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Pick of the Week #389 – Astro City #1

Show Notes

It’s all about Kurt Busiek (rhymes with “music”) as the creator gets the double whammy, with both Pick of the Week and Book of the Month honors with one show. Has it ever happened before? Who has time to check. All we know is that Conor is hungry and really wants a bagel. Good comics await, and the temperatures are more moderate. That makes for a good show.

Running time: 01:00:42

Pick of the Week:
00:01:43 – Astro City #1

Astro City_1_Full_AComics:
00:12:26 – All-New X-Men #12
00:16:04 – Green Lantern #21
00:19:06 – Daredevil: Dark Nights #1
00:22:05 – Daredevil: End of Days #8
00:27:22 – Swamp Thing #21
00:29:37 – Locke and Key: Omega #5
00:32:00 – Green Arrow #21
00:34:40 – Avengers Arena #10
00:36:43 – Garth Ennis’ Red Team #3
00:38:39 – Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #25

User Reviews:
00:40:48 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:41:50 – harpier reviews Dial H #13.
00:43:35 – Neb reviews Winter Soldier #19.

Book of the Month:
00:45:46 – Superman: Secret Identity

Brought to You By:
Quantum and Woody #1 from Valiant Comics, by James Asmus and Tom Fowler.

“My Head is Full of Ghosts”
Bad Religion


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  1. Whoa whoa whoa!

    Talking bad about Rat Race? It ain’t no ‘It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World’ but it’s still solid.

  2. This podcast is getting boring 🙁

  3. I think i must be the only person on here who’s genuinely ecstatic about the new green lantern direction

  4. I’ve been reading Astro City in trades but I’m tempted to jump onto issues even though I’m not caught up yet…
    And I haven’t read Secret Identity in a long time, but I remember really enjoying it and being very impressed, so I just reserved a copy at the library to reread it.

    How is Busiek’s Superman run?

  5. Good show & Astro City was a good pick. I started re-reading the old issues. Have to check out Swamp Thing again, I dropped it sometime back, though during the Moore run it was one of my fave comics.