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Pick of the Week #179 – Batman: Battle For The Cowl #2

Show Notes

The (iFan)boys are back in town! A light week full of average books leads to lots of meandering discussion and digressions. Oh, and Ron Richards has a mental break down in the middle of the show.

Running Time: 00:55:51

Pick of the Week:
00:01:40 – Conor’s Pick of the Week, Batman: Battle For The Cowl #2, brought character insight into sibling rivalry.

00:10:28 – Wolverine: Weapon X #1 was… pretty good?
00:11:58 – Green Lantern #39 was also pretty good.
00:14:02 – Daredevil: Noir #1 was… pretty much pointless?
00:15:42 – Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1 was also pretty much pointless.
00:17:14 – Josh enjoys the world building in Superman: World of New Krypton #2.
00:19:20 – Ron had so much fun with Exiles #1.

User Reviews:
00:22:00 – Rustyautoparts jumped on Captain Britain and MI:13 #12.
00:24:00 – trugamer510 went on a date with Secret Six #8.

Comics News:
00:25:55 – The guys talk the best and worst in the 2009 Eisner Nominations!

Book of the Month:
00:35:12 – Ron found his two loves — music and comics — mixed together in Freddie & Me.

00:42:28 – Gary L. asks about Valiant.
00:44:13 – Daniel O. misses Cloak & Dagger.

“Somebody To Love”



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  1. wow, perfect timing for me to check for the new podcast!


    iTunes here i come : )


  2. I think this is the first week ever where I’ve read every book discussed except the Book of the Month.

  3. I disagree with Conors comment about how "Jason" is now a bad guy and shouldnt be cool because hes a villain and a psycho. But I mean lets face it, we comic book readers love villains, I mean by the same argument you would have to argue that Joker, Bullseye or Captain Cold are all characters that we should not like but I think its safe to say we all like them because they are jsut cool regardless of whether they are good or bad guys

  4. Wow, first 3 minutes and the show is already off the rails.

    This is gonna be a good episode

  5. Daniel O — it was announced last year that Val D’Orazio and Irene Flores are doing a Cloak & Dagger miniseries, but I don’t know what the current status of that is.

    Great show!  I didn’t read many of these books (except Exiles, which rocks) but I really enjoyed the discussion.

  6. *plays world’s smallest violin from minute 25:55 to 35:12*

  7. @DarkKnightDetective: Jason Todd was a Robin who murdered people.  He is worthy of scorn.  He’s not just a regular villain.  He’s a fallen hero who disgraced his uniform.

    And there’s a big difference between a cool villain and someone who is considered cool.

  8. @TNC – Wow… that was mature.

  9. What? I practice my violin while watching the show. Here I have a picture of it:


  10. Nice job, Ron.

    Way to not even mention the new Ellis book, my PotW. <valley girl>WhatEVER!</valley girl>

  11. Also, great show. Just became a ubscribing member yesterday 🙂

  12. Rust Yow!

    None of us are the world’s biggest Ellis fans.

  13. it’s good to see the public holidays didn’t stop you guys posting the podcast. that’s commitment, baby!

  14. @edward: Thanks for the kind words, but Easter actually isn’t a public holiday in the US.

  15. Yay, Men at Work!

  16. We can talk comics if you want to…..we can talk about comics with your friends anytime

  17. awesome podcast. really enjoyed the discussion on the Eisner’s

  18. @josh Any particular reason why? I don’t want to rip anyone apart, but I like hearing differing viewpoints beyond ‘it’s just not my thing.’

  19. Fun fun show.  The iFanboys have a slow week, thus hilarity ensues.

    I totally missed that the orange "corp" in GL were all constructs.  I don’t know why I didn’t catch on.  The whole time I kept thinking "why are they all orange and why did they come out of the same place?"  Damn, I totally blanked.  I guess I just wasn’t too into this issue.

    Also, I have a few issues of X-O Manowar from the 90’s somewhere.  Got them for free when a small shop closed down.  I don’t have fond memories of that book.

  20. @Rusty – We’ve talked about it a lot. For me, his consistency is all over the place, as well as his dedication to getting some projects done.  When he’s into something, he’s great.  When he’s not, he relies on cheapish tricks with not enough heart in the stories. I haven’t really enjoyed much of his work since Fell, which has been a while. He’s good with making creative curses in a book, but that attitude isn’t usually enough to make me like something.

  21. @Josh: Yea, that makes sense. The only things I’ve actually read by him is the first volume of Fell and Transmet, along with this book. I’m pretty new to comics in general, so most of those criticisms I have yet to encounter. I guess I have to do some podcast scrounging, since I’ve seen you guys mention not being too excited for his stuff, but never big explanations like that. Considering the pretty wide range of opinions between the three of you, I thought it odd that there was a universal meh for his work, so thought I’d ask.

  22. I’m gonna be a moron here.

    So, you rag on people who won’t "just jump in" on a series, but you’re waiting for the 1st trade of Secret 6 to get into it?


  23. @JJ: People who actually want to start reading a book should just start.  None of us actually want to read SECRET SIX.

  24. Wow, you guys REALLY hate JMS! You think he was only nominated because the judges are his fans? lol. I guess all the other comic websites who dig his books are just fans too 😛

    Anyways …

    Batltle For The Cowl — What if the "packin’ heat" Batman isn’t Jason Todd? Saying that the book perfectly described the three brothers characters might fall apart if it’s not Jason.

    Totally agree with you guys thoughts on Green Lantern, the whole colour/emotion spectrum thing is getting a little old. Let’s stop introducing characters (who all are very similar) & start the story.

  25. @WadeWilson: Of course someone who likes a writer is a fan.

  26. @Conor: So not wanting to read a book would make you wanna spend more dough on it? Seems to me not knowing if you’ll like it is the perfect reason to jump in the middle of a book and sample for 3$.

    Maybe I just don’t get it… *shrug*

  27. @JJ: You’ll have to ask Josh, he was the one who made the pledge to read the first SECRET SIX trade.

    Me, personally, I’d rather try out a trade than a single issue, but that’s because I prefer the format.

  28. Ifanboy’s new tagline:

    We love all comics…..except for Secret Six and anything by JMS….oh and by Chuck Austen…

  29. Uhm, sorry. I didn’t mean to start a negative trend in the comments. Carry on…

  30. @TNC: We love comics. We never said we love all comics.  In fact, we preach being descerning about your reading.

  31. I’m sorry, I’m just realising how annoying my anti-Bendis stuff was. I mean I thought I hated a writer. There seems to be more distaste for JMS then anyone else on here….except again for Chuck Austen.

  32. @Conor – My point was that JMS work on Thor is pretty much universally praised by comic fans, you guys are the only website I’ve seen who don’t like it/don’t read it. ALL these reviewers/websites arn’t just saying it’s good because they are "fans", it must actually be good work.

  33. @WadeWilson: If they think it’s good work, then they are fans of it.  "Fan" is not a slur.

  34. You know what I just realised?

    Conor picked rustyautoparts review of Capt. Britian (great review btw) to show how you can go into any comic and not worry about anything. From what I can tell Secret Six was a stand alone issue (like a break from the first arc)….So….why not jumped on this issue guys? I mean it was a slow week apparently for you. Just saying

    Then again I’m waiting for trade…stupid idea. I know it’s a slow week for this wednesday (like 1 book)…gonna try Secret Six out from this recent issue.

  35. @Conor – Right. But I’m saying people arn’t just saying Thor is a good book because they are JMS fans (like blind followers or any writer who will eat up any garbage they put out & say it’s awesome). If a book is good & you are a fan of it, is completely different to being a fan of the creator & automatically loving whatever they put out. That’s how you made the Eisner Judges sound.

    My point was that Thor is very well recieved all over the internet by reviewers & readers alike, so they can’t ALL be just JMS disciples.

  36. blind followers OF* any writer

  37. Bendis’ first eisner was a creator deserving of wider recodnition.  Also, big fan of Unknown soldier getting a nom.

  38. Where’s Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia? This is bullshit!

  39. (I’ve been waiting a whole week to make that joke.)

  40. Where can one see this ECCC video?

  41. Oh wait, sorry.  

  42. The last story arc in Thor is far better than the first trade that Josh reviewed.  Not saying he, or any of the iFanboys, should feel like they have to read it.  Just saying that I enjoyed it quite a bit and the book does indeed deserve the nomination for best ongoing.

  43. I rarely make comments but on this occasion, I feel I have to.

    Granted I am a JMS fan, but if I didn’t like his work, I would say so.  His run on Thor is excellent and deserves the nomination it has received.   I didn’t read his disasterous run on Spider-Man, but I loved Rising StarsMidnight Nation.  Also, Babylon 5 is widely regarded as one of the best science fiction series ever produced on television.  JMS wrote most of the show during its 5 year run, so the man does have talent.

    Also, I have the first trade of The Secret Six and it is very good as well. Gail Simone is not given the credit she deserves, and that is just a shame.

    As with other entertainment sectors,  there are those who often receive far too much acclaim, and in my opinion, don’t deserve it, while others who do don’t get it.

    Bottom line, if a comic intrigues you try it out despite what popular sentiment may be. You just might be surprised.

  44. For the record, my or "our" opinions don’t really indicate the same as "popular" opinion.  *I* don’t think Straczynski is the best writer out there.  Lots of people like him, and my not liking him is not the same thing as saying that they *shouldn’t*.  Do I think he should win an Eisner for Best Writer? No, I certainly don’t.  I’ve read stuff he did this year, and I’m not ignorant.  But hey, lots of people dig Thor a whole bunch, and that’s great for them, because they’ll get more of what they like if he’s successful.

    And like Conor said, if I *really* wanted to read Secret Six, I would pick up some issues, but the fact is, I’m probably just stalling, and I can blame it on the lame DC trade program, because I don’t really care about reading it. My prediction is, and I’d love to be surprised, that it won’t be a bad comic, but it won’t be my thing.

  45. well you’ve made me want to pick up Freddie and me along with that dam anime from funimation.

  46. Since we are talking about Eisners, I just don’t get the reason for not nominating the GL books. Were they nominated last year?

    It seems like I must give Thor a try.


    Also, Ignition city was cool


  47. In the interest of being fair, I thought I’d possibly check out the next Thor volume after the first.  It’s not out until June.  A year between 6 issue collections.  Also, only in hardcover.

    It looks like they’ve gotten about 7 issues out in the last year. The Twelve is shelved. I’m saying, get the work done before collecting your awards.

  48. Shelved?  As in cancelled?  I was really into that book.

  49. It’s on indefinite hiatus.  Something about a certain writer’s movie career taking precedent.

  50. the twelve is getting shelved?  mutherf_ck!

  51. It’s not "getting" shelved.  It "got" shelved.

    This is what it felt like to be a Rising Stars fan ten years ago.

  52. @rodfa02 — "I didn’t read his disasterous run on Spider-Man."

    How can you judge/label something you haven’t even read??

    @Josh — Fair enough if you hate JMS, that’s personal opinion & totally different from public opinion, & no one can argue with that. I was just trying to point out that his books are well recieved by reviewers across the board, it’s not like the Eisner judges nominated some random crappy writer just because they are personal fans. That’s how it sounded in the podcast.

  53. I have liked Thor, but I haven’t loved it.  I think JMS is doing a solid job on the book, and his work is worthy of the praise it gets, but in my opinion it’s not Eisner worthy.  I think Scalped and Jason Aaron were more worthy of recognition than Thor and JMS.

  54. OPEC does it again

  55. I DO think the Eisner judges are JMS fans. I don’t think the work was that good.  I could be wrong certainly. It wasn’t bad, perse, but not the best writing of the year. Something that would explain that would be that there are a couple Babylon 5 fans on there, and they’re taking their enjoyment of his work into the context of judging these books.  It’s a crackpot theory sure, and likely without merit, but that’s how I feel.

  56. WadeWilson wrote: My point was that Thor is very well recieved all over the internet by reviewers & readers alike, so they can’t ALL be just JMS disciples

    I wrote, on this very site: http://www.ifanboy.com/reviews/Mart/marvel_comics/thor/600

     Well, OK, I linked. Point is, not everyone likes the JMS Thor package.

  57. And while Josh doesn’t need me to speak up for him, Wade, it’s annoying to see you state ‘@Josh — Fair enough if you hate JMS, that’s personal opinion’ He said he doesn’t enjoy his writing – different thing.

     Anyway lads, another fine show. As for the Queen record you should have played, surely The Show Must Go On? 

     And yessirree, Secret Six 7, double plus good, but if you don’t fancy something, you don’t fancy something – I’ve not read a solo Wolverine book since the first mini series. I cope.

  58. @Mart — I never wrote that every single person in the world was positive about JMS on Thor, I was generalising. And, by saying Josh hates JMS, I meant his writing, not him personally. Sorry I annoyed you with my unclear statements (?), lol.

  59. Well, OK, but this seemed pretty unambiguous: . I was just trying to point out that his books are well recieved by reviewers across the board . . .’

    Off to improve my comprehension . . .

  60. I’d have capped the show off proper with "Another One Bites the Dust" considering IT’S Queen’s best song – "Bicycle" coming in a close second. A Queen track package was recently made available for Guitar Hero World Tour featuring "We are the Champions" and "Fat-Bottomed Girls". Check it out! 


  61. @Mart — ??? Wow, sorry I wasn’t 100% clear, mate. Again — I was generalising. I guess what I meant was the main comic review sites generally give the book praise. If you wanna continue to pick apart all my posts & take the piss out of me, go ahead, I make plenty of mistakes, it will be very easy 🙂

  62. Not my intention, honest! I wasn’t picking apart, I was contradicting with a direct quote. Reading posts before sending and seeing just what it seems you’re saying is a good thing, that’s all! Happy to drop it!

  63. I think Wade is trying to prove that the people who hate JMS is in the minority. I’m sorry I know saying the world’s smallest violin is a bit childish….But you guys totally sounded like a bunch of crybabies. The fact josh that you think the Eisner judges are bias towards JMS is ludicrious…You sound like me when it comes to people hating on Deadpool.

  64. Who cares whose opinion is in the minority?  There are many, many books we disagree with "tha majority" on.  What fun would it be if everyone agreed?

  65. don’t want to be a candidate for Vietnam or Watergate; all I wanna do is BICYCLE

    Good luck, brain! Good luck thinking of anything else now that Queen songs are in there for the day.

    They say the Cloak and Dagger miniseries is coming out during the first half of this year, but we’re rapidly running out of days in this half. Keep an eye out here: http://valeriedorazio.blogspot.com/

  66. @conor: That’s the problem though; you guys totally think it’s the majority that people hate JMS or Thor wasnt all that’s cracked up to be. Again I know it’s all opinion and your entitled to it.

    You can hate JMS, I can love him. You dont have to read Thor, I will continue to read it. But when your stating there is bias with an award where you dont have the slighest idea on who the judges are or what they read…is just wrong.

    How do you know they didnt read Scalped and though: ‘Oh this was really good, but not as good as these…’ Or just stated Scalped was a peice of shit? You dont know! So I’m not critizing your opinon on the exact book; just your idea that the nominations in general had bias to them. They didnt. Cause if they did; then it would be nothing but DC/Marvel and no indie work at all. 

  67. @TNC: When did we say the majority dislike JMS? We stated that *we* dont’ like his work. One does not equal the other.

    (And that’s not even entirely true, just in this instance)

    All we can do – and all we do – is state *our* opinion. 

  68. @conor: That’s just how it sounded from the podcast….Sorry I’m probably reading into things….Just idk, when you have a people who clearly dont like his work; or course there is bias to have someone they love in the nominations. Just to think that the judges are bias in favor of JMS or that Scalped got gipped is just stupid to me. Cause that’s what I have been reading into when I see these posts about Scalped not being nominated

  69. @Mart – I’m the first to admit I’m not Mr Articulate with my thoughts, but I’m trying to improve 😛 I honestly didn’t know that "across the board" means every single person.

    @Champ -I’m not trying to prove that JMS haters are in the minority ,they are probably the majority! lol But, that’s got nothing to do with it. I just thought the fellas were implying something on the podcast, & Josh’s last post made it clear that they were.

  70. I guess the final thought to come out of all of this is:

    Why does it matter?

    What I get most out of this site is that ‘if you like the comic, then that’s all that matters’. What does it matter if Scalped doesnt get an Eisner nom? Does it make or break your opinion on the book? I know for a fact that if it somehow swept the entire award show (how it got nominated for best kids…dont ask me it’s hypotheitcal) I still wont read it. Cause I have no desire to read it. It all goes back to that argument I had with ‘does the modern day audience care anymore about award winners?’.

    Still the idea that there is a bias for JMS on the judges is wrong to think. But in the end it wont make any difference in my eyes if a book is nominated or not. Is it weird that Johns didnt get nominated for JSA or GL? Sure….but that doesnt mean there is an anti-bias for Geoff Johns on the judges mind. It’s just that when he is put up against other writers (or titles) he clearly wasnt the winner. That doesnt mean I’ll stop reading JSA because of it.

  71. @TNC: If you think it’s stupid to express our opinions then you should probably stop listening to the show because the entire point of it is to express our opinions.  You should also avoid all entertainment media around the time of the Academy Award nominations, The Emmys, The Grammys, etc.  Because when award nominations are announced there is generally a lot of discussion about what people thought should and shouldn’t have been nominated.

  72. @conor: Josh told us that it was a wrong opinion to think of the Flash Rebirth hype as the POTW…so now I’m saying it’s a wrong opinion to think there is bias.

    I’m not saying your opinion on the book is wrong; you opinion on the judging is completely out of line. Sorry that you can say our opinions our wrong but yours is completely truthful and should be shunned to think it’s wrong.

  73. …. what?

  74. Your completely out of line thinking there is bias on the judges for these nominations.

  75. @TNC: "Just to think that the judges are bias in favor of JMS or that Scalped got gipped is just stupid to me. Cause that’s what I have been reading into when I see these posts about Scalped not being nominated"

    Just to be clear, I’m not saying there is any bias or conspiracy regarding JMS’ nomination.  In my opinion (remember, in MY opinion) Thor is an excellent book, but there are far more deserving books/writers out there that deserve recognition.

  76. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    There’s no such thing as an objective art critic because art isn’t an objective thing.  (sidenote: It doesn’t invalidate criticism if they’re also articulate enough to convey their stance for potential readers.)  Therefore, judges of artistic awards are biased in some way.  Maybe not uniformly, but as individuals.  Because they’re humans.  If Josh had argued that JMS had bribed the judges in some way, then I can understand being upset about his conspiracy theory.  But to argue that there is a bias isn’t really a blind assumption. 

    It’s also natural to be frustrated when an award nomination doesn’t go your way because awards generally offer more attention. It was one show where Josh voiced his opinion.  This isn’t an ongoing tirade or campaign.  No one is being difficult.   

  77. @TNC – What is it you want from me here? If you’re happy with the nominations, bully for you. I have a different opinion. If you want to parse out all my statements, and try to *GET* me, go ahead, but I’m not sure I see the point.

    I said what I said.  I’m standing by what I said, and I don’t feel the need to defend what I said.  Also, please note what *I* said, and not what *we* said.

  78. all i wanna do is BICYCLE! BICYCLE! BICYCLE!

    or maybe ZOOMA ZOOM ZOOM and a BOOM BOOM

    you know, just SHAKE YOUR RUMP!

    eat that MROCZKOWSKI!

  79. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Can we get back to the business of talking about comic books instead of taking about the business of comic books?  

  80. Hearing the chat about Cloak and Dagger broke a dream – they were in my dreams last night, which is weird. I only ever really liked them as Ed Hannigan cover ornaments.

  81. I thought Locke & Key  Head Games #4 was really really good…

  82. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @drake – Looking forward to picking up the second Locke and Key hardcover. The first book was really…refreshing.  Something new.  

  83. @Paul-I saw the first hardcover and was insanely jealous.  I love my singles, but that hardcover is gorgeous.  Judging by the past 4 issues, I think you will enjoy this latest arc.

  84. @FACE: I will eat that, as I have been eating everything lately, like a billy goat.

    "Rump Shaker" always reminds me of when I volunteered at a homeless shelter as a youngster. There was a very poorly supervised six year old living there who used to sing it to me every day, to my growing horror. (Imagine a first grader in pigtails and overalls shouting, "All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and a BOOM BOOM!" at you every afternoon.)

    You know…? I have been hearing about Cloak and Dagger for 25 years, and I generally think of them as characters I like, but I don’t think I’ve ever read a single Cloak and Dagger comic. What an oversight.

  85. I had "Fat Bottom Girls" in my head ALL WEEKEND.

    It was briefly replaced by "White Wedding", but then it came back.

  86. I was also wondering why All Star Superman was nominated for Best Continuing Series…that’s just really odd.

    I don’t mean to add more fuel to the fire but not a single nomination for Jason Aaron or Geoff Johns, really, really? Not even a nomination for Jock for best cover artist, his covers are some of the best i’ve ever seen.

    Anyway, there are some great nominations as well, but I would like to have seen a few others on there. Good to hear you guys discuss it.

    Good podcast.

  87. I’d really like to see "Morrissey and Me" by Ron Richards. Wishful thinking? Hope not.

    Just read "Battle for the Cowl". Goddam that ripped!

    @Jimski – kids these.. er, those days. Just imagine what your daughter will be singing in a few years  🙂 

  88. @Josh you could start by reading the Villains United story that originally introduced the Secret Six or the miniseries, which are both in trade form already, if you haven’t yet, which would probably give you a good idea if you wanted to read the series or not.

  89. No love for Salt N Pepa?

  90. Where is Eddie Vedder? This is bullshit!

  91. Who’s house?

  92. Run’s house!!!

  93. Say what!?!?!

  94. still no gordon the intern – still bullshit.

  95. i have a huge problem with JMS. he doesnt get books in a timely manner. there is something to be said about doing your job correctly.

  96. You guys mentioned Usagi b/c it picked up an nomination. Any chance you’d do a mini on Stan Sakai’s awesome anthropomorphic (did i spell that right?) ronin rabbit? I feel as though even though its been going on for 25 years its often overlooked.

  97. I might talk to Sakai at a con some time.  I read the book (started around issue #90-something), and think it’s fun, but it doesn’t really jump out at me as a book where I have much to say about it, which is probably why it doesn’t come up on the show that often.

  98. Josh – Yeah I guess I could see that. However there’s the excessive violence that gets over looked b/c many people see Usagi and go "aww he’s cute" or the great father/son stories or the historical content of the book. Then there’s also that fact that Sakai writes, draws, inks, and letters a single issue by himself EVERY MONTH! He’s only missed like two deadlines i believe and one was b/c of hospitalization if memory serves. We often talk about how so many books are late that if a book comes out on time its almost a feat. How about one guy doing an entire book by himself almost, plus trades a couple times a year. Also he’s got a new hand painted short story coming out.

     Not necessarily lobbying for the mini anymore just needed to get the love out for UY. Glad at least one of you guys read it though (Is it just you or do the rest of the staff enjoy it as well?)

  99. Just me I think.  But you’re completely right about that.

    I always try to bring it up when there’s an exemplary issue.  I love that contrast too.

  100. Buncha things:

     1. I won a T-Shirt!!!!

    2. JMS is a favorite of mine. I consider Babylon 5 as my favorite sci-fi series of all time.  Thor has been one of my favorite reads. That being said, I don’t think Thor has been good enough for an Eisner.

    3. I say  Abnett n Lanning oughtta to win *something*

    4. There’s a Usagi Yojimbo hardcover coming out in May.  1200 pages.  May make a good book of the month…


     –"Get on your bikes & ride!"

  101. @chiefjoe  Yeah, I was just thinking. . .I love ‘Babylon 5’ a lot, but the only comics thing by JMS I’ve ever really liked is the first 6 issues of ‘Supreme Power’.

  102. Hey, I figure I should make more than just a joke posting for this weeks show. (See previous posts.)

    I really enjoyed this week’s show. In fact one of the things I really like about your show over others is the thought-out critique for things you dislike. I always feel like a real effort…well, just plain-old thought is put into your comments, and especially those which are negative and can amount to a degree of personal taste. I don’t want to talk about the three of you as a single entity, and each of you does this in your own way; but I rarely feel like a show is lacking in contemplation. Same goes for the things you like, but to a lesser degree, since at times positive comments have a way of simply being more of a gut reaction; which is understandable since more people are willing to accept personal taste for one’s likes, than are willing to do so for dislikes.  

    Okay, anyway…before I start a love fest…

    I’ll jump into the J.M.S. talk a little here…I certainly have some opinions, and personally I really disliked " Babylon 5", chiefly for the writing, and especially the dialog. The shows dialog was really overwritten, rarely sounded natural, and just really needed a good character editor or some sort of editorial oversight. I’m especially mentioning the dialog here, because one could say problems with the 5 year story arc requires blame on the studio as well as JMS (probably more on JMS though), and the characters and their development could be considered another joint Studio and JMS issue; but I never heard about the studio interfering with the dialog — and I found it again neither natural or well crafted (I would have picked one of the two if possible). So the fact that he personally wrote 90ish of the 100ish episodes perhaps says something about how he really should have shared the direct writing load, and given a bit more attention to the craft itself.

    I desperately wanted to like the show (in the way a sci-fi fan always wants to like sci-fi television). And after watching for almost three full seasons, I gave up. Well, sort of, I would tune in every so often, but it was still too much. (Why did I do this to myself? Again, I’m a sci-fi fan, and I really wanted to like the show.)

    I thought some of the ideas were good, but poorly executed. And the special effects were fun (I loved how the way the Starfuries would fly around), but I really can’t give JMS any credit for the special effects.

    I am glad there are fans out there for the show.  It makes me feel a little freer to comment, since I’m not making fun of the kid who has no friends.

    Having said all of this, I read an issue or two of Thor when JMS started on it (it was an accident, I didn’t realize who was writing it). I liked the idea of creating a new Asgard in the Mid-West; it seemed silly and fun. Overall it wasn’t terrible, but I have real trouble seeing it as award worthy.

    Again, great show guys!

    (Sorry for the length of my comments, you can probably see I’m didn’t grow-up in a text-messaging/twitter world.)

  103. (Hey, I hope I didn’t kill the conversation here. Please feel free to express differing opinions. Go iFanboy.com!)

  104. I like pie

  105. Hahaha!  @chlop, you honestly cracked me up!

  106. @powerdad – You certainly didn’t kill the conversation. But it already was a bit dead. Either way, great post.  I think my thoughts echo what a lot of people have said, JMS fans or no: Thor and Twelve are both good comics, totally.  But they’re not *that* good.  The thing is, I don’t think JMS is a terrible writer.  I don’t read his stuff and think, "ugh, this guy has no talent or skill at all!" It’s more that I’m just not so into that flavor of comics.  They’re not for me.  But I don’t think they’re incredible.

    Another thing people might not get is that I used to be a big fan.  BIG fan.

  107. @Josh – are you judging them based on this year’s comics or based on a general standard of "goodness" you developed over the years?

  108. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    True story:

    I was listening to the show while I was out for a walk the other day.  I get to the now infamous "Rust-E-OW-Toe-parts" bit and start laughing hysterically as I walk.  A pickup truck slows at a stop sign and an old man in overalls leans out the window.  "I wish I had a reason to laugh like that, I tell ya what."  

    He actually said "I tell ya what."   


  109. @chlop – both.  I wasn’t super excited about reading them, but they were technically fine.

  110. now i may be wrong well the actual serie has not come out, that Captain America White preveiw came out in the last year or so.  so the colorest could be for that.

  111. i just read this thread. i have read a lot of JMS and he isn’t good

  112. @edward – Do you travel around Southern California with a bucket of gasoline ready for just when the firefighters leave?

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