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Pick of the Week #302 – Demon Knights #1

Show Notes

The DC Comics Relaunch deluge continues, along with some fantastic comics from practically every publisher. If you’re a comic fan, than this was one of those dream weeks. Unfortunately, 13 more DC Comics are starting to push Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards towards the breaking point — but hey! They’re having fun while doing it! And now… Ratings… Ratings… Ratings…

Running Time: 01:06:44

Pick of the Week:
00:02:02 – The most fun Conor had this week came from Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves in Demon Knights #1. There were dragons!

The New 52 (Ratings):
00:09:12 – But, oh the glory of finally getting to see J. H. Williams III’s Batwoman #1.
00:12:54 – The surprise of the week for everyone came from Superboy #1.
00:16:49 – The consistency of the Bat books continues with Batman and Robin #1.
00:19:10 – Even though Ron found this oddly familiar, everyone dug the Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 action.
00:22:27 – It wasn’t what we expected, but after Grifter #1, Josh and Ron and going to stick with it.
00:24:49 – Some mixed opinions about Deathstroke #1.
00:27:37 – Conor and Ron agree that Green Lantern #1 was the best Green Lantern in years.
00:30:11 – And yet, despite Peter Milligan, no one sees a need for Red Lanterns #1 in any universe.
00:31:57 – Across the board agreement on the major disappointment of Mister Terrific #1.
00:33:59 – Hark! Disagreement on Suicide Squad #1!
00:36:03 – But come on, you gotta admit you dug Resurrection Man #1, Conor sure did.
00:37:39 – Legion Lost #1? More like iFanboy Lost as no one can wrap their head around this one.

00:41:10 – DC Comics aside, one of the gems of this week was Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1.
00:43:20 – The best arc of Criminal yet wraps up with Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #4.
00:44:48 – Josh gives 5 stars to Scalped #52.
00:46:09 – It’s clear how much Bendis adores Daredevil by reading The New Avengers #16.
00:48:00 – 27: Second Set #1 re-ignites Josh’s adoration of stories about musicians.
00:48:50 – Another great cover on The Unwritten #29 and Josh is really enjoying this tale of a female cartoonist.
00:49:43 – Ron’s all by himself with his excitement for Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #1.

User Reviews:
00:51:05 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:52:10 – Retcon spoke the truth when trying to make sense of Fear Itself #6
00:53:44 – cabernetfranc raved about the return of Adrian Tomine in Optic Nerve #12

Book of the Month:
00:56:44 – Conor regales us with the tale of Green River Killer : A True Detective Story

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  1. Been waiting all day for this!

  2. What did you guys think of Pigs #1?

  3. ME TOO!!!

  4. Renee isn’t dead. I think the reboot’s made people really paranoid about this stuff! JH Williams III said the pictures were of Officers who had recently received special commendations.

    • Yeah, I was alarmed to hear Conor say that, but I went back to the book and looked and I just interpreted it as a picture of the officers currently working in the station. The change isn’t that Renee is dead, it’s that with the backward move in time, Renee is back to being a uniform, just like Maggie has gone from shift captain to detective. Also, Maggie’s apparently been changed from transfer-from-Metropolis to Gothamite-all-along. Which is fine — I think this book might work better that way — but it’s worth noting.

  5. you know what just hit me? How much I want ot see hthis as an animated short every week. In the style of the Ricky Gervais Show Tv series. An animated adaptation of an entertaining podcast.

  6. I haven’t heard Tom Verlaine and Television in years! Looking forward to the podcast!

  7. No mention of Uncanny X-Force?

  8. Are we going to get another article on the DC books you advanced read already?

  9. That Ron only e-mail episode better happen

  10. Got it downloaded and ready!

  11. Yeah, that Joementum reference with Josh asking “What?” several times? Made me smile. Haven’t heard that in years.

  12. Great episode! Are we able to get the episode lists back on the RSS feed?

  13. I’ve tried Batwoman twice now. I love Williams III’s artwork but I can not connect with this book. It just doesn’t do it for me.

  14. Good show on a GREAT week of books. I actually thought this week was a little stronger than week one of the DC Relaunch. Surprised Josh didn’t like Frankenstien or Ressurection Man. I REALLY liked both, and think it’s refreshing to see DC producing these type of books. Glad to see Connor and Ron liked them though.

  15. Scalped, Frankenstien, Ressurection Man, Suicide Squad, Grifter, and Daredevil all rocked this week.

  16. Woohoo, Television! That album blew my mind when I heard it the first time.

  17. Here is the status of Renee taken from dcwomenkickingass.tumblr.com:

    JHW3 – “The photo of Renee is on a wall of officers of special commendation, relatively recent past and present. Renee is from the past, and the photo symbolizes Kate needing to leave the past behind to try and move forward in her life.”

    I would like to think that tells me that she is still alive.

  18. Just wanna tell you guys im really enjoying the dc new 52 reviews, will we get it the next month also? cos its going to suck if this whole awesome thing is over.
    Also you forgot to mention that red lanterns actually showed a little preview of a human getting angry, which soon to be a RL

  19. Ratings.

  20. Being that the first Batwoman arc was written pre-reboot, I fully believe that the photos on the wall are in no way indicating that Renee is dead. Of course some stuff could have been changed. But I don’t see why DC wouldn’t use her in their efforts to diversify the New 52.

    Female…. Hispanic minority… Gay/lesbian. She pretty much hits all the categories. I hope to see Renee as the Question soon. She’s one of my favorite C-listers.

    Also, I loved Buffy #1 as well. Some of the jumping around in time confused me, but overall a good solid start. I will never Not love these characters.

  21. I liked Green Lantern #1
    But between this and Justice League, Hal Jordan isn’t looking all that bright.

    I mean sad sack is one thing he’s just kind of dopey and stupid here- and in 5 years into Justice League he still
    doesn’t appear to be terribly smart.

    I hope that portrayal changes.

  22. While I disagree on the Red Lanterns take, I agree about Mister Terrific (actually, you guys were a little generous with it). It’s the worst New 52 book I’ve read so far.

  23. I understand all destructive urges. It seems so perfect.

  24. I agree with you guys…even when I don’t agree with you guys…if that makes sense…but you are all just wrong about FEAR ITSELF. If you don’t connect with it, that’s fine, but “written out of character” and “pure garabage” ???? Come on now. Really?

    • Yes. At least what I read. I really truly thought it was awful. But I stopped with issue 3 or 4.

      Your mileage may obviously vary.

    • I actually don’t think the characters had been acting out of character; I think there is a story reason for their out of character actions. (At least I hope there is.). The the problems I’ve had with FEAR ITSELF have been the lack of story and the lack of any emotional resosonance whatsoever. I dropped it.

  25. I’m so glad to hear that the new spiderman issue is awesome. made my day. know to cash in my retirement to get the issue. totally worth it. thanks for the show guys. appreciate.

  26. Great to hear that the new Ultimate Spider-man is great. I didn’t pick it up though and I have no intentions to. Sorry Marvel you can take your $4 for 20 pages and shove it!

    I’m just not willing to reward their flagrant corporate greed.

  27. Etrigan The Demon is classic.

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