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Pick of the Week #256 – Irredeemable #18

Show Notes

The iFanboy Three have survived the New York Comic Con and have warded off illness (as best they can) to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of comic books.

Running Time: 00:59:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:21 – Conor was blown away by the turn of events in Irredeemable #18.

00:11:09 – Ron and Conor thought that Superior #1 was more like Marvel: 1985 Mark Millar and it was good.
00:13:54 – Josh was delighted with the blighty of Knight and Squire #1.
00:16:59 – Ron is really enjoying the vampiric action as depicted in X-Men #4.
00:19:43 – The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 gives us some fantastic art from Ryan Sook.
00:22:46 – And again, Thor: The Mighty Avenger #5 entertains all.
00:26:58 – Josh reveled in the awkwardly titled Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Batgirl.
00:28:48 – We have decided that all comics should be done by Rafael Grampa thanks to his story in Strange Tales II #1.
00:32:07 – Ron enjoyed Jarvis and the other Avengers in I Am An Avenger #1.
00:33:13 – B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #3 is another case of excellent Guy Davis art for Josh.
00:34:36 – Looking for a Sean Murphy fix? Try Constantine: Hellblazer City of Demons #1.

User Reviews:
00:36:25 – ScorpionMasada raved about Jonah Hex #60.
00:38:52 – TheNextChampion stands by Superman #703.

00:42:27 – Cory T. wants to know what stories do we want to see reprinted?
00:45:04 – Jennifer from New Jersey is curious about the state of Marvel an DC these days.
00:49:05 – Aaron S. from Arkansas wants to know who is the real king of the con?

00:49:48 – Sam from Australia had a good time at NYCC and is curious about Thunderstrike.

Giveaway Winner:
00:52:20 – Congratulations to Chet Dodge for winning the 2000 AD giveaway!

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  1. No Thanos Imperative talk?  Oh well…

  2. Know what I wanna see collected in trade? More Doom Patrol.

    Over and out.

  3. Superior: if the kid in BIG had wished to be "superman"

  4. Also, did Bruce Wayne kiss his mom?

  5. @Gobe. No, that wasn’t his mom. At least I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. Wasn’t the point that Bruce’s parents were actually killed and these impostors were working to screw with their reputations?

     Oh and as for trade discussion, I’d love Young Justice and PAD’s Supergirl to be collected. 

  6. Thanks for playing my voicemail guys!

  7. It was a tough choice for POTW this week…I loved the major revelations and awesome art in Return Of Bruce Wayne #5, and it would have been my pick if it weren’t for the excellent Superior. As usual, Millar expertly writes a great script that fits the mood of the book. In this case, it’s a true to life story about a kid mixed with a modern day Power Of Shazam theme. I feel that this series is going to be something special.

  8. I laughed out-loud at Conor’s "Put THAT on your back cover," comment. S’funny.

  9. King of the Con cage match: William Katt Vs. Lou Forigno 

  10. Ahh, no love for the Booster Gold series?

  11. @Minion: Nope.

  12. @Ron- maybe you’re looking for a longer chunk of the series, but the first 10 issues of New Warriors are available in two trades.
  13. Great show as always guys. 

  14. @Ilash – Oh man, do I wish they’d collect YJ. One of the very first books I ever fell in love with, and maybe with this cartoon coming out we’ll finally get it. I mean, it’s MOSTLY all ages… except for all the blood, I suppose.

  15. I can’t wait for the Walking Dead show!

  16. Re: Cory’s question about trades.

    I’d love to see the original SUICIDE SQUAD back in print. There’s been rumors and solicitations for years concerning a reprint of some of the original comics, but the actual trade has never materialized. Currently, Amazon claims there’s a trade coming out on February 15, but since that same information cannot be confirmed on DC’s website and since this trade has been delayed several times for over a year, I’d say don’t hold your breath.

  17. How often do you guys end up not talking about the community’s pick of the week?

  18. @JeffR: You and me both buddy. I’ve been so intrigued to read Suicide Squad from here-say; but so far other then a ‘semi-reunion’ in Secret Six there hasn’t been anything. DC did solict or at least advertise a Showcase trade of the first two arcs…..but that was a year and a half ago.

    If DC and Geoff Johns wants to make a violent video game; why can’t they just reprint the series already? 

  19. @diebenny – No idea. We program the show the way we always have.  We each pick out books we have something to say about.  That’s the only thing we do. It’s worked OK so far.

  20. Re: A bar where heros and villains meet without fighting, see Troy Hickman’s Common Grounds by Top Cow in 2005 featuring an all star roster of artists.

    It is brilliant.

    Thank you.

  21. Thanks for sending some love my way with the review.

    Jonah Hex was something awesome last week and you guys are responsible for turning me onto the book.

    So the love is reciprocated.

  22. I would disagree with calling Ryan Sook slow. The pencils,inks and panel design are extremely realistic and tight, which does not allow him or any artist doing this type of work to take more liberties.

     Have you guys ever tried to hook up with the sidebar podcast guys, they focus on a lot of artist and illustrators, while you guys seem to focus a lot on primarily writers.

  23. No report on the Bed Bug invasion in NYC during the con? I heard it was Skrull-like. 

  24. I don’t think the word "slow" is necessarily a negative one in this instance.

  25. Oops. Looks like I slagged off the SUICIDE SQUAD trade a bit too early. According to DC’s website, it is due out in mid-February. All those delays on a SHOWCASE edition of the old SQUAD stuff turned me into a jaded husk of a man. My apologies, DC.

  26. I would LOVE a Darkhawk collection! I have the entire 50 issue run plus the annuals from his series in the 90’s. He hold a special place in my heart because when I got into comics it was through Ghost Rider, which was an updated version of the same great charcter from the late 70’s/early 80’s, but when Darkhawk was introduced as part of Marvel’s "Heroes for the ’90s" promotion he became the first original character I got into.

    So, I would DEFINATLY buy a collection of Darkhawk.

  27. I also am a HUGE New Warriors fan.  I want an Ominbus! I miss Marvel Boy and Kid Nova costumes.  Not to mention all of the early issue villains like Psyonix and the Left Hand.  Ron and I need to do a podcast like Tom vs Flash, Hell Tom Katers should do Tom vs New Warriors.

  28. I also loved the New Warriors!  The arc with Marvel Boy on trial was awesome.  I think my love of New Warriors is one of the reasons I am really enjoying Avengers Academy.  It has a similar feel to it.

  29. wait you like Knight and Squire but don’t mention Thanos? Are yo kidding? sigh Thanos gets no love anymore ;_;

  30. @ majinoni:  It was the community’s pick of the week.  Thats a good bit of love.

  31. like philip j fry bruce is his own grandfather.

  32. Greg Rucka’s story in I Am An Avenger was ok? It resonated with me a lot, not only because I served in the military, it is true to life. Family & friends of dead soldiers are the ones that truly know of the sacrifices their loved ones made. The rest of society just forgets them.

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