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Pick of the Week #219 – Detective Comics #861

Show Notes

Something was in the air this week — maybe it was the crap ton of comics that came out — that lead Josh Flanagan to pick Detective Comics #861 as the Pick of the Week, and caused Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick to go a little insane on the show. And perhaps the dorkiest joke ever made occurred. All in all, it was a good time when it comes to talkin’ comics while wearing an ascot and when Richard Dreyfuss makes an appearance.

Running Time: 01:04:47

Pick of the Week:
00:01:28 – Josh rolls the dice with a million books to read and comes up Detective Comics #861.

00:13:26 – The quality continues with one of the best comics around, G.I. Joe: Cobra II #1.
00:15:27 – Coming in just in time for the movie, the finale to Kick-Ass #8 delivered.
00:19:33 – Did the cover of Green Lantern #50 ruin things just a little bit?
00:22:19 – The ride up and down memory lane comes to an end with Archie #605.
00:30:21 – The end is near! Astro City: The Dark Age, Book 4 #1 starts winding this epic story down.
00:33:01 – Conor’s pick would have been The New Avengers #61 purely for the super hero date humor.
00:34:06 – The Walking Dead #69 gets urban and interesting for Josh.
00:35:04 – Finally it comes to an end, Captain America: Reborn #6 wraps up anticlimactically.
00:36:42 – Ron didn’t like, but then loved Fantastic Four #575 and moloids.
00:38:29 – Is there any better art than Tony Moore’s on The Punisher #13.
00:39:04 – Josh and Ron are loving the arc on Northlanders #24.

User Reviews:
00:40:13 – Desaad digs the focus on characters in Batman and Robin #7.
00:42:51 – akamuu was impressed by Ultimate Comics Enemy #1.

00:45:37 – PV from Chicago is wondering about Bendis’ lack of success in Hollywood.
00:48:31 – Art wants our take on the San Diego Comic-Con being sold out so early.

00:52:01 – Rob wants some advice on what to do when he’s not into comics.

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  1. listening to the podcast right now, but wanted to know what you guy thought of last nights SNL w/ john hamm?

  2. eclectic music, you guys! 

  3. Did Ron just compare SDCC to the Roman Empire?

  4. i could see archeologists in the future gathering artifacts from SDCC and eventually coming to the conclusion that the society fell becuase it seemed to be totally comprised of virgins

  5. I would LOVE it if every week there was a segment where Ron just read solicitations that excited him. Seriously, I was iffy on X-Factor Forever before now, but his enthusiasm on such things is contagious.

    The next time Detective comes out, I personally don’t care if you make it PoTW before reading any other books. That’s what I do whenever Batman & Robin comes out, so…

    But, dudes, you mostly just spent time criticizing Green Lantern #50 (except for the art). Then I look at your ratings and see that two of you gave it 5s and Ron gave it a 4. WTF! I only gave it a "3" but I think I liked it better than you guys did…?! Maybe the ratings should be adjusted so that 4 is the new "Average"…???

    Good show, guys.

  6. Very interesting article about what should happen with San Diego Comic-Con:


  7. @flapjaxx – even criticized Green Lantern is better than the majority of the books out there – we may not have enjoyed knowing what was coming, but the journey there was well above average

  8. @miyamotofreak – nice article.  I love the statement "Tent That S***!".

  9. I thought the story was a 5, but the cover reveal bothered me. I don’t hold that against the comic’s rating.

  10. Y’know, you joke about Van Sciver’s hand moving slow, but when I was at Heroescon, I was about fifth in line at his table.  I ended up getting out of line because it had been over a half hour and he was still doing a sketch for the same person. I went over to Jeff Smith’s line, and was about five people behind the line cap. Had my sketch in ten minutes.

    This C2E2 thing sounds interesting… I live in Indianapolis, so finally I can go to a major convention that isn’t sponsored by Wizard, and I won’t have to use seeing my relatives in Charlotte to justify it.

  11. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Nice job covering a lot of the books for a big week in comics!

  12. My take-away is that maybe it’s not always bad to be cover blind. I did not retain or record anything that was on the Green Lantern cover other than the words "Green Lantern." Thanks for the conditioning, decade of forgettable pin-ups!

  13. What was the reasoning for getting rid of the yellow oval on the Batman costume, i know it was during No Man’s Land but not sure what happenend.

  14. @seNokj1: It was a return to Batman’s original look.

  15. i heard once that the yellow circle was introduced to the batman outfit during the 60s TV show. Getting rid of the circle was an attempt to move away from that era.


    Pretty stupid, really. i don’t think most people consider Adam West to the typically Batman anymore

  16. I always think of the Batsuit with that yellow circle. Some people seem to hate it but I absolutely adore it.

  17. @edward: From Wikipedia:


    By 1964, sales on Batman titles had fallen drastically; Bob Kane noted that as a result "[DC was] planning to kill Batman off altogether." Editor Julius Schwartz was soon assigned to the Batman titles and presided over drastic changes. Beginning with 1964’s Detective Comics #327 (May 1964) – cover-billed as the "New Look" – Schwartz introduced changes designed to make Batman more contemporary and return him to more detective-oriented stories, including a redesign of Batman’s equipment, the Batmobile, and his costume (introducing the yellow ellipse behind the costume’s bat-insignia), and brought in artist Carmine Infantino to help in this makeover. The space aliens and characters of the 1950s such as Batwoman, Ace, and Bat-Mite were retired. Batman’s erstwhile butler Alfred was killed and replaced with Aunt Harriet, who came to live with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.


    BATMAN (the TV series) ran from 1966-68

  18. that C2E2 is taking away the shine from the California awesomeness that is Coachella and Anaheim Comic-Con, which unfortunately are all happening on the same weekend.

    Fantastic Four 575 made me so happy this week. Almost all of the books I bought this week were "5" level. (Sorry, Daredevil)

  19. Sad about no Superman Secret Origin…..

  20. @DP1982

    My favorite is in the diagram of San Diego he has. Over Dodgers stadium, "FUCK SPORTS" .

  21. Thoughts on secret origin?

  22. i heard once that the yellow circle was POPULARISED  during the 60s TV show. Getting rid of the circle was an attempt to move away from that era.

    Pretty stupid, really. i don’t think most people consider Adam West to the typically Batman anymore

  23. I look forward to listening to the episode.  I’m surprised that Superman: Secret Origin isn’t listed as being discussed.


    Thanks guys!


    the Tiki 

  24. NOOOOOO! I have lasted years without hearing what Jock’s real name is. What are you, Josh, a NY Post writer? Yes, we know Snoop Dogg is Calvin Broudas. Jeez.

  25. NOOOOOO!  I have lasted years without hearing what Snoop Dogg’s real name is.  What are you, VichusSmith, a TMZ writer?  Yes, we know Rip Taylor’s is Charles Ernest Taylor.  Jeez!  

    [fires confetti guns]


    the Tiki 

  26. Actually, I think he spelled Snoop’s name wrong, so you still don’t know.

  27. Also, his real name is not Frank Quitely.

    I think I’ll pick up Hickman’s FF run in trades. Everything I hear sounds great, and the first two issues I read on Marvel.com were right up my alley.

    Good show guys.

  28. Josh said, "Actually, I think he spelled Snoop’s name wrong, so you still don’t know."


    Phew! Thank God.  Back to my blissful ignorance and gin with juice.  🙂


     the Tiki 

  29. Remember at one point when batman stopped wearing the jockey’s over his tights? I’m not sure why, but it was so visually disturbing for me. Very off putting. 

  30. If I don’t win a contest someday I’m calling shenanigans. And if I do win, I’m still calling shenanigans.

  31. Ron and Conor have it 100%. Comics are my teasure each week.  I’ve had it where books become a chore but I’ll never stop.

  32. Wow, I only noticed "Batmna in every panel" thing after I heard this and I was flored. Really freaked like Ron!

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