One more prop reveal from Marvel's booth in San Diego. Marvel unveiled it to a packed crowd for less than 5 minutes, but we were there on the spot to snap a few pics.

Recognize this little accessory?


We're gonna call this the Thanos Exclamatory. 


Let the speculation…begin!


  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hooooolllllyyyyy awesome. 

  3. Mind Splosion

  4. Hmmmm maybe for the Avengers movie? Although I think it’s more likely a piece of armor from the Thor movie

  5. OMG! Does this mean that Thanos is the villain for Avengers?!?!!? OR maybe the Skrulls? Or even, dare I say it, KANG THE CONQUEROR?!?!?!?!

  6. It looks like instead of multiple jewels, there is one square one in the center. This is probably an Infinity Gauntlet and Cosmic Cube amalgam. We already know the Cube is going to be in the Captain America movie, so this is probably the next step.

    Looks good to me.

  7. If there’s the infinity gauntlet, does that mean an Adam Warlock movie, or perhaps some retro-fitting the Guardians of the Galaxy into a movie, because that could be fun.

  8. Damn you for posting the better, non-blurry version after I posted! Hello, foot. You sure are delicious.

  9. thats the best thing ive ever seen i want it

  10. I think I Just had a nerdgasm.

  11. Thanks… i just sprayed Mnt Dew out of my nose when i read the "Thanos Exclamatory". Burns like hell.

  12. I want two.

  13. Break the glass, and run like hell!

  14. My mind is currently blown.

  15. haha i can see Ron’s reflection in the glass!

    Also, could i be anymore sad im not at this con? jesus……im so there in 2 years.

  16. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love the look of sheer joy on the guy to the far right next to Ron. 

  17. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @Paul – Thanks for pointing that dude. It just made my night to see his face. 🙂

  18. From a nerd-perspective, it’s uber-cool. Dispassionately though, I can’t see it working in any context but maybe The Avengers movie (I’d refer Blake Synder’s film rule of Double Voodoo as to the why).

    Also the enraptured gentlemen kind of looks like Jonah Weiland.

  19. Ron sticking his camera right in front of that girl’s face shows just how much of a pro he is.

  20. It’s the wrong hand! It fits the LEFT hand, not the right! Still neat though.

  21. An Infinity Gauntlet, big deal. We’ve already got one, you see. It’s very nice.

  22. I guess that this explains how Loki is going to ‘upgrade’ his hat that we saw in yesterday’s helmet picture

  23. Holy…..I mean……SHIT!!!

    Infinity Gauntlet? Thor? Loki? Wha!?

    Could this be the link for the Avengers film too!?

    I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!! 

  24. I don’t need this, this is hopefully just a nod to fanboys, since it goes with the rest of the decor we’ve seen from this Thor movie, gaudy gaudy gaudy.  

  25. I smell epicness aproaching

  26. OMG!!! But isn’t it a bit too soon? I thought it would be use in Avengers 2 or 3.

  27. It would be cool if that was the Infinity Gauntlet, and if it was attached to the Avengers movie, well, it just proves that Marvel has some big brass balls for taking the movie in that direction.

  28. I bet we’re all overreacting, and Odin just has it on his mantle for decoration.

    "It doth verily tieth thy room togethereth."

  29. I just want to see Tony Stark use it as a bottle opener in the Avengers movie.

  30. This is no doubt awesome. But I doubt they’re going with Thanos as the villain for the first Avengers movie. It’s would be incredible, but I dunno if mainstream audiences are ready for that. Then again, I’ve been wrong before. Either way, it’s a cool looking prop.

  31. I for one am more than ready for Thanos to be the villain in The Avengers.

  32. Thanos carries the least "origin baggage" of all the baddies that could sport the Gauntlet but who the heck do you cast to play him?

    Ed Norton? Haha, but seriously. He’d be scary good. 

  33. Nathan Fillion for Thanos

    Summer Glau for Death


    …..well someone was gonna say it

  34. Likely just a prop for a "SHIELD Vault" or "Odin’s Trophy Room" kind of scene. I’ve heard there’s an Eye of Agomatto too.

  35. good call @ActualButt. best to lower expectations here.

    General question for all. Can the wearer of the infinity gauntlet lift Mjöllnir? I can’t remember if this ever happened in the Infinity trilogy.