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Pick of the Week #325 – Swamp Thing #7

Show Notes

Rebar and Symbotay are the words of the day, and also the two completely unexpected tangents we travel on. One is terrifying, and t’other makes no sense t’all.

Running Time: 01:00:46

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – Pick of the Week goes to the art and story tour de force that was Swamp Thing #7.

00:10:16 – There was more than just the one, in The Manhattan Projects #1.
00:14:48 – Rachel Rising #6, now with rebar.
00:17:41 – Men of War #7 was the book Josh wanted to read.
00:19:39 – Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #9 makes a balloon noise.
00:24:45 – Michael Lark makes an appearance, and charms a lady in The Defenders #4.
00:25:54 – Regular boots prove to be a bad idea in Action Comics #7.
00:27:35 – Why did they have to kill that guy in Justice League International #7?
00:28:51 – Is it “hell yeah!” for Hell Yeah #1?
00:30:05 – The team’s still together with Remender and Moore on Venom #14.

User Reviews:
00:32:35 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:33:13 – Akamuu has good words for the art in Fairest #1.
00:35:01 – kingdomofevan goes with a haiku for Sweet Tooth #31.

00:37:11 – Benjamin wants to know why some superheroes and not others.
00:44:04 – Joshua asks about the definitive superhero stories for given characters.

00:49:45 – Logan is taking this Green Arrow #7 pretty hard.
00:53:17 – Andrew wants to know what happened behind the scenes with Grifter.

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  1. thank you for taking my question on green arrow guys. this is the most horrible feeling in the world. but i trust you guys wise advice and i will drop it. i might relapse but i will try to drop it like speedy and heroine

    • Speedy relapsed defending a kitty, we’ve all been there.

    • I say drop it too, even though I really enjoyed #7 – you sounded so very, very sad, Logan. As the lads say, the book will change to something else in time. Meanwhile, if we can’t have the proper Ollie, I’m all for a mad ride with this new guy.

    • I was devastated guys. So let down. My review on green arrow #7 says exactly what I feel more in depth

  2. I get what you’re saying Josh when it comes to the layouts. I mean they are beautifully designed….But you can’t ignore the fact that it ruins the flow of the story. I find it hard to believe no one had any problems trying to figure out which panel goes where. Three straight, two page spreads left me confused on where I was suppose to read.

    That’s a big problem that shouldn’t be swept aside.

    • I was OK with Swamp Thing #7’s look-like-spreads – if there’s no image across the fold, try going down before across 😉 And if you go wrong, as Conor says, you’re only tripped up for a second. You’re The Next Champion, your attention can hold out!

    • @mart: But that really isn’t good that you get tripped up in reading a comic. It’s a design flaw and it keeps happening in every issue Paquette works on this title.

      I mean why even criticize anything at this rate if you’re willing to brush aside this?

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      It’s not a design flaw in the comic.

    • @TNC You get angry at the oddest things.

  3. Green Arrow was so bad, i thought maybe i had read it in a rush or i was tired or something. The fight at the beginning with the 3 sister, i couldn’t follow the action at all. the lenses and reflection on the goggles/mask is a mistake, looks bad and you can;t convey emotion or character without it and you need that for Oliver. So much happened yet nothing did. Even someone trying to take over the business popped in there too. Shame but it will make people look at what they are doing with this character we hope.

  4. Captain Beefheart cover! Hell yeah!

  5. Ali simbomaye! Ali simbomaye!

  6. I would argue that Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 (#1-160) is the definitive take on Spider-Man, though it’s probably more up for debate than say, All-Star Superman or The Dark Knight Returns.

    • What we were talking about was one definitive trade/story that you could hand someone. I suppose it there was a single ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN omnibus then it would be in the discussion.

    • I agree, I’d worry about giving Avengers Forever to a new reader – I loved it to bits, but I’d been reading about the team for decades and this is pure continuity porn. The Kurt Busiek/George Perez relaunch is a good suggestion, as is the Kre/Skrull War. And how about the Knights of Wundagore story, with Cthonic Wanda, or the Under Seige story (not to be confused with – ick – the more recent Seige tossover)?

    • @Conor: There a Ult Spidey Omnibus coming this summer. It covers the first 39 issues.

    • @davidtobin100: I know. It’s not the entire story in one volume, though, which is what we were talking about.

  7. Glad you liked my poem.
    Oops! I’m doing it again!
    I can’t help myself.

  8. Josh, it’s really sad to hear you disavow the joy that a film brought you in the past because the director started putting out less than material.

  9. I pulled into the parking garage at work this morning and kept listening to the podcast waiting for a good point to stop. Little did I know, I’d be laughing like a maniac before I went in to work. Symboté. Classic.

  10. just realized that you guys are not talking about ifanboy memberships anymore on your recent podcasts, what happened to ’em?

  11. The Hulk is the other one. Superman, Batman, Spiderman and the Hulk. I guess for the general none comic reading public, these are the 4 main, they all fill a role and i think those are the only roles that people who are not into comics need. The light, the dark, the fun and the rage. the fill a purpose and they are in broad strokes and i guess if you aren’t interested in comics they are the ones that will register. The subtleties get missed. I think these are the only that will ever fully stick as comic characters. Others may crop up but they will be movie characters taken from comic books. I don’t think there is any other reason. to care more you would probably be in to comic books.

    • I think it’s worth noting: Hulk had a very popular TV series, which brings him in the public consciousness significantly also.

    • I guess, but they all did, i just remember people knowing the hulk, Supes had tv and movies, the old black and white, Batman did and we had the spiderman cartoons too but for some reason these 4 sort of stuck. There used to be the old Captain america cartoon around the same time or before the spiderman but it didn’t take and there was the Flash tv series and others but then when the shows went so did they in the main stream consciousness. hmmm (hurm) twas a good question.

  12. Simbotay. Fuckin’ hilarious. This is why the show works. The combination of you three guys and the natural, organic, well-worn chemistry you share. Chemistry isn’t even the word. Let’s call it … simbotay.

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