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And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick found themselves united to talk about the most anticipated film of the summer. On that day, iFanboy was born—to talk about the films no single ordinary podcast could withstand! Through the years, their roster has prospered, changing many times, but their glory has never been denied! Heed the call, then—for now, the iFanboys Assemble!

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“Not Alone Anymore”
The Traveling Wilburys


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  1. I love the songs you guys pick for the podcasts.

  2. Best part of the film was the initial scene with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in Stark Tower. Loved this film so much, tons of fun

  3. Great podcast. I still like how Tony and Bruce got along so well. I still think that’s way Hulk saved him from falling and yelled when he didn’t wake up. Might have to see it a 5 time… lol

    • 5th time*

    • I love how they left together in the same car… Iron Man 3 – Team up with Hulk and Iron Man

    • I didn’t think of that. That might be good.

    • I would see a Hulk/Iron Man buddy roadtrip movie multiple times.

    • I forget… Does Iron Man have a hyper-intelligent opponent of his own? Matching Tony Stark up against the Leader might be a great way to have Iron Man and Hulk meet up. Or not meet up. Having the Leader kick up the super-science in an Iron Man movie could be pretty exciting since a Hulk sequel might be unlikely. Sure, the Hulk did great in “The Avengers” but studio heads might guess that he can’t hold up a movie on his own.

  4. Saw it two times this weekend I loved it.

  5. Why wasn’t Thor able to pick up his hammer (for the very brief period) after he was ejected from the helicarrier?

    • I wondered what was up with that too. Anyone have a theory? Maybe something that might show up in an extended edition?

    • I may be way off, but I interpretted it as a reluctance to jump back into the fray. A large part of Thor’s arc in this film was reevaluating his love for battle and war after seeing the chaos it’s brought to Earth (“As a boy, I called it ‘war’.”). Wondering if Asgard’s interference has done more harm than good. So at that moment he may be asking himself if Earth is better off without him picking up the hammer. Of course, off-screen he obviously decides that he is responsible for Loki, and they need his help to stop him.

  6. What do you guys, iFounders but anyone else can chime in, on the idea of Coulson coming back as the Vision in a potential sequel?

    • That would be lame.

    • Yup

    • Err…No it wouldn’t, not if it was done right.

      You could say anything in this would have been lame if it wasn’t handled correctly, but it was.

      Plus they hinted at it, with the cellist comment. Isn’t Wanda a cellist?

    • Regardless of how they handled the resurrection itself, it would undermine this movie and the slightly more realistic integrity of the whole Marvel Movie Universe.

    • The Marvel Movies haven’t set limits on anything that could happen so far – anything goes as far as we know, so what leads you to arbitrarily state that would be one step too far?

      Realistic integrity? Really? It wouldn’t undermine this movie if, again, it was handled correctly.

      Lots of people thought Whedon couldn’t do this film, I’d suggest that he’s earned the right that we can be confident he could pull of anything in the next one.

    • It’s true that any realistic boundaries (if any exist) haven’t been set up, but that’s not important – bringing the character back would dampen the impact of his death in this movie, and Whedon probably wouldn’t be interested in that – he is known for killing off characters, I believe he does this to prove there are stakes, which don’t exist in a world where anyone can come back.

      We complain about this stuff all the time in comics, and I for one wouldn’t want it in these films.

    • I don’t think it would be lame to bring him back–that would be very easily achieved–it’s the idea of bringing him back as The Vision which I think would be lame.

    • And it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but the pittance of comic fans among their audience.

    • i mean, tony stark has a glowy thing in his chest.

    • “And it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but the pittance of comic fans among their audience.”

      Unless of course, it was done right.

      There’s not really a counter-argument to that. There isn’t. At least not until AFTER you’ve seen someone’s best shot at something. You can do ANYTHING in a story IF you do it right. I thought comics readers were all over that theory. If we’re not, then stories can’t surprise us any more and we may as well pack up and go home.

      Joss Whedon, if he chose to, could – conceivably – bring Coulson back as The Vision and do it so well that you’d be saying “That was awesome. Why did I think that wouldn’t work? I’m so glad he went down that route”. – I could name dozens of examples from comics. Bringing Bucky back? Hello? Nobody ever thought that would work as well as it did.

      Again, why are we already back to doubt? Doesn’t take long does it? No! No! That would be rubbish! The Infinity Gauntlet is simply unfilmable! Adding Pymm to the team would be terrible and pointless! Bringing Coulson back as The Vision would be lame!

      Am I kissing Whedon’s butt too much? Nope. Bear in mind that despite the way everyone is raving about this movie, and as much as I loved it: It’s not even close to the best thing he’s done.

      I’m one of a very small minority who was shitting himself with excitement since the day Whedon was announced two years ago. Never did I doubt that he would knock this out of the park. Watch enough of his other stuff and it should become a foregone conclusion for anyone. The only thing about this that was new to him was having a budget.

      So yes, if he was announced tomorrow for a sequel, I am going to start shitting myself with excitement all over again, knowing that he’s likely to kick it up a gear if anything, and knowing that it’s going to be awesome regardless of what story he chooses to tell, because he only tells good stories. It’s what the man does.

      So there.

      PS. Oh and by the way, a major Oscar nomination for Whedon for the Shakespeare adap he filmed at his home in a couple of weeks off from The Avengers. I’m calling that now.

    • If Coulson were brought back as an LMD, it might be interesting watching people play off him. Some people might regard him as little more than a tape recording with arms and legs. It’d start getting into the whole “what is human?” question that could be used to set up an eventual storyline involving Wonder Man, the Vision, and all that (especially with that brief glimpse of the original Human Torch in “Captain America”). Even Nick Fury, talking about Coulson as his “good eye” would have some good screen time playing off this sumulacrum of his idealistic agent; it might even provide Fury with a humanizing element since he came off as such a manipulative bastard in this movie. Coulson as an LMD could offer opportunities for meaningful banter in a way that would harken back to some of the scenes of Ripley and Bishop in “Aliens”. It could offer a bit more metaphysical meat about death and the soul, topics certainly sure to come up if Thanos is to be involved in a future sequel.

  7. Just saw it. Damn that was a great movie.

  8. I guess Conor and Ron saw it advanced so the scene probably wasn’t filmed yet but I’ll still ask:

    Did you not love the FINAL scene after the credits? I want ‘Awkward Avengers’ in the worst way.

    • YES! It took me a while to realize it was the schwarma place that Tony was talking about, then I asked how the hell did they make the food? lol

    • You can also see the exterior of Shawarma Palace earlier in the Manhattan battle scene. I can’t be more specific than that, but it’s definitely in the background long enough to notice. Can any New Yorkers confirm if it’s an actual restaurant?

  9. great post cast. i love spoilers. one of the reason i like y’all podcast. thanks guys. going to see it tomorrow

    • Why did you listen before watching the movie?

    • ifanboy goes above and beyond to post spoiler warnings, just look at Paul’s article, on Colson and all the bumping that took place in the comments. If the movie got spoiled it’s on you;-)

    • i wasn’t able to see it write a way but i really do love spoilers. i have no problem listening to them before i saw it.

  10. Hey guys. Love the podcast, and was amazed by Avengers. The Infinity Gauntlet was not completely cut out of Thor, it does appear for a few frames, I believe when the Frost Giants break in to steal the Cask of Whatever in the beginning. You have to pause it on the BluRay but it it clearly in the background.

    At my viewing of Avengers, about half of the theater stood up and cheered at the mid-credits sequence..can’t wait to see where they go with that.

  11. This was your best, most appropriate music choice ever. You could have just done handle with care and it still would have worked, but you picked a deep cut that was appropriate to the film.

    The more I think about Avengers the more I love it, not just on an ‘it was cool’ level, but I think it was a really meaningful movie. Beat ‘Donnie Darko’ as my favorite superhero movie. I think it was Ron who said the coolest moments in the past marvel movies were the ‘character moments’ in-between the big action. The coolest moments in this movie were all in the end battle, and that was because the big action moments WERE character moments. Hulk had the best examples.

    The transformers comparisons anger me deeply, because, aside from being horribly shot and edited, they were, from a narrative standpoint, just ROBOTFIGHTBANGBOOMBANG. Good action scenes are not made from a-lot-of-expensive-shit-flies-faster-than-you-can-process-while-big-things-blow-up, they’re from memorable moments: jaws oxygen tank, indiana jones just shoots the sword guy, indiana jones sticks a pole into the nazi’s motorcycle, luke hops off the plank and catches his lightsaber. The applause moments. The final battle in avengers had those in double-digits.

    The whole every-character-had-their-moment thing was made all the more poignant for me by this Whedon quote: “That moment, where you stand up and say, ‘I have the right to exist.’ I’ve written a lot of times, and I never get tired of writing it. And if I could just believe it about myself, I think I could stop writing it.” I think it’s safe to say that many of us fanboys/girls can be pretty insecure. But the kickass character action moments remind me there are many many moments when we stand up and show the world why we, as individuals, are forces for good in the world, be it helping someone with a baby-carriage up subway steps or contributing a good idea at work or holding your kid while they’re crying or whatever. More often than not, I feel like Clark. But sometimes I take off my glasses. And this movie helped me see that those times happen more often than I recognize.

  12. my two favorite lines were probably

    “I only know one god, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that”


    “To attack them would be to court death”

  13. by the way ron just to correct you not all of the ending fight was shoot in NYC, some was in Cleveland, Ohio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9eKsv-icXQ there

  14. I listened to the podcast and enjoyed how you brought up the point that each character had a story arc so that each character was at a different place when the movie ended than when it began.

    …which made me think. Of all the arcs, I felt like Thor and Cap felt like they needed more meat. Maybe even Hawkeye too, but I felt like Cap came off a bit weaker than I would have liked as a character. Did anyone else have that feeling too? Cap’s role seemed more to be a catalyst for Tony Stark’s character to grow as a hero than to be a character on his own. Sure, Cap beat up plenty of aliens on the streets of New York and got the police to take him more seriously as a leader, but I felt like there was still aspects missing. For example, as an old fashioned hero, might he have been more protective of the Black Widow in a chivalric way, making that scene where he helps boost her up to hitch a ride on the alien sled more meaningful? I’m not sure if it would have been possible with legal rights issues or anything, but Cap could have tried describing how out of sorts he felt by comparing himself to the old Buck Rogers stories; the one line about getting the flying monkey reference was cool but didn’t seem like enough somehow.

    Anyway, here’s hoping Whedon works on Avengers 2 to follow up on the great job he did with this one!

  15. “Where’d the hardness go?”


    “I’m hard.”

  16. Annihilus is actually credited as “The Other”. And played by Alexis “Wesley” Denisof.

  17. this movie keeps getting money out of me…. 5th time! WOW… Josh…

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