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Pick of the Week #329 – Avengers vs. X-Men #1

Show Notes

It’s the annual iFanboy Staff Writer show! With Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick off stuffing their faces with Cadbury eggs, Ryan Haupt, Mike Romo, Ali Colluccio, and Jim Mroczkowski step in to discuss the week’s comics! Plus, a very special announcement for loyal iFanboy listener SSG Jonathan Castillo. Mrs. Castillo has asked as to relay whether their forthcoming baby is an iFanboy or iFangirl, and we’re pleased to oblige. Place your bets now!

Running Time: 00:54:29

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – Time for some big hair and a healthy dose of Augmented Reality with Conor’s Pick of the Week, Avengers vs. X-Men #1.

00:11:59 – Jim’s curious about the former presidential cat pawing around Animal Man #8. Meanwhile, Ali, Mike and Ryan send the new character design in Swamp Thing #8 down the catwalk.
00:17:48 – For Mike’s money, Chew is one of the most consistently funny and visually creative books on the market. #25 is no exception.
00:22:22 – Whether or not a good jumping on point is even needed, everyone agrees that Daredevil #10.1 is a great one-and-done.
00:27:11 – Ryan enjoyed Invincible #90, super succinctly.
00:29:00 – Everybody wants to love Action Comics #8. But do they? Mike feels assaulted by teeth.
00:33:40 – Ali can’t decide what she loves most about Wolverine & The X-Men #8. Ryan suggests it was Beast being awesome.
00:35:33 – Jim is totally ensorcelled by Skullkickers #13 in spite of himself.

User Reviews:
00:40:30 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:10 – blkassassin106 loves it when a plan comes together, as it did in The Amazing Spider-Man #683.
00:42:36 – kmanifesto bids a fond farewell to O.M.A.C. #8.

00:44:53 – Phil wants to know what DC Comics has against Superman.
00:48:09 – A recent convert to Flash comics, John asks if we’ve ever been reluctant to check out a certain character only to discover a new favorite.

00:51:40 – Experiment with Ryan and his Paleopals on Science…Sort Of.

Baby News:
00:53:30 – Is SSG Jonathan Castillo’s new recruit a boy or girl?

Brought to you By:
• Marvel Comics present Avengers vs. X-Men #1 – don’t miss out on the big summer event form Marvel. If you haven’t read it yet, head to your local comic shop or get it digitally: http://ifn.by/avxifanboy
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  1. Anybody find it weird that when Graphicly dropped iFanboy as a sponsor and then Marvel put their ad on their website which then led this week’s pick was AVX #1. I will admit it got me a little intrigued on what the Josh, Connor, and Patrick thought about the issue, but very disappointed to find they were nowhere to be found. Anybody else I think its quite strange 😛

    • Patrick?

    • I don’t know man I don’t see these guys as sell outs. They had Fraction on to promote Fear Itself then proceeded to shit on it because it sucked. They went to the DC offices and were still critical of Flashpoint. I agree that AvX wasn’t my pick but I’ve never once doubted that a pick came from the heart. Marvel doesn’t gain anything from that either. Most people were going to buy that book any way.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Graphicly didn’t drop iFanboy. Graphicly remains our parent company. Marvel’s sponsorship did not lead to Avengers Vs. X-Men being selected by Conor as PotW either. You can read his thoughts in his written PotW review.

      No conspiracy. This is our annual Staff Writer show. It was scheduled before AvX #1 even came out.


    • to echo and add to Paul’s comments:
      – Graphicly is our parent company, and we have and will continue to promote them as such. We have 3 spots for ads in our show. Sometimes we only have 1, sometimes 2, and sometimes we have all 3. We don’t want to have more than 3 spots becuase for an hour’s show, we feel that’s enough. There is no “dropping” going on – rather just managing of inventory

      – As Paul mentioned, this is the annual Staff show – we had this planned for weeks, regardless of the book picked or our advertisers etc.

      – For what it’s worth, I thought AvX #1 was ok. I didn’t read my books yet this week (I’ve been moving house) so I can’t comment as to what my pick would have been.

      – In regards to your comment below about Graphicly and iFanboy – I assure you your comments are about as far off as they can get. But Paul is correct, this is not the place to discuss that – but trust me, everything is good in Graphicly/iFanboy land.

      – And finally, to address in advance to comment that I know will be made by people: Yes Marvel sponsored this episode and have been advertising AvX here on iFanboy. Yes, Conor picked AvX #1 as his pick of the week. The two are not mutually exclusive or related. There is a VERY LARGE WALL between Editorial and Advertising. That’s how we are able to keep iFanboy free to you to enjoy. We take our editorial integrity very seriously and no advertiser can “buy” any editorial coverage. We only make a book Pick of the Week on it’s creative merits. If you choose not to believe that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

      We all should be flattered that Marvel identifies iFanboy as a site worth advertising to. It’s a compliment for us for the work we’ve done over the past 10 years to bring iFanboy to what it is and it’s a compliment to you, the users, that Marvel sees value in advertising to you.

      That said, I’m going back to unpacking and enjoying Easter.

      oh, one more thing… Patrick?

    • Paul is probably my favorite iFanboy founder. He really tells it like it is…or maybe I’m thinking of Jerry. Yep, it’s Jerry. Jerry really tells it like it is.

    • @kmanifesto Paul isn’t a founder.

      Also… Patrick?

    • @Suicidalkangarooz – I’m aware Paul was not a founder. I was spoofing on the whole ‘Patrick’ slip up of getting something wrong. I meant to say that of the three founders (Jerry, Roshonda and Caleb) that Jerry was my favorite.

    • Seriously, who is Patrick?

    • Jesus christ, everyone take off the Guy Fawkes masks and stop with the Anonymous newletters.

      Let David Icke come up with the insane theories

    • Lemon Curry?….

      Wait wrong thread. I mean….Patrick?

    • Does anyone remember when there were Flashpoint banners all over the site, and Flashpoint #1 got, at best, mixed reviews on the podcast?

      Also, Patrick?

    • To be honest the thought crossed my mind as well, but then I thought 1. they wouldn’t sell out like that 2. the issue was pretty excellent and def worthy of PoW

    • Patrick was actually my favorite iFanboy founder. His shit was always on point.

      It’s too bad that Bigfoot malued him to death.

  2. Cannot wait to listen to this. I love the writers shows.

    Also, is this the first time that the podcast is coincidentally sponsored by the POTW or any comic book talked about on the same podcast?

  3. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you may note that iFanboy is a Graphicly company. My POTW was Age of Apocalypse, I am fully expecting my kickbacks from Marvel anytime now….and waiting….and waiting

    • You won’t find Graphicly doing that well considering that they are going straight to being a e-book reader after getting their company handled to them by Apple and Android. I’m willing to count that ifanboy won’t be in the companies stock meeting since its pretty well known that ifanboy didn’t bring Graphicly the right amount of sales to warrant a purchase from them…

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Not the place to discuss this, guys. Feel free to discuss the Pick of the Week podcast episode or any of the books listed in the show notes. Thanks!

    • Trying to diffuse conspiracy theories = exercise in futility

  4. Anyway … Great show, guys. All four were entertaining as always. A nice change of pace. This may also be the first podcast where I actually read every book that was discussed, so that made it extra enjoyable for me. Thanks!

    • Forgot to mention Paul’s interruption during the OMAC “discussion”. It was hilarious. Eye enjoyed it.

    • Haha, yeah Paul’s interruption was awesome, I’m sure Conor appreciated it too, because I think he was also enjoying OMAC. I thought it was cool to hear the views of the other ifanworkers this week, great job Mike, Jimski, Ali, and Ryan.

      In regards to the email question posed by John, I was a Batwoman doubter at first. After I saw the previews for the new52 I went and got the Eulogy trade by Rucka/Williams III, and was converted instantly to the fantastic book and its great characters.

  5. Not surprised by the pick 1 in 3 of the POTW’s are no1’s (10 of the last 30)

  6. I love how some users cry foul about Connor’s PotW and Marvel’s sponsorship, and when some of the other users call them on their bullshit and give thoughtful responses, they have nothing to say…

  7. The return of Rike Momo and his infectious enthusiasm. Yes.

  8. I will always remember this episode as “that one where my mic was muted for the entire Invincible discussion.”

    “Does no one care about my many insights?”

  9. Seriously it’s to bad the regulars wernt here for this episode I was looking forward to Conrad’s opinion as well as Patrick’s

  10. Great job, staff writers! While I hope Ron, Conor and Josh don’t “retire” for a long time, it’s nice to know there’s a great group ready to step in (Paul included, of course!).

    And to the ridiculous conspiracy theorists: This is comic book website. Marvel is the largest and most popular comic book publisher. Even if they could buy the Pick of The Week, they don’t NEED to. How many articles each week focus on Marvel properties? Or DC, for that matter? The iFanboy crew do a hell of a job covering a wide swath of the comics industry, only playing favorites when discussing their own personal favorites!

    If you have the time and inclination to cast aspersions on iFanboy.com’s integrity in order to scratch your indignant righteousness itch, (which you should really have a doctor look at, btw) there are a MUCH worthier targets out there.

  11. So…according to Comic Vine, this Nova is named Sam Alexander. They also give some more back story on his trip, in advance of the Phoenix Force, to Earth. I have no idea where they got the info or even if its accurate, but if so, it only raises more questions about what happened after Richard Rider and Star-Lord got trapped in the collapsing Cancerverse. I MUST KNOW!!!


    • I think Loeb or one of the bigwigs dropped the Sam Alexander name in an interview. Sam is the also the Nova in the new Ultimate Spider-man cartoon.

      That said, I don’t think anything has been revealed about how/why/when Sam replaced Richard Rider.

    • My question’s are more about the Nova Force, which got trapped along with Nova and Peter.

      I’m just glad to know that the whole “dubstep” line from Infinite $1 wasn’t coming from my boy Rich. 🙂

  12. History shows that iFanboy integrity is unassailable.

  13. Always enjoy the writer’s episode! Nice job writers.

  14. Writers episodes are always fun.
    Congratulations to Jonathan!

    This thread has got everything. Patrick?! Connor?! Professional integrity?! stuclach?!

    Personally, I’m still waiting for Josh to make Astro Van the pick of the week.

  15. I think Paul’s voice should suddenly make a guest appearance more often.

  16. Thanks IFanboy. I just heard the good news and the nice surprise from my wife. I am having a iFanboy.

  17. I haven’t always liked the staff show but this year’s was really good. Nice!

  18. Hi guys,

    Hope has been displaying the Phoenix effect for some time. During Fraction’s run on Uncanny, there was a subplot about Emma worrying that Hope was the Phoenix host. At the end of the X-Sanction mini, Hope displayed the Phoenix effect when she healed Cable.

  19. Always enjoy the writer’s show, Love to hear it a little more often.

  20. I actually enjoyed Morrison’s run on Action Comics and issue 8 was a good conclusion, yes that final page on of Superman’s face was “akward” but overall a satisfying conclusion to this story arc.

  21. I haven’t read Action Comics yet; as I’m getting it and Superman in trade. And from what’s being described trade waiting; thus reading the story in one complete chunk, was a good call on my part. I’m actually even more interested in reading Action Comics now than I was before.

  22. Excellent show!

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