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Pick of the Week #278 – The Walking Dead #83

Show Notes

The road calls again, with Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick away at WonderCon in San Francisco, Josh Flanagan breaks every conceivable rule and talks about what actually happens in the comic book you don’t talk about. Staff writers Paul Montgomery and Ryan Haupt join in and say a lot nice things about a lot of very good books.

Running Time: 01:03:51

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – There’s no way to talk about Josh’s Pick of the Week, The Walking Dead #83 without spoilers. But seriously, so good.

00:11:13 – Snyder and Francavilla knock every single thing out of the park with Detective Comics #875.
00:17:49 – It’s a fond farewell to Jack of Fables #50. Too soon?
00:23:04 – There’s something good going on with Butcher Baker #1, but we’re not entirely sure what it is yet. Maybe just boobs.
00:29:05 – The team is down for Scarlet #5, but perhaps for different reasons. We continue, intrigued.
00:35:03 – American Vampire #13 shows that when you have relationship trouble, you should go to war.
00:40:01 – Dumb fun can be had with Deadpool Team Up #883.
00:41:27 – Captain America #616 is still happening.
00:43:21 – We’ve seen this thing in Incognito: Bad Influences #5 before.
00:44:52 – There’s a chupacabra and it’s on our side in Proof: Endangered #4. Yes.
00:45:43 – Godzilla: King of Monsters#1 is not a king of comics, much to Paul’s chagrin.
00:47:55 – Luckily, Paul made pals with the Jimmy Olsen One Shot.

User Reviews:
00:49:42 – DemonBoy got all the action he wanted from Action Comics #899.
00:51:28 – rhaykal wanted more from Kick-Ass 2 #2.

00:52:40 – Jay from Houston noticed that there aren’t any comics anywhere but comic shops. How’s that?

00:55:16 – Nick wants to find some other one-and-done series.

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  1. Wow….Crazy Town.  Just…wow.

  2. they put the guts on them to hide from them in the first volume and then they copied it in the tv show

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @redlibertyx  You’re welcome. 

  4. 😮 6 books I read in one episode!? Yes, after a month of nothing I read ending up on the podcast. Can’t wait.

  5. I find reading Kick-Ass 2 in CLiNT very satisfying.  Delays don’t usually bother me, but with this it would and CLiNT has been coming out regularly, so I get to read Kick-Ass 2 every month.  Now it’s only about 8-10 pages or so, but it works for me and I think it’s been really fun so far.

  6. With the careful precision of a safecracker, I am going to try and listen to as much iFanboy merriment as I can without actually listening to the pick of the week talk. I look forward to reading it in trade sometime this year.

  7. It’s literally the worst song ever.

  8. Anyone else get a weird misprint in Detective Comics? The outside 16 pages (first eight and last eight) were stapled together twice, and the inside 16 pages were missing. So … that sucks.

  9. Does anyone else have troubles downloading the episode?

  10. @Homer Was about to ask the same question. I tried different browsers, rebooting, direct download, iTunes… nothing. All the old episodes play fine. I am out of ideas.

  11. After listening, reading Detective #875 for my first time.  It seems James IS Barbara’s step-brother, as the scene with Jim talking to his EX-wife about their son James.  I may be jumping the gun here (I’m not finished yet), but that seems to be the missing part from the discussion that could have cleared things up a bit.

  12. @TomE  @Homer  No problems here.  Downloaded a bit quicker than usual from iTunes for me litterally minutes after the show Twitter post.

  13. Whoever’s ideal of the cruel joke with the opening song….. Not cool.

    My ears. My brain. They hurt.

  14. This episode made my legs shake. ifanboy you make me go crazy. 🙂

  15. It’s not working for me either, the Talksplode just downloaded when I refreshed but this one keeps erroring.

  16. HA! I guess we should avoid reply to Paul Montgomery’s ‘horrible music’ tweets. Think the next time he will use Creed.

  17. JMS’ Brave and the Bold run had a lot of good single issue stories.

  18. @Chuckenigma  I was confused about the Gordon family tree too.  Apparently in Post Crisis on Infinite Earths Barbara Gordon’s parentage isn’t so clear.

    From Wikipedia profile on James Gordon:

    Barbara “Babs” Gordon (later Batgirl and Oracle) is the daughter of Gordon’s brother Roger and Roger’s wife Thelma. When Babs was 12 or 13, Roger and Thelma died. Babs moved to Gotham City and lived with her uncle, aunt and cousin. Eventually, Gordon and Barbara adopted her. However, the couple divorced and Gordon retained custody of Babs, while Barbara moved to Chicago with Gordon, Jr. (Secret Origins #20). It has recently been revealed that Gordon had an affair with Thelma, and might be the biological father of Babs (Batman: Gotham Knights #6).

  19. When you say you’re having trouble downloading, does that mean anywhere, or in iTunes? I tested it in a couple places on a couple computers, and I’m not having any problems. It’s updated on iTunes, and I just downloaded it fine. I’m also in a different state than I was when I posted it, and on a different computer. So it’s not that. Anyway, I don’t see anything wrong on my end.

  20. @josh  When The Music’s Over by The Doors is the worst song ever. 

  21. @JohnVFerrigno  Man, it took me a long time to realize that I can’t stand the Doors, but I got there.

  22. It must be a bizarre show tonight…..cause Deadpool is on the list!

    Had to check my glasses there for a second. 

  23. @ Josh   Oh my god…I thought I was the only one…

  24. Jack Of Fables ended naturally. It wasn’t because of sales it was just the time in the story. Originally Willingham said he started putting out the book bi-monthly because he didn’t want to let anyone know #50 was going to be the final issue.
    Walking Dead #83…WOW…that’s all I can say about it. I know it’s hard to talk about it without spoiling it and you don’t want to spoil it even though that’s what the show is: Reviews. Valiant effort though!
    Godzilla #1 was a little light for a debut issue but like the movies, it starts slow but once everything is established things should start moving fast!

  25. @josh I don’t know what magic the podcast fairies did during the night, but now everything works fine.

  26. Nick, the guy that wants one-an-done single issue stories should read Planetary. Awesome single issues

  27. Covered all my pulls. 😀

  28. Music selections aside, the sound effect at 28:11 caught me totally off guard. Driving home in an exhausted, post-WonderCon delirium, I honestly thought something had broken in my car!

  29. @Josh yes sorry, it was iTunes giving me issues – all working now though!

  30. Damn the show should be hosted by Josh, Paul, and Ryan from now on. Dig how you guys really get into the craft of comics rather than just talking about what happened in them. It’s nice when the writers sit in because they actually read and can talk about all the books.

  31. From the 90’s! Come my lady! Come, Come my lady!

  32. @TheNextChampion  Did you pick one of the panels from the Deadpool issue for one of your favorites? You must’ve been pretty amped.

  33. *Didn’t*

  34. @josh  I can sympathize. I loved the Doors in high school. Then one day I was listening to them and it sruck me like a lightning bolt. “Wait a minute….this isn’t artistic….it’s just pretentious nonsense!” Hating the Doors is a big part of growing up. 

  35. @skeets With all due respect to our great writers, Ron and I read way more books per week than they do.

  36. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hell, I didn’t even read all of the books discussed on the show. 

  37. @skeets  No sarcasm, but given your description of yesterdays show, it sounds like the same thing that the regular staff do.

  38. Hats off fellas….I’m behind on Walking Dead in trade (just finished #7).  Good review on this issue without spoiling anything I didn’t already know. 

  39. @vadamowens: Yes I did actually. The final panel with H.O.G. Anynomous was hilarious.

  40. great show fellas. This lineup was a lot of fun. I’m still in shock that one of you got a deadpool book. ha

    @josh –worst song ever? I can’t agree with you..not unless you get in a Tardis and erase the Macarena from the universe.=p

  41. Skeets- Have you been listening to the show long?
    Ron Conor and Josh are all writers on this site as well and they delve into the books in Very similiar ways of discussion.


    Was your reply neccesary?
  42. @ericmci  Yes.

  43. I’m just saying, when Josh talks about his books Ron and Conor are off not paying attention/waiting for him to finish so they can jump in. Same for Ron with most X-Men books. It was nice that for the most part everyone had read the books they were talking about and had an opinion on them.

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