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Pick of the Week #306 – American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #5

Show Notes

NEW YORK COMIC COOOOOON! After plans fell through to do the show as usual, the guys are forced to record a truncated episode from their table in Artist’s Alley on Sunday afternoon, the last day of the show. Listen to the raw pain in their voices! LISTEN!

Running Time: 00:19:35

Pick of the Week:
00:01:39 – American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #5 was the Pick of the Week!

00:05:20 – The Shade #1 wasn’t!
00:07:20 – Neither was Uncanny X-Force #16!
00:08:42 – Nor The New Avengers #17!
00:09:40 – Or Demon Knights #2!
00:10:30 – Ditto The Punisher #4 and Punisher MAX #18!
00:12:25 – Alas, it was not FF #10 either!
00:13:23 – Sorry, Green Lantern #2!
00:13:58 – So close, Batwoman #2!
00:15:21 – Maybe next time, Batgirl #2!
00:15:42 – Attaboy, Northlanders #45!
00:16:34 – You’ll get ’em next time, Batman and Robin #2!

“New York, New York”
Ryan Adams


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  1. would love to listen… no player, no direct link and its not on itunes either 🙁

  2. That’s pretty funny. At least we know the timecodes for each segment…

  3. You guys did the show live? And at your Artist Alley table on Sunday? Crap, I cannot believe I miss that!

  4. I enjoy Murphy’s Vertigo mini’s (American Vamp and Hellblazer). It would be nice to see him on an ongoing, but I’m content as long as he is doing anything. Nice pick Josh.

  5. You guys are troopers for doing this right from the floor. Much appreciated!

  6. He’s more confident.

  7. It’s a good thing I was late Sunday not to bother you guys when you were recording, what happened no ifanboy banner to let people know who you are? The table next to you had a big sugn, hey now guys kind a know your fellow podcasters next to you since you guys talked about the non cheese steak

  8. Conor, you talk so damn fast. I’m always thinking “This guy should either try rapping or quit doing all that blow.”

  9. I was working at a table in Artist Alley at NYCC and one of the best distractions was the fact that I could see the iFanboy table from where I was. I basically got to watch the four guys devolve over four days. I was tempted to go say hi on Saturday but was worried that Josh might stab me with a pencil.

  10. great show, thanks for toughening that out. much appreciated. thanks again guys.

  11. Love the professionalism of the show…no wait, I’m serious! You guys end up in a tight spot, but you still get the podcast out. And unlike all your other podcasting competition, you guys talk about A LOT of books. Other ‘casts are lucky if they even talk about comics till 20 minutes, and then they’ll talk about 2-3. You guys ripping through your list was great. Of course, I prefer the more typical episode, but this was still very informative and interesting. I got a feel for a lot of the books I’m not reading, which is my #1 desire when listening to the show. Thanks!

  12. Josh wins extra points for what I assume that reference to THE SHIELD

  13. Wow, you guys sounded like hell, and still managed to deliver some interesting and insightful commentary. Thanks for busting your ass and entertaining me while I work.

  14. Hope you guys talk about Holy Terror next episode, I need to know whether to buy it.

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