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Pick of the Week #194 – The Amazing Spider-Man #600

Show Notes

It’s a brief one this week as we record from San Diego Comic-Con where Conor, Josh, Ron, are joined by Jim Mroczkowski and Gordon the Intern. No “official” show notes this week. Enjoy the hilarity.

Running Time: 00:39:09

Thanks to CalebTheTimeTraveler for the show notes!

Pick of the Week:
00:02:30 – Conor can just barely talk about The Amazing Spider-Man #600 and brain damage.

00:09:30 – Rons Pick was Green Lantern #44 and all its Alien Zombie Goodness.
00:14:14 – The Gang Mourns the Loss of such a Great Series with Captain Britain and MI 13 #15.
00:16:05 – Josh’s Pick was Bloody Invincible #64, with 27 Pints of Blood!
00:20:41 – G.I. Joe #7 has a new artist on the book, and Conor Liked it. Hey Jimski likes it, he really likes it.
00:23:19 – Ron talks about his “friends” down at Discount Comic Book Service.
00:24:09 – Jack of Fables #36 is back to normal, but really isn’t. But Ron and Conor are to busy looking at something much cooler.
00:28:04 – Guardians of the Galaxy #16 goes Time Travel-y and Animation-y.
00:29:50 – Jimski talks about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #8.
00:32:50 – Phonogram: The Singles Club #4 was so simple and delicately intricate.
00:35:00 – Josh doesn’t think Peter Milligan is writing Hellblazer #257.

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  1. Wow, that wuz fast.

  2. You guys sound like you smoked a carton apeice, drank whiskey all night, and DJ’d 3 parties.  It was awkwardly sexy;)

  3. Wow, I give you guys props. You sound like wary soldiers about to imbark in one last, likely suicidal, battle befor the war is over.  Yet you give us moments of your fleeting time to us, who failed to go to war.  For this I salute you… and laugh slightly at your grizzled voices.

  4. Comics:
    2:30-Conor can just barely talk about Amazing Spiderman #600 and Brain Damage.
    9:30-Rons Pick was Green Lantern #44 and all it’s Alien Zombie Goodness.
    14: 14-The Gang Mourns the Loss of such a Great Series with Captain Britian and MI 13 #15
    16:05-Josh’s Pick was Bloody Invincible #64, with 27 Pints of Blood!
    20:41- GI Joe #7 has a new Artist on the book, and Conor Liked it. Hey Jimski he likes it, he really Likes it.
    23:19-Ron talks about his "Friends" down at Discount Comic Book Service
    24:09-Jack of Fables #36 is Back to normal, but really isn’t. But Ron and Conor are to busy looking at something much cooler.
    28:04-Guardians of the Galaxy #16 goes Time Travel-y and Animation-y.
    29:50-Jimski talks about Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #8 (of 8)
    32:50-Phonogram Singles Club #4 was so Simple and Delicately intricate.
    35:00-Josh doesn’t think Peter Milligan is writing Hellblazer #257

  5. Nice episode.

  6. wow. no Legion of 3 Worlds. I guess you guys really didn’t care for it.

  7. I don’t think they’ve read any other Legion Books. Ever.

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I know Conor liked the Superman and the Legion of Superheroes arc on Action Comics. At least one issue was POW. 

    Legion rules. Can’t wait for Adventure Comics! 

  9. Big ups to Caleb on show notes.

  10. We don’t want Bale to runin his voice?

  11. I’m a big fan of LEGION OF 3 WORLDS. But you can’t talk about every book in the show.

  12. Flipping the pages near the microphone: the new fingernails on chalkboard.

  13. I thought it was interesting to hear them looing at the comics while one of them talks

  14. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Nice works, guys.  Thanks for getting this podcast done.  I just assumed that Paul would have had to do it alone or something.  Didn’t think you’d all find the time to record this yesterday.

    I didn’t mind so much the nearly constant flipping of comics pages near the beginning of the podcast.  It added versimilitude.

    Oh, and Jimski (at least, I’m pretty sure it was Jimski) calling out Conor and Ron for ignoring Josh’s JACK OF FABLES discussion was great.

    Thanks for busting your butts this week!  I’m looking forward to seeing the video shows that come out of all this. 

  15. Very good show, guys. Ron wins the award of “Founding ifanboy Member Who Sounds The Least Like Death.” I loved the “Green isn’t primary” interjection. Also, did someone mention that Stryfe made an appearance in Captain Britain? This episode had a sense of urgency mixed with humor, which made it even better. One last question for anybody reading Guardians of the Galaxy: when the early 90’s Guardians of the Galaxy showed up in this weeks issue, was Hollywood (an alternate future Wonderman) with them?

  16. Who kept turning pages in the beginning!? That was kind of annoying when I’m listening to it with headphones.

    Great podcast though!

  17. No guest spot for Paul? i guess he didn’t make it to SD in time?

  18. @BenBugenig- yep, the headphones magnify the page-flipping to excruciating levels.

  19. This is awesome. Thank you for being troopers after a rough night (hope fun) and doing the show for us.

  20. ha ha. fables

  21. @CalebTheTimeTraveler


  22. Damn… I was looking forward to a Paul-only show

  23. @Josh – I totally agree with you on Jack of Fables. This was a return to the very fun stories of the early issues. I couldn’t tell Willingham and Sturges weren’t writing it.

  24. Y’know, I’ma  huge fan of Peter Milligan (it’s where I get my screen name) and I have to say I’m not liking his HB run. His John is too scummy for me. Or more accurately He’s too scummy in the wrong sort of way.

  25. Great show guys. You sound like you’re hurting inside.

  26. All that partying will catch up eventually.

    I’m only on the 2nd minute of this and you all sound like your gonna die. I can’t wait to go to SDCC one day…

  27. Sorry for the double post, but I got a great idea!

    You guys should go to director Todd Phillips and pitch yourselves to be the lead actors for ‘Hangover 2: San Diego Comic-Con’

  28. The extent of Atom Eve’s powers, and the reason she can’t modify people, is explained in the Invincible Presents: Atom Eve 2 issue mini that came out some time ago.  More than likely Kirkman will touch on those points in the next issue.

    Good show, even with Jimski’s Invincible hating 😛


  29. @Drake: DUH!!! 🙂

  30. AH!

    The illustrator of the 1900s Oz books was John R. Neill, not Kevin O’Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Important difference.


  31. good podcast =)

  32. I got a sore throat just listening to the show. Get some hot water with lemon and honey, boys.

  33. I disagree with Jimski’s assertion that Invincible’s headbutts wouldn’t cause that kind of damage. The point where Mark’s head is making contact appears to be the very top of his head, above the forehead, which is the hardest part of the skull (when I used to ‘wrassle’, it was where one was taught to aim chairshots since it has the least risk of causing one to sound like the average wrestler in real life conversation). He’s headbutting Conquest’s face, basically the softest spot of the head. I don’t think there’s a logic problem as far as the outcome of his repeatedly headbutting Conquest’s face off.

    Plus, what else is he supposed to do? Every appendage on him was turned to red paint.

  34. Plus, and this is very often neglected, Viltrumite milk. It does a body good, which in turn does another body very, very bad.

  35. Haven’t gotten a chance to download the show yet, but I just wanted to mention my appreciation for this week’s pick and Conor’s review — I wouldn’t have picked up Spider-Man without such a glowing review but I did and it was excellent.  A truly deserving landmark issue; Slott did a great job with all the supporting characters, and even the backups were universally terrific.  Thanks!

  36. @captbastrd

    Repeated knees to the groin!!  That’s what he could have done.  All kidding aside, it isn’t too big a leap in comic book logic.

    Thanks for the dilligence in getting the show out guys!

  37. Dude, the iFanboys need to mix in a little agua at the Con.

  38. @MisterJ: Do you really want that? You thought headbutting was bloody….

    *closes legs* I dont wanna think about it!!! >_<

  39. @Josh @Conor @Ron Great to see you at the party. See ya next year.

  40. @CaptBastrd: You beat me to it. I was also going to point out the whole difference in strength from the upper forehead to the face. It’s actually very effective at crushing bone. Particularly bridge of the nose and orbital sockets. They’re strong but in comparison to the forehead they won’t hold up.

    Good Show! 

  41. I suggest next comic con you guys hire people to do all the talking for you and save your voices for the podcast!

  42. Well done for taking time out from sleep to put together a fun podcast. Are you kipping now?

  43. Thank you so much for putting together the POW show on top of all the other coverage of the con. You guys are awesome!

    and I agree with @vadamowens, the scratchy, gravely voices are kinda hot. You should lose your voices every week 🙂

  44. Awesome, thanks guys!

  45. Good intro tune, and fun dining blog the other day.  Great to hear this blog as well.  <3

  46. @spiderphilman: It’s a podcast, not a blog.  🙂

  47. Great show guys. The Party at Tivoli was epic and it was great to meet all of you.

  48. Best. Episode. EVAR!

  49. Anyone annoyed at the lack of a video show this week… listen to how wrecked these guys sound. I almost prefer these kinda shows, it’s like listening to people talking the morning a reeeeaally heavy party.

    Great show. And Phonogram is awesome.

  50. I can’t say I was annoyed at their Anti Video this week.

    It took me till today to realize that they should have a new video up, so I’m not that ticked that there isn’t one. But If I went on last night and didn’t see one, I might have been more somewhat annoyed, if at all.

  51. You know what I’ve realized after reading Invincible 64 during the podcast?… Invincible is beginning to read like Dragon Ball Z or at least this arc.

  52. I find it funny that they say spider-man had more weight than green lantern, since the last issue of spider-man I read felt pointless.

  53. That is funny!

  54. Cool they actually put up my Notes.

    I feel important now!

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