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Pick of the Week #148 – Daredevil #110

Show Notes

There were a lot of books, and you’re getting 13% more show than usual! Plus, Josh Flanagan has some issues with the script.

Running Time: 01:07:50

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Conor’s glad to see Matt Murdock back to form at the end of Rucka and Brubaker’s reunion inΒ Daredevil #110.

00:11:37 – Brad Meltzer confuses us a little with DC Universe: Last Will and Testament. Some good and some bad.
00:18:10 – Josh didn’t manage to get a copy of Kick-Ass #4, but he is reassured that it is just as its predecessors were. And you know what that is.
00:22:49 – Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge #2 makes Ron love Len Snart all the more.
00:27:00 – Guerilla’s #1 has monkeys. It’s also one hell of a war book.
00:33:40 – The guys are all over the moon about Wolverine #68.
00:34:55 – Josh and Conor are at odds on Superman #679.
00:36:19 – Jason Aaron continues the goods with Black Panther #40.
00:37:31 – Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos start up with Runaways #1. You love it or hate it.
00:39:27 – Secret Invasion overwhelms us. We zip through The Mighty Avengers #17, The New Avengers #44, and Nova #16.

User Reviews:
00:42:02 – mrmister is down with The Immortal Iron Fist #18.
00:42:57 – brikhed needs more people to read Proof #11.

00:45:43 – Jarrett has a long box crisis that DC hasn’t even fathomed.
00:48:32 – Jennifer wants to know what artists to recommend to an artistic friend.

00:52:33 – Ray asks, “Is he the same Starman?” (It isn’t.)
00:54:01 – Dan’s noticed all the “lady” villains. S’up widdat?
00:56:43 – Lauren likes Ollie, but not Hal.

“Life During Wartime”
Pinhead Gunpowder



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  1. I think 00:22:49 should read : Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge #2 makes Ron love Len Snart all the more.

  2. did anyone else think that music was Green Day?

  3. do you think 00:39:27 should zip thru Mighty Avengers #17 while they’re at it?

  4. Pinhead Gunpowder is a side project supergroup that, in fact, includes Armstrong from Green Day.

    Because I don’t have to deal with that guy enough, apparently.  

  5. Sorry, that was @jerichobp.

  6. @Jenifer/throughthebrush Pia Guerra of Y the Last Man is a solid indie choice. Adrian Alphona, Runaways aren’t superheroes per se, because they don’t have costumes, they character designs are awesome. Terry Moore is also a solid choice, Strangers in paradise has some awesome layouts and designs Eob Schrab does some fun stuff in Scud, he throws almost every cartooning trick in the book in some early issues of Scud and the entire 700 page epic of Scud the Disposable Assasin is avalaible for the like $20.

    Lastly, never understimate the appeal of overaized Omnibu ir Absolute editions. They can do wonders for art afficianandos. OH! Last One. Pride of Baghdad. Niko Henrichon’s  paintings tell that story. BKV’s narritive is  (intentionnally I think) miinimalist. Sorry, got a tad carried away!

  7. @AMuldowney

    well then, that might explain it

  8. This is only Volume 2 of Daredevil. More importantly thanks for talking about my review, I was excited to see my name in the show notes ha.

  9. Poor Hal!

    Also, excellent Daredevil discussion, though I was a bit saddened by the lack of Michael-Lark-the-Ladies-man.

  10. hey ifanbase.  The new daredevil sounds really cool and i’ve been kinda curious what a good jumping on point for the book.  Is 110 good? or should I head back and start at ish 1?

  11. @Anson17 – Well, #110 is the final issue of the arc, so if you wanted to start on the book I would start with either #108 or #111.

  12. @Anson17 – #111 is going to be a big jumping on point. Start there, but can’t recommend the upcoming or recently released [can’t remember] Bendis/Maleev Daredevil Omnibus enough. Brubaker’s first arc was great, but as the guys said it kind of fell off slightly after that until this recent arc. 

  13. Thanks guys.  I keep hearing that Bendis had a great run on Daredevil and that Brubaker is doing even beter than Bendis was.  I think my library has all of Bendis’ run so I’ll see what I can pick up.

  14. @Anson17 – I would not agree that Brubaker’s run has been better thanb Bendis’.  Not at all.

    (Nothing against Brubaker, but Bendis’ run is classic)

  15. okay, maybe i’ve just been hearing so much about both that Ive got them confused.  I definitely wanna check out Bendis’ run.


    I think that Pym Skrull is gonna turn on the Empire.  Anyone else?

  16. I agree with that BRIKHED guy that Proof is incredible and more people should be reading it πŸ™‚

  17. @anson: Oh totally, at least I hope that is the case. Otherwise, why have an entire issue of having this Pym skrull almost blowing the invasion? Let’s hope issue 6 of the main series sorta brings that into light…Also the infinity gems…I’m sorry I read the New Illuminati again and it bugs me these guys has the infinity gems, and it hasnt been brought up since! You’d think that be a big plot point since they took Black Bolt out so early in the game.

    As for that artistic email, sorry I have yet to get the podcast on itunes so I didnt hear your answers yet. But I definitely recommend Tim Sale, Gary Frank, and Ashley Wood. All of these guys bring unique pencils, and sometimes colors to their own comics.

  18. Addendum since I’ve spent the evening sorting out my last couple year’s worth of comics.  Re Dareevil:  The last issue of the France arc was #93.  The first issue of the current arc was #107.  So Conor’s argument is that the book was weak from #94-#106, which is 13 issues.  That’s over a year, assuming they all came out on time — and I know there were a couple annuals in there, so it probably took a bit longer. 

    I actually thought the book was pretty strong up to issue 100, but 101-106 were definitely slow and kind of pointless and mopey.  And that’s more than 6 months in real time.

    Glad to have Matt back, anyway, and I hope it sticks.  

  19. @champion.  I actually wrote a huge post on that very subject before the invasion started.  It was something about Black Bolt having the space gem which would in theory allow him to replace anyone he wanted with a skrull doppleganger with just a thought and a little bit of will power.  He himself might not be able to do it, but i’m sure that there is some skrull wizard/mystic that wouldn’t even break a sweat doing something like that.  If this is not the method that they used to replace heroes, then it can be assumed that the Black Bolt who attained the gem was not a skrull at the time, and was able to hide it away.  That still shouldn’t have stopped the skrulls from getting it since it seems the "fusion ritual" instills the skrull with all memories abilities etc. of the being who the skrull is taking the shape of.  Thoughts?

  20. As funny as Lady MODOK sounds… I didn’t think it was all that funny when I picked up Hulk #290 all those years ago.

    Lady Galactus would be hard to top, although.

  21. Thanks for answering, guys!  (And for not thinking the question was as stupid as I thought it was a second after I sent the e-mail.)  I’d already been thinking of using Conor’s suggestion and just dragging my friend to the comic shop to look at things, so I’ll be sure to report back with what works. (I already showed him a copy of New Frontier and he wasn’t fond of Cooke’s art, which to me sounds like sacrilege, but there’s that subjectivity thing in action.) Starting him on Kirby is a great choice, though – if he can’t appreciate that on some level, I don’t know if the medium will ever really appeal to him.

    @DaveCarr I hadn’t even thought of suggesting Runaways, but now that you’ve said it that makes a lot of sense, and it’s something in my own collection that I could lend him.  The other tips are great ideas, too. Thanks!

    @TheNextChampion Thanks for those suggestions too!  I think my friend likes Heroes, so showing him Sale’s art in actual comics might be a good place to start.

  22. How about G.I. Joe #21 (the silent Snake-eyes issue) for the young lady looking for a book where the art tells the story for her friend?  While not being entirely impressive, the art LITERALLY tells the story in that issue.  I have always thought that issue illustrated (I love puns) the versatility of the medium.

  23. Alex Ross is also a guy I always look too with art. I mean not just because he’s the best in the biz, but his stuff just reeks of ‘This looks real’. Dont tell me you’ve never seen an Alex Ross painting and never stated: ‘That looks totally fake’. Heck he made Galactus look lifelike in Marvels, definitely try his books too Brush.

  24. @Brush  Comic Book Tatoo might not be a bad idea either.  I’ve only paged through it at work (why its in the manga section I have no idea) but it seems pretty cool.  Looks like they’re trying to push the medium a little bit.  Looks too spendy for me, but its definitely cool.

  25. @stuclach Hmm, G.I. Joe?  I don’t know how he’d feel about that, but now I wonder what he’d think of other "silent" comics.  I know most of the books Marvel put out in its "’Nuff Said" month were pretty badly-executed, but surely there must be more good examples out there.

    @Champion Alex Ross seems to be love or hate – I have other more visually-oriented friends who despise his art for just being portrait painting and not visual storytelling.  But it might be worth a shot.

    @Anson Unfortunately, I know he’s very strongly anti-Tori Amos, so that suggestion’s probably a wash.

    Seriously, though, thanks for all the suggestions.  I have a running list going in a notepad file.  I’ll find something to hook him one way or another.

  26. @throughthebrush – I know that a comic book line based on G.I. Joe is easy to dismiss, but that issue of G.I. Joe is considered a classic (by many) and is pretty well regarded (or at least that is my impression).  It has a fairly interesting reveal at the end that even non-G.I. Joe fans will get that makes the story much more meaningful.

    I believe the ifanboys actually did an episode dedicated to the marvel G.I. Joe series from the 80’s. 

  27. @stuclach Oh, believe me, I don’t mean to deride G.I. Joe – I grew up with a brother two years younger than me, so the "boy" kids’ culture of the late 80s and early 90s was very much part of my life (and, honestly, much more enjoyable than the My Little Pony-colored "girl" culture of the time).  I just know my friend, and though his tastes are eclectic, he’s, well… less masculine than I am.  Still, if that issue is in any way easy to find (is there a reprint or collection available?), I could give it a try.

  28. My brother is an artist and asked me what book he should pick up.  I recommended Rocketo and he loved it.

  29. @Conor – I agree that Bendis’s run tops Brubakers, but does it beat Miller’s?

  30. @ultimatehoratio – Miller’s run is also classic.  But I haven’t read enough of it to state my emphatic opinion on it.  I missed out on the omnibus (still kicking myself).

  31. @Conor – I’m a bigger fan of "Born Again" and "The Man Without Fear" mini than I am the classic run.  IMO, "Born Again" is the greatest DD story of all time.

  32. thanks for answering my voicemail guys. you cured my confusion so much. love the making fun of the Ladification of MARVEL villains

    i’d like to make a note someone in an older podcast asked about the Teddy Roosevelt JSA character turning into Magog and he was correct. just were’nt sure if you guys took note of that at all. 

    keep up the good work guys!

  33. @ brush. I’m kinda a hater of Amos as well but paging through that book, I can tell that there is definitely good stuff going on in it.

  34. I’m torn on who could be the best Daredevil writer, cause all of them have qualities to their runs….

    On one hand, Frank Miller practically made Daredevil who he is. Plus he made one of the best remembered stories in comics with Elektra/Bullseye fight. But on another hand the Kevin Smith run was just some of the best stories you’d see in comics today. Adding a lot of religious, yet funny, undertones to it. Bendis of course has done a fantastic job on this title and probably made sure it would last longer then it would have if he didnt write it….Then we got Brubaker who’s…well okay the last two years havent been good but still I’m sure a lot of people think a whiny Daredevil is good…

    So who is the best Daredevil writer? Cause I love all of these guys and it’s too hard to choose!

  35. @Champ – I thought Silent Bob’s Daredevil run was great. I never got into much of Bendis’ run (too many issues of all talking & no action scared me away), & everything I have read from Miller’s run has been awesome. But, I don’t think there is a definite way to say one writer’s run is "better" than anothers — it comes down to personal opinion.

  36. For the comic book art question, Top 10 49ers is a great example for that (I know Ron mentioned Gene Ha… but still… this is a pretty book).

  37. Infectious laughter abound during the discussion of Guerillas. Just for that I’m looking at the last page when I go to the store today. Hope you had some towels with you during that Rogues Revenge nerdgasm ("ahhh, this.. this is so-o-o-o goo-o-d"). Wish I could have a nerdgasm like that. Don’t even know if I can. Maybe I haven’t met the right comic yet..

    NA and MA were bad? wish someone would have told me sooner. i thought MA was great.

  38. I liked both Avengers books this last week!

    I am the forgotten voice! 

  39. @josh – My bad. And since you don’t like good comics, it totally makes sense πŸ˜‰

    btw – I checked out the last page of Guerillas. Not half as funny as Ron made it out to be. 

  40. @FACE  No no no!  Josh *loves* good comics.  Josh hates *fun*. 

    Keep it straight!  πŸ™‚ 

  41. @ohcaroline – so he says

  42. @FACE Mighty Avengers was my pick! (I’m the only one in the ifanbase!)

  43. Another great podcast!

    I too got caught up in Ron’s laughter over the last page of Guerillas.  It reminded me of an olf Mary Tyler Moore episode when she couldn’t stop laughing while reading a story of the death of a clown.

    One quick note, Captain Cold’s glasses are based upon Inuit snow goggles (not 3D glasses).  The thin slit allows the wearer to see while (hopefully) minimizing the glare reflected off of the snow.

    Lastly, thanks for the Pinhead Gunpowder song.  I have always wondered, who gets to pick the music for the podcast.  Is it the person who has the pick of the week, an intern or does one of you always get that honor?




  44. @bean6344 – The music is picked by whomeever edits the show that week, which could be any one of the three of us.

  45. I don’t hate Hal Jordan, promise! I’ve just been there, read that, and figured you guys would recommend it.

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