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Pick of the Week #293 – Batgirl #23

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick struggles with one of those weeks which leads to a new segment where we try to understand why he didn’t pick other books. Meanwhile, Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards struggle with too many good books to choose from and yet breakout into The Electric Slide? And then we hear some feedback from a listener and… well, shit get’s real.

Running Time: 01:06:59

Pick of the Week:
00:01:55 – The details of this week’s pick of Batgirl #23 are broken down by Conor.

00:08:30 – What was missing from Captain America #1 that didn’t blow everyone away? (We still enjoyed it.)
00:10:42 – Josh and Ron loved The Red Wing #1 from Jonathan Hickman, but Conor had a hard time with the oblique storytelling
00:14:28 – Well, it’s no surprise that Ron loved X-Men: Schism #1, so much so that it’s kinda annoying
00:18:40 – Massive public support for Ultimate Fallout #1, but Conor felt it was unnecessary. And yet it made Ron tear up.
00:22:42 – Green Lantern #67 ends the massive storyline and finally confused Ron to the point of displeasure.
00:26:10 – Ryan Stegman’s art on The Amazing Spider-Man #655 made the issue all that. The story? not so much.
00:29:37 – Much like the other books that he didn’t pick, Conor thought Detective Comics #879 was solid
00:30:34 – Anytime there’s good Hate Monger, Ron is there and he found that in Black Panther: Man Without Fear #521
00:32:45 – The surprise crossover in Starborn #8 made Ron and Conor’s head spin. But how about those colors?!
00:34:34 – Josh sees an ending on the horizon with Hellboy: The Fury #2
00:37:06 – Even though Flashpoint: Frankenstein – Creatures of the Unknown #2 is familiar, everyone is enjoying it
00:37:58 – Josh and Ron are excited for the first chapter of 9 in the final story arc in Northlanders #42

User Reviews:
00:39:03 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week
00:40:15 – bigben2012 is loving not only Jason Aaron but also Steve Dillon on Punisher MAX #15.
00:42:01 – kingdomofevan points out how great Alpha Flight #2 is.

00:44:53 – James C. is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore

00:58:04 – San Diego Comic-Con is coming!

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  1. Loving the Wugazi.

  2. Fugazi + Wu-Tang Clan == Awesome!

  3. Ron, when you answered the letter from James… What a class act. Amazing. Kudos!

  4. Oh man, someone is still on about that Blackest Night thing? Seriously, in which world was any issue of Blackest Night ever remotely close to being as good as even the very worst issue of Scalped? It’s just insane.

    Great show as always.

  5. The iFanboy POTW podcast is an opinon show, not what “you the viewer think should be the POTW” show. Getting mad because of the iFanboys didn’t pick what you thought should be the pick is crazy. It’s only a comic book. Get mad about everything else more important.

    On a side note, Ron you should totally run for political office.

  6. Heya, great show as always. I think the way you answered that email was really incredible, and the guy who sent it was totally wrong. I love that you pick your own personal tastes, it gives such varied opinions, and as such I’ve discovered a lot of new books because of it. And on a personal note, I was drifting out of comics until I found this podcast, and the passion and enjoyment you get out of comics persuaded me to give them another go, and now I’m a bigger fan then ever. So yeah, I loved the way you answered that email, and he if he does give up with this site, its his loss, cause its awesome. 🙂 (Detective comics shoulda been pick of a week….Bad Connor…didnt want this post to sound to kiss assy so had to add that :P)

  7. Wow that e-mail cracked me up. For what its worth, scalped 30 was amazing, Josh I still got your back.

  8. I agree with the iFanhosts re: James’ email (he was very much out of line). But to be completely accurate, you do generally open the show by saying: “we pick the best one” rather than “we pick our favorite one”. One is objective the other is subjective

    It’s a minor semantic issue but… do you think this is occasionally the cause of these misunderstandings?

  9. Just to turn this into even more of a quibble fest, how can “best” possibly be objective? It’s a value judgment.

  10. Conner I hope you give Spider-Island a chance, Slott I think deserve some credit this year.  The funeral issue that Marcos Martin drew was incredible.  I loved the dialogue in this issue. 

  11. Haters gonna hate. Great show iFanboys.

  12. Ron, Bravo!!!! I am literally listening to your podcast as I write this. Way to respond. 

  13. I agree w/ James C.  that Moon Night #3 versus my POTW Flashpoint #3 is the difference between night & day.  However people are allowed to have different opinions.   In fact, I agree w/ Conor most often among the podcasting trio.  But after a review of Scalped by another member of the trio; I gave it a chance in trades & enjoy that title very much right along w/ Fables & whatother Fables miniseries that is ongoing at the time from Vertigo.   Bottom line is people enjoy what they enjoy & that is what makes America great.

    So read some comics & have some fun.


  14. hahaha James is sperging out

  15. Thanks again guys for a great podcast, reaffirming once again, that this is why I come back to this site. Great discussion and I respect you guys for putting James’ words out there. I liked Batman: Knight of Vengence #2, but I loved hearing the professional way you all handled the email.

  16. @ohcaroline  Yes, I realize this but I think you know what I mean.

    In sports, the runner who finished first is the best runner, but your favorite runner may or may not have won.

    To say that you chose the best book implies that it is an objective exercise. It is indeed a a minor point but I think it possibly makes a difference in how the pick is percieved by some people.

  17. I can’t imagine there’s much of a crossover audience for the Bad Girls Club in the comic world

  18. You guys are sponsored by Oxygen network’s Bad Girls Club, which also has a spot at ComicCon this year.

    That’s just too f-ing bizarre for words at this point. I’d say it was a sign of the apocalypse, but that’s kind of cliche and doesn’t due justice to how f-ing bizarre our whole culture has gotten to at this point.

    Bad Girls Club, from Oxygen network, has a spot at a ComicCon–and yet the actual comic industry is nearly on lifesupport–and yet a comics podcast is also being supported by this show. BIZARRE.

    Good show, though. I mean you guys. Not Bad Girls Club.

  19. To be fair, Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2 would have won the comic presidential election of that week. Picking Moon Knight #3 as POTW is like a vote for Cynthia McKinney in 2008.

  20. If anyone was going to do a POTW out of spite my money would be on Josh (kidding).

  21. What a well-crafted and classy rebuttal, guys. Your diversity is your strength, and it’s well worth reminding people of that.

    Also, thanks for reading my Alpha Flight review!

  22. Wow.  Anyways..  I need to know something as I am going to Comic Con…. what was the name of that burger joint (not In n’ Out) that you all enjoyed so much?

  23. I wonder if James C wrote a similar email to the head of the academy awards when the Dark Knight wasn’t nominated for Best Picture.

  24. Man, I was getting angry listening to that guy’s e-mail, so I applaud you guys for being pretty calm and collected with your reply.

  25. I just listened to the show and heard James C’s email. I don’t agree at all with the way he made his point and i feel like 80% of what he said is invalid…. there are a few things that he brings up though.

    The POTW and the podcast really are more of an editorial than a review (which is fine) it took me a little while to get this too.

    and even though you make the disclaimer that the POTW is your personal favourite book there are times in the podcast when you describe it as the best book (you even did that immediately after responding to James C’s email) which isn’t actually a subjective term.

    And, come on, there is a little combativeness with the audience.

  26. i have NEVER understood why people get so upset about the picks of the week. So much anger and personal offense taken….like someone just ran over their puppy. There are more important things in your town/city/state/country/world to devote your Spartacus energies to. 

    Classy rebutal guys….the fact that you devoted so much time on your show to it shows how much you care about your readers and the integrity of the site and all that. I think your guys show is great the way it is…keep on keepin on.  

  27. OMG that reading of the e-mail nearly made me piss myself, lmfao! I would’ve picked either Fallout or Detective, but I was stuck in their awesomeness

  28. The premise that Alterna-Bat Shyamalan By Numbers #2 was the universally acclaimed Sergeant Pepper of the Week is my favorite bit. I find that hate mail like that inevitably says way more about the author’s ethos than iFanboy’s, and it always makes me glad to be reading these guys’ picks.

    Oh, and even gladder the POW is not my responsibility. 

  29. @edward  You said it much better than I was trying to.

  30. I really don’t comment very much on POTW podcasts, but, as those who posted earlier made quite clear, you all handled James C. very well. Furthermore, I found it rather rude and irrational to attack ron’s side burns. There are two things that I come to this site for: comics and mutton chops, and I’ll be damned if not satisfied each and every day. There may be sites who share my palette of graphic artistry or story or writers or characters, but not a one can deliver facial hair on a similar scale. General Burnside and Mark Twain, I imagine, look down from the heavens on this site and stroke their haired trophies of manhood in pride. 

  31. Also, for the record: The New York Times panned Sgt. Pepper in 1967.

  32. @UncleBob  HoDads

  33. @Jimski  If you did have the POW could you actually find one book every three weeks to say something positive about?

  34. Nothing about art (in any form) is truly objective, not even a review. How boring would it be if it was … about as exciting as math perhaps? Also, what can you gain or learn from only talking to people who agree with you?

    PS – Ron you rock those sideburns.  

  35. Best E-Mail ever.

  36. @edward  

    An review is an editorial.

  37. Also, belive it or not, you can not like the Beatles.

  38. Lastly, Blackest Night wasn’t even good.

  39. Man, that email made me smile. Proud to be a member, great site, and chin up Ron, your side burns are pretty sweet.

  40. @NawidA  I look at a review as a journalist objectively discussing the merits of something, film, music, whatever. No reveiwer begins his/her acticle by saying this “just so you know, i’m going to bang on about my own idiosyncraties to review this”

    and I’m not saying the iFanboys are wrong to do it that way. In fact, i enjoy it but it is something different to a straight review

  41. I’ve been all about that Wugazi mashup this week. “Another Chessboxin’ Argument”… is everything great about the internet.

  42. I think the more important topic is this:

    Why the fuck is the show ‘Bad Girls Club’ being heavily advertised here and at SDCC? 

  43. Holy crap my review was read. Thank you guys for that.

  44. Also, it’s reeeeeaaalllllyyy hard to get into the show when you start off being smug knowning the infamous email is coming.

    Seriously, a silent film is less subtle on important plot points then that. 

  45. You guys should have responded to James C by quoting the Dude from the Big Lebowski.

    “Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man”.

  46. @ghettojourno  Agreed. Obama = Batman FP mini issue for that POTW.  On the other side, Jonah Hex #69 would be getting McCain status.  Not a bad pick but not what a majority of the readers wanted. 


  47. @NawidA  Agreed.  Some people enjoy the Bee Gees than the Beatles (cough) me (cough).  However, I did like Blackest Night very much.


  48. I never liked the Beatles that much.

  49. Peace and love, guys. Peace and love.

  50. I think I must be super awesome because i can’t stand the Bee Gees or the Beatles… however, i can recognise the quality of their stuff

  51. James’ email has made me realize how important it is to fess up to ones mistakes in taste.

    So I would like to take this moment and apologize to the iFanboy community. Last week, I also did not pick Batman: Knight of Vengence as my POTW, and I simply feel terrible about this now.  I went ahead and picked [NO PICK MADE YET FOR LAST WEEK].

    I would also like to apologize to The Beattles. I also did not write a favorable review of their Stg. Pepper’s album that week when it came out, I instead wrote no review at all. The fact that I was not alive the week that album came out is no excuse for failing to write a favorable review. I certainly hope the remaining Beattle’s find it in their hearts to forgive me.

    I would also like to apologize for never having purchased and reviewed opium traded by the East India Company, a very popular item back in the 18th and 19th centuries. My excuse, well…I’ve only been alive in the 20th and 21st centuries, really don’t want to use that sort of thing, et cetera.

    As for Blackest Night…it was okay, not great.   Oh no, now I have to apologize for a new thing!  😉

  52. @powerdad  I totally hate it when people nonsensically rant too, man, i  hear you

  53. I just spat coffee on my laptop listening to that crazy email. I’m blaming Ron’s sideburns too! 😉

  54. @TheNextChampion  Silent films can be subtle. They aren’t all the same. Just like comics, they are just a way to tell a story and can do so in any number of ways.

  55. James C is a genuinally hilarious moron. I almost laughed my ass off listening to his drivel. Man gets carried away with a sideburn metaphor to the point it is no longer a metaphor lol

  56. I’m quite fond of sideburns.  Ron’s are very nice.  That is all.

  57. Ron’s sideburns are my Pick of the Week every week.

  58. You guys are way too nice. That dude is a douchebag. All reviews are opinions, not just on this site, but everywhere. It’s completely subjective. The only thing that makes it different on here is that you guys pick your favorite to write about. If you were to pick what you thought was the most important or whatever, like most reviews, they wouldn’t all be positive write ups. You’d likely tear a few books apart, which you do on the show from time to time. But it would still be subjective. Favorite, best, worst, least favorite, made me throw up, it’s all subjective. However, the question remains: what’s the URL to James’s website?

  59. By the way, also released the same day as Sgt. Pepper: David Bowie’s debut album. It was a failure. Poor guy. Wonder what ever happened to him. . . .

  60. I can’t understand why somebody would get so upset that their POTW wasn’t picked by iFanboy as the POTW. My POTW wasn’t picked. hell, my POTW wasn’t even PULLED by any of the guys. But when they didn’t even read the book I thought was the best comic of the week, I certainly didn’t feel the need to write an angry e-mail about it. Some people really need to take a long hard look at their priorities.

  61. Also, last week was probably the first time in 3 years that I had the same POTW as Ron. I FINALY FEEL VINDICATED!!!!

  62. That guy complaining that the PotW doesn’t match his? Fuck that guy.

  63. I love Fugazi.  On my twenty first birthday I got yelled at by Ian Mackaye (For real.  He was pissed.) for standing up and cheering at a show, when supposedly he had asked everyone to sit on the ground and silently enjoy everything.  I was wasted and didn’t hear him ask everyone to sit, and was very confused as to why I was the only one standing, dancing, singing along with the songs, and cheering in between them.  Then of course, like all other twenty first birthdays, I puked my guts out.

    Where is this all going?  I love Fugazi, and I enjoy Wu-Tang.  How have I never heard Wugazi!?  I gotta get this.  Thanks for the heads up.

  64. Most podcasts I listen to, of which this is one, bandy about subjectivism too heavily.  While I agree that, for the most part, “good” comics is largely subjective, I think there are certain standards that we can apply to a comic to judge whether or not it is good.  I think we can reasonably criticize technique and storytelling, whereas criticizing a style would be less amenable to objective criticism, because that aspect of art has much more to do with personal taste.  Criticism of art can also be grounded on the intentions of the artist and whether they failed or succeeded in his/her intent.

    Having said that, I still love your show, because it’s always been clear that the Pick of the Week is based on your personal interests and what you enjoyed the most.  You set up no such standards as I mentioned above to judge your comics and that’s fine, it’s not necessary, and quite frankly, if you guys started doing that, I think the show would be less fun.  Keep up the good work, iFanboy.

  65. I’m about as comfortable with folks in this thread kind of piling on James as I am with his email.

  66. I totally hate it when others impose that their opinion is the “right” opinion. Why call it an opinion, then? And yes, one’s PoTW is a form of opinion. There is a thing called individuality, and that’s what makes each and everyone of us different from another person. A majority of people having the same opinion doesn’t automatically make them right. And honestly, if you base your enjoyment on a comic book from the enjoyment of others on such comic book, then I pity you. And as what was said already by Ifanboy and the other comments  here, the PoTW is based on what the reviewer thought was the best comics of the week. They repeat that every week on the podcast! 

    It’s funny that while this guy was complaining about the PoTW, he just became the Douche of the Year. I wonder if the essence of the Hatemonger bonded with this douche…

    P.S: What the hell is this vindication you’re talking about?! WTF?! I laughed when I heard that, its like someone’s DEMANDING you to pick the “right” PoTW, haha. Just ignore that voice inside your head….and see a psychiatrist! 

  67. Conor- Do you just not have air conditioning?

  68. Ron – Judges in Canada do not wear poofy wigs. That’s England. There’s a judge IN the Alpha Flight issue who is clearly not wearing one.

    What I’m saying is, until a retraction is printed, all of Canada will be considering your sideburns as fair game for ridicule. It’s only fair.

    (I wanted to commend you for that epic e-mail rebuttal, but national pride takes priority.)

  69. I am surprised there was no discussion of the train wreck that was FF #6 this week.  It would have been nice to hear the iFanboy’s discusison of the merits / problems with the art and story.    

  70. It’d be one thing if a book like Blackest Night #1 or Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2 was completely ignored on the podcast (or website) but just because Ron (or Josh or Conor) showcased another book as his POTW shouldn’t be cause for such fuss.

    James C, although I disagree with your point and how you delivered it, thanks for taking the time to write. It got their attention and made for an entertaining show.

    Thank you Ron, Conor, and Josh for creating iFanboy and fostering a great community of opinionated so and so’s. I am truly appreciative for the podcast, and the website.

  71. @ericmci  They turn off the AC when recording to keep down on background noise.

  72. @Toug  oh so that Judge just has awful hair – got it. consider it retracted

  73. I love @ronxo’s epic sideburns.  I tried to grow them but they just connected into a beard.  I rarely agree with the pick of the week, but I also don’t buy neerly as many books as they do anymore.  Which means I can use their pick of the week for what I might like in a trade.  It balances out quite nicely.

  74. I loved the sad Hulk music at the very end of the podcast. I pictured Ron’s sideburns sadly walking off into the sunset.

    Great show!

  75. Very impressed you addressed that letter guys. I agree that James C’s personal attacks were uncalled for, they seemed pretty mean-spirited and it took away from his point. I don’t agree with his point either. As someone who’s followed you guys for almost 10 years now, it’s pretty obvious that some of you like specific types of stories/characters/writers and a lot of time that love trumps the majority opnion. I have no problem with you picking something against the grain and in fact, i really look forward to hearing why that particular book stood out to you over the greater consensus. Disagreeing with a pick is one thing, but flat-out insulting people who you disagree with is downright childish.
    That being said, I don’t know if i can necessarily agree that creative criticism or discussion about the site is always accepted by everyone who works at iFanboy. I won’t single out anyone in particular, and most of the time my concerns have been addressed very professionally, but not always. I always try to be respectful and if I ever come off otherwise, I’ll be the first to backtrack, retract and explain myself better, but a recent experience not only surprised and saddened me, but also led me to cancel my membership.

    That being said, Ron, your sideburns are awesome. Love what you love dude

  76. Thanks everyone for the comments and reactions to this week’s audience e-mail segment.  While I appreciate all the kind words about my sideburns – that wasn’t really the point. (I’ve had these sideburns since 9th grade, I’m pretty much past the point of needing validation).   

    At the end of the day, I hope everyone who listens and who reads this knows just how much we value and appreciate everyone who listens, comments, submits questions and interacts with iFanboy.  I hated to have something negative like this come up to get that across – but I’m glad that it did so we can make sure that everyone knows how much we do respect all of you


  77. @edward   Thanks for the support!   🙂

  78. I’m about as comfortable with folks in this thread kind of piling on James as I am with his email.

    @JNewcomb  You’re a good, decent person, and you are correct.  I was having fun and kidding around, but being someone who delivered one of the thousand “cuts” to James’, I will refrain from further bashing comment humor.

  79. All kidding aside….

    1. Good Comments — You guys did a great job with your comments on James’ email.  It was polite, showed logic, and was to the point. I suspect James is a young man — full of idealism and absolutes; and your kind yet frank treatment of the email issues, will allow him to stay with iFanboy, if he so chooses. This is very decent of you.

    2. Objective Reviews — No reviewer worth their salt would say that a top 10 list, a #1/best item review (movie of the year, album of the year, et cetera), or even #1/worst item review they might create is an objective process.  It always has a personal component, and is basically an opinion piece.

    Here’s a short video from Siskel & Ebert on the topic of writing a review:
    Siskel & Ebert on Film Criticism

    <iframe width=”425″ height=”349″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/2m3ojn325H0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    3. You did Prase KOV — The guys did talk about Knight of Vengeance on the podcast, and had a very favorable take on the issue as I recall. Which makes this complaint that more odd, because it’s not as if they dis-ed it. Think of all the comics that didn’t get mentioned.

    4. You Made It! — If joining Graphically wasn’t enough of a sign, the fact that someone cares enough to get pissed when a comic isn’t POTW really shows the importance of this label/stamp of approval.  It reminds of the situation in which someone complains when a film doesn’t win an Oscar — because an Oscar is a big deal.  I suppose if the POTW had no importance, then no one would care.  Congratulations on your email!

  80. I agree with JNewcomb, i’m a little uncomfortable with how easily James C has been thrown under the nerd-bus

  81. @ron A nation thanks you good sir.

    But back to the point, laying out the law on that e-mail was fantastic. I’ll never understand the logic of people that read reviews just to validate their own opinions. It’s such a waste of energy.

    As a comic reader and creator, it’s kind of infuriating when people insist that quality in this sort of artistic field is somehow objective.

    Weirdly, I think Moon Knight #3 was the first time in a while I’ve actually agreed with the POTW.

  82. I will say that it’s always been pretty clear to me that the POW is a personal choice.

    That being said- saying things like “this is the Best comic this week” contradicts the idea of it being a personal choice.

    As for the idea of what makes a good review or reviewer – people have been saying that even professional reviewers are guilty of being subjective.  True- but if you were a restaurant critic you wouldn’t review  the same restaurant every other week would you?

    I just think that with the issue of something like going back to the well so many times with one title – there is a chance wasted to highlight another excellent book that an ifanboy likes a lot and thinks is worthy of the pick.
    Maybe that’s not part of the POW philosophy- but maybe it should be.

    Just an opinion.


  83. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You don’t have to say “in my opinion” whenever stating an opinion. In general I think the guys try to avoid picking the same series they’ve reviewed before where possible because it’s difficult to find new angles on the same subject. 

  84. @mikegraham6  You bring up an interesting point. You see, things might have gotten confusing and knotty when money got involved. Asking the community for money might have created a relationship of percieved accountability.

    “You want this? Then give me that.”

    @PaulMontgomery re: “You don’t have to say “in my opinion” whenever stating an opinion.” That’s probably fair in most cases. I still think there is a bit of a semantics issue at play here and more deliberate wording might stave off or at least reduce the influx of emails about these misunderstandings.

    I guess I’m slightly concerned that this has become a somewhat lopsided discussion and anti-James in a generalized way.

  85. Paul- given the response to “opinion” lately I do think it is important to restate the obvious.
    It’s way to easy to misinterpret an intention of stating fact vs giving an opinion here.

    As opposed to avoiding picking the same book- I would very much disagree I think many would
    but as I said I get the POW is what it is.  
    What started as a favorite list among a few friends in an email is a lot bigger now- and I think has a larger responsibility.

    The pattern-
    Josh will pick anything period and or war related- Connor will go for anything Batgirl-Power girl
    and Ron offers some surprises but generally sticks to marvel.

    Even if I enjoy the commentary and insights offered about the picks.  I would find it even more entertaining if it wasn’t basically a foregone conclusion to what it’s going to be. A Lot.

  86. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ericmci  I don’t understand the first sentence of the second paragraph. 

  87. @PaulMontgomery  I think it’s supposed to read like this: “As for your argument that the picks aren’t following a pattern, I would very much disagree and I think many would. But as I said I get the POW is what it is. ”

  88. @ericmci  Haha. Over the last two years I’ve had 28 POWs and 4 of those were Power Girl or Batgirl. Nice try though!

  89. They pick the same book/creator a lot Paul
    You said you think they try to avoid doing that.
    Well whether they try to or not- the end result is usually that-
    They do.
    To be fair- I don’t know what the statistics are. But it sure feels that way. 

  90. @conor  14% is a good track record. 🙂

  91. @ericmci  The numbers prove your assertions wrong. From my analysis of the 2010 POWs:

    “Out of 52 Picks of the Week, there were 45 separate titles chosen. There weren’t very many repeat Picks. That’s up from 42 in 2009. “

  92. @conor  Did you crunch those numbers to factor in the “predicted picks” books’ release overlapping with the “predicted picker”?

    Uhm, that sounds weird. Let me rephrase that. When, for instance it is your week to pick AND Batgirl or PeeGee comes out that same week do you typically pick it? On how many occasions did you not pick a book you are “accused” of typically picking when it was your week to pick?

    Ugh, you’ve sucked me into a math vortex Conor. And this is getting stupid very quickly.

  93. connor is my faverite mythbuster i like his hats. the ginger who does the silly voices, i can take or leave.

  94. @MikeHaseloff  Thanks.

  95. I never got why people get so up in arms about the POW. It’s not like you win a prize for having the same one that week. I’m happy enough when the lads talk about a book I liked in a given week.

  96. I am so less interested in what the three choose than WHY they choose it.  It’s the perspective that comes from their personal likes and history with the comic that makes this an informed and interesting podcast.  

  97. @AndyL  Actual thanks.

  98. If the most important thing to someone is that their favorite book was the POW, then you are reading comics for the wrong reason.  Enjoy what you enjoy and let others enjoy what they enjoy.  It’s not like I am going to change what I liked this week becasue it is not featured as the POW.

  99. Somebody needs to figure out a way to bottle the energy required to get this worked up over a podcast/website comic book pick. Once again, you guys are WAAY too nice for entertaining this. As Paul said above, and several other reasonable people pointed out in different ways, you don’t have to say it’s your opinion each time you give your opinion. Anyone that thinks the word “best” is objective in any context is, well, not the best.
  100. @nudebuddha  So I’m not reasonable is what you’re saying.

  101. What I think the craziest thing here is
    Is how surrpised some people are that someone in the ifanbase might have a contrary opinion on what the iFanboys say 

    They comment on other people’s work and creations- we can comment on theirs.

    They critique and praise as a job- it only seems logical that someone else might look at what they do with a similiar lense.

    There is Plenty of flat out adulation for the work done here- And it is well deserved but an occasional question or critique of the status quo is both healthy and natural- or atleast it should be.

    And nudebuddha- Using the term “the Best” Invites examination of both the said book being called “the best” and the reasons why the reviewer would go that far to use That word.
    Some things are absolutes and meant to be interpreted as such.

  102. Josh, Ron, and Connor; even though most of these post are about 12 minutes of the podcast, the other 44 minutes was also a great show.  Keep doing what you all do.

  103. You guys have never picked the right book. I know. I have been keeping track.

  104. I have an idea for a great new webiste to attract all of the James C(s) of the world.  I call it “Conformity Comics.”  All articles will be written by majority vote, and we would only discuss the topics that everyone agrees on, that way everyone would feel vindicated.

    Then maybe we could all agree on a standard way to dress and talk.  We could expand our website to cover other topics, and we could agree on all of those too.

    Finally we can all merge into one hive mind and assimalate the rest of the Earth Borg style.  That way we never have to feel like our opions aren’t valid and everyone will be happy.

  105. I would like to apologize on behalf of iFanboy as well. I’m sorry to John (was that the name of the guy who wrote in?) that EVERYONE doesn’t agree with his opinion on books all the time and that the members of the iFanboy podcast don’t telepathically pluck the “correct” pick of the wick out of one dude’s head.

    Seriously, people are “interesting” when it comes to opinion.

  106. @ThomasKaters  lollicious.

  107. @ThomasKaters  I thought this was a serious comment at first, until I noticed the the name of the poster.  LOL!

  108. First off, Thank you so much for reading the hate mail. Seriously, made my day. So funny.

    Second, Nicely done to all three of you for getting through that bad girls club promo without laughing. 

  109. Somehow all these coments stuck with me and I found myself thinking about it today.  I realized that the guys really do care about the commenters.  If they didn’t I would have been banned a long long long time ago…  Aaand multiple times over at that.

  110. I don’t even like sgt pepper.

  111. I like how 90 percent of these posts seem to be people boasting that they are mortified by james c and are nothing like him.

    Anyhoo, long story short- I don’t consider the beatles the baseline for excellence in music. the first half of their career was just ripped off chuck berry ripoffs anyway.


  112. @jschweigert  Jsch- there is good hyperbole and bad hyperbole, guess which yours was.

  113. @syngar98  So are you the “James C” from the email, or just a “James C”.

  114. @powerdad  just “A” James C

  115. @nudebuddha  what energy? Do you really think vehemence takes effort?

  116. Yeah, I have to say that James C’s email was completely out of line, if only for the assertion that iFanboy doesn’t care about its listeners.  Every so often I’ve emailed iFanboy and even though only one of my emails was read on the air, one of the trio (usually Josh) takes the time to respond personally and usually within a day or two (or less).  That alone demonstrates a dedication to their listeners and fanbase that is pretty rare, if only because of the amount of effort involved. 

    So to Ron, Josh, and Conor, I say keep up the good work and pick whatever you damn well please!

  117. I actually felt that reading the email was a bad idea.

    It doesn’t fit the tone of the show. It is very rare that the podcast dwells on negativity about anything. The email was too long and the response was too long.

    It also might invite other fools who want to get some validation through unfounded nonsense to compose more nonsense.

    iFanboy does not need to validate anything they do (except Ron’s POW 4 star book when he has 5 star books that week as well ahahhaha).

  118. How boring a Comic Book Community it would be if we all liked the same things.  I like the surprises and usually promts me to return to the comic shop, if their explanation grabs me, to find out for myself what made that book stand out in the opinion of the Fanboy that chose it.

    Like so many before me in this thread I should take the time to say thanks.  I’ve been coming here for years and have been a member almost as long.  I contribute for a another site with reviews/shows and still am more than happy to help you guys out becasue I truly believe you are “the best there is at what you do”!

    Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!

  119. Wow, this whole thing with James got a little crazy.  Especially because i read both the Batman, and the Moonknight books, and i thought the batman was ok, but the Moonknight book was awesome.  I dont always agree with the guys on the pick of this week, but this was one that i did.

  120. I can’t help but think of the end of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”.  I can’t help it. 

  121. Also:  I’ve met these guys.  I’ve been to their party.  I’ve chatted with them.  They are nice guys.  They like to have fun.  And they like us (most of us).  I’d keep that in mind when interacting with them.  You can disagree with them.  You can dislike them.  You can even dislike their sideburns.  But you should keep in mind that they are good guys.  I BELIEVE you should treat them like human beings when you interact with them.

  122. Also, also: Chew #19 was my pick that week, not Knight of Vengance (though it was very good).

  123. So how about that Batgirl issue?

  124. That Batgirl issue was rubbish because Conor doesn’t have sideburns.

  125. @syngar98  So, are we like James? Are you like James?

  126. Since we’re all airing our grievances, let’s talk about Ron’s pronunciation, or rather MISpronunciation, of the word “schism”.  Your use of the hard “k” sound is an affront to all things good and holy with this world, and I will not have it!  This word is clearly pronounced “siz-uhm”, as the overwhelming majority of people would tell you (50%, give or take)!!  When you say “skiz-uhm”, you basically tell all your listeners that you hate them and that you’re just going to say whatever you want to piss them off, and I’m done with it!

    And shave your sideburns, you damn hippy! 

  127. P.S. love the show!

  128. @ETagg I’ve never heard Schism said any other way than how Ron is saying it.  Check it: http://www.merriam-webster.com/cgi-bin/audio.pl?schism01.wav=schism

  129. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    i think we’ve all devoted too much time and energy to this guy. i think the fact that not a single person has posted agrees with him proves he’s wrong. personally if i always agreed with the pick, it would be boring. i can’t tell you how much i’ve bought that i wouldn’t have if it wasn’t pick. thank you Ron,Josh,Conor for the show and thanks to everyone else (mostly) for being such a great community to be a part of. 

  130. @captamerica101  what time? what energy? I mean let’s be honest here- 90 percent of the comments found on any chat board (even serious topics) are just wastes of time. Navel gazing is a primary form of entertainment for young people online.
    As for energy, I could write another graduate thesis paper ont he energy from a quarter of a snickers bar.

    frankly, I like to see some dissonant conversation versus just “you guys are great, may I slobber on your crotch some more”. 
    Not opposed to giving kudos, but so many of these comments are just…effluvia.

  131. @mguy77  yeah but that just proves the average reader is an idiot?

  132. How dare you guys not pick my favorite issues every week!

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