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Pick of the Week #163 – Nightwing #151

Show Notes

Ron Richards is freaked out by David Lapham, Josh Flanagan channels Joey Lawrence, and Conor Kilpatrick can’t remember the name of The Dominators! All this plus a special announcement.

Running time: 01:01:37

Pick of the Week:
00:02:05 – Conor’s Pick of the Week, Nightwing #151, wrapped up one of his favorite books with an emotional wallop.

00:10:25 – Phonogram: The Singles Club #1 made Ron want to dance! Not so much Josh.
00:16:30 – That sure wasn’t Namor in Dark Reign.
00:21:19 – Echo #8 was an artistic tour-de-force.
00:25:10 – A new era began in Green Arrow/Black Canary #15 with a really long recap.
00:27:11 – Punisher: War Zone #1 was the worst film ev– oh, wait… this is a comic?
00:29:01 – Judd Winick kept the focus tight in Titans #8 and ended up with the best issue yet.
00:30:32 – It’s a throwback week with old school creators on Detective Comics #851 and The Amazing Spider-Man #580.
00:32:29 – John Severin kicks everyone’s ass on B.P.R.D.: War on Frogs #2.
00:33:19 – Young Liars #10 creeped Ron the fuck out.

User Reviews:
00:34:18 – lmiller31 says that Justice League of America #27 is decidedly average.
00:36:22 – p4tr1ck is in love with the art in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1.

00:39:31 – Caroline wants to know how iFanboy would fix DC’s trade program.

00:44:34 – Kurt from Florida has a question about creative team heartbreak.

iFanboy News:
00:46:52 – A Special Announcement

“Pull Shapes”
The Pipettes


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  1. Actually, Norman was outed as the Goblin in The Pulse and went to prison in Millar’s run on Marvel Knights Spider-Man.  So, unless One More Day wiped all that up, which I guess is possible since I haven’t read most of Brand New Day, everyone knows Norman is the Goblin.

  2. really? no talk about final crisis? surprising.

    good show so far.

  3. According to the letters in the back, Severin is coming back for another Hellboy related project in 2009.  

  4. also…

    "You guys are bitching Namor isn’t pretty? That’s so gay 🙂 "

    – Alex Maleev

  5. o cmon guys, final crisis #5 was the most pulled and highest picked book on this site this week. where’s the DC love? and if this "special announcement" is that you’re canceling the podcast or video show, I may cry.

  6. Final Crisis!? Want to know thoughts?! Talking like this?!

  7. @jericobp – Where’s the DC love? Really?

    Also, I’ll give it up to Josh, he was right.  Normon was revealed to be the Goblin by the Daily Bugle and brielfy imprisoned and then Peter confirmed it when he unmasked but that whole thing was swept under the rug.  It didn’t stop Osborn from being put in charge of the Thunderbolts for over a year so being in charge of Not S.H.I.E.L.D. is not that big a leap.

  8. My problem was putting Norman Osborn in charge of the Thunderbolts was something I thought was monumentally stupid in the first place and then Marvel cranked it up by making him in charge of HAMMER.

  9. They tried to talk me out of it! But I knew the truth!

  10. @conor

    ok perhaps that was a little harsh… but still, I figured you’d think FC was important (and so completely awesome) enough to mention. However, not my show, not my place to complain.

  11. Look at it this way: how often have major players in the Marvel U (Tony Stark, the Fantastic Four, even Captain America) been disgraced/driven from their posts/wrongly accused, etc.  Sure, they end up being vindicated by the end of the storyline.  But to your average Joe citizen in the Marvel U, what’s the difference between Tony Stark and Norman Osborn, really?  I’m sure there was some BS explanation given to the media when he was first rehabilitated and at this point, as folks have pointed out, he’s been in charge of the Thunderbolts for a while.  In one of the ‘Iron Man’ books, he was on some kind of UN commission questioning Tony Stark.  It’s a logical progression from where they’ve already taken him, and as for where they’ve already taken him. . .well, it’s comics.

  12. I was suprised by the lack of Final Crisis.  If anything, I just figured they figured "well, everyone knew it was good, so let’s movie on!"

  13. @jerichobp – I’m not saying you can’t complain, you have every right to, but to say no DC love is kinda silly since the POW was a DC book, as were 5 out of 13 books we discussed were from DC.

    FINAL CRISIS was really good, but there wasn’t a lot that we thought warranted discussion in it.

  14. @jerichobp – Every comic is important.  There’s only so much time on the show to cover the books and I like that the guys shuffle them around so, even if the big event books is passed over now and then, they can still talk about something like Phonogram or Punisher or BPRD.  

  15. Josh upon learnig the truth: There… are… FOUR LIGHTS!!!!!

    *crickets chirping*

    It’s a Star Trek reference… based on a 1984 reference… READ A BOOK!!!!

  16. Also, Josh needs to invoke Daniel Day-Lewis more often.  "Who is this under my knife?!"  Classic.

  17. FINALLY some love for titans. i thought i was the only one that enjoyed that issue.

  18. I will do Bill the Butcher as often as possible.

  19. Woo-hoo!

  20. the pipettes! horray!


  22. I would swear I read a book in which Norman Osborn’s goblinitude was written off to the public as a frame-up… but I, the spectacular spider-fiend, cannot remember what it was. Maybe I wrote it in my own mind to patch a plot hole, or maybe the devil erased my memory.

    One side effect of reading ten comics a week that promiscuously swap characters is that you start remembering all the stories like a dream you just woke up from.

  23. @Jimski–You might be remembering the late 90’s when Norman was just coming back.  Ben Urich wrote a book on the Osborns called "Legacy of Evil" after Harry died that aired all the family’s dirty laundry.  Norman then bought the Bugle when he came back and made Urich retract it as a framing.  That was a couple Osborn reveals ago, I think.  Or you could be remembing something else I don’t know about.

    Just for reference, I wish to God I could remember normal stuff as well as I do comic storylines from ten years ago.

  24. Ennis and Dillon leaving Hellblazer was a sad day.  (however they quickly went to Preacher, but to me (in the minority) it just wasn’t as good (as the angel-demon spawn was a rehash of a Hellblazer arc).

  25. Namor just looked so sad, like one of the background people at Moe’s or Archi Bunker’s place.  Sue Storm would never touch that.

  26. He took Atlantis’ destruction very hard.  His country left a hole only jelly doughnuts could fill.

  27. Yeah, I think this was the least interesting FC issue by quite a distance. The next two issues better provide something more original than the now-typical "Darkseid is a badass! Jack Kirby = genius!" sentiments. Still an overall good issue, though.

    Thanks for the podcast, gents. My Monday morning commute will appreciate it.

  28. am i wrong to say loki’s hot?

  29. Good job guys!

  30. @excalipoor– Yes… yes, it is.  But we won’t judge.

  31. I thought in Ellis’s first issue of Thunderbolts he had Osborn talk about his past criminal record. Like he’s talking to the media and he says something on the lines of ‘I want to thank SHIELD and the public for giving me, a former supervillain, a chance at redemption’.

    Something like that….like you know he does clarify within Thunderbolts that he was a villain. But I agree what josh was going at before he was ‘corrected’ in the podcast. Why the hell would anyone let Osborn, of all people, leader of HAMMER and the Avengers? Even if no one knew he was a supervillain before, why not someone who has more credientals in the superhero business. Is the government that evil and corrupt?

  32. I got almost all the references in Phonogram. except "East 17", sadly i got the "Take That" reference……. what? so i like Robbie Williams….. Rock DJ’s a good song.

  33. "PULL SHAPES!" As if Michael Buckley didn’t already get that song in my head… Good times.

  34. Bill the Butcher!!!  Awesome.

    And in Young Liars, how do you throw up a baby arm?  The baby was not in her stomach, despite what parents tell you when you are a kid, so how can it find its way into her digestive system?  I don’t read it, so maybe Ron just didn’t explain it well.

    K, back to listening!! 

  35. She wasn’t throwing up onto the toilet.  She was sitting on it.

    Like a car wreck, I cannot turn away from Young Liars.  I can’t stop reading this book.

  36. @horatio: That is the strangest, and most confusing comment I have seen in awhile lol

    That preview on the main page made me laugh out loud 🙂

  37. The original comment read "the baby’s arm came out of her vagina", but I didn’t want to disturb people this early in the morning.

  38. @horatio: Well you just did now by saying that lol

  39. @Ultimate Horatio-You failed…I am disturbed. 

  40. Maybe I’m being shallow but if I found out that a girl I was sleeping with kept a miscarried baby arm in a box in her purse that would be a dealbreaker.

  41. Wow, you guys made "Phonogram" even better, because I’m now mentally drawing Josh into the panel, looking askance and slightly disturbed by the enthusiastic blonde dancing girl. 

    Thanks for the response to my TPB question.  That makes a lot of sense.  I’d never thought of it before but I’ve found DC trades frustrating because of having to look through the fine print to figure out what order to read them in.  Also, they frequently do a thing where the issues bleed together so I’ve got no clue where they begin and end.  I guess that this is supposed to make the story seem more unified, but I just find it distracting.

    Finally, I have to confess I did eventually read ‘Dark Reign’ after swearing I wouldn’t.  It was decent.  I like Norman in this position.  And Namor looked weird, but Emma was really pretty so it balances out.

  42. @ohcaroline –  I swore off buying it too but when I saw Gaydos’s name on it I had to get it.  I think I’m one of the few who liked it.  I thought the Namor interpretation was quite and enjoyable treat.

  43. I read Phonogram in the store and it was really weird. I didn’t get any of the music references but the art was really pretty. The person writing it is either on acid or 5 years old.

    The art in Oz was really cool as well. It definitely isn’t matching up with the movie so I’m assuming it’s the book it’s going off of.

  44. I don’t know why, but seeing p4tr1ck give the Wizard of Oz "story: 3/5" made me laugh aloud earlier this week.
    Things will get really interesting if they stick to the original book. We will reach a point where the Scarecrow is grabbing crows and snapping their necks with his bare hands. In the book, the Tin Man uses that axe. Let’s see Judy Garland sing to that.

  45. Oz is definitely based on the book and not the film.  No point in adapting the film into a comic.  

  46. @Jimski: Yeah but Garland was probably high while filming, so take her role for what it’s worth 🙂

  47. @UltimateHoratio- I liked Dark Reign.  I am sure many others did.  Its just the art that was so horribly distracting.  Other than that, enjoyed Bendis’ style and his dialogue

  48. Guys….. Fucking weak, no Captain Britain? No Final Crisis? No Action Comics? All solid issues, Final Crisis was the pick of the week for half of the fanbase. Every one of those issues was much better than Dark Reign…. Come on guys

  49. @InfectiousFrank – We choose the books based on what we have to say about them, not how popular they are.  If we have nothing to say, no strong opinions, nothing special to note then those books don’t make it on the show.

  50. Honestly, I think Dark Reign and FI get talked to death on forums and other podcast.  While I would love to hear the gangs opinions about them, I am more than happy to hear about other comics that I might not have picked up.  On several occasions I have picked up an issue that I normally wouldn’t due to the iFanboys raving about it. 

  51. if you’re avid tom vs the jla listeners, you’ll recognize the guy at the end of GL/BC as a rebirth of the great key-tar-wielding villain anton allegro, a musician who was accidentally deafened by green arrow and became a villain because of it in pre-crisis times.

    i’m not sure how the fact that i knew that makes me feel.

  52. I can’t hear the word "key-tar" without thinking of Tom Katers.

    I don’t know how that makes me feel.

  53. lol. I was definitely thinking LSD each time I heard "drop acid" as well

  54. Nice music choice with The Pipettes

  55. agreed with ron. that issue was FREAKY!!

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