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Pick of the Week #371 – Punisher: War Zone #4

Show Notes

It’s all new, but it’s just the same. Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are joined by their new permanent co-host, Paul Montgomery, who has brought more television metaphors than any sane man would know what to do with. We all read and talk about a lot of Punisher, and are thrown off by all the changes Paul brings in with his clipboard and red pen. Boss Nass is the first thing to go.

Total Running Time: 01:02:49

Pick of the Week:
00:01:46 – Punisher: War Zone #4

Punisher_War Zone_4Comics:
00:12:50 – Batman and Robin Annual #1
00:16:52 – Batman, Incorporated #7
00:20:03 – The Activity #11
00:23:02 – Hawkeye #7
00:26:22 – Injustice: Gods Among Us #1
00:31:59 – Invincible #100
00:33:54 – Nowhere Men #3
00:36:55 – Dark Avengers #186
00:39:45 – Batman Beyond Unlimited #12

User Reviews:
00:41:24 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:42:07 – CaptainJackHarkness4 is down with The Superior Spider-Man #2
00:44:42 – SamLeBas gets literary with The Unwritten #45

00:48:52 – James has cover issues; deep cover issues.
00:52:59 – Adrian wants to know what guy Paul is.

00:54:45 – Shark from Norman, OK is thinking about signature sound effects.

Chris Hardwick’s Mandroid – The first comedy special from Chris Hardwick of Nerdist fame — order it today! And the winner of the Mandroid contest is….

“Your New Aesthetic”
Jimmy Eat World


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  1. Paul, congratulations on your first potw podcast as a full iFanboy. I won’t be able to listen until tomorrow, but I’m sure you did an excellent job.

  2. Welcome to fulltime host status, Paul! Great first show.

    Josh’s sentiments on ‘Dark Avengers’ were EXACTLY everything I thought on reading this issue. I thoroughly enjoyed it but every time it gets in my pull list, I am surprised it still exists. No complaints, though!

  3. I wish the Animation Braintrust would also review the Marvel animated features as well. Paul well done, Ron’s a hard act to follow but if you keep the energy high you’ll do great. It’s funny how you guys say Morrison always goes global with everything, just re reading the new xmen omnibus and I was thinking exactly the same thing the other day. Love Chris Burnham’s art, gorgeous and the main reason I’m still buying Batman Incorporated. He needs to revamp a c list character like The Atom or Plasticman. I’d buy that book.

  4. As for sound effects, surprised no one said “krak-boom” for Thor.

  5. I haven’t listened yet but I have no doubt the new trio will continue producing the best comics podcast on the net.

    Nice to see Injustice: Gods Among us mentioned. I read the first issue and was pleasantly surprised, looking forward to hearing your opinions

  6. The dawning of a new era. Really good start guys.

  7. How about PAF, the sound Batman’s grapple gun makes?

  8. Snikt – Wolverine.

    Bamf – Nightcrawler.

    Thwip – Spiderman.


  9. Good job paul

  10. Paul sounds terrific, such a welcome addition to an already flawless ensemble. Glad to have such a worthy replacement to my weekly podcast. Keep up the phenomenal work guys!

  11. Congrats on the first full episode Paul! Really outdid yourself today.

    If there is one sound effect that will stay with me, even on my death bed, it would have to be:


    I don’t have the issues in front of me but whoever was the letterer for INCREDIBLE HERCULES deserves a medal. First time I ever paid attention to sound effects was from that series.

  12. Wonder how many “balls” were in Paul’s first full-time script

  13. Great job, as always, guys! Welcome to being a regular, Paul!

    I’m really looking forward to having the Booksplodes back. I remember reading Starman and the Booksplodes were great companions to the series as I went through the first two volumes. Hopefully you guys can maybe finish the rest of the series? Either way, I always enjoyed the Booksplodes and am excited to see what you guys talk about.

  14. Fun story: I’m the flatter on Injustice and had NO IDEA that’s what was going on. I don’t usually get the script and hadn’t read it yet, so this was…eye-opening?

  15. I can’t remember who talked about Invincible #100, but I gotta say, if you think Invincible is getting “long in the tooth”, I really hope you feel the same way about ‘The Walking Dead’, because ‘TWD’ suffers from that A LOT more than ‘Invincible’.

    That said, I see #100 having set up a lot of new stuff in ‘Invincible’, even stuff that’s been done before but will be very different this time because of how different the characters are from before.

  16. Haven’t listened to the show yet, but I just wanted to say that I love that song. I used to love JEW back in the day before Bleed American dropped (which has a couple killer songs, but overall was a disappointment). Clarity is my favorite JEW album and Your New Anesthetic is my favorite song on it. It’s kinda strange, the dude from Cloudkicker posted Goodbye Sky Harbor on his blog the other day and my girlfriend jammed Clarity last week while we were driving somewhere. What’s with the nostalgic Clarity groupthink going on right now? I’m not complaining! Ron is gone for one podcast and you knock the music outta the park! Good start, guys!

  17. Good to hear Paul preaching the awesomeness of Nowhere Men. It’s a fantastic series that doesn’t seem to being talked about enough.

  18. Surely, the most obvious comic based sound effect is the “BOOM!” of the Boom Tube?

  19. Every impact that occurs in the Hellboy universe goes BOOM!

    BLAM! and variations on BR-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT are pretty universal for gunfire.

  20. For the ‘older’ readers out there “wheet, wheet” -Silver Age Hawkman

    oh, and , SKREEEONNKK! – Godzilla

  21. How about Cyclops’ “zapt”?

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