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Pick of the Week #395 – Deadpool #13

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick calls in live from San Diego Comic-Con, and despite a shaky connection, we forge onward, while Josh Flanagan and Paul Montgomery enter phases of advanced heat stroke. Plus there’s also a problem with Baja Fresh. 2/3 of us may never recover.

Total Running Time: 01:01:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:42 – Deadpool #13

Deadpool_1300:08:54 – Conan the Barbarian #19
00:12:49 – Ultimate Spider-Man #25
00:16:11 – Nova #6
00:19:07 – Batman ’66 #1
00:24:53 – The Death of Haggard West
00:26:43 – Invincible #104
00:28:57 – Thor: God of Thunder #10
00:31:59 – 100 Bullets: Brother Lono #2
00:33:42 – Revival #12
00:34:52 – Batman Beyond Unlimited #18

User Reviews:
00:35:50 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:36:53 – wheelhands reviews Wonder Woman #22.
00:39:27 – Creyes247 reviews Justice League of America’s Vibe #6.

Audience Questions:
00:42:53 – Alan from Piscataway, NJ asks about explaining all character origins.
00:46:51 – Dave asks what events delivered all the way through, start to finish.
00:50:05 – Callum from The Isle of Man asks where we stand on letter columns.

“If You Want Me to Stay”
Sly and the Family Stone


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  1. Thanks for using my review, guys!

    I wasn’t surprised by The Fourth World stuff. Obviously Azzarello’s been teasing it for half the run. I just couldn’t have predicted that we’d be visiting New Genesis in the pages of Wonder Woman way back when the book began. .

    I agree with Paul about the depiction of Orion. It’s tons of fun. I really enjoyed the way his demeanor changed in the presence of Highfather. I felt bad for the guy. Good stuff.

  2. Wow! A full hour podcast in the middle of SDCC. That’s dedication guys, thanks for doing this.

  3. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Loved the music at the end of the show, but I still hate Wonder Woman #22.

  4. Blackest Night and Infinite Crisis had good endings?? Well, Blackest Night was as terrible at the end as it was in the beginning but Infinite Crisis went nowhere I thought.

    Great show though, as always. Even if it did sound like Conor was broadcasting from space.

    • Oh and one thing about letter columns is that though they may be obsolete in current issues, it’s a blast to read old letter columns in old comics as it gives you a nice idea of the zeitgeist in which those older issues came out.

    • Great show, and well done to Conor especially, that was above and beyond.

      As regards Callum’s email, if Nextwave’s lettercol was fictitious, then I am too – eek!

  5. Thanks for answering my email guys! And yes it’s hot as hell out in Piscataway! 95-98° weather with humidity for 6 straight days!

  6. I assumed that sex scene page in Deadpool was a riff on the sex scene from Steranko’s Nick Fury. Some of the panels are the exact same.

  7. Thanks for including my question guys! 🙂

  8. I very much enjoyed Batman ’66 more in print than digitally. Seeing the whole page at once was nice. When viewed digitally, some panels are zoomed way in to fill the screen and look a little off when compared to the larger panels which have higher resolution when viewed in the same screen space. It took me out of the experience. When in printed form, it flowed much better.

  9. Other must-read letter columns (that I don’t think were mentioned) are Saga and Private Eye. Very entertaining and worthwhile.