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Pick of the Week #340 – Saga #4

Show Notes

Guess what? It’s HOT again! Ron Richards, Conor, Kilpatrick, and Josh Flanagan cover a lot of ground, and even manage to escape without heatstroke. Good books, bad books, and some stuff that just doesn’t make any sense, as the show goes off script, and then back on, awaits the listener!

Total Running Time: 01:02:36

Pick of the Week:
00:01:31 – Vaughan and Staples go 3 for 4 with Pick of the Week going to Saga #4.

00:12:40 – Josh cuts in, and names the brilliant Reed Gunther #10 as his top choice.
00:16:20 – Love is in the air with Astonishing X-Men #51.
00:19:40 – There’s a big “WAITAMINUTE!” at play with Before Watchmen: The Comedian #1.
00:22:36 – Dischord on the quality of Avengers vs. X-Men #6. Also Secret Avengers #28 and The New Avengers #27!
00:26:45 – Uncanny X-Men #14 veers, and Ron is happy.
00:32:24 – Ron lists a heck of a line up from Dark Horse Presents #13.
00:34:19 – Journey into Mystery #640 has a special crossover feature.
00:34:52 – Josh got lost with Wonder Woman #10.
00:36:39 – Glory #27 ups the stakes.

User Reviews:
00:37:49 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:53 – buckmulligan kickstarts a discussion on Daredevil #14.
00:42:08 -microwave25 makes us talk like Martians with Mars Attacks #1.

00:45:00 – Alex needs some The Amazing Spider-Man guidance.
00:47:20 – Sean wants to talk about how events are placed in the regular series.

00:52:24 – Chris wants to know about all the changes around the JSA.
00:56:34 – Anonymous says, how about a Before Watchmen ongoing?

“Tired of Sex”


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  1. Pinkerton is probably my favorite Weezer album (as I’m sure it is formany others). I’m kinda done with them nowadays when it comes to new stuff, but I’m glad that I have Pinkerton and the Blue Album in my life.

  2. Not my fault.

    Bought Reed Gunther in issue 6-10 and the first trade of 1-5.

    I am down to 11 comics a month…

    • Wow! I thought my 17 comics per month was low.

      You gotta get in on some comics man. 🙂

    • Gonna try. Been keeping my eyes open for new things I want to add but haven’t found anything.

      I buy a lot of collected editions; however, I was up at close to 30 issues a month less than a year ago.

    • I’m actually, slowly but surely, buying more as time goes on. I think I was at 11 like you at some point last year. But now I’m buying a bit more indie since the utter demise of Marvel. If I thought ahead and got Prophet and Saga when it originally came out I would have more.

    • I will be buying Saga in hardcover. Prophet I will try in trade.

      I fluctuate back and forth. Usually from 15 to upper 20’s.

      This is a low number for sure.

    • I’ll take some of the blame, it’s been in my sights, but beyond my current budget. I currently range from 3- 10 issues and a trade, depending on how well the earnings are going. I take the blame and pass it on to the industry for not expanding the market to get those would be side liners which may buy a comic or 2.

  3. Legendary Frank Welker did the voices for ALL of the Martians in Mars Attacks. And apparently it just wasn’t one ‘AGK!’ that they copied and paste. He had to do entire conversations doing the same sound over and over again….

    I hope he got a glass of water at least for his troubles.

  4. Is there going to be a 4th of July barbecue video show this year?

  5. Great Office Space reference.

  6. Ron : Northstar & Kyle moved to NYC in the 1st issue of Marjorie’s run.

  7. Not to be pedantic, but you really should have been able to figure out what went on in Wonder Woman 10.

    Wonder Woman agreed to marry Hades, and meant it. She loved him as she loves EVERYONE, and thought that marrying him was a worthy price to pay, and that she could do GOOD by marrying Hades.

    But when Hades chooses NOT to trust that she loves him, because he’s incapable of believing that anyone could love him, she changes her mind; he can’t love her because he can’t love himself, and there is nothing she can do for him. He doesn’t respect her, doesn’t trust her, and she can’t have a relationship, even with someone she loves, like that.

    Where as the original ‘proposal’ was in its way sad and pathetic, it was also flattering and (she thought) honest. It was a god so lonely he would do anything for companionship, and because she is Love and Mercy personified, she was ready to give up her life and her true happiness of existence to help him, and to help Zola. But when he demanded assurances rather than trusting her word, she saw him for what he really was, and realized that she couldn’t be with him under any circumstances.

    It’s a book that is full of complex character motivations and character insight, clever twists and brilliant plotting. Wonder Woman 10 was a triumph, and this book is brilliant.

  8. To the listener to asked about Amazing Spider-man:

    I don’t think it would hurt to just start at the beginning of Brand New Day. I think the first trade is called Brand New Day, it gives you a good grounding Peter’s life at the time. Alternatively you could start at Big Time.

    I would avoid Spider-Island like the plague. It was bombastic, over the top and made no sense. The recent Ends of the Earth has been better and will probably be a good trade.

    A new movie-friendly storyline starts this week with a lizard strory, so you could probably jump into that no problem.

  9. I am not reading any monthly Marvel comics right now but I have a question about Astonishing X Men. Does this take place during Avengers vs. X Men?

  10. At a dinner in honour of Blake, he says to a group of people, “Nah…I’m clean guys. Just don’t ask me where I was when I heard about J.F.K.” Followed by laughter and “Hahaha! That’s good! Dick’ll [Nixon] love that.” Nothing saying that it was him, but it is implied that he at least knew something about it. And if we went by what was in the movie, the whole plot wouldn’t make any sense.

    Chapter 11, Page 18, Panel 8:

    Ozymandias: “Still, I observed Blake over the years… Know what? He was in Dallas, minding Nixon, the day Kennedy died.”

  11. NOBODY expects full-on penetration! It’s chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…. it’s two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency….

  12. As far as the Kennedy thing, @theWillingwell is correct, Blake is only shown as the assassin in the movie. in the comics it’s implied but never shown, Blake jokingly implies it (now the don’t ask me what i was doing line is funnier, because the real reason was he was crying like a baby with his arch nemesis) and Veidt says he was in Dallas but again we don’t ever see that. Not even a flashback panel, despite lots of flashback panels in that scene. it’s only in dialogue and Veidt could easily be mistaken, especially if Blake wants people to think he was involved. There’s a line at the beginning where Blake tackles JFK hard and says something to the effect of killing a president is a hell of a thing to have on your resume, i wouldnt be surprised to find Blake TRYING to get people to think he did that. Especially once he really understands what has happened and why, and how it affects his world.

    I think this series is really going to show we dont know Blake like we thought (i think thats going to be a lot of Before Watchmen) Blake wasnt much of a character in the original, more a plot device, we never got his “origin” we just saw him in other flashbacks, and how those experiences painted the picture of Blake. I never bought the scene where Blake cries to Moloch in the original. The whole “you are the closest thing to a friend” was just a convenient way to get Moloch wrapped up in the story which gets him killed which sets up Rorshack etc. Now it make more sense since they shared that moment the first time the Comedian’s world turned upside down. Camelot and his friend ( and i do think there was gay subtext. not that they ever had sex, but that there were perhaps feelings that manly men, men who were soldiers and heroes wouldnt really accept at that time. Feelings that would be buried by some with excessive philandering and others with violence especially sexual assault) were gone and Blake may come to see the world is shaped by bigger forces than he realized. this would also help the Moloch scene . I also never really bought why the Comedian didnt just tell Nixon and Nixon could have just launced an air strike against the island. The “it’s too big” seemed like a weak excuse for a tough talking man of action. The Blake we see in the 40’s is a thug, but still views himself as a hero, still fights the good fight even if its because he just like beating people up. Something happens to change him into the nihilist we see in Vietnam and the Captain Metropolis meeting, and i think this series may be about that. By repeating a pattern of large conspiracies that upend his world The Comedian just giving up works better.

    While i dont think Moore had any of this in mind, i think it expands the character in a great way. Stan and Jack didnt have Reed Richards create a Fantasic Four with public identities and fame as a way to give his friends better lives because he felt guilty for taking their normal lives away due to his error, that addition came later on by another writer who saw the characters in a different light and it makes sense of something that may not have made sense before.

    Or Im overthinking this.

    • Hey abstractgeek, I really enjoyed your musings above. So far I’m enjoying BW a lot, but like everyone, have been troubled by whether the JFK assassination was a mis-write or not. Not sure I have an answer but your comments certainly help sort through it. I hope the rest of the issues explain this seeming retcon better…

  13. BBQ, BBQ! But really, I’d like to know your top 5 books too.

  14. I too would love a JSA series set in the 40s (in fact, I thought that’s what we’d be getting) but I understand why they didn’t.

  15. Daredevil had more “POTW” than Venom… It had it all weekend too. An oversight for DD?

  16. Fab show, as ever. I have to agree, Uncanny X-Men #14 is an excellent read. And for once I was terribly grateful for the dowmload edition, as it meant I could read the narrator’s captions without eyestrain. Otherwise, it was a bugger!

  17. Before Watchmen as fan fiction. This nailed it on the head EXACTLY for me. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to describe how I feel about these books, and that good sirs, is it. I’m enjoying these stories, but I’m keeping them separate in my mind from the real deal.

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