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Pick of the Week #253 – Superman/Batman #76

Show Notes

A late night recording session in the midst of the last gasps of summer leads to another wacky show as Conor Kilpatrick tries to get a word in edgewise during the discussion of his own Pick of the Week, Ron Richards is exhausted from a long week in comics media, and Josh Flanagan manages to make it through an entire discussion about Hulk without mentioning that Hulk is strongest one there is.

Running Time: 01:06:02

Pick of the Week:
00:01:54 – In Conor’s Pick of the Week, Judd Winick brings the heart as Superman deals with Batman’s “death” in Superman/Batman #76.

00:08:45 – It was Judd Winick’s week with two more strong books: Justice League: Generation Lost #10 and Power Girl #16.
00:12:25 – Josh and Ron fell head-over-heels for Hulk #25.
00:16:50 – Why can’t the special one-shot art team in Secret Avengers #5 always draw the book?
00:20:10 – Conor gave Thor #615 a shot.
00:22:06 – After reading Nemesis #3, Ron concedes defeat to Mark Millar.
00:30:56 – With The Flash #5 Josh finally falls for the book as hard as Ron and Conor have.
00:32:46 – Josh really enjoyed Pilot Season: 39 Minutes #1. Will he ever see more?
00:34:09 – Steve Epting brought the awesome to Fantastic Four #583.
00:35:46 – G.I. Combat #1 has Haunted Tank! And awesome art!
00:37:42 – Something great happened in The Walking Dead #77 but Ron and Conor were not paying attention here.
00:39:36 – Velocity #2 continues the tons of fun new series.

User Reviews:
00:40:27 – ibagree loved Fables #98.
00:43:01 – Evangelion11 also loved Darkwing Duck #4.

00:48:55 – Robert Y. from Wintergarden, FL, the Rip Van Winkle of comics, returns with a follow-up e-mail.
00:52:09 – Brian M from San Antonio, TX can’t stop speeding through his comics.

Giveaway Winners:
00:55:19 – Billy Fortenberry is the big Invincible Prize Pack winner!

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  1. i liked Hulk #25, as well. good stuff. a tad confused with the ending though.

  2. "A revenge kind of thing."  Jesus.  I love this show.

  3. Nemesis was definitely over the top, but that page was hilarious because I pictured the newspaper spinning around like in the movies.

  4. I’ve always like the Superman/Batman series. I don’t feel that I HAVE to pick it up every time it comes out, but when I do it’s always entertaining.

    Loved the heartfelt/juvenile discussion of it this episode. iFanboy is such an emotional rollercoaster.

  5. iFanboy & Goodfellas go together like peanut butter & Oreos, lol. Yet another great show guys!

  6. How did you guys like Skullkickers? I think Josh was the only one who pulled it.

  7. I actually know the answer to that question about the silver ink on the FF cover. The advertiser on the back cover requested that ink for their ad, which meant Marvel got to use it on the front cover for the hell of it.

    I’m sort of troubled that I have no idea how I know that.

  8. I’m a bit torn on whether I want Aja/Lark to stay on Secret Avengers. They did a fantastic job with this issue and I can totally see why people want them over Deodato. But Deodato has done a fantastic job with this series, at least for me. I never really read anything with his art before so he pretty much hit a homerun with the first issue of this. Maybe Aja/Lark has a better, aesthetic, feel to this series. As for right now though I would be fine if they alternated every end of an arc.

  9. @jimski i knew that too, cant remember where i heard/read it either

  10. GI Combat was really damn good. Really happy I took a chance with it.

  11. I GET why Deodato is on Secret Avengers, but I still really don’t like him in this series. Like Stuart Immonen, Deodato was the artist on a very successful Avengers book before the Grand Title Reshuffle, so naturally, Marvel wants to keep him around. But like Ron alluded to, this just isn’t the type of book that he’s suited for, and thus the book is a huge miss on the whole. Dark Avengers was a very different book than this, and benefited from Deodato’s haunting close-ups and quieter panels. Here, his art is just boring. This book could have been so much better if Lark OR Aja were on art duties.

  12. And oh yeah, Hulk #25 was great. Now that Red Hulk isn’t just a (figuratively speaking) faceless smash machine, it’s looking to be that stories involving him are going to get much more interesting. Fall Of The Hulks/World War Hulks were entertaining reads because it started to cut to the core of the Red Hulk character (among other reasons), and I like the direction this title and character are now taking. Should be fun!

  13. Okay that settles it. Robert is JuRY from the NSFW podcast. Now I want an iFanboy NSFW show crossover.

  14. Looks like Nemesis got more talk than the POTW. An iFanboy first?

  15. @Kick-Ass: Nope.

  16. Millar talked about how, at a certain points, he just turned the book over to McNiven to be creative on the recent Word Balloon interviews.

    Bendis also said the same thing about the recent Powers arc and turning a lot of it over to Oeming, also said in a Bendis Tapes WB.

    I think this happens partly because they have a lot on their plates, but mostly because they want to have the artist become a stronger creative force on the book. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  17. Every time the podcast starts and they say "Brought to you by iFanboy listeners just like you!" I say "Just like me?" while pointing to myself. Just thought I’d share that.

  18. im a noob….. i didnt buy Superman/Batman my first week…..(cries)

  19. You guys were tough on Conor during his POTW review. I felt bad for him. There was a lot of sexual innuendo though.

  20. you guys read my review!……and i didnt realize it until you guys said darkwing duck…. moron=me

  21. The Superman / Batman #76 review was awesome both because of Conor’s thoughtful analysis and rapid series of unintentionally innuendo loaded comments.

    I was crying with laughter and sedimentality all at once in public… it was unseemly and awesome. 

    Thanks iFanboy!

  22. I really dug red Hulk, but he was really more of a magenta Hulk. Would that make him Mulk?

  23. @conor Could not disagree more with the opinion of Power Girl. I keep up with the book for an issue or two after the change and I hated the crossover aspect with JLA. I also hate how it stopped being fun, cute and sexy and became the same old super dreary Winnick. Seriously, is this guy capable of fun?

  24. @zombox: He is. The book is a lot of fun. And very funny.

  25. Well, now that the Internet is back up at the house, I can finally catch up with the 4 weeks worth of episodes (indlucing 250…woof!).  Looking forward to it.

  26. @zombox I think Power Girl has been almost equally good with the Palmiotti/Gray run. 

    One thing I will disagree about, is McNiven’s art.  I see it as a different style for him and I’ve loved it.  I think its as detailed as his previous art, just different.  So many people seem to hate this book though, so obviously I’m wrong;)

  27. Thanks for the kind words about Pilot Season: 39 Minutes and Velocity #2, gents! Looking forward to seeing you in New York next week.

  28. the first single issue I ever bought was Superman/Batman #4, because it had Batman AND Superman and two other dudes on the cover (Cap Marvel and Hawkman) and the logo looks seriously cool

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