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Pick of the Week #304 – The Flash #1

Show Notes

It’s the final week of new DC #1 issues and we’re still rating them all! This is it! No more!

Running Time: 01:09:10

Pick of the Week:
00:01:55 – A wonderful combination of writing and art made The Flash #1 the Pick of the Week!

The New 52 (Ratings):
00:11:57 – Aquaman #1 did not go the way everyone thought it would.
00:17:20 – It’s a new book but Jonah Hex is still awesome in All-Star Western #1.
00:21:36 – Justice League Dark #1 did not light Josh’s world on fire.
00:24:06 – Josh is still reading Superman #1.
00:27:30 – Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 feels very superfluous.
00:29:58 – Was that Jae Lee drawing I, Vampire #1?
00:32:05 – Voodoo #1 kicks things off in a very intriguing way.
00:33:46 – Everyone wishes that Blackhawks #1 was better.
00:35:42 – Teen Titans #1 was hampered by the art.
00:38:23 – Was The Savage Hawkman #1 the worst book of the New DC?
00:39:57 – Or was it The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1?
00:41:40 – Or maybe Batman: The Dark Knight #1?

00:45:12 – Brilliant #1 did not thrill liked everyone hoped.
00:47:34 – Josh says Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest #1 is a great jumping on point.
00:48:12 – Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 continues to be wonderful.
00:50:18 – Rachel Rising #2 amped up the horror.
00:51:07 – Wolverine #16 revealed Logan’s greatest weakness.
00:52:36 – The New Avengers #16.1 let Ron down.
00:53:55 – Ron (and Josh) had tons of fun with The Amazing Spider-Man #670 & Venom #7.
00:54:58 – Jordi Bernet made American Vampire #19 look wonderful.
00:55:56 – Secret Avengers #17 was fun but not as much fun as the last issue.

User Reviews:
00:56:30 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:57:02 – FarSide0013 really enjoyed Ghostbusters #1.
00:58:28 – koryrosh did not like Kick-Ass 2 #4.

00:59:56 – Dave in Washington, DC – What are the best comic museums? Biggest Collections?

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  1. Wow! Didn’t expect to get my review read! Thanks, guys! 🙂

  2. It’s Bart in Teen Titans, and his current costume is supposed to thrown together and homemade. I can’t remember if this was in the issue or if just in interviews.

  3. Does anyone happen to know if they are doing anything special for NYCC this year?

  4. So, now that we’ve seen the new 52 which title do you think will be the first to be cancelled. My money is on either Hawk & Dove or Legion Lost. Although, I think Batman: The Dark Knight needs to be put out of it’s misery but I doubt DC will cancel any of the Bat family books for a while.

    • Those are good choices, and I’d add Men of War and Firestorm.

    • I’m surprised Firestorm even got a title. Is there a die hard Firestorm fan base that I don’t know about?

    • There’s a diehard fanbase for everything in comics. Some are very small, but they’re there.

    • I think everyone has characters that they just love for no real reason. If Marvel called me up for some reason and said “You can write anything you want. ANYTHING.” I would write a Fabulous Frog-Man mini series. Everyone has fans, no matter how lame the character.

    • At my store they still have stacks of Men of War, Hawk and Dove and the Legion titles. I think numbers will drop on other titles some others after the reaction to them. I don’t know, I see DC switching creative teams before cancelling anything right away. I bought 34 titles, and will only get around 10 next month.

    • I agree Rbigley. They will probably shuffle around some talent before we see any cancellations. But, they will have to eventually start canceling titles. The market is too small and the economy too poor for the fans to continue supporting so many books. Out of the new 52 there are several titles I would like to stay with because I see a lot of potential. But I will probably end up only buying about 8 titles from DC next month since that is the limit my budget allows.

    • Why on Earth would DC want to cancel ANY titles at this point?

      Sales are at their highest in years with even the shittiest books getting 2nd printings.

      I doubt we’ll be seeing any cancellations for a while. It won’t shock me per say but considering DC was lenient on cancelling titles BEFORE the relaunch (Azrael lasted 18 issues, 18 more then I thought it would last) so it won’t change now.

    • I’d guess Legion Lost, since there’s already a Legion title, the Legion fanbase is small and probably isn’t going to grow hugely, and it didn’t seem to be very well received. Seems like it’d be easy to wrap the series up and to get the characters back into the main Legion book. Could even run it as a backup in Legion.

  5. You guys deserve a round of applause for your herculean coverage of the New 52. Not just the extended edition podcasts, but the articles on the site too. Great work. Thanks. 🙂

    Now I can’t wait to see what the #2s will be like…

  6. Haters gonna hate but I thought I enjoyed Hawkman. I’ve never been a fan of Tony Daniel’s writing or Philip Tan’s art but something about this booked just clicked.

  7. As for the comic history museums question; My sister and I went to this exhibit http://www.thebreman.org/exhibitions/zap-pow-bam-golden-age-of-comics.html It’s a traveling exhibit, and while it was small, it was absolutely amazing, and completely awe inspiring. The schedule at the bottom of the page is obviously off, because we went this past April, but I highly recommend keeping an eye out for it. So much cool stuff, from original pages, to memorabilia, even WWII propaganda posters by Mort Meskin. I highly recommend it if it comes to your area.

  8. I have to say that with all of these new DCU books coming out, I am really still enjoying Marvel’s books more & seeing more quality works coming from Marvel more than DC with the huge amount of crappy books out of the reboot. Honestly Ultimate Spider-man not only made my jaw drop, but it also made me think of the first Ultimate Spider-man issues that came out a decade ago & filled me with so much chills from the emotional content, fantastic artwork & overall delivery that had me falling in love with the book. I have yet to feel this way about a DCU reboot book. Closest one is Justice League.

    • It might have more to do with your own personal taste in comics. Justice League #1 was just about the closest DC has to a Bendis-like chatty decompressed comic. And if you like that sort of thing, cool. Ultimate Spidey is definitely better than your average DC (or Marvel) comic, though. On the other hand, few of the DC titles remind me that much of what was going on in the same titles ten years ago. I stopped reading Ultimate Spidey because the storytelling and Bendis tics got too repetitive to me. Marvel has been continuing to put out great books for my money, though. Wolverine was my favorite comic this week.

  9. It’s also Spawn not Spon but that’s why we like Ron;)

  10. man, Josh was really reaching to criticize Aquaman. “it was good but i could see it not being good” Great, that makes sense

    • It doesn’t sound like he’s reaching. He’s just saying that while he thought it was ok, he can see where it can be the kind of story that doesn’t interest him.

    • reaching…. reaching…

    • Sort of like this comment.

    • josh, that hostility? let it out

    • I got what Josh meant. One problem I have with many comics podcasters and bloggers is that they are so enamored with the comic book genre – or their roles as legit reviewers – that they overpraise surprisingly good books as if they’re great. AQUAMAN #1 is a perfect example of that. It was an interesting read, a good issue about a heretofore inconsistent character, but nonetheless there are seeds of terrible in it.

  11. Love the jabs at Superman.

  12. Great show, I don’t know why but this was my favorite show this month. i’m going to miss the extended podcast. Thanks for the show guys

  13. did anyone else notice that Tim Drake killed about 6 guys when he blew up his penthouse thing in Teen Titans?

  14. In terms of comic exhibits, the Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester NY has a fun exhibition devoted to superheroes. It’s mainly geared towards the younger crowd, I’d say 5-10 years old.


  15. how do you think reading all these books this month affected your reviews?

    it seem like wonder woman was great but got the pick of the week because it was not first person narration. Was Superman made Worst because of the sheer amount of books you guys were reading? and etc…?

    • SUPERMAN was panned because it was bad. It had nothing to do with the number of books.

      I loved WONDER WOMAN too and would have also made it the Pick, but it had nothing to do with lack of first person narration, which I like.

    • Last week we spoke for 10 minutes, and I wrote about 1000 words on what was good about Wonder Woman. It wasn’t nearly as reductive as all that.

      Good books are good books, no matter what you’re reading. Average books tend to middle out. Superman was terrible.

  16. As always, a great podcast. I don’t totally agree with your takes on Superman. First, I do agree that this issue lacked the pop it needed. I also kept waiting for that big Superman moment and it never really came. But I had no problem with the layouts, panels, etc. It felt old school and very Perez- “ish”. I didn’t mind the heavy dialogue and didn’t think it was a laborious read. But it did need a stronger punch especially for a Superman #1 issue.

  17. See ya next week

  18. Oh, and I really don’t see Hawkman as the worst book of the new 52. I kinda enjoyed the new take on the character. Tan’s art was…well, ok it’s Tan’s art and it sucks. But I had no problem with the story. It wasn’t great but I found it considerably better than books like GL New Guardians, Captain Atom, Hawk and Dove, Red Hood, Firestorm, Frankenstein, etc.

  19. As far as epic comic collections, DC has a MASSIVE internal research library of most of their complete history..comics, merch promos etc. I’ve heard its close to 75%-90% complete. Original comics library bound in books organized by year and volume….flat files fill of stuff. Unfortunately its not open to the public and only to people with official business. Once in a lifetime opportunity if you ever get a chance to work for DC or any licensed projects.

  20. I’m pretty sure the ‘nobody’ complaining about exploitative art in various books this week would be ‘people who gave up on this relaunch and otherwise are not buying these books.’ I don’t think it’s exactly fair to say people are making too much fuss one week and too little in another.

    On the plus side, Ron’s ‘Little House on the Prairie’ shoutout was one of the most hilarious bits of randomness I’ve heard on this podcast for a while. Well done!

    • I agree. Loved Ron’s reference to Little House. And I was driving on the freeway and almost hit a car because I cracked up when a pained Conor said “I read Hawkman after reading Superman.”

  21. Groovy episode gents! Also, in general I always find pronouncing names jokes funny, names are silly, call me crazy.

  22. Also I forget if it was this week or last week where you were talking about anthologies. Gotta mention 2000AD! By far the most prolific, glorious, awesome anthology on the market. Well, that and the countless manga anthologies in Japan.

  23. I grabbed Firestorm and Hawkman hoping for stories with impact. I want these guys to have a role and carry more weight in the DCU. Shift the focus away from Batman, Supes, and GL for a bit. DC gives two shits about the characters though, and they’re worthless as ever. It’s hard to believe you could make ’em worse than they already were (or is it?).

    And what are these stories anyway?! They’re not even origins.. The reboot’s a mess, and overall unnecessary. If anyone should have rebooted it’s Marvel.

  24. #ohmigodthankyou. I’m like “tell me when in your life you have ever met another JEE-zuhss?! It’s hey-SOOS!!” LOL

  25. Another great celebrity collector is Freddie Prinze, Jr. Apparently he’s got quite a security system designed to protect his issue of Amazing Fantasy #15. He’d probably make for an interesting interview.

  26. Also, I want to add my big congrats to iFanboy for reviewing the entirety of the New 52 – and at the same time covering other notable September comic books. I know it must have been really tough to pull off, but I think I might’ve enjoyed these podcasts more than any other you guys have put out (except for this summer’s videocast where you guys were outside barbequing while reviewing books). Thanks again for doing such a great job.

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