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Pick of the Week #322 – Peter Panzerfaust #1

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It’s a comic book jamboree this week as we wonder what’s the deal with all the moloids and other burning questions about the world of comics, like how many point one issues can one publisher print?. And other hits including: always provide a glossary, bonus points for maps and building cutaways, and Josh Flanagan’s love for Greek mythology.

Running Time: 01:00:54

Pick of the Week:
00:01:57 – Josh got completely caught up in the WWII tale presented in Peter Panzerfaust #1.

00:10:03 – Ron liked Batman #6 slightly more than the last issue. Capullo continues to dazzle.
00:13:03 – The second title in the Extreme relaunch, Glory #23 was intriguing to Ron and Conor.
00:16:18 – It’s a new take on the Challengers of the Unknown in DC Presents #6.
00:19:54 – Ron continues to moan over the downward spiral in Avengers #22 and The New Avengers #21.
00:25:10 – Daredevil #9 challenged Josh and Ron a bit with the issue being a bit less magical than usual.
00:28:03 – Conor is really enjoying the extended story of Birds of Prey #6.
00:29:38 – Despite a disappointing issue, The Amazing Spider-Man #679.1 gave Ron a cutaway of a building!
00:30:45 – Josh thinks that The Activity #3 may be the best issue yet.
00:32:14 – Dual art teams and a not as engaging story is making Wolverine #301 a bit less than for Conor and Ron.

User Reviews:
00:33:25 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:34:17 – agaboury isn’t really feeling it with Wonder Woman #6.
00:38:05 – dix is all in with Brubaker and Guice on Winter Soldier #2.

00:39:57 – Aaron from Omaha, NE wants more comics like Thief of Thieves.
00:43:41 – Sean from Lewiston, ME is curious about buying back issues.

00:49:25 – Jackie from Queens, NY is curious about artists who draw good clothes.
00:51:54 – Sam from Australia (or is it Texas?) is challenged with defending creators he likes.

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  1. Just so you guys know, they didn’t actually fly in Peter Panzerfaust. They just jumped far, and the amazement of it made then think he flew. There won’t be any actual magic in this story, it’s set in reality, but with the added retelling of peter pan mythology.

  2. The Challengers arc in DC universe presents is going to be 3 issues and the next arc will be in May with Vandal Savage written by James Robinson just to let you know.

  3. Um, isn’t Selina’s Big Score something of a con book?

    • I actually read it last week. It’s kinda like Parker in a lot of ways which is ironic considering Darwyn Cooke worked on it.

      You want a good ‘con’ book or just a great Catwoman story (that doesn’t involve a billion T&A shots like Winick’s version) then I highly recommend it.

  4. Woah, woah, WOOOOOOAH!!! You dropped Fables!

    DANG!!!! That IS burying the lead.

    Sad day on the farm indeed.


    I still miss the video podcast from ifanboy. Please bring it back!

  5. Comic book con artists? How about Bendis’ Goldfish, found in his OGNs Goldfish and Jinx? Reality based, Ed Brubaker’s A Complete Lowlife about his time as a drug-addled punk and thief. More mainstream, Catwoman and Gambit have been known to run a con or two. Certainly criminal would work, too, I think.

  6. Good news for Ron is the Osborn arc ends in next issues of avengers and new avengers

  7. I’m never calling you guys again after I have a little too much to drink.

  8. I think the best solution to the DCU Presents is to cancel it as physical book and do it as a “Digital First” series like they’re doing for the Smallville and Batman Beyond book. Also, run several stories concurrently so people don’t have to read one if the team/characters don’t interest them and you can put either new creators or creators who don’t have the time to do a full length book on it.

  9. Great episode guys! Very funny.

  10. I enjoyed Peter Panzerfault hugely as well. I did think the issue ended super abruptly though but whatever, still good.

    Also, is the character of Peter Pan Americian? They mentioned it in the issue. I had no idea

    • They said he was American very briefly, I think.

    • Yeah, but was he an Americian in the original play? It kind of makes sense considering that stuffy Edwardian era English people would find Americans super exciting and brash

    • @edward – Barrie never explicitly states Peter’s nationality but it is strongly implied to be English, at least in the novel Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens.

    • I thought it ended rather abruptly as well. Anyone care to comment on the last two pages–I didn’t get what was going on with the soldier coming up below the window with an apparent bullet injury, and what transpired after, which just left me scratching my head. Can someone fill me in?

  11. I am enjoying the Avengers books. I just stared reading them last year so i am not sick of Bendis writing these books.

  12. LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME BY RICK REMENDER, con/heist. Awesome book, great art…perfect.

  13. Amanda Conner draws good clothes. You instantly know what kind of shoes, jackets, etc. she’s going for, as opposed to a generic t-shirt or something, like a kid would draw.

  14. @ Aaron from Omaha. Try The Rinse from Boom comics. nice little mini series about a fast talking con man involved in money laundering.

  15. Cool, thanks for all the responses. I just about fell off the treadmill at the gym when I heard my name. Thanks again.

  16. The rise from Boom is crime/con book

  17. glad to know i wasn’t the only idiot who didn’t realize Peter Panzerfaust was Peter Pan…

  18. I just finished reading Bone for the first time, and I’d totally throw in the Great Cow Race storyline as a con story. Foney Bone is a con artist through and through, and the whole caper has the stink of con scheme all over it…plus, it might coerce you to read the entire story. Go Grandma, go?

  19. I know I have to defend a Matt Fractions work a lot, especially here……..

  20. If you’re looking for a unique super powered conman story, check out a book called, SCAM. Ifanboy actually did a piece on it last month for it’s release. https://ifanboy.com/articles/interview-and-preview-joe-mulvey-on-scam-1/

    SCAM is from Comixtribe press and in select retailers. The great news is that you can also get it digitally from Graphicly. So check it out and let me know what you think.

  21. Not sure if you’re looking for anything superheroic in your con books, Aaron, but the first year of Thunderbolts (Busiek and Bagley style) was a grand-scale con. Villains posing as heroes to gain the public’s trust and conquer the world.

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