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Pick of the Week #292 – Moon Knight #3

Show Notes

The gang’s back together as Conor Kilpatrick returns from his mysterious adventures to rejoin Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards, whose favorite books this week will surprise you.

Total Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – The insane hijinks in Moon Knight #3 made it the Pick of the Week.

00:09:30 – Everyone agrees that Flashpoint #3 is the best issue yet.
00:14:06 – Who cares if Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2 is a Flashpoint book? It’s a great Batman story.
00:18:09 – Josh sums up Fear Itself #4 in four words.
00:23:50 – Vengeance #1 has a fantastic creative team and it should have been a lot better.
00:26:50 – Conor and Josh think that Jonah Hex #69 might be the best issue ever.
00:30:52 – How many cooks spoil Flashpoint: Abin Sur, The Green Lantern #2?
00:32:07 – Uncanny X-Men #540 has a Land problem.
00:34:15 – X-Men #14 is telling a solid old-school X-Men story.
00:34:44 – Again, Chew #19 is just… so… I mean… this book… wow.
00:35:36 – The Bat brothers bicker awesomely in Batman and Robin #25.
00:36:33 – Justice League: Subway – Famous Fans #3 continues the awesome advertising fun.

User Reviews:
00:37:10 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:48 – ScorpionMasada makes Conor wish he had picked up Red Skull #1.
00:40:32 – Neb says that even without Gabriel Hardman Hulk #36 is worth reading.

Book of the Month:
00:41:54 – Want to know why people consider Moebius a comic book legend? Check out The Incal.

00:49:10 – Patrick asks about Scott Lobdell’s run on X-Men.

00:51:23 – Ben from Austin, TX wants to know who would be in iFanboy’s Comic Book Hall of Fame.

00:54:11 – San Diego Comic-Con is coming!

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  1. Land is always the problem with Uncanny.

  2. looootta ‘fuck’s by Josh 😀 
    Gotta love that passion 

  3. I remember being blown away by Moebius’ art in that 2 issue Silver Surfer mini he did with Stan Lee in the 80s. Is that collected anywhere? I would love to read that again.

  4. Huh? No Jonah Hex?

  5. Have to agree with you guys about fear itself

  6. @NathanNicdao  Look again.

  7. Ooh, sorry. And I agree, best issue ever (at least since 50, but t’was a different animal)

  8. Thanks for spotlighting my review!

  9. Couldn’t disagree with you guys more. For me, Flashpoint this week was filled with lazy storytelling and going about in circles while Fear Itself brought the awesome. FI just feels like some exciting old school super heroic crossover madness. Flahspoint… was not terrible by any means but I also wonder, with only two issues to go, if Johns has enough space to actually tell a coherent and satisfying story. We will see.

  10. it does seem kind of arbitrary that Flashpoint is rocking the iFanboys socks while Fear Itself is sucking. 

    I can’t really see the difference between the two events, they both seem it to be random story points that were put together in a rush

  11. I agree with Josh. Fear Itself is frustratingly bad.

    I love Fraction but the event is a mess.

  12. “…if you have more ideas about that we should do…” almost resulted in a spit take for me.

    although, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but it seems like every good idea you guys do gets ripped off by a couple other sites.

  13. Totally agree on the horrific Greg Land art. I’m haven’t always been as big of an anti-Land-ite as some. But this issue might have done the trick. YUCK.

    And I gotta agree with Edward (yikes!) that it’s odd that the iBoys are so thrilled with Flashpoint while panning Fear Itself. Not that I’m super into Fear Itself by any means. But Flashpoint isn’t doing much for me besides the random, “this is what so and so is like in this universe” moments. The story itself is very pedestrian, imo. Neither event is working for me right now.

  14. if j206 agrees with me then i take it back

  15. Just to be clear. I agree with most of the iGuys criticisms of Fear Itself. There is A LOT wrong about the story on a narrative level. Just not seeing the greatest of Flashpoint.

  16. Hasn’t the whole thing with Fraction been that his stories make sense once they’re able to be read as a whole?

    I’m not a super fan of his but it seems silly to moan about the way he does things when you know that’s the way he does things

  17. Fraction definitely plays long ball; however, I usually enjoy the build up and the chapters on the way.

    Fear Itself hasn’t been that good.

    It might read better in one chunk though, but I have no real desire to reread it at this point.

  18. I’m getting fed up with GregLand. I yelled at my comic when I saw the art.

  19. My friend and I flipped through that issue of Uncanny trying to determine who Greg Land was tracing pictures of.  We noticed Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears in two pages worth of panels featuring whoever it was in the jail.  There was Shia LeBeuf, and Cyclops was the Baywatch Nights era David Hasselhoff rocking the sport coat.

  20. Has Brian K. Vaughn written enough great stuff to be considered for the comic book hall of fame?

  21. @Mykey: Quanity wise? Probably not.

    But with quality just on Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina alone he’ll get in eventually.

  22. Also, Ron’s take on Moon Knight’s craziness reminds me of Christian Bale in ‘American Psycho’.

    Not close at all or is that dead on? 

  23. @StorytellerSJK – Concur.

  24. Also, also, (sorry I’m gonna post one big reaction from now on instead of posting in bursts)

    I guess this is what an Architect has to offer for Fear Itself? 

  25. Actually, the Fear Itself Invincible Iron Man tie-ins have been very good.

    So the Architect has some storytelling prowess.

  26. @TheNextChampion RE: American Psycho comparison, I wouldn’t say it’s dead on, but it’s defintiely in the ballpark

  27. Lotta good stuff this week. Might pick up that Moon Knight story in trade.

  28. I thought this issue of Fear Itself was the best one since the first issue. I just feel like this event is relying on too many tie ins though to tell its story.

  29. @SirCox  Yes, it *was* the best one yet. And that ain’t good.

  30. Lobdell’s X-Men was great, as was his run on Generation X.

  31. Well Marvel has a new, obviously designed, ‘hidden character’ teaser for post-Fear Itself. Doesn’t look interesting unless your a fan of Iron Fist.

  32. Ron – you need to reread the exchange between Flash and Batman after Batman agrees to help Cyborg.
    In it Batman explains that he’s just going along with Cyborg b/c Cyborg has access to break out the superman.
    Seem you might have missed that- nothing to do with John’s wiritng style except that it is totally
    approriate for a Batman to use subterfuge to accomplish his goal. 

  33. Is it too much to ask for Josh to do a video interview with Fraction at San Diego? 😉

  34. I think Josh’s comment on Fear Itself was a little harsh and  if you take a closer look at both events, there both all over the place and they both rely heavy on there tie-ins.  For me i just think that FI is just doing a better job with the action and art,  I’m  just more interested with a event that is going to mean something ,  than a event that has no meaning after augest.

  35. @ron  I love how you gave some love to Matthew Wilson in the beginning of the podcast. That was the first thing I commented about when you wrote-up your review. Nice looking-out for the colorists!

  36. Kudos to Josh for telling it how it is.

  37. Incal was published by marvel some years back too. First in magazine sized graphic novels then collected in a nice hardcover. They did a whole series of moebius reprints.

  38. I saw a line in Fear Itself #4 that really bugged me. I think Nick Fury is standing over Bucky’s corpse and he says something like:

    ‘How is this possible? A Red Skull killing a Captain America!?’

    Uh….Pretty sure that has happened dude. Cause I bought that issue! 

  39. @TheNextChampion  Crossbones killed Steve Rogers.

  40. @josh Yeah but it was a Red Skull plot, everyone knows Red Skull paid Crossbones to kill Rogers.

    I’m sorry I know it’s a nitpick but it’s not inaccurate.

  41. @TheNextChampion Also, Sharon technically ‘killed’ Steve by being brainwashed by Skull and Lukin. So we have two people who helped Red Skull kill a Captain America.

  42. I have faith that FEAR ITSELF will finish really strong.  Fraction’s Iron Man run has shown that he nails it on the finale of every arc he writes. 

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