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Pick of the Week #203 – Fantastic Four #571

Show Notes

This week, after discussing the unanimous choice of Fantastic Four #571 as Pick of the Week, we talk about some other books, sure, but most importantly we mull plans for a new kind of podcast altogether. It’s possible it it might not catch on. Also, Ron Richards hasn’t been paying attention to Conor’s middle name.

Running Time: 01:01:33

Pick of the Week:
00:02:13 – Ron eats his words and has high hopes for the future of Marvel’s first family, with his Pick of the Week: Fantastic Four #571.

00:12:22 – It’s more fun with The Amazing Spider-Man #606. Again.
00:15:19 – It’s not moving, but it turns out that’s not a bad thing for Spider-Woman #1.
00:19:11 – Is Blackest Night Superman #2 the best of the tie-ins?
00:21:52 – Retelling, reinvention, or just a damn fun time? Superman Secret Origin #1 hit this week.
00:27:14 – Cory Walker comes back for Invincible #66, and he’s still got it.
00:30:17 – Madman #17 has nothing to do with Sterling Cooper.
00:31:41 – Giant Size Wolverine Old Man Logan #1 has a lot in common with some other Mark Millar series.
00:35:05 – Seriously, did you see the cover for Wolverine First Class #19?
00:35:52 – Ron can’t help but talk about Uncanny X-Men #515, Dark X-Men: The Confession, and Dark Reign: The List: X-Men #1. Man, that’s a lot of words.
00:38:20 – Despite some slight shortcomings, The New Avengers #57 was a good time.
00:40:13 – We started talking about Wednesday Comics #12, but most starting talking in silly voices.

User Reviews:
00:42:43 – changingshades was very happy with Underground #1, and he’s not alone..DA
00:44:57 – JeffR is on the JH Williams bandwagon with Detective Comics #857.

00:49:03 – Josh wants more comics like Strange Tales #1… but does he?

00:57:36 – Conor and Sonia host Special Edition – Surrogates.
00:57:50 – Look for a new Murmur podcast later this week, from Conor, Josh, Paul, and Jim.

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  1. man, that’s was early today. good one

  2. Word.

  3. Yay! There’s talk about all my pulls (all 3 of em!)

  4. Well actually I’m planning on getting Spider-Woman and Secret Origin on Wednesday anyway.

  5. yeah ron, a team with a bunch of characters really sucks.  some are from the future too, thats aweful.  see what i did there. ha.

  6. Wow Ron bought and enjoyed a Superman comic? awesome.

    Also, the thing about Clarks glasses is apparently some silver age thing that Byrnes did away with since it was silly but Johns brought it back

  7. We need a iFanboy video show on Wednesday Comics. 

  8. Holy shit at Josh (the ignorant one). The way he speaks about indie comics, it’s like he’s getting into unconventional sex or something. That kind of mindset scares me.

  9. wait a second, conor said the book we "liked the most or was the best"


    this is a serious change of ifanboy legislation

  10. I was sitting on my porch listening to the end of the show. And as I was cracking up—aka right around the time Ron said "poultice"–my neighbors walked by.

    They probably think I’m a crazy person. 

  11. Imagine my surprise when, as I was working on my working on my Halloween costume at my living room table and listening to this podcast, I heard my good name being besmirched by Conor.  DETECTIVE COMICS a 4/5 on art!?  What!?  That doesn’t sound like me at all!  I’m glad that the prose of my review pointed out the error.  I’ll forgive you this time.

    Seriously though, thanks for the mention.  🙂

    And wow, did this podcast go off the rails at the end there.  But in a totally fun way.

  12. @edward: No, it’s not.

  13. Sorry, it already been recorded. the system may not be perfect but it’s the best we have

  14. I would totally love to see a motion comic written by Alan Moore about rickets and leeches.

  15. I think I’ll listen on my podcast tomorrow on my morning bike ride, don’t feel like hearing more talk about Marvel then DC again this week.

  16. You know there’s a guy who regularly complains about the opposite right?  And you’re both off your nuts.

  17. @JeffR-I love that your inaccurately reported score started such a debacle 🙂 

    Probably what I enjoyed the most from the Old Man Logan finale was that first panel where you see Wolverine in the duster and hat.  Bad ass.

    I would love to listen to your medical advice podcast.  I’ve had no luck getting rid of these shakes and dizzy spells, the smeckler’s powder isn’t working

  18. @josh: You can never please them all, I guess. You should do a POTW show and not talk about any DC OR Marvel books. That may shut both parties up.

  19. @comicBOOKchris: Then the two parties will just join together to complain NO DC/Marvel books were discussed. We don’t want the crazies to join together and make tea parties!

    Oh wait, wrong crazed group.

  20. You guys are too balanced in your discussion of Marvel vs. DC vs. Indy.  I wish you’d just pick a side.  I mean, really.  So annoying.  I could–and am going to–go on and on about this until I see more bias. 

  21. Also, I don’t like Pearl Jam.  Veder is like Bono with less soap.

  22. @horatio: I can get on that anti-Pearl Jam bandwagon.

  23. i would alos like to join the anti-pearl jam bandwagon

  24. Ifanboy is brought to you by the letter ‘D’ for Disease.

  25. Whoops!  My joke has become a trend.  Sorry Josh and Eddie!

  26. I tried watching a Pearl Jam concert on TV once, but Eddie Vedder wouldn’t shut the fuck up about his stupid, ignorant political views. He felt the need to bash Bush between every song. We get it. you don’t like the guy. You also don’t like soap or pronouncing words in a manner they can be understood. And how can you say "This song is about an abusive relationship. I wrote it thinking about why we re-elected Bush" when you wrote the song in the mid 90s while Clinton was president? You dumb fucktard. Anyway. Fuck Eddie Vedder.

    @Josh you guys need to stop being so unbiased towards Marvel and DC. Don’t you know the internet is the place where everybody has to pick one side or the other, on EVERY issue, and never, ever, try to be open minded and fair?  

    @all the indy lovers/Marvel and DC Haters: really, are there enough good indy books in one week to fill an entire hour podcast?

  27. If only I could post a video of me singing like Eddie Vedder.

    Some people would say it’s a dead on (and funny) impersonation. Others (lets call them ‘Eddie Vedder’) would sue my ass off.

  28. @JohnVFerrigno

    Yeah, there is enough good indie books. More than enough.

  29. @miyamotofreak actually, if by "indie" you mean "not Marvel or DC" there actually are a ton of good ones. 

  30. @miyamotofreak/JohnVFerrigno: Also if by ‘indie’ you also mean ‘books other then Deadpool and Incredible Hercules’ then I find there is a huge amount of indie titles. 🙂

  31. I remember when Ed Brubaker started working on Catwoman there was nothing but indie artists, aside from the fact that the main character was a woman dressed as a cat it really felt a lot like an indie book. Right after Darwyn Cooke(this was before he exploded in popularity) there was Brad Rader, Cameron Stewart(well I guess he does more mainstream these days), Javier Pulido and a few other artists. And hey even Paul Pope did covers for the book. Be sure to check that out.

    Also I hate Pearl Jam too. Nirvana too. Well, all grundge music in general actually.

  32. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I enjoyed watching the old "Super Cities" video show this week. What no exploration of the New York sewers? Still, looks like one hell-of-a town. Having only visited New York as a kid, my fondest memory is buying a bagged-and-boarded issue of New Warriors #1 off a guy on the street. Meeting him was like finding a genie!

  33. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    See the Simpsons tonight? A lot of great comic book cover homages in it.

  34. thanx for talking Avengers.

  35. Good show, guys. Much appreciated.

  36. Pearl Jam! Fuck my indie cred, I love pearl jam!

     The scene where the council of reeds takes reed down to the hole reminded me of Wire season 3 where the major takes the councilman to see hamsterdam. 

  37. @DarkKnightDetective
    You do realize that ‘grunge’ is a BS genre, right? Nirvana and Pearl Jam sound nothing alike, nor do Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc. What you just said is, "I don’t like bands from Seattle." Obviously that would make no sense to say, but it’s barely any different from saying that you dislike all bands that are related only in their geographic location and, in some instances (and mostly due to said location), fashion sense.

  38. @captbastrd: i don’t think grunge is a bs genre, at least not more than any other genre. richard hell sounds very different from the ramones, but they’re both punk. Take any two bands from a genre and you can find many differences.

     @DarkKnightDetective: wanna fight? my three layers of flannel will protect me.



  39. I just noticed all the PJ hating going on, and I’m riled!!

    If you don’t like the politics, don’t watch them play; Pearl Jam has always been a politically conscious band. Either check out their old live videos (or some of the music videos they did where it was just a live performance) and see some one of the most energetic frontmen in music history (Vedder toned it down after a fan died in one of their mosh pits), or go listen to some mindless band play whose only between-song dialogue is, "Hell yeah!" or something like that (I obviously don’t know what you listen to, so feel free to prove me wrong).
    Maybe this defense won’t matter to you, but Vedder was critical of Bush before it was the hip thing to do; when they put out "Bu$hleaguer" in 2002, it was still a bit of a taboo subject.

    Either way, If this is a world where artists are no longer allowed to voice an opinion, than it’s a world I’d rather not live in.

  40. @John42
    The difference is, "Grunge" was the name given to a scene, it spanned over time and region. Name one band that is widely considered a grunge group that either came from somewhere other than Seattle, or came from a time outside of 1989-1995. Pearl Jam is practically a ‘classic’ rock band (which is another genre labelling issue I have, but I’ll let it go for now), Nirvana’s sort of a post-punk band, AIC is metal, Soundgarden is hard rock with metal leanings. 

    Further, I’m not familiar enough to say, but what little I’ve heard of Richard Hell (as in, just now via Google video… I’m gonna check out more of him, though) it’s close enough to Ramones to be the same genre. Pearl Jam and Nirvana are barely similar, auditorily.  Either way, Punk is obviously a far larger spanning genre than Grunge, since nothing outside of early ’90s Seattle is considered it.

  41. *I meant to say that Punk spanned over time and region.

  42. Hey, how about those comics?

    They’re a perfectly fine topic that belongs here.

  43. Yes, Mr. Flanagan…

    *turns to the others*
    We’ll settle this after school!

  44. Batman Year 100 might be a good suggestion for Josh to read (the voicemail Josh).


    It’s has some excellent Paul Pope art and the story kind of reflects the anti-corporate alternative lifestyle. A true indie… that features Batman, i think

  45. @Edward – I haven’t read Batman Year 100.  I’ll have to go check that out.

    Wasn’t Omega The Unknown (also by Pope) a Marvel publication?  That is pretty damn indie while still staying in the caller’s comfort zone. 

  46. @stuclach-Omega is by Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple, and the only reason I know that is because I’m reading it right no. 🙂

    It’s OK.  Not really blowing me away.

  47. The issue of Superboy’s glasses is addressed in the children’s book "When Superman Was Superboy," which wa published by Random House in 1980. It’s part of a four-part set of picture books telling the origin of Superman, and features Ramona Fradon art. These books were the first picture books I read as young boy, and the images are burned into my memory forever. The glasses scene is great. The actual text from the books: "Clark Kent must look different from Superboy so he buys a pair of eyeglasses. But Clark forgot the glasses would melt when he uses his heat vision. Clark finds two pieces of plastic from the spaceship he arrived in from Krypton. Clark cooks dinner for his mother. His new glasses don’t melt." Sure enough, there’s a picture of Clark cooking a big pot roast with his heat vision. Cute stuff.

  48. @draledangerz – I thought that was Pope.  Thanks for the correction.  It still fits the mold of semi-indie, but still from Marvel.

    How about The Mighty?  That might work. 

  49. @Eaglebauer: Wow, that is as random of a source as I ever heard of one. If Johns is seriously taking that idea of the glasses from a kids book in the 80’s; then he should win an award or something…

    But that does sound like a cool children’s book.

  50. Glad to hear the love for Underground.  My understanding is that, though Parker wrote it, the story was Lieber’s idea and he recruited the writer as a collaborator, rather than vice versa.  That’s probably why it feels more like a Lieber book than a Parker book.  I’m enjoying it in any case — it’s a nice example of a story that’s not about a ‘typical’ comic book subject, but has a strong visual element and is very suited for a comic.  I’m still a little divided about seeing Lieber’s art in color; the coloring on the book is fine, but I think I like his style in B&W better –although it does give some opportunities for a striking contrast between the cave scenes and the outdoor scenes.

    Loved the podcast as always — very funny!

  51. @Sttuclach: are you Josh from the voicemail?

  52. @edward – No.  My name is Chris.  I was just trying to offer suggestions.

  53. I’d give the Detective Comics art a 4 out of 5 (waits for gasps/laughter) . . . yes, it’s lovely to look at but the layouts are so often showy that they pull me out of the story. Batwoman is still faboo, though.

    As for the Question strip, thank you Cully Hamner for getting rid of the ‘orrible fedora and suit, but I’m finding the story merely competent – there’s been no wow factor at all.

  54. @Captbastrid

    i mostly listen to jazz and opera. I have no problems with musicians writing political songs and performing them. I even like a lot of Pearl Jam music, which is why I tried watching the concert on TV. it’s when they get on a soapbox and rant about stuff when they are supposed to be playing music that annoys me. If you want to get your point across at a music concert, write  a song and perform it. But as Bob Dylan said "Nobody’s mind was ever changed by a song." 

    sorry for the off-topic rant.

    Fantastic Four ruled.

    Back on topic! 

  55. @JohnVFerrigno
    Touche, guy-who-listens-to-smart-music… touche.

  56. HA!

  57. The past 20 years of Vertigo counts as awesome indie book. "Indie" in comics means very different from person to person. People consider Carl Barks’ work as indie.

    Another great "indie" book is Local by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly.


  58. One thing that concerns me is that Ron and the rest admit they haven’t read Fantastic Four by Stan & Jack.

    Which is the equivalent of being a rock music critic and never listened to the 30 cds from the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.  Sure it’s alot of music to go through and it’s really old from the 60s and 70s, but you have to know you’re history!

    It’s the same thing here.  Millar & Hitch’s run was classic, it just ended horribly without them.

  59. @KickAss: I’m not sure what you think you heard but Ron has read most of Stan and Jack’s run on FANTASTIC FOUR. He’s almost done with the second omnibus. I’m working on the first.

  60. There was actually a Silver Age Superboy story that explained the whole glasses thing.  It’s exactly the story from the Random House book Eaglebauer read, but the story originates from a Superboy backup story.

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