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Pick of the Week #288 – American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick has run for the border, and left us with staff writer Ryan Haupt to do the show with Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards. There is a stack of very fun books, and at least one of us read at least some of them. Then, appropriate to Ryan on the show, we make with the science. And a special guest from the past!

Running Time: 01:00:28

Pick of the Week:
00:02:06 – Art, story, scope, and Nazi vampires make American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 a prime choice for Pick of the Week.

00:11:21 – Flashpoint! Does Emperor Aquaman #1 swim in tepid waters?
00:13:21 – Flashpoint! Will Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1 be the best title ever?
00:15:51 – Flashpiont! We figure out which Len Snart is in Citizen Cold #1.
00:17:17 – Flashpoint! Deathstroke #1 features Deathtroke as a pirate.
00:17:59 – Hands up. Who thought Josh was going to pick Scalped #49?
00:20:14 – If he ain’t gonna die, he’s sure getting beat the hell up in Ultimate Spider-Man #159.
00:23:01 – We come to the end of the road with Echo #30.
00:28:36 – Here’s a taste of what’s to come in Empowered Special #2.
00:29:20 – Meet the Lion in Blue Estate #3.
00:30:02 – Glamourpuss #19. 19! Dave Sim will never stop.
00:31:28 – Ooh! Monsters return in Screamland #1.
00:32:49 – If you’re a fan of Andi Watson, 15 Love #1… is a comic book.
00:34:48 – Is she coming back or isn’t she in The Iron Age: Alpha #1?
00:36:37 – More fun with Savage Dragon #171, and all those artists.

User Reviews:
00:37:30 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:30 – JDudley is pretty thrilled with Journey Into Mystery #624.
00:40:28 – tomdpimp would slap a man for not liking Punisher MAX #14.

00:41:48 – Jon wants to know how Wolverine would deal with a tattoo.
00:46:05 – Robert asks about this whole DC digital situation.

00:54:05 – Guess who’s back in the muther-f’n house, and didn’t like X-Men: First Class?

Check out Ryan Haupt’s podcast, Science… sort of.

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  1. 15 Love sounds mindblowing. Scalped hasn’t been potw since issue 30!

  2. I’m going mostly digital. 75% at least.

  3. On the Wolvie tattooes, doesn’t Dakken have tattooes all down one arm? Hate to go there since he prefer to pretend that Dakken doesn’t exist but that would seem to be the precedent.

  4. I menat “I prefer to pretend that Dakken doesn’t exist.”

    Wow I really need an edit button on these comments. 

  5. Damn right I would slap!

  6. 100% digital. No reason to stick with marvel when they are only going day and date with the ultimate line and charging an arm and a leg for both physical AND digital comics. Screw em, they don’t deserve my business

  7. @josh, this issue isn’t actually the first time aunt may used a fun. Back in the second venom arc eddie brock came to parker’s house to find peter and may pulled a gun on him to make him leave. It was great.

  8. I think it’s still bad to say ‘Pro-Nazi in Comics’ but I get what you mean.

  9. Awesome! Welcome back Darryl!  

    ….and…strange…I agree with you… 

  10. I’m not Kieron Gillen (take the thought that I may be as a huge compliment though!)
    However, I do have a short story in the 11 O’clock Comics Community Anthology! It’s a crazy-ass story but it’s a fun showcase of my artist’ talents (even if he made some last-minute changes/grammatical mistakes) Check it out!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH5CqWxbAK8&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

  11. Once again Jason Aaron is using Garth Ennis ideas from his Punisher MAX run to make his run ‘brilliant’. That’s why I dropped the book by the way.

  12. jason aaron is just SO derivative. all of his diverse and varied body of work is evidence of that, right?

  13. I’m now going to relisten to last week’s episode, just for the “Suburban Tragedy” moment.

  14. Great show! Ryan’s really getting into his groove with his iFanboy appearances. Good stuff.

    I may have squealed a little when I realised Darryl was back. Love that guy.

  15. Jdudley: Is totally not me. My swearing is normally of a more virulent potency than “Bloody”. Jdudley is, however, a man of grace and taste. Clearly.


  16. Well, when Slayer had this problem they had a Thrash Off to see who got to be Slayer.  So whoever can speed palm mute the fastest and thrash the hardest gets to be Kieron Gillen.

  17. The entire Digital thing is amazing to me. I have no interest in digital. I’ve tried comics on phone, tablet, and laptop and it still offers me nothing more that mild convinience. I see digital comics compared to the move from CD to MP3 but this is a flawed argument. The music industry was a lucrative business. The risk factor was 100X smaller because it was riding on the back of a strong, stable industry. Comics are far from lucrative. IF digital goes the way that many people hope it does, some small market comic shops are going to take a hit. The big hitters in New York, Denver, etc. will be fine. But there are lots of guys keeping their heads above water who realistically could shut their doors IF the digital craze goes where some hope.

    But I also have a different question, all of the people I have spoke to, either in person or online, who plan on “going digital” are already reading comics. Isn’t it a wild assumption that suddenly there will be flocks of new readers just because it’s on a computer, iPad, or iPhone? Sure some may be gained but it seems most of the digital buyers will be existing comic readers, readers who will be buying digital instead of from their local shops. 

  18. i’d like to go 75%-100% digital immediately. For me i really don’t have any personal relationship with an LCS and with work and stuff, getting to a shop during the week is a giant hassle. I have all these comics i’ll never read again taking up space in my life. 

    Floppies aren’t high enough quality in paper or printing for me to care about them as printed objects, or wanting to keep them in my library like the rest of my book collection. I’ll supplement my digital purchases with trades or omnibuses of really great stories that i want on my bookshelf. 

    I’ll support forward thinking publishers and creators who offer digital options and be willing to pass on those that don’t. 

  19. Sport Magna/Anime are really popular, so I could see how 15 Love could make money if Marvel markets it right.

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