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Pick of the Week #191 – Batman and Robin #2

Show Notes

The Batmania continues, as does the pure joy and love for all things G.I. Joe… and Ron loses it.

Running Time: 01:01:52

Pick of the Week:
00:02:17 – Across the iFanboys and the iFanbase, no one can deny Conor’s choice of Batman and Robin #2 as the Pick of the Week.

00:13:05 – Captain America: Reborn #1 was released to little to no fanfare, but that didn’t stop Conor from loving it.
00:18:38 – Ron can’t decide how he feels about Marvel Divas #1, although he’s leaning towards it being fantastic.
00:21:11 – Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 feels like we’ve read this before… twice.
00:25:46 – Conor and Ron agree: comics don’t get more fun than Savage Dragon #150.
00:31:00 – There’s another sleeper hit from Image in Existence 2.0, according to Ron.
00:33:45 – Josh thought that Chew #2 (the surprise hit of the summer!) was better than issue #1.
00:34:55 – Ron did not read Final Crisis: Run #2, but Josh and Conor did and are conflicted over it.
00:36:12 – But they agree on The Mighty #6!
00:37:56 – Josh loved the heck out of Jonah Hex #45.

User Reviews:
00:38:35 – miyamotofreak dug the $1.00 first issue of Greek Street #1
00:40:40 – dursin has nothing but praise for Echo #13

00:43:01 – Lewis from Austin, TX writes in with a deceivingly good question: Marvel or DC?
00:45:08 – Bob G. from Walthamstow, East London, UK makes us choose one writer.

00:48:57 – Jeff from Texas thinks he can correct Ron on the status of Angel and the X-Men.
00:50:47 – Luke from Denver wants to know the difference between Destro and Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe.

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  1. Itunes doth say nay to downloading this. -err 3529

  2. And I get -err 500

  3. Mine loaded! " Ha-Ha."

  4. Worked fine via iTunes for me.  Did you try to download it directly, and skip the problem?

  5. Doing that now. 🙂

  6. Worked fine for me too on multiple computers – might be a cache thing or a delay as we wait for the file to be availabe on our CDN – try it again in a little bit..

  7. didnt work for me either

  8. Whew, glad I’m not the only one.

    It wont work on itunes (got the same error AndyL got) and the player on the main website wont work either.

  9. yea the site player doesnt work either. none is working

  10. I dunno, I ever saw Ennis as having that much range across genres. I remember at the time it was coming out that Hitman was thought of as "Preacher-lite", and the leap between Hitman and Punisher is not a large one. I’ve never read Ennis’s war stuff, but there have been a lot of gun battles in all of his other works (like one in every issue, almost). So…not seeing the range, at all. That’s not to say that within the "war-crude-violence" genre Ennis hasn’t shown a diverse set of characters and situations, because he definitely can tell lots of different stories within those parameters, but… I think Moore is obviously so much more diverse: his Superman stuff, V for Vendetta, From Hell, Promethea, Watchmen, Lost Girls: in between any two of those works there’s more range than Ennis (or most any other writer) has covered in entire whole career. I don’t mean to put Ennis down, though, I’m just sayin’

    Yeah, regarding the Angel stuff in Uncanny… I know that Claremont used to drag plot-threads out for years, but when he did that they would at least be REFERRED to sometimes, and they wouldn’t be aspects of characters that are so out in the open. What’s going on with Angel/Archangel at the moment would be like if Spider-Man had the black alien symbiotic costume back…with no explanation. I mean, c’mon, Archangel returned like twelve months ago in X-Force…still no explanation? It’s not like waiting to find out who the "X-Traitor" is; "Uh, why is Angel Archangel again, sometimes?" does not work as a background subplot.

    Good show, guys.

  11. Neither iTunes nor direct download working for me. Hopefully it will be working soon.

  12. Looks like there is indeed an issue with our CDN (Content Delivery Network) – Apologies for that, looks like we just have to be patient until they resolve it – it’s not iFanboy specific but rather across the network…

  13. Damn you network!!

  14. Whatever the problem was, I was also getting it w/ Around Comics, but was able to download both about an hr. ago.

    Guys… I think it’s becoming clear; this iFanboy experiment was obviously for naught… Murmur? That’s not even a word… We all know what you guys should be focusing your collective podcasting genius towards:

    G.I. Joe-cast!

    (I never watched or read G.I. Joe, but I think this stuff is hi-larious!)

  15. Woo, glad I’m not the only one who really dug Marvel Divas! 

    I wasn’t going to pick it up until I saw who was writing it, who I really liked on the Nightcrawler book he did.  I think it’s funny Ron is ashamed of it when he loves 90210 though 🙂

  16. Burt Reynolds Destro is CLASSIC

  17. how in zeee hell do u get a hold of MIRICALE MAN that stuff hasnt been reprinted in years. as cobra says LIESSSS.   🙂

  18. Could it be people in Canada? cause i’m in Canada and im having the same problem and i tried downloading older podcast via itunes see if it work and nothing but ron and josh seem to not have any problems

  19. its happening to me and with around comics too

  20. It’s not just Canada.

  21. aceboggie, I know Quebec is a "distinct society" but we’re still technically in Canada and I downloaded and listened to it just fine

  22. Oh also, Canada doesn’t recognize Conor.

  23. *taps fingers*

    ….Oh, what the hell did people do back without podcasts!!??

  24. We watched pornography and felt ashamed.

  25. I didn’t feel ashamed

  26. miricale man howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww?

  27. @peterporker: Do you think that maybe you’ll find out on the show?

  28. I like Aguire’s work. I enjoyed the 4 miniseries and I thought Divas was a breath of fresh air.

  29. not really the suspense is killing  😛

  30. iTunes is being Liefeld-y today so I downloaded directly. Great show!

    Just when I pegged Josh as the cranky old man of the iFanboys he goes all Bizarro World on me. How many books this week did you give a five out of five Josh? Not that that’s a bad thing. I actually like sunny, gushing schoolgirl Josh. Wait, that didn’t come out right. Anyways…

    I reread Batman & Robin #2 again before the show, which is rare for me nowadays, and the art is truly transcendant. I like the looser lines and the action is awesome. Quitely’s got a keen eye for details like the panel where Robin breaks the Bearded Lady’s wrist. You can see the bone poking the skin but there’s so much fat that it never breaks through. So good. The time lapses in the action in the Police HQ was great, too. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

    Really? Marvel Divas, huh? Is that ongoing or can I wait for the trade?

    I would pick Garth Ennis’ library for my Desert Island Books, too. I used to pag him as just one of those button-pusher writers that rely on shock more than storytelling, but Battler Britton and the new Battlefields series of stories are sooo good they make me want to learn more about history again. And what better compliment can one give a book. 😉 

  31. @hawaiianpunch: DIVAS is a four issue mini.

  32. I wish this podcast was available for listening, somewhere.  I don’t even see it on iTunes.

  33. I’ve not been able to directly download the file in either Firefox or IE. I’m getting messages that the file is not there. I’m really jonesing here man I need to get my fix for the week.

  34. Yeah, I can’t get the show either. Some people have gotten lucky and have gotten the show, but the rest of us have to sit tight while LibSyn works out its technical issues.

  35. just listened to the show. for some reason i enjoyed this episode a lot more then usual.

  36. It’s because it’s rare.

  37. We should get this episode slabbed as soon as possible.

  38. @smeeeeee: Well lucky you, jerk.

  39. ARGH!

    I have been waiting all day for this! Now I gotta wait, til what tomorrow? 😛

    I know it’s not your fault but I was really looking forward to this episode. Just cause I wanted to hear the more gushing of Grant Morrison and see how uncomfortable the DIVA’s conversation would be. If I can ask, and I dont know much about anything so bare with me, but why cant you get the audio on the main site to work? Is it all connected or is it the same system that does both the site and itunes?

  40. The source all comes from the same host.  We upload it to one place, and if there’s a problem there, it affects everything.

    On the other hand, it’s worked nearly flawlessly for 3+ years, so this isn’t really so bad.

  41. @josh: 1 out of 156 isnt too shabby 🙂

    It seems like all of your podcasts arent working. Cause (sans the one’s I already downloaded previously) none of them seem to be working. So it seems like the host screwed you over for the day. I had a problem with itunes yesterday but because it’s a holiday weekend, it cant be fixed (let alone call again) till Monday. So I guess it’ll be a rare Monday episode of the podcast.

    Conor’s right we should slab this baby.

  42. So…..uh….how bout that weather this weekend?

  43. I would try it now. It works for me in iTunes and on the site, and it wasn’t working before. If it doesn’t work fo you, then I’m going to burn this shit and put it up on ebay.

  44. Same for me -err 500.  Tried direct link too.  No luck so far.

  45. This is like one of those times where your at a party. You dont know anyone and it’s all awkward silence until someone thinks of something to talk about.

  46. Twenty years of collector’s mentality: I keep retrying to download the episode, knowing full well all the while that I can’t listen to it because I haven’t read the books yet.

  47. Huh.  It played fine for me.  An excellent episode.


    My choice for the desrt island question:  Ennis is such a fantastic choice.  Hellblazer, Battlefields, Preacher,  Punisher, Fury.  The man’s got depth.  I’m tempted to go with Kirkman, too.  Invincible and The Walking Dead are two of my favorite ongoings, and Marvel Zombies, and his Ultimate X-Men run were pretty solid.  Damn.  I guess there’s really only one logical choice:  Chuck Austen.

  48. Still isn’t working for me, I’ll try again tmr.

  49. Wasn’t the Angel/Archangel situation established and explained early in the current X-Force series, retroactively revealing the change was a techno-organic process still present in his blood? It tied in to the original Apocalypse story, but fiddled around with the specifics a little (including transferring it to evil humans).

  50. I tried to email Ron about the Angel problem. But then I remembered that I read the first trade of X-Force and realized that was a good hour of life wasted on reading. 10mins for the actual reading, 50mins to tell what the hell was going on in each panel.

    I’d just live on with it and just think to yourself that it isnt happening. Again it’s like a Cronenburg thing.

  51. Episode still won’t download, guess I’ll have to go to a competitor! JK I’ll wait.

  52. so i looked at the cover of Justice League: Cry for Justice. There is absolutely no way that typography looks like "Gay for Justice"

    Just another Frendian slip

  53. The Archangel conversation makes me wish Marvel still awarded no-prizes.  Back in the day, we could have just amused ourselves by inventing our own fake-science-based explanations.  And really, if they do put one in the comics, that’s all it’s gonna be.  Isn’t it easy enough to say, "They wanted Angel to be able to change forms, because otherwise he’s more or less completely useless as part of a fighting force, so they came up with some crap and then forgot to actually explain it in the comic"?  Does that really keep anyone up at night?  There are SO many bigger problems with X-Force, I’m willing to let that one slide.

  54. Still doesn’t work for me either…

  55. @ohcaroline That sounds like a good column idea, solicity the iFanbase for the most amusing explanations for some of the more ridiculous things going on in comics these days.

  56. Wouldn’t download for me last night, but fine this morning.

  57. Ed Brubaker did an interview for "Marvel Spotlight: Captain America" where he stated that he was going to bring Steve back in the 1st six issues, but as he started to dig deep into the grieving process the story expanded from there.

    For the better, methinks.


  58. Haven’t listened yet, but thanks for the ‘cast, guys!

  59. Took me a few trys, but I got it to work. Great episode as usual, guys!

  60. @gobo  Dude, YES!  ifanboy should revive the no-prize.  (I have a feeling the rest of the staff would leave it to Ron, though).

  61. @Edward: It totally looks like Gay For Justice until you look closely at it.  That’s been the joke at work since we got comics on Tuesday. When we pranked one of our competitors, who was giving away Capt. America Reborn for free on the fourth of July, we toild him we’d heard he was giving away free copies of Captain America: Heroes Reborn.  He replied "No, but I’ve got fifty copies of JLA: Gay For Justice for all of your adult wiping needs."

     I’m not sure what that last sentence meant, except that he clearly recognized my coworker’s voice. 

  62. DC is beating Marvel on quality because DC has the $$$ to hire the superstar writers & artists. But Old Man Wolverine is awesome and Thor is great.

  63. @AmirCat: Except that most of the superstar writers and artists are under contract at Marvel.

  64. And it’s my understanding that Marvel tends to pay more for talent.

  65. And nobody’s beating anyone on anything. Subjectively.

  66. Weeeeell….

  67. IF DC is beating Marvel on quality it’s because Marvel’s continued emphasis on events haven’t allowed their core titles to build up any momentum.  It’s change every 12 months.  Me, I’d just like to read a nice self-contained Iron Man story every once in awhile.  That’s why I’ve loved Millar’s FF run so much and why DD has been my favorite Marvel book for years.

  68. Wow! You guys are doing a MiracleMan show? Damn, that is just…..I cant wait for that 🙂

    Since it’s finally loaded up, this was a great show. I am also like Conor, just totally in denial that (Phillip) Tan is taking over the art duty on B&R. Considering how he made Green Lantern look like a muddy mess, I am not looking forward to this replacement. Also, Burt Reynolds doing Destro? Best new Ifanboy character.

  69. @ultimatehoratio – yeah, that was my complaint for the past few years with DC. Starting before "Infinite Crisis" they had began sweeping everything into major events and it honestly hurt a lot of the books. Right now, DC has seemed to cemented several "corners" of its universe. I’m particularly loving the Batman corner right now, and I really hope those books get to maintain the momentum they have right now. Anyway, all of that to say: you’re right about Marvel… their strength in the past few years was, for me, the ability to read various books without having to worry too much about continuity in other books. But right now the Avengers books are tying into the X-men books and Thunderbolts has been completely modified to fit the Dark Reign theme… it gets a little tiresome. I love the *concept* of changing the basic landscape of the MU with things like Civil War and then Dark Reign, but I have to admit I’m starting to long for a series that I can read without having to wondering about what Osborn’s up to now…

  70. I don’t feel like making this into a whole review, but: the one thing that nags at my brain with regards to Captain America Reborn is this:

    Why shoot Steve Rogers with a "special gun?" I mean, yes, I get that it’s been planted from the start. What I don’t get is: why would you send your arch-enemy into a "trap" when you can easily just shoot him with a REGULAR GUN and be done with it?

    Now, to be fair, Brubaker has four more issues to explain this, and he’s NOT a writer who generally falls into this kind of trap. But I’ll definitely be curious to have that questions answered. If it doesn’t get properly explained, it will go down as another one of those silly "comic booky" type plots (you know, where Villain X puts Hero Y into a "death trap" and then walks away, giving Y a chance to escape).

  71. @daccampo  What I inferred from Reborn was that the Skull didn’t just want to kill Steve; he wanted to steal his body or essence or something and somehow use that.  It’s worth remembering that this was originally supposed to be about a 6 issue story arc from death to rebirth. 

  72. Also, does it make sense to complain about comic books having comic booky plots? 

  73. Yes, it does. 😉 when I say "comic booky" plots, I’m referring to the way mainstream media refers to those types of plots. *We* know that — quite often — modern comic books have plots that are superior and tighter than most Hollywood movies, but comics have a history that have given a different impression to the mainstream, y’know?

    re: the plot in question: True — I do see that they’ve said there’s a reason for the special gun. But the thing is that the REASON for the special gun has to be a FAR better result than what Skull would achieve by simply killing Rogers and being done with it. If the story doesn’t convince me of that, then it will feel… manufactured. Like, the plot only went this way because he needed a way to bring Steve back.

    I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but that for me that aspect of the plot is more interesting than whether or not Steve reclaims the mantle of Captain America.

  74. Skull didn’t read the warnings on the box of essense-stealing bullets that say one of the side effects of use was time travel.  Silly Skull!  That’s why you never win!

  75. Oh cool, are we having another DC versus Marvel discussion?  All I read from Marvel is Amazing Spiderman so I think DC def wins on my boat.

    God knows how many Batman books, The Mighty, World Of New Krypton, Supergirl, Wednesday Comics, Blackest Night, and Vertigo, I’m definitely ALL DC!

  76. I will pay each and every one of you ten thousand American dollars to not have the goddamned "who is beating who in the contest of individual writers writing stories for a company" conversation yet again.

    …Wait a minute. I can delete comments!

    Never mind. Offer rescinded. As you were.

  77. I didnt read the Reborn issue, so I guess take my opinion with a grain of salt. But I have heard enough reviews, spoilers, and what have you to know the gist of what happened to Steve.

    I find it completely too science fiction and Brubaker is totally stealing from other stories. PraxJarvin and others have been debating about ‘homages’ and stealing from other sources for this particular comic. To me, if your gonna even try to use plot devices from Lost or Slaughterhouse Five, you gotta at least do something where it would read well or makes sense. Having Cap back in time, or stuck in the past, just seems pointless to me. I want to go further with what daccampo stated above; why didnt Red Skull just kill Steve?

    Why did he steal his ‘soul’ or ‘essence’ and not just let Crossbones/Sharon outright kill him? Sure it’s comic booky and it makes Steve somehow come back to life; but in terms of a plan it makes no sense. To have your arch enemy somehow have a way to come back makes for a pretty lousy plan. Then you got this gun which, I know people point out that Brubaker had like a TOP SECRET document or something like that on a comic about the gun. So he never really stated what the gun was at first. It looks like a gun, it fired bullets, it’s a friggin gun. Not a special sci-fi gun that’ll do something other then killing you. How many people saw this panel about how the gun might not be a regular gun? I bet you very little. Hell, I dont think the Itrinity knew about it til it came up on an email earlier this month.

    Again I havent read it, but judging by the public’s responses and being told what Brubaker did….it’s stupid. Plain and simple. Also a slap to the face to anyone who wants to keep Bucky as Cap.

  78. @TNC – it’s only stupid if there isn’t a reason. It’s the 1st of a 5 issue story. He’s got time. I was only pointing out that it is, to ME, the MAJOR question of the storyline. 😉

  79. @daccampo: That’s true, I mean we are rushing to judgment for a first issue of a mini.

    Let me rephrase this in another way: Did Captain America #25 ever point out the story was gonna go this way? A great writer could make the connections of past issues, like what Geoff Johns have done with GL recently. Re-reading Cap #25 and then learning what this issue tells us, I very much doubt Bru had this whole thing in his head.

  80. Yes, I do believe it’s been his plan all along. It feels consistent with everything laid out. He’s not shied away from using cosmic elements in his run, if that’s what you’re asking.

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with using the "unstuck in time" concept. The only thing is if, as I mentioned above, he doesn’t show that the Skull’s plan is way better this way than it would have been if he just killed Cap. 

    Some possibilities (These are NOT spoilers; I have NO inside information):

    1 – He could want to use Cap’s body for his own essence (since he’s currently bodiless). That seems a little silly. Why not just use 50’s Cap? Or anyone else? It seems way over to top to seek out STeve for this process.

    2 – they want a mind-controlled Cap – well, they just did this plan with 50’s Cap. Not sure if I see how important having a mind-controlled cap is anyway, since Cap was a bit disgraced after Civil War. Better to have a mind-controlled Stark, no? 

    Neither of these plot devices seem inherently better than just shooting and killing Steve Rogers and getting rid of him once and for all. So, I’m going to assume that Brubaker is not using one of these. Or if he is, he’d better have it better "justified" than what I’ve outlined. If not… I’ll be disappointed.

    That said, Brubaker rarely disappoints me, so I’m not jumping the gun. As I said, I was only pointing out the central question I need to have answered.

  81. Re. Greek Street.  There were a lot of people on the comics thread that really thought most people didn’t like this book because they didn’t understand Greek mythology.  I completely got the symbolism aspect.  I didn’t like it because I thought it was really sloppy and the story didn’t seem to have much of a flow.  Who knows though? This could really turn out to be great.  I’ll get #2 just in case I’m wrong in my initial assessment. 

     @ifanboy:  For some reason I thought you guys read what the others picked up as well, so that everyone was involved in the conversation.  Apparently you don’t do that now.  Have you guys ever done that?  I figured the show would flow a little better if everybody knew what the other was reading and speaking about.  Just wondering.

  82. @vadaowens: We’ve never done that, no. We only buy what we want to buy. Funds are not unlimited.

  83. Sorry, I didn’t mean that everybody buys them.  I meant you guys trade ’em around so that everybody’s on board.

  84. @Conor & Josh:

    Mmm … I didn’t know Marvel paid more. Well compared to most  I don’t know too much about comics. 

    K ..here it is .. cage-match …. errr Write-Off:

    Bendis, JMS, Brubaker


    Morrison, Johns, Rucka

  85. @vadaowens: Nah, we’ve not really done that either. Maybe once or twice at a convention when we were all together or something,

  86. @daccampo  Ah, I gotcha.  I don’t tend to expect plots in superhero comics (or action movies, or genre TV shows) to make the kind of sense that holds up to very much analysis.  Though I grant that it’s cool when they do.  For example, one of the reasons I really liked the first X-Men movie is that there actually seemed to be a point to what Magneto was doing.  So, yeah, hopefully Brubaker does something cool and unexpected with it, though *to me* that’s not the most interesting part of this (or any) superhero story — I’m most interested in how it affects the characters; the plots are mostly scaffolding.  Different strokes.

  87. @TNC  I heard Brubaker talk on two separate panels at Heroes Con, right after Reborn was announced.  He said he’d planned the basic arc of the plot from the start, and that the rebirth was originally going to happen over 5 issues or so.  The idea got into editorial meetings and they decided to expand the story and give Bucky time to take over as Cap.  If you want to believe the guy is lying about this, fine, but I don’t know why he would, and it was pretty apparent to me, comparing his appearance at the con with interviews I heard before Reborn was announced, it was pretty apparent to me that he was relieved to finally be able to talk about all this stuff.

    None of this has to do with whether the story is any good, but it’s hard to talk about that when you  haven’t read it.

  88. @akamuu: the heart sees what the heart wants to see, i guess…. not that there is anything wrong with that

  89. Worse idea: shooting Cap with a time-travel bullet or zapping Batman with a caveman beam?

  90. I do think it’s interesting that all the positive reviews of Marvel Divas that I’ve found have been from men, and every single review from women that I’ve found have been negative.

  91. @lexid523  I definitely know women who have liked it.  I didn’t think it was awful, it just wasn’t something I was very interested in. 

  92. Toughest week so far for POTW. I read Witchhunter, and thought damn this has to be my pick. Then I read War Of Kings, and Locke and Key and thought the same thing… thats before I even got to Batman and Robin. So many GREAT moments this week. Gladiator splattering the magister, Black Bolt saying goodbye, and the fight scenes in B&R. After reviewing my books though, I found out that Locke and Key just had the most "WOW" moments. There wasn’t a page in that book that didn’t stun me.

  93. @ohcaroline: I dont think he’s lying…..okay basically I am defending the notion that he did. (lol)

    But I just find it, again, hard to believe he had this time bullet idea since he got a hold of Captain America. Did he have ideas to kill Rogers off and then bring him back? Absolutely. But the IDEA of the time gun and the way it’s all going down right now? I find it like it’s a last minute idea.

    If he did have to hold off on the time gun idea to make Bucky the new Cap…..then I guess that makes some sense. I mean He’s had to hold the death of Cap for 25 issues, then had to wait another 25 to start bringing him back. So over 4 years to remember his original ideas? Even if you are a great writer that would be hard to remember or to place the ideas well for a story.

  94. @TNC: Writers have notebooks that they keep their story ideas in. Brubaker even talked about his notebooks on the Talksplode we did with him. It’s not like writers have to commit everything to memory. They keep notes.

  95. @lexid523: Here’s a positive review of MARVEL DIVAS from a woman.

  96. Great song choice. it’s been my summer jam of 09…

  97. @conor: Oh right he does have a notebook….Well still I just think it feels a little sloppy on what he’s doing to bring Rogers back.

  98. Sorry for jumping the gun Ron. I guess i kinda like it when a mystery is given room to breath. reminds me of 90’s x-men…the good parts at least

  99. Okay, some comments now that I’ve actually had a chance to listen (my first few download attempts didn’t work so I finally streamed it from the site.

    ECHO was my pick of the week, I marked it as such.  My vote is just apparently statistically insignificant.

    Re: Josh’s comment about a rumor that Steve’s death was supposed to be over much sooner, I already commented about this upthread, but it’s definitely substantiated by what Brubaker said at Heroes Con.  He seems to be pretty frank about the process by which his stories develop, once the spoiler possibilities are over, so maybe once ‘Reborn’ is out, you guys will get a chance to ask him about how the story developed.  As it is, I’m just rolling with it and having a good time.

    And I’d take Marvel for the next year, without hesitation, if I hadn’t been waiting for this Rucka Batwoman book for so damn long!  That makes it a hard fake choice instead of an easy fake choice, but there are still more things at Marvel that I’m invested in and that I think are being done in interesting and original ways.  Good thing it’s a fake choice and we don’t actually have to pick.

    And having finally heard what Ron actually said about Archangel, he has a good point.   The X-books have  recently had a bad habit of seeding story possibilities and not addressing them.  I’m still hoping this will all pay off, but it’s fair to ask why Beast has just been going around threatening to expose people’s lies but not actually doing anything about it.

  100. At the time we recorded, ECHO had 0.0%.

  101. @conor: That happens a lot with that system. I recall a bunch of times I make a POTW and the stats never show up. Probably cause no one makes it pick as well. 🙁

  102. If the Pick is below 0.00%, say 0.009% it’s not going to show up because it’s too low.

  103. @conor: I wanna see a comic get .00001% on the site! 🙂

  104. One writer’s complete works on a desert island? Gotta go with Claremont. All that classic X-Men stuff, and you can use everything after 1995 as kindling!

  105. Archangel > Angel.  Angel is pretty much useless.  Love that Walt Simonson costume design.

  106. Hence the "statistically insignificant," I figured that was the case.  But Ron said "nobody" not "zero percent" so I figured I’d stick up for it.

    @ActualButt  I’d also go with all of Claremont’s comics.  There are so many, I’d never get through them all!  And after a while I’d have an incentive to get the hell off the island because all those word balloons drove me insane.

  107. Every time Damian says anything about "my father" I want to slap that little prick silly.  Infact, I laugh at his misfortune.  

     *this is me laughing* 

    I had an uncomfortable amount of love for Marvel Divas.  It felt like a night time soap which is exactly what I think they were going.  While I was reading I kept thinking "this is awesome!" and feeling guilty about it.  

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