guy while he’s talking) once and a while because of quick reaction more than anything. “Ah! I can do something! Oh no I’m murdering him!” Garrus: “That was unnecessary.”

  27. Iron Chic is swag.

  28. Other than talking a bit fast, well just Ron, I think it was fine. I don’t expect them to mention everything. They didn’t even mention Ironman 2 or Blackest night or Brightest day. But they did mention Scott Pilgrim a few times, so I’m good. =)

  29. @warmachine15  It’s on the regular feed. I just downloaded it fine with no problem.

  30. Fallout is based on Wasteland? Damn, Ron, you old!

  31. Glad to hear a nod for Top Gear but I still don’t have hops for the U.S. version.

    Josh I know it’s been a busy year but have you been watching the Matt Smith season of Doctor Who. I know you were getting into the series way back when, just curious if you’re still watching it.

  32. Hot Tub Time Machine comedy of the year? But it wasn’t even remotely funny. I sat through that and was wondering when the jokes were supposed to start.
    Did the same thing with The Hangover.

    Now, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell…THAT was a comedy that actually had jokes in it! WAY better than Hot Tub Time Machine. Fred The Movie was funnnier the Time Machine (and I’m actually serious about that, I never thought I’d say that but it’s true.)

  33. @TheNextChampion  Yes, I’m still watching it. It’s pretty good. Matt Smith is good. Not my favorite.  The Van Gogh episode was my favorite. That is all.

  34. @Zarathos81  Clearly we have different senses of humor.

  35. Community is awesome. That plus Parks and Recreation and Louie made 2010 a great year for sitcoms.

  36. Good list overall, but in my opinion it’s preposterous to say that Bendis deserves a top 3 spot in 2010. His year was the definition of cruise control, right down to the non-event status-quo reboot of Siege (which wasn’t that great). I don’t really see how he gets credit for “stopping” and restarting Avengers when very little change occurred at all. It’s the same characters in similar situations (I like the JRJR book; I’m not a hater; I just don’t see the big deal). And the New Avengers Finale? How was that anything special? How does fighting a random d-lister like Count Nefaria make for a good finale? I thought Ultimate Spidey was solid, but it’s still just similar witty banter I’ve seen a thousand times before. At a certain point the “plucky young heroes in trouble” routine gets old. And Scarlett? Again, it’s not bad by any means, but it’s hardly original either.

    Maybe if my attention span was divided and deluged more than it is, then I wouldn’t see all the problems with Bendis. But to me, saying Bendis is a good ambassador for comics is like saying McDonalds is a good ambassador for hamburgers. To each their own, but I really think so much media addiction dumbs people down and lowers their standards.

    Then again, I read X-Men Forever, so what do I know.

  37. @TimmyWood  Louis!  So many other things I could have talked about!

  38. @conor  Probably but not by much I would suspect. But I was serious about I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. I watched that, Hangover and Hot Tub Time Machine. I laughed twice I think during Hangover and was completely bored with Time Machine but Serve Beer cracked me up so much I bought it AND the book it was based on. You should check it out at least once. It’s good for you…all the cool kids are watching it.

  39. @Zarathos81 I know you were serious, which is why I said we clearly have a different sense of humor.

  40. No Stargate Universe love? Oh well its getting canceled anyway but it was a great BSG clone.

  41. I really enjoyed Bored To Death season 2 – really enjoyed that

  42. If you guys are looking for a way to discover some new music, you should listen to the All Songs Considered Podcast. They have great recommendations and the host, Bob Boilen, seems pretty sincere and doesn’t have a music snob bone in his body (which some critics do).

  43. Hmmm, you guys don’t listen to much underground music. Are you surious about it? I can give a few suggestions…

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