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Pick of the Week #290 – The Rocketeer Adventures #2

Show Notes

A stunning change of events this week as after 290 episodes, the guys decide to change the format of the show. Now EVERYONE AGREES WITH EVERYONE ELSE! It’s much better this way, don’t you think? Plus bonus comedy action of Conan and Thor discussing chicks and awkward social situations with Judd Winick.

Running Time: 01:01:57

Pick of the Week:
00:01:44 – Conor avoids a lynching from the other guys by selecting The Rocketeer Adventures #2 as the Pick.

00:13:44 – The great ending that was “spoiled” left Ron and Conor a little flat un Ultimate Spider-Man #160.
00:20:00 – Another great anthology issue for Josh in Thunderbolts #159.
00:22:51 – After Fables #106, Josh doesn’t know where it’s going.
00:24:14 – Flashpoint! Kid Flash #1 left Ron a little short in the art department.
00:25:17 – Flashpoint! Lois Lane and Resistence #1, despite Abnett and Lanning, this left both Ron and Conor short in the art department.
00:26:31 – Flashpoint! The Outsider #1 was agreed upon by Conor and Ron that this was the winner this week. Great story and art.
00:28:48 – Flashpoint! The Reverse Flash one shot should have come out in the first week and was better when the artist wasn’t channeling Scott Kolins.
00:33:05 – Sometimes Josh needs a little Conan, and Conan: Road of Kings #6 delivered.
00:34:25 – This week in the DC/Subway crossover we get the moment of the week of bouncing a basketball off Grodd’s head.
00:35:19 – Controversy! Superman #712 was quite the hot topic that left Conor’s head spinning.
00:36:38 – Can Ron love All Nighter #1 anymore than he already did? Probably not.
00:37:05 – Conor just wants more Lincoln in Next Men #7 .
00:37:57 – Everyone really likes the direction Batman: Gates of Gotham #2 went with this issue.

User Reviews:
00:39:33 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:40:50 – smasher decided to jump on with Justice League of America #58
00:43:13 – MikePositive contradicts his name with his review of Action Comics #902

00:46:36 – Matt D. from Rochester NY has a fashion question about attending comic book movies.
00:49:13 – Tim from Rhode Island doesn’t like Judd Winick, but might be coming around to him…

00:50:44 – Scott from Wylie, TX has some snark about Fear Itself.
00:52:15 – Raphael wants to know what we think the future of Green Lantern movies might be.

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  1. It’s Sunday Sunday Sunday

  2. I think a better analogy for the Outsider would be Fantomas — you can kinda tell that was what Robinson was going for

  3. Last time I wore a comic book shirt to the same movie was Dark Knight – I’d say it was a close call but I don’t think anyone expected that Judge Dredd level of disaster with that one. HOWEVER I still felt like a total dork and never did it again.

    What’s interesting (and by ‘interesting’ I mean ‘not at all interesting’) is my accidental shirt wearing habit this year – without meaning to I wore my Batman shirt to both Thor and X-Men, and my Captain America shirt to Green Lantern. I’m just stirring the pot! 

  4. Man, I must be really lame; I have never heard of the t-shirt rule.

  5. it may be an smart stratagy having subpar artists on the flashpoint issues. When the reboot happens it will be like “these artists are amazing compaired to the last 3 months of comics”

  6. Am I the only one getting bored with all of the Flashpoint tie-ins?  Lot of other titles were shipped last week.

  7. Man, I’m going to have to pick up the Rocketeer Adventures trade when it comes out, aren’t I?

    Also, I actually had no problem at all with the art in the Lois Lane book. It’s not the best I’ve ever seen but it has a nicely cartoony expressiveness that I rather enjoyed.

  8. @tomdpimp  

    Lucky for you, they are only doing this for one more week.

  9. Good to see I’m not the only one sick of the Marvel spoiler cycle.

  10. I’m surprised you guys just say ‘it doesn’t matter’ when it comes to the Superman issue. Yes I know the reboot is going to end all of that Grounded story. But the reasoning behind the switch is very controversial especially after the last ridiciulous ‘controversy’ with a Muslim superhero.

  11. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    While I don’t wear a character’s t-shirt to his or her movie, I did consciously wear my Batman t-shirt to Marvel’s Island of Adventure in Orlando earlier this year. Does that make me more or less dorky?

    I’m honestly looking for an answer to that question. 

  12. @JeffR  Neither.

  13. I’m pretty sure that everyone who read Fables feels the same way that Josh did

  14. i avoid the t-shirt conundrum by not owning comic book t-shirts

  15. @Josh, I’ve no doubt Rocketeer would have been my pick but it hasn’t come out in most places yet.  I’m sure that’s part of the reason why it had such a low pick rate.  Plus USM was a lot better in my opinion than you guys thought it was.

  16. Doesn’t the guy from the first Voicemail say his name is Scott and not Ty? I could be wrong but it should like Scott more then Ty.

    I did wear a Magneto T-shirt to X-men: First Class and I got a ton of “awesome T-shirt” from people in the theater and it felt great so I say for comic movies let your comic geek flag fly just wear what you want no matter whats on it. Who cares about being “Cool” once your out of High School.

  17. Regarding the t-shirt debate: instead of a concert, think of it more like a sporting event. You wear your team’s shirt when they play, right? I don’t mean to stereotype, but for comic book fans, wearing a superhero shirt to that character’s movie is the closest thing we get to that.

    I wore a Green Lantern t-shirt to that movie and, despite the film itself, felt no shame. I fully intend to wear my Cap t-shirt for that movie too.

  18. I wore a Spider-Man shirt to Spider-Man and Batman shirt to Batman, but they aren’t t-shirts, they are button down, fancy schmancy shirts.

    I also just read Devil in the White City (based on NawidA’s suggestion) and it was fantastic. I can’t believe that story isn’t more widely known! 

  19. I feel the same about USM 160.  I’ve read every issue of this book and I should have cared more.  Something fell flat.  I don’t know if the issue was lacking or if the marketing sapped my excitement for the story, but something went wrong in there somewhere.

  20. Great movie discussion at the end of the show. I’m really interested in reading that article Conor mentioned is in the works

  21. Thanks for highlighting my review of JLA.

    @TheNextChampion My guess would be after last Superman gaff (where he renounced his US citizenship) DC management wants to stay as far away from controversy as possible. If they can, I’m speculating, they want to keep all the news positive between now and the reboot.

  22. “Superman stumbling before the retcon.”

    This is the exact reason why I gave Superman #712 a chance this week. I mean God bless Chris Roberson, but not even he can untangle the mess that JMS layed for Grounded. 

  23. The international box office for Green Lantern is hampered by the fact that most of the world doesn’t get a release until July/ August. (Opening weekend only 15 countries had Green Lantern, X Men had 45)




  24. I picked up the first Rocketeer Adventures and just wasn’t that drawn in by it.

    I did disagree with you guys about “Death of Spiderman”. I can see how the tons of publicity leading up to the issue could hurt it’s emotional impact, but it didn’t for me. It may be because of my lack of interest in the Ultimate Universe and the general feeling that this wasn’t “real”, but I came in with little to no expectations and was really impressed.

  25. @Slym  YOU ARE AWESOME!  It totally is Scott from Wylie, TX.  ME!

  26. @scottdfane  Why thank you Scott. Glad I could fix that for yea.

  27. Conor, Here’s your Jetpack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gcurwcPs3U That’ll be $600,000.

  28. Dam u guys Green Lantern doesn’t open in Australia till august 4th. 

    In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, I will avoid spoilers with all  my might 🙂 

  29. I’m down with the T-shirt rule about concerts, but superhero movies are more like sporting events.  Wear your shirts!

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