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Pick of the Week #175 – Captain Britain and MI:13 #11

Show Notes

It’s one of those shows! No one agrees on anything and that’s the way we like it. It was a great book! It was an awful book! Who can say?

Running Time: 01:02:43

Pick of the Week:
00:02:20 – In the midst of a middling week, Captain Britain and MI:13 #11 shone brightly as Pick of the Week.

00:12:47 – There’s a split decision on Battle for the Cowl #1.
00:17:03 – Ron was all about Ex Machina Special  #4, which probably wasn’t printed on recycled paper.
00:20:08 – Greg Rucka steps up big with his debut on Action Comics #875.
00:23:57 – Rooting for the bad guy against our will was the theme of Scalped #26.
00:25:04 – Ron is feeling refreshment with DMZ #40.
00:27:12 – Was that actually Ollie Queen, wife shocker, in Green Arrow/Black Canary #18.
00:31:54 – Jason Aaron is still burning up roads with Ghost Rider #33.
00:33:46 – One last split of opinion to go on X-Men: Noir #4.

User Reviews:
00:35:05 – Tork is very much down with Green Lantern Corps #34.
00:36:41 – ryan555 knew that John Byrne was doing Angel: Blood and Trenches #5.

00:39:24 – Scott K., a mysterious figure from iFanboy’s past, has an Alan Moore question.
00:43:50 – Jesse T. wants to know if we saw saw the fancy fashion Blair Butler was wearing.

00:47:27 – Luke wants to know what movie we could look forward to after Watchmen?
00:49:45 – Mangaman needs more information.
00:51:34 – Kermit calls from an aviary.

iFanboy Members Giveaway:
00:54:12 – iFanboy Winners: Brian Compton, David Jules, and Ian Dunbar!
00:55:16 – Anyone want a page of Mike Allred’s original art?




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  1. Josh is right on some of the aspects of Battle for the Cowl. The art did seem a bit ‘pinup’ style and not flowing threw out the panels. Plus there were some weird characterizations in it. It’s discussed on the main comics page for this issue but two things stood out: Daniel made a 14 year old girl get killed (off panel) by Killer Croc. Plus Damien was clearly out of character. He went from brat to wimpy in between Morrison’s run to this event.

    But I ultimately agree with conor cause (mostly it was my pick) it was fun, looked beautiful, and I was shocked how good of a job Daniel did as a first time writer. Again he had some mistakes here, but overall it was much better then I could’ve ever imagined from Daniel. Is the reveal for Batman and Robin ruined cause of DC previewing Morrison’s/Quitely’s new title? Sorta, but at least it’s a fun ride getting to the new status quo.

  2. @TNC: Is having a 14 year old girl get killed inherently bad?

  3. I have high hopes for any episode that starts with Conor and Ron yelling.


  4. @conor: If she got killed by Killer Croc then it’s too messy and horrible for words

  5. Yo, what is up with all the Battle For The Cowl hating?  Battle For The Cowl was definitely the ‘REAL" pick of the week.  Josh is just a DC-hater.

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – That’s why it’s off panel.  

  7. @Paul: It’s probably for the best it’s off-panel. I’m just saying it’s a little off to see that in a DC comic sometimes. I know violence and comic goes hand-in-hand; but that off panel death made it that much worse. You dont see DC doing that often to characters.

    Btw, josh you win the award for best new sexual innuendo: ‘Check out MY omnibus!’

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If it’s off-panel, it’s up to the imagination.  She could have gotten away.  

  9. @Paul: I probably should imagine that….but then I see the show in Croc’s mouth and that makes it hard to think of the pleasant result for her.

  10. Great show guys.  Can’t wait for those naked Conor shirt.

    @TNC-she probably just threw her shoe at the dude.  Thats what I would do

  11. @drake: But there’s blood coming out of the shoe……and around Croc’s mouth…..and he states ‘thanks for the appetizer’……maybe they went to Olive Garden before the fight?

  12. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    People do die in comics.  DC comics included.  

  13. Yeah but a little girl? That’s extreme even for DC

  14. @TNC: DC is the company that had the Nzai speedster run *through* an entire family in JUSTICE SOCIETY.  It’s not unusual for DC.

  15. @conor: Oh yeah I forgot about that. Maybe I am subconciously blocking that out….like a little kid ignoring the death in bambi

  16. Cool points to Josh for his Craig Ferguson chanelling. Also, MIke Allred art is awesome.

  17. @DaveCarr: I don’t believe that Josh watches Craig Ferguson.

  18. @Conor Well that’s a shame! For those who don’t kniw Craig always oprns his show with "Welcome to the United States of America, Welcome to Los Angles California, I’m your host TV’s Craig Ferguson.’ Really excellent Late Night Show.

    Back to your regularily scheduled podcast thread.

  19. @TNC As far as I know, this isn’t Daniel’s first time writing.

  20. As far as I can tell, BATTLE FOR THE COWL #1 is the 50th single issue that Tony Daniel has written.

  21. Is there a way we can see the specific Allred original art page that is up for grabs? 

  22. Thanks Conor, for clearing that up. It’s actually something I’ve been wondering about all week. You killed me with the "I gave it a 5" thing. The timing of that could not have been better.

  23. "Green Lantern Corpse" "Corps"  heheh. Thank you Josh for calling him on that one.

  24. all we see is killer croc with a stolen shoe…. what a bad mo-fo

  25. "No one can make it past 23 or 24" "He says to a comic book audience." The best part of this podcast isn’t even the comics. It’s got to be the awesome interplay between all of the hosts. God, love this show every week.

  26. Great show, should’ve picked me as the winner though.  Hehe, check out my omnibus.  In any case, don’t know why Josh didn’t like the BFTC art

  27. Wow Josh, that was a low blow.  My Hurm shirt will totally get me laid…Right?

  28. NICE podcast. totally enjoyed the arguing. its one of my favorite aspects of the podcasts.

  29. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Dear iFanboy: Please get along worse."  Hahaha.  It’s true though.  More fun when you disagree.  

  30. I think that you learn more about your own opinions when you talk with people who disagree with you. It can either open up new paths to you, or it can reinforce your own ideas. Both are good things in my mind.

  31. the wolverine movie looked cool and i was going to see then i saw the deadpool toy and killed all interest in seeing. man i hate hollywood.

  32. I love the arguing. Awesome.


    Also, it’s pronounced FAA-E-ZA

  33. Also, good choice in music.

  34. You guys need to be reading Invincible Iron Man. It’s rockin’!

  35. Killer Croc should kill people and hey, we eat lamb. Well, carnivores. Except me, it’s too chewy.

  36. I loved Ron’s intro and Josh’s comment that it sounds like bad anime dubbing.  Have you heard Skottie Young’s Akira voice?  Hilarious.

    Also loved Conor’s anime promo voice.  It almost made me want to buy whatever-the-hell-it-was-called.

  37. It sounds like your friend Scott and I might be sympatico when it comes to Alan Moore, although I appreciate the sanity check your answer to him provides.

  38. Wait, I thought Peter and MJ still dated under Brand New Day, they just never got married.  Am I wrong about that?

    Nice, lively show.  I loved ‘Ex Machina’ (though ‘Iron Man’ was my pick), and it did feel like it was on a different kind of paper stock.  I don’t know if that had anything to do with recycling or not, though. 

  39. They keep saying "the only thing that didn’t happen is the marriage," but neither they nor I have tried pulling on that thread too hard. (Moving one piece out of the timeline changes everything! Have we learned nothing from Sliders?)

  40. Peter and MJ dated, but didn’t get married.  He left her standing at the alter.  Kermit’s contention is that Peter was waiting for marriage to have sex so he should still be a virgin.  I don’t recall ever hearing that philosophy tied to Peter.

  41. Thanks for the clarification!  I was just confused by some of the conversation.  I do remember that the "Sins Past" storyline went out of the way to say Peter never had sex with Gwen (and don’t get me started on that), but even in comic book time, he’s gotten a little older since then, so I wouldn’t use take that to mean he never would have slept with anyone if he didn’t marry MJ when he did.

    And I’ve already thought about this too much.

  42. Whenever Brand New Day is discussed I think all of us start to get headaches. Plus if we continue the conversation we start to get aneurysms.

  43. This particular discussion doesn’t really have a lot to do with Brand New Day, just whether or not Peter ever had sex with any of his girlfriends.

  44. @conor: Oh well…..either way with the retcon or not I would think he would have.

    It would be crazy not to with MJ or Black Cat.

  45. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Can I please be released from my contract so I can be eligible to win original art?  ðŸ˜‰

    These giveaways are very cool.  (The new shirts are awesome!) 

  46. In Kevin Smith’s Spider-Man/Black Cat mini, the first issue mentioned that Peter and Felicia’s relationship was pretty much just sex.  So, no, Peter did not, in fact, wait for marriage.

  47. You know what I did when I heard myself on the podcast? I leaped and hollared, then I had a concussion because I was cleaning my storage space. I thought my head was bleeding XD.

  48. The Alan Moore question gets into a fascinating topic that soon gets far too large to discuss in this space. There’s a long, fascinating history of how the qualities of "originality" and "artistry" have (and haven’t) overlapped over the centuries. To cut to the chase very bluntly, until shortly after the Renaissance creativity was most concerned with the REWORKING of preexisting artistic matter. After the Renaissance, and due in no small part because of copyright laws (a very recent development, historically), creativity meant "originality", even if the "original" stories, characters, and subjects were just thinly disguised copies of others. But think of Shakespeare: he made all of those great characters and plots "his own", and yet all but TWO of his plays are actually revamps of preexistent plays and stories. Homer, Virgil, and Dante all used preexistent subject matter. On the other hand, consider how many "original" copyrightable characters are just based on people the author knows personally. This isn’t to say that no idea is "original". But real crux of the matter rests upon NAMING–the right to call the latest remix of (usually) familiar archetypical character traits by a familiar, culturally meaningful name. Think about this: would Frank Miller’s ’80s Batman work be as good or as meaningful if all the characters had to have different names and be dressed in slightly different costumes? No. There’s something to be said about an author OBVIOUSLY building upon the past and casting it in a few light. Shakespeare’s plays (paritcularly the histories) drew much of their appeal from how they recast the stories and personages that their original audience already knew about. This is getting too long, but I’ll end it by saying that a (not "the") hallmark of a great artist is that he is able to change the way an audience perceives the inherited character archetypes of their culture–and to do that meaningfully and impactfully, an artist basically MUST recast the existing star personages of his culture BY NAME. The "lack of originality" in most of Moore’s best work, because of its purpose, is far from a shortcoming–it is actually the hallmark of great art: to cause a sea-change based on the contents of the ocean that is there, rather than to drop a few, new, "original" objects into the creative sea. Moore’s creativity moves the entire ocean; he does not drop new stones into the sea in order to make a few new ripples.

  49. P.S. If anyone’s interested in the subject, I’d recommend the book "The Copywrights: Intellectual Property and the Literary Imagination" by Paul Saint-Amour.

  50. Flapjaxx said what I was thinking, more eloquently.  The idea that ‘original characters’ are required to create great or innovative literature is completely a modern (and fairly recent) bias. 

    It’s not the material, it’s what you do with it.

  51. Also, you can add John Milton and Paradise Lost, one of the most enduring and artistic acheivements in the history of literature as an exam of storytelling with characters the author did not originate.

  52. I’m getting together a pitch to Marvel about a Ghost Rider who drives a flaming BMW and wears expensive suits.  A wronged investor gets possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance after he loses all his money in a Ponzi scheme.  The world will know that the Ghost Rider avenges white collar crime as well!

    Do not try to tell me that you would not read this.

  53. @horatio: How much money should I give you to create that comic book?

    ‘Middle-Management Ghost Rider’

  54. @TNC

    He has a timeshare…IN HELL!

  55. The second arc involves White Collar Ghost Rider exacting vengeance on a group of teenage girls for spreading rumors on facebook. 

  56. @horatio: That is the perfect tag line! ‘He has a timeshare….IN HELL!!’

    You gotta introduce Corporate Red Skull as the villain.

  57. He would be a great villain.  There could be a storyline revealing that Bernie Madoff isn’t really Jewish; he was a genetically-altered Aryan the Skull sent to destroy our economy.

  58. @horatio: Then Ghost Rider would use his ‘Commerce Stare’ to send out Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke after Madoff!

    It’ll be a tag team brawl!

  59. You realize we could make White Collar Ghost Rider jokes ad infinitum.

    WCGR could send "Hex Messages" to people who text and twitter at the movies.

  60. @horatio: When they get the Hex message they feel the guilt of all the people that are losing their homes….and they end up homeless themselves.

    All the while WCGR is getting a massage on his day off looking at the NYSE.

  61. I think we’re the next Abnett and Landing, or at least the next Drake & Josh…

    "Recession is only temporary…possession is forever!"

  62. The next Drake and Josh?…..*shivers* No thanks.

    How about the next Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac?….Oh wait…

  63. WCGR and Obama vs AIG.  Talk a book that would sell like…HELL!

  64. @horatio: We gotta keep the rest of this idea to a minimum…..the people at Marvel could be watching, especially you Jim McCann!


  65. Also, on the alan moore topic. even though they are based *somewhat* on pre existing characters, almost every character in Whatchmen is fantastic, and IMO incredibly original

  66. Love the Helmet!! Great album that is.

  67. didn’t Alan Moore create John Constantine? That’s a pretty lasting mainstream creation.



  68. Ladytron and Mr. Tao from Wildcats.  Awesome Moore characters.

  69. I didn’t realize Moore created TAO!  I just finished ‘Sleeper’ and I was thinking I’d love to see a conversation b/t him and Ozymandias.

  70. Excellent Moore creations there.

  71. i thought the idea was that everything that happened still happened. he just doesn’t remember it.

    so, he had sex with her, but doesn’t remember it. which makes him not a virgin, but he thinks he is. 

  72. @TheNextChampion – I never blocked the death in Bambi as a kid…

    And I prefer "Look at my essentials". 

    @edward – is Killer Croc the famous womens’ shoes snatcher that roamed parks in the United States? mmm… 

    And those random "you won x" thing you did sounds like a STD test results being read out loud.

    @flapjaxx – thanks. I’ll check that book out. 

    @Tork – does it really say "Peter Parker" on the photo in the Wikipedia article? o_O

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