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Pick of the Week #205 – Irredeemable #7

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Conor Kilpatrick wishes it was 5 years ago so he could split his pick, while Josh Flanagan would have gone with the other book, and Ron Richards is back from vacation and somehow Jeff Lynne gets bashed and June Lockhart makes an appearance in this madcap edition of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast.

Running Time: 01:02:02

Pick of the Week:
00:01:34 – Irredeemable #7 is the turning point for what’s shaping up to be a great series, according to Conor.

00:12:30 – Josh on the other hand would have gone with The Mighty #9.
00:15:21 – But Ron is loving the underground comix send ups of Strange Tales #2.
00:20:48 – Haunt #1 is perplexing. Perhaps it’s too many people on one book?
00:25:32 – Can we hear it for David LaFuente on Ultimate Spider-Man #3?
00:28:56 – Rick Remender’s Dr. Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1 hit stands and was magically delicious.
00:31:00 – The shine seems to have worn off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with issue #29.
00:33:16 – Mark Waid goes from dark in Irredeemable to light with The Incredibles #1.
00:34:50 – You get a lot of bang for you buck with Jonah Hex #48.
00:36:51 – Brubaker and Philips are back with Criminal: Sinners #1.
00:39:07 – Ron giggles over mutant fun with X-Babies #1.

User Reviews:
00:41:09 – FACE digs the story but not the art of Batman & Robin #5, and we can relate.
00:44:07 – ThePunisherMAX is hanging in with Sweet Tooth #2.

Book of the Month:
00:46:40 – 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man by Matt Kindt is Ron’s Book of the
Month for October!

Members Giveaway Winner:
00:56:15 – Congrats to Douglas Hills who is the iFanboy member winner for the Top Cow giveaway pack! Don’t miss the other great giveaways this month.

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  1. Yes.  The perfect break from chewing through pissy Marxist literary criticism.  You guys rock.  As always, thanks for doing this.

  2. Excellent.  Looking forward to hearing thoughts on Haunt #1.  I’m very interested in seeing what happens next with that series.

  3. "I can understand a room full of frantic, crazy pictures..".

    Really Ron? You can understand it huh?


    Keep an eye on this one.

  4. I think Morrison is just mixing some of the pre-Crisis Jason Todd stuff into current continuity (you got your pre-Crisis in my Modern Age!) much like Geoff Johns has been doing with things like returning the Superboy era to Superman’s continuity.

  5. i’d encourage editing user reviews down pre-show for josh’s sake.

    THanx for the SpotlIgHT, fellas!!!!

  6. Half way through.  Screw you, Ron.  Tom Petty kicks ass

  7. That should be the next shirt.

    "Fuck Tom Petty" Maybe have Ron give a thumb up approval on the back.

  8. @Owlyfan: I’ll bet you weren’t expecting a long discussion about the Travelling Willburys in the discussion for Haunt #1.

  9. The Mighty got the SHAFT!!!

  10. Thanks for putting my review on here, even though it ended up being a little more confusing than what I really meant.

  11. I know I’m repeating myself but I find the Batman and Robin issue to be completely opposite. The story was pretty bland and the art was really good. There seems to be more hatred for Philip Tan then I thought, but I still think it’s just because he was the first choice to replace Quitely. I’m sure if it went to Frazier Irving for this current arc people would be just complaing as much with Tan on it.

    But I think the more important question out of this podcast is this: What is the best supergroup band ever?

    I go for The Dirty Mac in terms of band members but go with The Highwaymen in terms of quality.

  12. Hey, the banter between Ron and Conor might have solved one of my problems with the Marvel Zombies.

    I always disliked the idea of Zombie-Thor, because what good is there in being a god if you can become a zombie like some common mortal. I mean, does Thor get the flu?  Answer: No.

    But if zombie’s ARE magical, then I’m much more willing to accept Zombie-Thor, because powerful magic can effect him. (Heck, now I can’t wait until have have Zombie-Frog-Thor!) 

    I don’t know if this is actually the case, but basically consider yourselves Accidental Unofficial Marvel No Prize Winners.

    (Okay, back to the show for me. I just stopped listening to post this.)

  13. As much as I enjoy the podcast, sometimes Ron kills me with word usage such as, "throwbacky" and "send uppy." 

  14. @vinh
    Similarly, I listened to an old episode of Around Comics the other day; Neisman (sp?) said, "mediums" so many times (cross-media creators being the subject of the episode) that I nearly threw my already-in-disrepair iPod across the room. Ron’s Ron-isms aren’t so bad, though. It’s the whole gang’s overuse of "literally" that gets to me at times; I literally end up saying ‘literally’ every third word after those episodes… literally.

    Nnnno, I think most people on this site, the iFanboys, myself, and others I’m sure included have in the past voiced a dislike of Tan’s work, notably on the Agent Orange arc of Green Lantern.

    Also, I’ve a bone to pick w/ you; in last episode’s comments I asked about the re-mannifying of Loki, cited that I could obviously take a trip to Wikipedia, but didn’t want anything spoiled (I just wanted to know if that occured in the main series so my friend who reads Thor in TPBs wouldn’t be confused). You proceeded to give away something that I shan’t repeat (involving a character whose name competes the name of this STD: "-ilis", though spelled differently) which soured my enjoyment of volume 2 somewhat. I had just before read maybe an issue of it; vol. 2 is issues 7-12 & 600. (Admitedly, I don’t even know for sure how much you spoiled it for me, because as soon as I saw the mentioning of things that I figured I was soon to read, I screamed and Xed out, but I saw what I saw and couldn’t unknow what I knew so, the reveal from Hela was a little tarnished.)

    I demand satisfaction! … But not in a dueling way, and certainly not in way that I might end up contracting Sif-ilis; just be mindful of the spoilers when someone specifically asks to avoid them in the future and I’ll be satisfied just fine.

  15. Ron Richards was dead-on right using the Wilburys example, that they were less than the sum of their parts.  And I blame Jeff Lynne for the ELO-ization of everything he touched, including George, Roy, and Tom’s solo albums.  His production is so slick it could replace laxatives.  I hope Robert Kirkman isn’t turning into the ELO of comics.

     I kinda liked Haunt, but it didn’t grab me like the first ish of Walking Dead.  To bury myself deeper in the ELO-ization of everything… Walking Dead is the Out Of The Blue to Haunt’s Xanadu.  Or that cheesy Rock And Roll Is King song…  I’m done.

  16. @TNC: No waaaay would people be complaining about Irving as much as they’re complaining about Tan! I know this because it seems like half (I’m exaggerating) the people complaining about Tan say they’re looking forward to Irving. Also, go to comments about Irving when it was announced that he was going to be a B&R artist–almost everyone (I’m not exaggerating) said they liked this art and were anticipating him.

    But I agree with you that the Highwaymen are the best super-group ever. 

    Good show, iFanboys.

  17. I appreciate the acknowledgment of the steady decline of the Buffy comic.  I had hoped that the book would rise back up with the writing of Espensen (sp), but that does not seem to be the case.  Also noted was the lack of detail on several pages of art.  Just a shame.

  18. Hmmmm. Sounds like I need to get my hands on THE MIGHTY and IRREDEEMABLE. Good recommendations for both of ’em works for me.

    Also, I certainly wish that I’d won that prize pack. Two more chances this month works for me though. Or, maybe I’ll win one of those many future prizes that Ron mentioned and Conor immediately put a caveat on. 😉

    Thanks for the podcast! 

  19. How can you possibly call The Traveling Wilburys the best supergroup of all time when Tinted Windows exist.  I mean, Adam Schlesinger from Fountains Of Wayne, ex-Smashing Pumpkin James Iha, Cheap Trick alumn Bun E. Carlos, and the brother from Hanson that we all thought was a chick when the MMM Bop video came out.  Who was more important to musical history, Fountains of Wayne or Roy Orbison?  Bob Dylan or Cheap Trick?

    I’m going to have to wash my hands for a month to get the shame off from having typed that last paragraph.

    Great analogy, though.

  20. I also need to thank you guys for these podcasts.  While playing this episode, I sold two copies of The Mighty, three Irredeemables and both remaining copies of Three Stories.

  21. @captbastrd: I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize I spoiled something from last week for you. If we must duel to the death to show my forgiveness then that is a sacrifice I am willing to take.

    @flapjaxx/captbastrd(again): Did Tan get hated on before this arc? Yes he did, and I was one of those men hating on the Green Lantern arc from earlier. But I really do think that people just hate on Tan because he was right after Quitely. Anyone after Quitely probably would’ve gotten the same amount of hatred. Is Irving a notch above Tan? I’m willing to say yes on that arguement. But I bet the ifanboys and the members would be claiming just how inadequate this comic looks compared to before. You could probably put Gene Colan (who?) after Quitely and people would be pissed off.

  22. Great episode.  I didn’t even know who the Travelling Willburys were but have now read up on them on Wikipedia.

    3 Story sounds great, I’ll definitely have to pick that up


  23. I’ve not read this week Irredeemable yet but I’m intrigued at the idea that he goes off on one cos he can hear everyone in the world wanting his help. Conor (I think it was Conor in the main review, it may have been Josh or Ron interjecting) said that DC would never deal with this is a Superman comic.

    Luckily I’m old!


  24. Have they ever done a Superman arc where he just goes insane? Seriously, not like an elseworlds tale or something that another supervillain did to him. Just Clark going insane and it takes a few heroes to snap him out of it.

    If they haven’t done it, then sadly it can never be done because of Irredeemable.

  25. @TNC-Moore did one that crossed over with Swamp Thing.  There was a parasite on a meteor that affected Kryptonians.  Caused them to go mad and over-exert themselves to death.  Supes wasted an entire swamp before Swamp Thing got him under control/removed the parasite. (don’t remember the end too well)

  26. @MisterJ: I remember that story, it’s collected in a lot of those DC Alan Moore trades. But technically it wasn’t Clark who personally went insane, I’m talking about his own thought of going ape shit on everyone.

    The only time I can think of is when in Kingdom Come, Superman was willing to kill everyone at the U.N. for what happened in the Gulag battle.

  27. Man alive, Haunt #1 was like hate on paper. Despicable people saying hateful things in disjointed scenes with no connective tissue. Talk about irredeemable.

  28. @akamuu Oh, Tinted Windows.  Mocking them is one of my favorite pasttimes.  And I’m a genuine unironic Hanson fan.

  29. @TNC
    It’s okay all is forgiven. And, true, since we had Quitely first, the Tan-hate was amplified; hate+. But, for example, if the new penciller (Cameron Stewart, is it?) were right after Quitely I don’t think there would be so much venom spewed over these past few issues by some. On the flip side, you’re getting a lot more defending of Tan’s art because it’s so reviled by some. Every popular opinion gets an equal and opposite reaction; it’s like the physics of collective thinking.

  30. @captbastrd: There has been a good amount of supporters for Tan since he’s come on. Which is good, I thought going into #4 that I was the only one impressed with his work. If there’s any weak link right now with the book it’s Morrison’s writing and Glapion’s inks. With the latter I think it was more of the inking that made the book go from a 5/5 to a 4/5 in terms of grading.

  31. June Lockhart was Timmy’s mother on LASSIE.


    Sadly, I’m old. 

  32. You know what!

    2007: the only Spider-Man book that mattered was USM.

    2009: the only Spider-man book that matters is USM.

    The book was great before, during and after Ultimatum, which is a feat deserving of the Nobel Prize.

    You hate Tom Petty? I don’t know if I can lsiten to you guys…*shakes head in dejection*

    Just kidding.

  33. Stupid moment: listening to this podcast on the train, I got to the bit where the guys were about to announce the winner of the Top Shelf pack thing.

    "Oh shit!" thought I, "I forgot to sign up for membership for this!"

    …at which point I paused the podcast before the winner was announced so I could get home and sign up before I listened to the rest.

    I think my reasoning was that if I signed up before I listened t othe rest I could still win? I am a fool.

    (Incidentally, I realised my error like 2 seconds later, don’t worry.)

  34. @TNC: I agree with you on Batman & Robin.  I’ve enjoyed the title so far and don’t mind the Tan artwork. His art in it is better than his art in Green Lantern. His darker art style is a better fit for Batman & Robin. I thought this issue was the weakest the writing has been.

  35. The problem is that Tan is trying to ape Quitely and failing bad at it. Quitely’s layouts work like they do because he knows the exact moment each panel should be taken from. Tan is a Different artist and should do his own thing.

  36. I haven’t listened to the show yet, but why the Jeff Lynne hate? ELO wasnt THAT bad, they had some pretty catchy songs!

  37. Memorable quotes for this weeks podcast 

    "Gotta be in it to win it, like the lotto"  — Glad I’m a member.
    "Fuck Tom Petty" — I actually like Tom Petty but it’s still funny.

  38. So glad the Funimation ads are back!

  39. I gotta say, great podcast as usual…..but not even a mention of Planetary #27? I’m not expecting it to get potw or anything, though it was mine – and 16.2% of the communities as well.

    So, what’s with the Planetary shaft? Planing a special podcast on the series, or…….

    Just curious.

    Keep up the good work. And thanks for everything.

  40. I’m shocked it took this long for someone to mention it.

    I don’t think any of us read Planetary.  I think for me, and possibly Conor, the delays were so ridiculous that I didn’t want to support the book.  Further, I never really got the book, or liked it all that much.

    I actually read Planetary #27, and having dropped off at issue 10 or 11, I didn’t really get it.

    Giant ridiculous delays make me, and possibly Conor, self-righteous to the point where we won’t support the book any longer.  Terrible, I know.

  41. I read the first trade of Planetary and it did nothing for me, aside from the great Cassaday art.

  42. @PostMan87: PLANETARY was one of my favorite books when it was coming out, but three years between issues is too much. I can’t support that.

  43. I started reading comics regularly in 2006 and I remember *then* people talking about ‘whenever PLANETARY finishes up. . .’

    I’m sure I’ll get the whole thing when all of it’s collected but there’s certainly been no rush to catch up, not knowing if the conclusion was ever going to happen.

  44. During the only time of my life I had a pull list, my shop’s manager used to put things in it I’d never heard of that he thought I should be reading. One of his misfires was Planetary #26, the only issue I have ever read. Say what you want about jumping-on points; that was not one.

  45. Great show guys, as far as super groups go Blind Faith is my favorite.  They produced less songs then The Traveling Wilburys, but Clapton, Winwood, Ginger Baker, and Ric Gretch made some great music for my ear. 

  46. @Conor AND Josh: Blame Joss Whedon and the X-men, dude. You liked that shit, right? where the danger room comes alive and colossus fights a stupid looking alien.  that’s what caused the lateness

  47. Oddly, despite the delay, i had little trouble figuring out where we had left off with Planetary. It may be because #26 really completed the "conflict," while this issue served as a thematic cap to the series, a little more epilogue than climax. But for me, it reminded me of what Ellis can do when he’s "on." It was my POW.

    I think it will read very well once collected. I loved the overall concept behind the series.

  48. Planetary is like a low-brow version League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen.

  49. @conor & @josh – The delays were rediculous, I agree. But edward makes a great point above….Astonishing X-Men did have a big part on delaying this title. I remember before Astonishing came out Planetary was coming out every 2-4 months. Still not great but at least it wasn’t years in between.

    All in all, Now that the book is finished when the last volume hits stores you guys should give the entire series a once over. As daccampo stated above, it will read very well once collected. The other good thing is it’s only a 27 issue run. It’s not like it’s a daunting 60-80-or 100 issue run. And if all else fails and you aren’t liking it, at least you’ll have the amazing artwork of Cassaday to sooth your jangled nerves. I’m sure you guys will dig it though.

  50. @muddi900: disregarding the everything else that is wrong with that statement. Both books came out april 1999…. so, good one, mate

  51. @muddi900 – LoEG is like a more clever Sean Connery movie, and is also unlike Planetary in any way.


  52. Yeah, those books have nothing on each other.

    Like I said, I read half of Planetary, and I just didn’t really care for it.  The skill was obviously there though.

  53. About the cameos in Criminal — I caught Scott Adsit & Joe Hill, don’t remeber if there was another — I *think* those might have been the winners of a charity auction Brubaker & Phillips had to have your name/likeness used in the comic.  Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t distracting, but that may be the context in which it was done, not just that they were sticking their friends in the book.  

  54. Regardless of why Planetary was so late, the fact remains that it was…incredibly late.  I guess its kind of like saying that you can forgive X-Men: The Last Stand for being an abomination of cinema because Brett Ratner directed Superman instead…nope it still sucked (although Superman sucked to so I guess my analogy is flawed)

  55. I didn’t mean that Planetary ripped off LOEG. I LOVE both books, and I consider both to be the best work their respective writers. I meant that they both have a similar premise; what if all those pulp/adventure characters existed in the same universe. But whereas Moore & o’ Neil want to explore these archetypes and craft a deep and layered experience, Warren ellis and John Cassaday give us a great sci-fi, or speculative fiction if you think about, story based around that same concept.

    As I said, I love both of these works, and both have exceptional art. Its a shame that we don’t see any more of these artists.

  56. Yay; Ron Returns

  57. In regards to whether zombies are considered a part of the magic world or not: reanimating corpses is often considered a part of voodoo lore, so yes it can be considered magic. It was humorously addressed in the Strange Tales story, as well.

  58. I’ve never heard an opinion from you guys that I disagreed with so strongly that I wanted to turn off the podcast. That is until I heard Ron go off on Tom Petty AND Jeff-****ing-Lynne. What is Wrong with you?

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