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Pick of the Week #161 – Nova #19

Show Notes

Things get a bit testy when the guys have to assign each other Green Lantern rings, also a big anniversary is completely forgotten about.  Looks like someone’s gonna be sleeping on the couch for the next month…

Running time: 00:58:55

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – In a busy, busy week full of big books, Josh’s Pick of the Week, Nova #19, made him the most happy.

00:09:29 – The iFanboys stay in space with Guardians of the Galaxy #7.
00:13:47 – Witness the most civil discussion on the whole internet about Batman #681!
00:20:26 – It was a big week for Batman as he also starred in The End League #6. Wait, what?
00:23:12 – Should Justice Society of America: The Kingdom Special have happened in the main book?
00:27:53 – Savage Dragon #141‘s cover impressed the hell out of Ron.
00:29:54 – Conor loved Superman #682. Josh not as much.
00:32:10 – Josh felt more in-tune with Unknown Soldier #2.
00:33:19 – Ryan Kelly drawing big viking action in Northlanders #12? Sign Ron up!
00:34:33 – More of the same good stuff in Battlefields: The Night Witches #2.
00:35:48 – Secret Invasion: Inhumans #4 confused Josh.

User Reviews:
00:38:15 – JoeCom loved The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1. He’s not alone.
00:40:19 – mrmister loved Daredevil #113. He is also not alone.

00:43:26 – Adrian Z. gives iFanboy control of Marvel and DC Comics.
00:46:13 – Jon from Norway thinks DC needs digital comics.

00:47:53 – Casey from Philadelphia, PA wants to assign Green Lantern rings to the iFanboys.
00:51:32 – Will E. from Tennessee is a bit bewildered by Ed Brubaker’s work lately.

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  1. Very helpful podcast. I’ve been wondering about getting into some cosmic stuff. Hard to choose between Green Lantern and Nova. I think I’d prefer Nova. Sounds like it’s just what I’d like! Thanks Josh!

  2. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Judging by the shownotes, this will be one hell of an ep.

  3. I giggle when Ron says "Spawn" in Yankee.

  4. Good pick going with the Subways.  Definitely one of my favorite bands right now.  What do you guys think of the new album?

  5. Is it bad that my reaction to the "slut lanterns" conversation was automatically to think "that must be whichever one Hal is?"  I mean, he’s kind of a fantastic man-whore.

  6. Conor, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ arc for JSA has started since May 2007 with issue #7. I mean I know from #19 til now has been called ‘One World Under God’, but all the plot points from the other storyline is factored into this as well.So it’s been well over a year since this has started. I agree with Ron and Josh that this should’ve been a full on issue of JSA in the first place. The previous KC Superman and Magog stories were good, but werent essential readings….this Gog story felt completely nessicary and it’s puzzling why this wasnt issue #21.

    But if I can say Conor, thank you for being the most level headed man when it comes to Batman this week 🙂

  7. @TNC – I was speaking to the Gog storyline, not the Kingdom Come back story, which is integral to Johns’ overall JSA story.  One year of Gog walking across Africa would have had people howling.

  8. @conor: Not to mention, he’s a slow walker. Godzilla could walk faster then Gog 🙂

  9. Loved the rope swing joke Josh.  I am going to have to use that one!  Great show as always fellas!

  10. I cannot believe someone mentioned Grease 2 in a podcast.  hahaha.

  11. "I would rather have been called a slut" was possibly the funniest ending line of any podcast.  Not counting the "after credits" stuff

  12. 3 years! Awesome.

  13. Thanks for featuring my review! Also, agree with Conor about this Superman issue being the best of the cross-over thus far. Hopefully the next issue by John’s keeps pace, I was let down by the previous issue of Action and not just because someone other than Gary Frank was drawing it.

  14. I agree with Josh about Batman, the ending was totally anticlimactic and recycled one of the most unoriginal plot devices(i’ve seen a helicopter crash god knows how many times), and dont get me wrong, im not one of those people who doesnt get what Morrison is doing, ive read almost his entire run(i skipped the club of heroes arc) and i got this story but i dont think Morrisons ideas are as good as HE thinks, the meaning of Zur En Arrh? LAME!

    But i agree with Conor that Superman was awesome, Zod’s soldiers are evil mofos and Karas mom… someone needs to strangle that chick, my only gripe is that i wanted to see Bizarro kick some kryptonian ass

  15. I loved Batman, I think that’s all I’ll say about it. 

    Great show guys, fun as always.  And Conor as an Alpha Lantern??!?!  Oh man, I almost fell off the bench at the gym that was so funny!  Nothing but love Conor…but it so fits sometimes 😛  I see Ron as a violet lantern.  Always laughing, full of life…and love 🙂  Josh is a total man-whore, and if there was a color for that, I would think it would be velvety red, or gold.

  16. Conor is so a red lantern….his rage when he go heated in the Heroes discussions…totally a red lantern.

    Ron I feel is Orange, only because his greed of X-Men get the best of him….and his love of Darkhawk as well.

    Josh is just a green lantern because, well he’s got the symbol of them on his arm, so why not?

  17. I love that you think I’m raging during those discussions.  It cracks me up.

  18. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "his greed of the X-Men"

    What does that even mean?   

  19. I think what Conor is saying is that we’ve never SEEN him rage.

    Maybe for video show #100?

  20. Also, Josh is a total man-whore?  Which Josh?  Our Josh?

  21. @ohcaroline-Where Conor’s Gotham Central?!?!  Josh-man steal.  Josh-man no want Conor be happy.  Conor SMASH Josh-man!!!!!

    "greed of the X-men"

    Are you trying to say he covets the X-Men?  Even then you  make no sense man!

  22. Hmmm…ex-total man whore?  I believe those days are behind him.  I figured anything is better than being called an evil coward 🙂 

    I’m sure that all 3 of the iFanboys are no strangers to the pleasures of the flesh.

  23. great pick. i love Nova and im startng to love the Sci Fi Marvel galaxy lol. 

  24. Am I wrong in thinking that the cowboy hat guy in End League is an analog of Ghost Rider? 

    Also, I think Batman RIP is a masterpiece when read all at once.

  25. YA! You read my review!

    Gladed you liked it.

  26. yeah, the whole ‘slut’ thing wasn’t very funny

  27. I have to agree to an extent with ultimatehoratio.  RIP (and I say this with a feeling of complete ambivalence toward G-Mo) was very enjoyable when reading the entire story in one setting.  The issues are individually very up and down, but when read together the story is much easier to follow and quite good (in my opinion).  I don’t know if it is a masterpiece, but it is certainly fun.

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