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Pick of the Week #360 – Deadpool #1

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Josh Flanagan finds out what it means to be a comic book fan as he deals with the cancellation and relaunching of his favorite ongoing series. Sure, we talk about the comics that came out this week including Josh’s Pick of the Week, but let’s be honest, his meltdown at the end of the show is all we’re really interested in.

Running Time: 01:03:46

Pick of the Week:
00:01:40 – Everyone is shocked as Josh picks Deadpool #1 as the pick, thanks to the work of Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Tony Moore.

00:12:36 – The second Marvel NOW! book this week was Iron Man #1 and we all get stung by Greg Land’s art again.
00:16:10 – Universal enjoyment of Stumptown #3 as everyone is loving what Greg Ruck and Matthew Southworth are doing with this arc.
00:18:56 – Conor continues to enjoy the high quality of stories in Legends of the Dark Knight #2.
00:20:57 – With the last issue, Ron wraps up AvX: Consequences #5 and updates Cyclops’ status.
00:25:14 – It’s like coming home to quality with Daredevil: End of Days #2, from the writing of Bendis and Mack to the art of Janson and Sienkiewicz.
00:28:27 – Ron just can’t get enough of The Manhattan Projects #7 and is thankful it’s the most ongoing of Hickman’s creator owned books.
00:30:31 – Josh stuck with, appreciates the silliness and is digging Mars Attacks #5.
00:31:42 – The inclusion of a specific person from history makes Black Kiss II #4 that much better for Ron.
00:34:10 – 47 Ronin #1 was a pleasant surprise of samurai for Josh.
00:36:39 – The backup story continues to shine in Action Comics #14..
00:37:47 – Josh and Conor get one last go around with Garth Ennis and Battlefields: The Green Fields Beyond #1

User Reviews:
00:40:06 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:17 – Farrandeth makes a case for sticking with Detective Comics #14.
00:42:51 – Xtianhardy raises the flag for Valiant and  Shadowman #1.

Book of the Month:
00:44:53 – Ron praises the work of Hope Larson in the graphic novel adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time.

00:52:59 – Eric has an often asked question about where to jump onboard with a comic series.

“Lost Songs”
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead


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  1. I love Greg lands art. The way podcasters talk you would swear he has no fans or don’t want him to work in comics

    • Because the majority of comic readers do not like his work

    • @SigurdJarlson: I don’t think you can prove “majority” especially since his work seems to sell very well. I’m sure he has fans. I don’t know why though.

    • @JoshFlanagan this is very true, I should have said many instead of majority. I think Rob Liefeld is similar to Land as well, still manages to sell books despite the critics of their works. I am not opposed to either, I just won’t be as inclined to pick up a book they are doing the art for.

    • What is it you like about his art? I’m not being confrontational, I’m just curious.

    • Adding on to @Cooper’s question to @nastysnow:

      And are you aware of the evidence of his tracing and/or heavy use (and re-use) of photo reference?

      Like Cooper, I’m really curious. I can totally see someone liking Land’s art when taken at face value. What I find more difficult to understand is how people can still enjoy his art when they know how little of it has come purely from his own creativity. I mean, if you still like it, that’s fine. I just don’t get it.

    • When you see the same face and pose over and over and over on different characters things start going down hill really quick. He has stock photo’s that he goes back to for generic poses and facial expressions. When you don’t notice these things he ain’t THAT bad (still pretty soulless). When you do, it’s pretty much over.

    • i don’t particularly care about his technique, as many many artists (in and out of comics) have successfully used photo ref and tracing to a very high level, but for me, Land’s work feels so cold and impersonal. Its so detailed and “realistic” yet lacks all traces of humanity or the artists hand. That’s my real issue with his work, and the reason why i can’t read any book he’s working on.

    • For me there is a specific porn face and a strong man pose he uses so much that they bug the shit outta me. The rest of em just float by as stiff and soulless, but those two specific photo references/traces stick out to me because I’ve seen them so much. If you’ve ever seen a dude flexing or a girl smiling when she was supposed to be in pain or something, it’s them. I’d bet money some of you know exactly which two I’m talking about.

    • I just enjoy his art I think its real attractive to the eye. Yes I know its traced from porn or what ever but I don’t care I enjoy his,work as do others. Im not a comic professional im just a comic buyer. I get land gets a ton of heat. But the way most critics talk its like they have,a personal vendetta against him. Give me land,over alred stiff Indy looking art any day. And I have nothing against alred. Just my preference

  2. I’d like an audio version of the weekly comics shipping list read by Josh Flanagan. That’s all.

  3. Let me ask you something josh:

    Would you be upset if lets say, hypothetically of course, ‘Constantine’ gets better sales and last just as long as ‘Hellblazer’? I’m sure numbers will fall past the first and second issue; but you could see most of the ‘Hellblazer’ readers jump ship to the DCU version just to have their fix. So, again in theory, the character could have just as healthy of a run with having both the dedicated readers and have newer readers jump into it.

    On a side note, and I have combed through the original article on the cancellation, there is no chance you’re going to try this new book?

  4. Just a wee note as Josh brought it up: Mars Attacks isn’t a mini, it’s an ongoing! So, more of that.

  5. Ron, just to let you know, A Wrinkle in Time was represented in a made for TV movie on ABC a number of years ago by Disney.
    It was….okay.

    I will most likely pick up the graphic novel for my kids sometime soon.

  6. I loved wrinkle in time when I was in 4th grade. Kinda intrigued by the graphic novel and the possibility of rediscovering this story.

  7. 51:33 Josh’s impersonation of Ron – priceless. Can you impersonate Conor as well?

  8. I was just listening to the podcast and I couldn’t help but chime in. I found out that after Hellblazer getting cancelled the highest numbered DC book is actually Looney Tunes which i somewhere in the early 200’s.

  9. I had some joke about Josh picking Deadpool, but I think everyone’s done one.

  10. You know the guy who does the chalk outline around dead bodies at crime scenes? He’s a better artist than Greg Land?

    • There wasn’t supposed to be a question mark at the end of that second sentence. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. I wish there was an edit button. I also wish I was a better typer.

  11. props for the freaks reference, conor and ron. props for the freaks reference.

  12. There were some really good DC books that came out this week like Earth-2, Swamp Thing and Animal Man. How come they were left out of the discussion? And no, this isn’t a “Why are there more Marvel books than DC!” statement, just a curious question. I’m really happy the comics discussed in this episode were from a WIDE variety of publishers, but I’m just wondering what your thoughts were on these titles. Thanks guys!

  13. So I liked this new Deadpool and I’m a long time Deadpool fan.
    What kills me is everything mentioned was Daniel Way’s take on the character. Daniel Way’s Deadpool turned me off of a character that I went out of my way to own every issue of and otherwise enjoyed everything that wasn’t his.

    The bits you guys mostly liked about this comics sans good art are more what I think should be in a Deadpool comic.

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