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Pick of the Week #243 – Daytripper #8

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San Diego looms on the horizon as the iFanboy gents gather to discuss Josh’s Pick of the Week and fend off the madness that is the San Diego Comic-Con for just a few more days. Luckily there are lots of comic books to distract them from all the laundry and prep work that still needs to be done before they reach the sunny shores of southern California.

Running Time: 01:05:48

Pick of the Week:
00:01:15 – It may have been depressing as hell, but it was too good not to make it the Pick for Josh: Daytripper #8 tugs on those heart strings.

00:08:55 – Conor enjoyed Superman #701 but for all the wrong reasons.
00:15:03 – Everyone agrees that Joe Casey and Chris Burnham’s Officer Downe is fantastic.
00:18:33 – Also fantastic was the first issue of Sweets by Kody Chamberlain.
00:20:30 – X-Men: Second Coming #2 finishes the best X-Men crossover in ages, according to Ron, despite a bit of a “meh” finish.
00:22:50 – But Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age one-shot was easily Ron’s Pick of the Week.
00:25:40 – The Sixth Gun #2 is right up Josh and Conor’s alley.
00:30:15 – Ultimate Spider-Man #12 is not only a great story turning things on their ear, but David LaFuente is killing it on art.
00:31:43 – Josh is not smart enough for The Unwritten #12.
00:33:06 – Cockfighting hasn’t been this good since Seinfeld, but Chew #12 makes it work.
00:34:46 – Two words about Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #2: Phoenix Gun.
00:36:03 – Conor is loving Justice League: Generation Lost #5.

User Reviews:
00:37:34 – Neb agrees with Ron in his praise of Thanos Imperative #2.
00:39:27 – ProjectX2 praises The Invincible Iron Man #28.

00:43:44 – Kyle wants to know if there are too many ongoing series in comics?
00:47:10 – James Feaster needs Josh to tell him where to start on WildC.A.T.S.

00:49:38 – Shelly wants to know how Diary of A Wimpy Kid got Harvey nominations?

00:55:56 – San Diego Comic-Con is but one week away!

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  1. I have a trade collection of the original 4 issues of Lee/Choi WildC.A.T.S which is called "WildC.A.T.S Compendium", which may or may not be out of print. I’m sure it’s easy to find online.

     Second Coming had some great scenes and was indeed exciting in places, though I wouldn’t go all the way and say that I loved this. I thought is was too good to be afailed story, but had enough flaws to be a complete success. I think most of my issues come from the fact that I think Hope was more of a MacGuffin and didn’t really seem like the central characterI was hoping her to be. I don’t want to get too into it, but I thought the story was a cocktease. A well written cockteas, but one nonetheless.


    I absolutely agree with your thoughts on X-Men: Enter The Heroic Age, however. Not only do I think that it’s a slightly better epilouge than Second Coming #2, but it also does a great job in springboarding the X-Men into the next era of stories. It was almost my POTW, but that went to Batman #701.


  2. I just realized something:  Daytripper and Return of Bruce Wayne are almost exactly the same concept

  3. Here is an iFaboy request for a Inception podcast. 

  4. Since you guys like Daytripper, here’s a little tidbit you may not know about it.

    In Brazil, our most famous novelist was Machado de Assis, who lived in the late 19th century. His masterpiece, his best-known novel, was "Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas" – a story about a man named Brás, who narrates his life after his death… Check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Posthumous_Memoirs_of_Bras_Cubas

    Though I cannot tell for sure whether Bá and Moon were directly inspired by Machado de Assis… The coincidences are too many not to mention. 

    And BTW, we do have computers down here… Here’s proof. 😉 

    Great episode guys, as usual.

  5. @spiderpjilman: We’re not going to do one. It will most likely how up on the Year End All-Media Spectacular, and possibly before that on a Murmur podcast.

  6. Glad you guys enjoyed Sweets #1. And seriously, I do appreciate you taking the time to give it a read. I’ll stop by and say hi at Comic-Con, I’ll be at the Image booth all week. 

  7. Just a note: Cyclops didn’t get a Medal of Honor, he got a Medal of Freedom – the US government’s highest civilian honor.

  8. Did the iFanboys wanted a bunch of Rom’s or Ron’s at the Cosplay comp? The Rom’s would be cool but the Ron’s would be downright scary. It’d be like a Enimem video but with pasta.

  9. Great episode!  I hope you all have an excellent and productive Comic-Con.

    I completely agree  with the kudos on Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age.  I’d gotten a little burnt out on X-titles, and wasn’t following the crossover at all, but this feels like a new injection of life into the franchise and is going to have me checking out Uncanny again.

    Sweets also sounds like a great bet, and I wouldn’t have known about it without this discussion, so thanks! 

  10. @Heroville Not really, Return of Bruce Wayne has time travel, a main character who remembers each reality and he doesn’t die at the end of each issue. Daytripper has none of those.

  11. well, my sideburns and The Smiths are ready.

  12. No Book Of The Month Talk? Boourns.

  13. Great show as always, guys.

    The way I see it, Daytripper does not tell a story about a "different" Bras each time, but if you put the issues in chronological order, they each tell the ongoing story of Bras, exactly the same guy.

    But each issue telling the story of his life had he not died the way it was shown in the previous issue.

    Did that make any sense?

    Well, keep up the good work! 

  14. Good episode!  I will have to wait for thoughts on the flick, gahhhh!!! 

  15. The Sword Vol. 4 trade came out this week. No mention of this great comic book. What??! Shame, shame on you…

  16. We don’t usually talk about trades on the show that often. But we did bring up the issues several times over as they were coming out.

    That feeling? It’s the shame of your own painful ignorance.

  17. @josh: Wow….

  18. hahahaha

    Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.

    Knowing is usually half the battle, but in this case, knowing is the whole war.

  19. I think josh is getting out all his frustration pre Comic-Con. snippy.

    I’d like to echo the fact that Renato Guedes isn’t a "horrible Avatar" artist, but does feel like an incorrect fit for the Wolverine relaunch.

  20. @ghetto: I actually think he’s not too bad of a choice. Would he be my first? Probably not. But those preview images for his Wolverine stuff already looks 10x better then what I read on his Superman run.

  21. My problem with Officer Downe is that it sounds like the exact same premise as Hard Boiled. Even the art is on the same vein as that story.

  22. That was a crazy long outro.

  23. Also, I’m sorry Ron but…..Who in your opinion is a ‘shitty Avatar’ artist? Cause as far as I can tell: All of the artists working for Avatar are brilliant.

  24. I have seen some good wok from Avatar comic press, especially being a small publisher.

  25. @TheNextChampion – not for me – I’ve checked a few out and none have grabbed me.  to each their own

  26. Juan Jose Ryp is the only Avatar artist that I know about, and his stuff is really fun. Look at the last two issues of Moon Knight. Want to see what he does with PunisherMax.

  27. I also enjoyed Jacen Burrows art on Chronicles of Wormwood quite a bit but there are definitely some Avatar artists who aren’t great.


    Great show by the way, my last comment was sort of rushed/rude.

  28. You read my review! Awesome! Thanks!

  29. That comedy show sounds awesome.

  30. Just for some perspective; I really like JMS (please don’t hit me) but that Superman story still sounds dumb to me.

  31. When I’m being playfully sarcastic, people think I’m being mean.

  32. @josh: That didn’t sound playfully sarcastic.

  33. playful and sarcastic on the internet = mean

  34. Playful and sarcastic on the Internet = Expected

  35. You could make a case that diary of a wimpy kid is a form of sequential art.

    I don’t think anyone needs to feel offended or enraged though. 

  36. I feel like, even if it’s close to comics, if a lot of kids are reading and getting something out of it, that’s a good thing. But I’ve honestly never seen the thing.

  37. Great show, guys.

    About the poetry/love-notes in the Daytripper issue: my slight problem with it didn’t have anything to do with its sentiment; I’m all for guys professing love; but I just don’t think Bras’ words were good based on things like phrasing, word-choice and repetition (how many times do we need to hear about that bakery?). It’s still a minor complaint, though. I really enjoyed you guys discussing the series and how it’s going to end.

    Also: Daytripper does indeed read better monthly. I was late on board and read the first six issues within a span of two days. I still liked it, but it was kinda too repetitive all at once like that

  38. Hey Boys,

    Thanks for showing some love to 11 O’C this week, much love! And you’re absolutely right, we do (Vince especially) hit on some esoteric stuff. But you guys do too, just usually on things like the video show whereas the POTW is too timely to usually invite some of the craziness we meander through. 

    As to the voice mail Josh alluded to, it’s true…we have a caller who is not particularly a fan of you guys. But what’s HYSTERICAL is that this dude apparently still has no idea that I write a column here or that Chris does Don’t Miss. But rest assured, this particular caller is an equal opportunity basher. He also makes frequent use of racial epithets, hates that I use "big words" and once left us a voicemail apologizing for not calling in awhile but explaining that it was because he was in jail. I. Kid. You. Not.

  39. So what you’re saying is there’s a racist criminal out there who doesn’t like us? Awesome.

  40. Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are funny, But the art are stick figures

  41. I’ll have to disagree with the general consensus that the media getting bored of Superman just walking around is absurd. The media follows around famous crackpot personalities like Lindsay Lohan incessently because they deliver a spectacle. Think about all the extraordinarily famous people there are in the world, and think about how many of them you don’t see on tv 24/7.

    Lots of famous people can walk down the street unmolested. Its because they don’t offer a spectacle, and atm Superman isn’t either.

  42. The first time I had actually read some of the books they were talking about. Thank you digital distribution

  43. Wondrous show as ever, you guys make me smile. Enjoy the con.

  44. @msarsur – THAT IS TOTALLY FASCINATING!  Your message seems to have gotten missed, but your little clue actually sheds a lot of light on the why of Daytripper.  Will be interesting to see if they tie it into the novel in the final issue.

    Thanks for posting the info.

  45. One quick point re: Diary of  Wimpy Kid. Just to put this into perspective about it being a "big deal." 

    Scott Pilgrim, geek love tome that it may be, has 500,000 copies in print (with the 6th having a first printing of 100K, so let’s say 600K).

    To date, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has sold 30 MILLION copies. So yeah, I’d say one is just a BIT more of a cultural phenomenon than the other. 🙂


  46. Great. I never trade-wait. Never ever. Even when I plan to do, once the single issues arrive in the shop, I buy those. Now, with Daytripper, I thought it would be be a nice book to have collected on the shelf. So I really made it. I avoided the single issues, faithfully waiting for this serie to be over so I can get the trades. The constant praises, not just on iFanboy, made that even harder. AND NOW YOU GUYS COME ALONG AND SAY IT’S ONE OF THOSE RARE BOOKS THAT ACTUALLY READ BETTER IN SINGLE ISSUES.

  47. Good show guys, however you made one mistake!

    When comparing Judge Dredd to a cop in another story, you said Judge Dredd is British. He is not, he’s a cop from Mega-City One (East Coast, USA). Notice Dredd has the American flag on his belt buckle. SLAM-DUNK.

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