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Special Edition – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

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Who would be brave (or foolish) enough to head to the multiplex to endure Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? Who would endure the sequel to that awful 2007 movie starring Nick Cage? Who would weather a 90 minute cinematic penance stare and then come back and tell the world about it? Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick, that’s who.

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“(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”
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  1. I think the avengers is in may.

  2. To be fair, the first Ghost Rider movie had some of the same companies working on it that worked on this sequel.

    So I don’t think this was made in mind for JUST an international release. That and the first film made SLIGHTLY less internationally then in the U.S. Slight but I guess the U.S. liked it more.

    And that’s the only time I’ll defend this movie.

  3. I’m very tempted to watch this in order to make fun of it ala Kickpuncher in Community.

  4. Can’t wait to listen to this, been eagerly awaiting it. Thanks for putting it up so quick! Thanks lads!

  5. Really could have used this yesterday guys

  6. I think I’m in agreement with you guys — I was disappointed the movie wasn’t as bad as I hoped it would be. If that makes sense.

  7. Avengers is the next live action movie but dont you guys usually do a podcast on the dc animated movies?……will you be doing one on justice league doom?

  8. Honestly this is not a good movie, but because of the fact that it is way better than the first one is probably why I enjoyed myself. Don’t get me wrong this is not one of the greatest comic book movies ever, but this at least surpasses the God awful mess that is the last movie by Mark Steven Johnson. Plus Johnny Whitworth as Blackout was surprisingly great!

  9. Just got home from seeing this. Out of the 20 people who were in the theater 5 walk out and I’m ashamed to say that we were not among them.

    • Do you think those 5 people expected Goodfellas meets the shining?? If you are going to see “ghost rider” and g rider 2 no less.. I think you should have low expectations. I went with low expectations… and it seemed OK to me. Ill never watch it again and i wont buy it.. but it wasnt horrible.

  10. Aw man I did not want to see this but now I know it has Idris Elba and Anthony Stewart Head…

    …maybe I’ll rent it. Maybe.

  11. I think if u went in thinking it was going to bad it was pretty easy to find things wrong with it. In that case why go? It seems like a lot of people forgot how to just enjoy themselves. Stop taking yourselves so serious it’s a comic movie about a flaming skeleton riding a motorcycle. I was really surprised that the review was that harsh. This was a lot more fun than the first one. The movie was fast paced, good cgi, and crazy Nick Cage. What more could u ask for it’s not like they are going to make an academy award worthy picture out of Ghost Rider.

    • We often hear this sort of thing when we really don’t like a movie. You assume we went into it thinking it would be pretty bad. That’s patently untrue. Anyone who knows us knows that’s the opposite case. Hope were high that the guys behind CRANK were going to make something fun. Ron even had a whole group of excited people who went with him to the movies.

      Also, it being a comic book movie doesn’t absolve it from being a bad movie. I’m not sure how many times we’ve had to say that. Just because it has familiar characters on screen doesn’t excuse nonsensical writing and terrible acting from the lead.

      If the last 12 years of comic book movies have taught us anything it’s that it’s possible to make not only good, but also Academy Award winning comic book movies. Accepting less will get you less. And look at which comic book movies tend to be the most popular–the well made ones.

    • I want to take this comment at face value Conor but I paused the show at about 1 minute because I heard nothing in your (or Ron’s) words and tone to indicate that you had anything but prejudice and close-mindedness about the movie.

      I’ll admit that it isn’t easy to accept that people you look up to off-handedly dismiss a thing you love and consider a good piece of art, so perhaps I am bringing my share of prejudice to this…

      I suppose I would prefer to hear an dissenting opinion in this mix. Oh well, it really isn’t a big deal is it?

    • @JNewcomb: We had already seen the movie. It wasn’t prejudice, it was post-judice.

    • LOL, nice suffix replacement there. 🙂

      I understand this, but I feel, as I’m currently listening to the podcast that you were not able to put yourself in the context of this film.

      But hey, whatever, it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t matter. I liked the movie you didn’t. It’s that simple. 🙂

    • Did you not go into thinking it would be bad? Be honest. Hoping it would be good is not much different than thinking it would be bad. Just saying I thought it was fun and did not warrant as bad as a review as you guys gave it. It was buy far not a masterpiece but I’ve been listing to you guys for about 4 years and that is one of the worst reviews you have given a movie.

    • @mattfox7669: I did not go into it thinking it would be bad. I almost never go into any movie thinking that. I love going to the movies and am generally full of optimism.

      More than anything, I think this movie was boring and a big missed opportunity. I don’t think I would rate it as harshly as Ron did (I think JONAH HEX and the like were far worse) but I’d certainly rank it among the bottom grouping of the modern day comic book movies.

    • Stating that you felt it was a missed oppurtunity is a more fair critique of the movie. I look at you as the more willing to except fun guy of the group so I was a little surprised at the reaction. But hey if you didn’t like it that’s ok. And yes Ron was more harsh it was just a little hard to separate the two view points.

  12. I liked it, i’m not expecting everyone or anyone else too. I do agree it was this weird amalgam of Bmovie and superhero movie, when it should have been all one or the other. But Nick Cage being crazy made me love it. If anyone here listens to the How did this get made podcast, it allows you to appreciated Nick Cage in the “he’s fucking crazy” way. Idras Elba stole the show though. I just wish they could have made a Hard “R” release.

  13. This movie felt a lot like Green Lantern to me in the way that I walk out saying “That was okay, could have been better”, but later I constantly say it isn’t good.

  14. does john carter count as a comic book movie even though it’s based on a prose book (the same book that the comics are loosely based on)? it’s coming up soon and i’m excited for it.

  15. I love Ghost Rider, but …

    …this movie was worse than the first. But I found a lot of the visuals to be absolutely awesome!!! some of the animated stuff was pretty freaking cool.

    Marvel needs to do a Ghost Rider Max series, Ghost Rider is a demon possession story. I needs to be done as a horror movie. Make it a serious movie, not a demon superhero circus freak movie. No one seems to be able to do this right. The super camp in some of the comics doesn’t work for me either though. I just want a serious story about a demon possessed person becoming a hero. This struggle of darkness turning into light should be an appealing idea.

  16. I was planning on seeing this today, only because I have a free pass to the movies. I checked the times, and it’s only showing at my 16 screen megaplex at 4:45 and 7:00. For a movie that just came out last week, it’s already got the “this movie has been out for 6 weeks” time slot. Oh man, that’s cold.

  17. what about john carter of mars?

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