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Pick of the Week #211 – The Flash: Rebirth #5

Show Notes

Things go flying off the rails almost immediately in this extra-long episode of the Pick of the Week Podcast! A blown call time and technical difficulties throw everything out of whack and the show descends into madness as the week in comics share time with Nazi fashion, the Lethal Weapon movies, Zombie Roy Disney, more Tom Petty hate, and the return of an old running joke!

Running Time: 01:18:41

Pick of the Week:
00:02:28 – The Flash family returns and The Flash: Rebirth #5!

00:14:13 – Punisher #11 was crazy insane but was it good?
00:18:06 – Mark Waid and Peter Krause are both at their best in Irredeemable #8.
00:20:47 – Hellblazer #261 shows that things are the same all over.
00:25:52 – Invincible #68 brings back the old school Invincible action!
00:29:09 – Waid, Kelly, Azaceta, and Nimura set things right with The Amazing Spider-Man #612.
00:31:19 – Phonogram: The Singles Club #5 caused Ron to spend more money.
00:32:56 – No Francis Manapul on Adventure Comics #4 makes iFanboys sad.
00:35:20 – Hey, Ron read Dominic Fortune #4! Who knew?
00:36:50 – Realm of Kings and Realm of Kings: Inhumans were not for Ron.

User Reviews:
00:39:20 – Jedimasterrob2001 raved about Supergirl #47.
00:40:48 – miyamotofreak did not rave about Dr. Horrible One Shot.

00:44:30 – Scott F. from Scotland misses some creators.

00:52:19 – Chris from Georgia asks about the viability of smaller trades.
00:55:03 – Tom from Knoxville, TN thinks Nova is better than Green Lantern Corps.
00:58:45 – Meg from Pittsburgh, PA wants to compare the iFanboys to characters in The West Wing.
01:01:57 – Tio from Orange County, CA asks for definitive artists.
01:05:49 – Jose wants to know what everyone thinks of the DC Lantern rings.

01:09:24 – Don’t Miss with Robert Kirkman
01:10:09 – Star Wars Giveaway! Five iFanboy Members will win Draw Star Wars: Clone Wars!
01:11:28 – December is giveaway month at iFanboy!

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“Crazy Train”
Ozzy Osborne


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  1. i would just like to point out that blackest night: flash #1 will ship before rebirth #6. and flash ongoing is schedule april 2010 

  2. West Wing!

    Okay, let’s give this a shot.

    Josh – Sam

    Conor – Leo

    Ron – Josh

    Jim – Toby

    Sonia – Louise Thornton

    Mike – Danny

    Paul – Lord John Marbury 


  3. Gordon – Ron Butterfield

  4. Mike is Danny.  That’s awesome.  But if you listen, Conor is definitely Toby.

  5. Jeez, that Ginger Ale thing reminds me why I gave up on Spider-man.

    And yeah, the Dr. Horrible review was short. There wasn’t much more to say. 

  6. @josh & Paul: I’ll take Leo!

  7. Dead man walking.

  8. Well, obviously without that part.

  9. Will Bailey? Aw, man…


  10. Jae Lee is doing interiors for the next Dark Tower series: The Battle of Jericho Hill. He just missed this last mini.

  11. Thank you for answering my voicemail.  I certainly didn’t mean to imply that people should be forced to make the transition to trades away from issues, but I think the industry is slowly moving in that direction.  I was primarily wondering if three issue trades every three months would make the transition less painful for those that prefer issues.  I think the answer you guys gave was no.  Fair enough.

  12. Did I just get called a candy ass?

  13. No?

  14. Very appropriate song for this off-the-rails episode.

    Good point by Josh about how issues like the current Punisher one cause you to think about what you want out of comics and how much desecration of a character you’re willing to accept in the interest of a crazy story. It’s often a give and take. In general, if a character isn’t really threatened or hurt, it’s tough to get a memorable story. But that can easily come off as a gimmick.

    I wish they’d just drop the whole thread about Peter sleeping with a drunk girl. Every time they refer to it, it just becomes more and more off-putting to me. The new revelation that he wasn’t even drunk just makes matters even worse, as far as I’m concerned! It’s a total lose-lose from every standpoint; Marvel’s just digging the hole deeper. Just never speak of it again, Marvel–like you did with MJ and Peter’s baby–and I’ll be more likely to become a casual Amazing Spidey reader again.

  15. It seems I was close on some of my picks and with Paul on a few.

    Josh – Sam

    Conor – Leo

    Ron – CJ

    Mike – Will

    Jim – Toby

    Sonia – Amy Gardner

    Paul – Lord John Marbury (naturally)

    Thanks for answering my question, boys!



  16. Jim Cheung is supposed to be working with Allan Heinberg on Avengers: Children’s Crusade.

  17. OW THE HUMANITY!!  Ifanboy on crack!

  18. I love when the iFanboys go off the rails.


    Also: Adrian Alphona. What’s he been doing for like five years? 

  19. So the device used in Flash:Rebirth is the same as the device use in the use Star Trak Film? (Not that it’s a bad thing) Using time travel to alter the history of an established character, right? 

  20. "i have hope on all my fingers" LMAO !!!!     my shop is selling the rings for 3.99 if you dont get the books that come with them….epic fail

  21. Man, how drunk were you guys? That was one funny episode!

  22. Not drunk at all. That’s the sad thing.

  23. This episode is an instant classic. I love the insanely off the rails shows!

  24. Definitive Artists/Characters: In no particular order…

    Ron Garney "Captain America," Jim Aparo "Batman," Curt Swan "Superman," Phil Hester "Green Arrow," Jack Kirby "Ben Grimm," and Alex Maleev "Daredevil."


  25. Wow, guys.  That was an episode and a half.  I mean that in every sense.

    I like it when you guys have fun, so keep it up!

    And yay for December give-aways! Maybe I can finally win something. 

  26. Thanks guys for answering my voicemail and giving it a really good comparison.  Nova as Doctor Who is great cause I think Doctor Who is a fantastic show and Dan and Andy’s are Brits so they must be fans of that show.  What i should have asked was more about the supporting characters in Nova and Green Lantern Corp? 

  27. @tomdpimp Abnett and Lanning have both written Doctor Who tie-in fiction before. And one or the other has written Torchwood tie-in fiction fairly recently. 

  28. West Wing Fun!

    Josh- Sam

    Conor: Toby

    Ron C.J (Season 1-4)

    Gordon: Mrs Landingham

    Mike: Charlie

    Sonia:  Amy Gartner

    Dave: Bruno

    Jim: Arnold Vinick

  29. Paul: Will Bailey.

  30. Oh my god… This is the best episode ever. EVER.

  31. Was the winner of the iVerse contest announced or not?

  32. Yes, last week on Twitter, and in the show notes.  It uh… it wasn’t you. 😉

  33. Damn! :shakes fist in the air:

  34. I just have to post again. This was fuckin’ hilarious. The after credits scene was great!


    Hot… hot mess.

  35. For Scott F, Jeff Purves was a background layout artist on the Hellboy Animated films and Turok: Son of Stone.  I believe he was playing around with a comic project but is basically paying his bills with animation work and enjoying family time.  Next time I see him I’ll ask if he’s got any comic stuff cooking.

  36. Just finished listening to the latest podcast.  It was …fascinating

    Also, none of the guys were drunk?  Wow.

  37. Ummm….guys? I think for the last e-mail you got it confused. DRAKErivera called about the lantern rings, not me. It says Jose on there, but it was Drake who called.

  38. Audio-Debauchery.

    Was this wild or what? I wonder what is going on in the room. Hurm..

    If you were behind schedule, many times when people are they accidentally (and/or forcefully) create genius.


    My LCS limits the reservation of the Power Rings to those who subscribed to Blackest Night. Kinda sucks.                              I want the Black and the Green ones.Maybe I’ll subscribe. It’s a great deal anyway and I get the released books.          Worth it?We’ll see.


  39. The not-retcon in Flash:Rebirth was totally unexpected, but clearly the book is more for long time fans. Or maybe that’s how people felt when Green Lantern Rebirth originally came out.

  40. I’d collect the rings if they didn’t jut the hell out like four feet.

  41. Phenomenal show chaps, keep drinking the ginger.

  42. Crazy Train indeed.

  43. Charles Grodin??

    What could Charles Grodin have possibly done?

    Is it because he left the Beethoven franchise?

  44. Ron just decides that he doesn’t like actors. There’s no rhyme or reason behind it. Seriously.

  45. Do you guys remember Charles Grodin’s talk show? I totally get the hate, based on that alone. The only thing I ever thought he was good in was ‘Midnight Run,’ and that’s because I could totally sympathize with DeNiro in thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the mob got this guy.

  46. Maybe Charles Grodin talked shit about The Smiths?  That’s enough to get Ron to hate anyone, even his own mother.

  47. Now that’s entertainment! However, what does Ron have agaist charles grodin? Has he seen midnight run?

  48. Jerk Lantern!

  49. You guys need to record all your episodes after Josh’s bedtime. That was a lot of fun. 

    Is it just me or did Ron suggest that Tio’s wife take up either Cooking or Sewing as a hobby?  What about cleaning?  She could do that, too.  Or gossiping.  How ’bout birthin’ babies? #SincerityNotDetected

  50. Best show in ages. Loved it………

  51. I miss the West Wing. :~(

  52. That was a damn good episode. 

  53. This was amazing, guys.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time.  The West Wing bit was particularly inspired, as was the music choice for this episode.

    Someday, I’m going to go to the Princeton library and read tiny Jim Lee’s thesis, which was apparently on the "mad artist theory."  Take that for what you will.

  54. Another good episode. The ring jokes are funny. But I am one of those people who are actually thinking about getting those rings. i really want all of them. dammit.. >_<

  55. Wow, can you guys delay the podcast by an hour every couple of weeks so the show goes off the rails?



  56. Damn!  I didn’t know there wasn’t gonna be another Nova HC, that news totally ruined my hour.  I was really looking forward to another hardcover collection.  I didn’t think I had any kind of OCD but thinking of having trades mixed with that HC makes me shudder.

  57. whats this about someone being replaced by paul?

    explain ron…….

  58. Wow. Since the 80’s I have never heard such a pronunciation of the title Evangelion. iFanboy’s pronunciation creates an image of the king of the jungle wearing a white suit, healing the infermed with his paw and tearing non-believers to shreds.


    Maybe paul should handle the live reads…

  59. Evangelion makes me so angry you just can’t believe the anger that spews out of my mouth. So pissed off by the ending (both the TV and the film’s finale). But now reading that these pesudo-remakes have a completely different ending in mind…..I might just watch it for the sake of seeing a better ending.

  60. Thanks for answerng the voicemail! Couldn’t make out what artist Conor was naming on the Batman books..

  61. I have to watch it again (i’m an old 20-somethign man, after all) but I loved End of Evangelion When I moved out, it was the only DVD I took with me, but I still haven’t found the time to watch it again! Thanksgiving is a good excuse…

  62. Has it been confirmed that there will not be another Nova hardcover or is it just because there hasn’t been another one and they have enough material to make another one?

    I want a second hardcover . . .

  63. @Tio: Norm Breyfogle

  64. Probably the funniest POTW podcast I’ve heard.  From trashing Tom Petty, to the Jim Lee jokes and Josh’s ‘what ring am I wearing’ routine, this whole podcast had me howling with laughter.


    Fun stuff guys, keep it up.

  65. As a "hardcore Punisher fan" I must say that Frankencastle was jarring at first, but otherwise a lot of fun. The story of it is probably better to those who have read the rest of Remender’s run thus far (I have no idea if anyone at iFanboy has), and the craziness just makes it better.

    Besides, anyone who’s not happy with a Frankensteined Punisher has a new MAX series to read!

  66. Favorite episode!  More Crazy Train episodes.

  67. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    In Punisher #11, moving from one page to the other, as Frank looks in the cracked mirror and sees his six-gun, the perspective is so engrossing. A transcendent comic book.

    And it’s kind of cool that people can be divided over whether they love it or hate it. Personally, I’ve loved this kind of thing since I was like 4 YOA. Is Moore this good on The Walking Dead? I’m going to have to sample his books from that series (Issues 1-7 according to Wikipedia).

  68. Great show, also wondering if there really will not be a second Nova hardcover…?

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