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Pick of the Week #224 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer #33

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is back! And boy his arms are tired. His arms, and everything else. He joins Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick to talk about this week’s comics, get really touchy about the whole Tom Katers lovefest, and possibly fall asleep during the show.

Running Time: 00:59:59

Pick of the Week:
00:02:42 – Ron’s Pick of the Week, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #33, signifies the triumphant return of a once favorite book!

00:12:37 – Cap and Logan go drinking in Wolverine: Weapon X #11? Awesome!
00:15:26 – After reading Chew #9, Ron and Josh feel their enthusiasm waning.
00:17:51 – Demo, Vol. 2 #2 made Conor want to vomit (in a good way).
00:20:34 – Shit gets real in Justice League: Cry For Justice #7.
00.25.45 – Girl Comics #1 was a mixed bag.
00:31:23 – Shit gets pulpy in First Wave #1.
00:32:58 – Some latent issues with women might have been revealed in The Sword #22.
00:33:36 – Opinions are split on Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1.
00:34:33 – Josh was surprised to find he loved Stephen King’s N #1.
00:35:36 – Josh took a chance on Green Hornet #1 and it did not go well.

User Reviews:
00:37:08 – FraggleUprising wasn’t too fond of Detective Comics #862.
00:39:39 – glwarm76 had a lot of fun with Ultimate Comics Avengers #5.

Book of the Month:
00:43:34 – Everybody loves Afrodisiac, baby!

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“I’m So Tired”
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  1. FYI – we have a public holiday here so i’m listening to the podcast in a pair of undies

  2. Stephen King’s N was amazing. Glad it was mentioned and liked.


  4. @Edward: Yes it is a public holiday, but real men wear pants.

    I’ll have to listen later as comics to canberra were delayed until tomorrow. Can’t wait.  

  5. By the way, I had no interest in Stephen King either and just picked N up because I thought the solicit sounded not bad but it really blew me away. I really recommend it.

  6. @gOofgnewt: don’t get me wrong. it’s still an impressive sight. like a greek statue

    anyway, the delay sucks, i walked into Impact on friday, kem says " no new comics" so i says "fuuuck"

  7. Man Tom was awesome this week


    J/K, welcome back Josh.

  8. Welcome back Josh!

  9. What about "N" did y’all like? Guggenheim hasn’t really impressed me much on a lot of what he’s done, is why I ask.

  10. Demo sounds awseome lol and hey Josh is back Awseomeness

  11. Er.. No Sweet Tooth?

    Welcome Back Josh

  12. I cant wait to hear how tired Josh’s voice will sound when I listen to the podcast 😀

  13. and i could listen to josh do an entire show on kevin smith lol he sounds like a little kid whos parents disapointed him on his birthday and i think thats funny

  14. Great to hear josh again.

    Shocked you guys are starting to get ‘meh’ for Chew. This issue was one of the best in a long time. You can’t got wrong with CLIFFHANGER!

  15. @TNC: I’m not. I’m still enjoying CHEW as much as before.

  16. Sometimes I wonder what show people are listening to.

  17. @Josh – I’m listening to Around Comics, you guys have a show too?

  18. Wow, you guys dropped the ball by not talking about Invincible Iron Man #24. The ending is going to be ripe for discussion and character development involving the last 5 years and the long-term future.

  19. TNC was probably basing his comment on this: "00:15:26 – After reading Chew #9, Ron and Josh feel their enthusiasm waning." from the show notes.

  20. GAK! Having no comment on Iron Man 24 makes meel feel like I did when I found out that Santa was dead.

  21. I think you guys dropped the ball for not starting your own shows and making sure the books you really want to hear about get talked about.

    And I’m disappointed in all of you.

  22. What happened in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN that everyone is so excited about?

    (I don’t read it. Ron doesn’t read it.)

  23. Glad Josh is back, although Tom Katers was awesome. You guys just convinced me to pick up Weapon X, had I known it was about Cap and Logan going on a pub crawl it would of been my most anticipated book of the week.

  24. @Conor – Tony came out of his own mind, instead of having a dream sequence for the last 5 issues, and they defeated Ghost. Basically, the arc ended. Also, that Tony mind had only gone up to before Civil War, so he didn’t know about everything that happened.  They ret-conned jerk ass Tony.

  25. @josh: So Patrick Duffy came out of the shower, then?

  26. More or less.  I guess we probably should have talked about it, but then again, I forgot about it, so how good could it have been, I ask you?

  27. He may have forgotten… but I HAVEN’T!

  28. I would have run to the store to buy EVERY single issue of Iron Man ever written if they had actually show Patrick Duffy stepping out of the shower in a towel on the final page of that issue.

  29. Oh I just started a man fight with conor and josh 🙂

    Yeah I was basing my comments on just the show comment for the discussion. I didn’t literally listen to the show yet.

  30. I made Wolverine Weapon X #11 my POTW also. It was so good that I’m going to start reading Scalped. 

    Do any of the Ifanboys or any one else have an opinion on Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider or any thing else he’s written?

  31. @AlanRob: I talked a bit about Aaron’s GHOST RIDER run on the show when it was coming out. It was pretty good and great in parts.

  32. @conor  thanks!

  33. @AlanRob: There were some clunkers in there. But when it hit, it was lots of fun.

  34. @conor  Ive nevver really read any ghost rider, outside of his appearances in other peoples books. So this is a nice opportunity.

  35. Glad you are back Josh.

  36. Glad to see Josh has survived so far. Thanks for the show, guys.

  37. So who’s going to put the poison in Josh’s cup?

    "Et tu, Conor?" 

  38. I loved Chew, and agreed that Batwoman wasn’t too great, but still good. Girl comics was pretty good.  And I NEED to check out Demo and Afrodisiac!!!! O.O

     thanks for the review guys! 🙂  Welcome back Josh, even though Tom was pretty funny! ;D

  39. @miyamtofreak: If someone was going to poison Josh, wouldn’t it be someone who wanted a spot on the show? I’m *already* on the show.

  40. "Josh is my friend for many years, and I value working with him, so I don’t want to kill him."

    That also would have worked.

  41. Man, I was gonna jump on Wolverine Weapon X this last week but because of a few outside factors I decided not to. I must rectify this immediately!

  42. @Josh: Don’t go putting words in my mouth!

  43. @Josh "How good could it have been?" Good enough for a 4-star rating from you, eh?

    The mental sequences were to make Tony come to terms with who he is and the decisions he makes. The reason he comes to in reality is that he finally accepts everything. "I chose my own path."
    Tony’s mental state is now pre-Civil War, but it’s not a retcon. It is a literal reboot. Everything happened and now he has to deal with those realities. I have faith that Matt Fraction won’t go the "I was wrong, I’m sorry" route. This looks like it’s going to be a really interesting way to reintroduce Iron Man into the major Marvel universe.

  44. what’s all this ‘josh filed for paternity with helen the HR woman’? Didn’t you guys start off as three friends from collage that just wanted to talk about comics? What’s going on, there’s HR people now? Graphicly has HR people? how can you have HR people for a business that’s run out of the back of a car?

    very confusing

  45. you weren’t surprised by ares being ripped apart?


    Aha!  theres one.  And that was worth by 2 hours of intense  thought.  So there.  Now off to bed.  G’night everyone.


  46. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    The "N" story by Stephen King is available as a motion comic on iTunes. I love the music they play between chapters.

  47. Will this cheer you up, Josh?

    ‘Man, I sure am glad Josh is back! But Tom’s great, too… A-ha!! Let’s dump those other zeroes and get with the two heroes: Tom and Josh vs The Flash and various books with Hawkeye in them!’ 

    (Apostrophes act as indicators for facetiousness… though I’d totally subscribe the shit out of that podcast)

  48. @captbastard: You are thoroughly wrong sir. This symbol ‘ is an inverted comma in your usage context, a quotation. 🙂



  49. Hmmm, I didn’t realize Green Arrow was the type to do the deed when push came to shove. That’s interesting. One of the reasons I’m interested in WW. She will kill when necessary.

    I’m interested.

    However, A big huge thing happenned in Iron Man. You didn’t mention. That’s sad.

  50. @conor & @josh: It looked like Tony was in absolute shock over the events that he doesn’t remember. I’m waiting for he to say, "Wow what happened to me? I was a complete dick" and "What Pepper, we slept together? If I don’t remember it didn’t happen."

  51. *I have to say that Josh was definetely a quality fill in host until Tom gets back.





    *I kid! I kid!

  52. So, this new Tony Stark isn’t to be held responsible for old Tony Stark’s actions during Civil War, or post simply on the basis of he doesn’t remember what he did?

    That doesn’t absolve the character. It just makes him a callous, insensitive jerk.

    Does Hallmark even make that a card for that? ‘Cause if so, I want to send one to Bill Foster’s loved ones.


  53. I just cant believe that Stark lets his backups fall that far behind! I mean "Come on! It’s your BRAIN dude!"

  54. @JamesSeals-No, it doesn’t absolve him of anything, and I doubt that is what Fraction is going for at all. You’re assuming too much out of what it will mean for Tony and for his role in the Heroic Age.

    Good show guys. Welcome back Josh! I missed your voice (too much?)

    I’m a bit surprised that Conor liked Cry for Justice and New Ultimates, I have heard nothing good about either of those two. Still, you backed up your opinion and I respect that.

    So Jock is overrated? Huh, news to me.

  55. I don’t think Jock is "overrated" when you consider how little-known he is across all comic fandom, but I think iFanboy in particular talked him up so much that expectations went too high for him as an "equal" replacement for JH Williams. Consequently some people on here were upset when Jock didn’t live up to the hype, as they saw it. But if Josh, Conor and whoever like Jock as much, or almost as much, as JH Williams, to each their own and they certainly had every right to talk him up before he got on Detective Comics. I mean, I think it would be ridiculous for the iFanboys to start self-censoring themselves in advance because, dear me, someone might not end up liking something as much as they do.

    Also, as far as the term "overrated" goes, I think it can usually only be applied when someone is talking about his OWN opinions and how they evolved. Some people think that "overrated" is a completely ridiculous term, but I can indeed say with great assurance that I once "overrated" the depth of Spawn stories and also the quality of Rob Liefeld’s art when I was younger (not that I absolutely hate those things now). It’s easy to see when you yourself overrated something because you can look back and realize how uninformed you used to be, and how your ignorance of the artform made you susceptible to subpar art. Overratedness usually comes from ignorance and being misinformed, and I think most of us can admit that we’ve been those things to some extent and consequently thought a work of art was "better" or more profound because of it. The problem is applying "overrated" to something that OTHER people do, because that basically amounts to saying "Oh I know where these people are going wrong; I KNOW how they’re ignorant and KNOW that they’re really fooling themselves." Those are big claims to make and people probably shouldn’t make them off the cuff unless they’re backed up by a lot of research. For instance, I think a good paper could be written on how such-and-such a movie/comic/book whatever is overrated by a group of people, but only after you did a lot of work analyzing positive reviews of that work and documenting blind spots or misinformed thinking within those reviews.

  56. @Jumping Jupiter — Yeah, Oliver has been shown as a killer, particularly in the Mike Grell era of Green Arrow that, like Conor, I really cut my teeth on. Great stuff (and worthy of an omnibus).

    So that didn’t bother *me* about Cry for Justice, either. It was the horrible art and storytelling leading up to that moment. 😉

  57. Nice to have you back, Josh!  Tom’s a great guest host, but there’s something special about the original 3 ifanboys.  Keep it up!

    I loved ‘Detective,’ particularly the backup.  I also adored Girl Comics and want to put in a particular word for all the good colorists who worked on it.  As often as the discussion here seems to turn to lousy coloring at Marvel, I think it’s worth mentioning that they had so many good ones working on this book.

    I didn’t read most of the other books mentioned, and most of them don’t sound like they’re up my alley (except maybe Buffy, I’m still torn about getting back on that one), but the variety of opinions is what makes the show interesting.  I feel like I’m in ‘Comment-Leaving 101’ here, but sometimes it’s worth saying!

  58. @conor

    A bigger chunk of the Graphic.ly money sounds like a good reason. I’m sure Katers will do it for pennies.

  59. Who was that Josh guy on this podcast, is he just covering for Tom.  I found him to be quiet and boring at times to incredibly derogitory of his co-host’s work at other times.

    He must understand that he’s only filling in for Tom, he kept remarking on this fact in the script (highly unprofessional, I don’t think Mr. Katers would have drooped to this level).

     Hope Tom gets well soon!

     P.S. I especially found Josh’s comment on the artist Jock apalling, I find Jock to be a great artist.

  60. @muddi9000

    I wouldn’t say that I was thoroughly wrong there. 

  61. But sir, its not an apostrophe!

  62. Yes, thank goodness DC finally made Roy Harper interesting! Really, a single father superhero? How played out was THAT? Now he finally has a powerful issues and a tragic backstory, something unique in modern comics!

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