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Pick of the Week #168 – Dark Avengers #1

Show Notes

Less than 1 month into the new year and the guys are talking about Furries, oh and some comic books too.

Running Time: 01:02:31

Pick of the Week:
00:02:15 – Conor narrowed down the Pick of the Week to Dark Avengers #1.

00:13:08 – Thunderbolts #128 was surprisingly good and interesting with the quiet Obama appearance.
00:16:00 – Conor gave Dan Slott a chance as he gives us yet another Avengers Assemble in The Mighty Avengers #21.
00:19:40 – The Night Witches #3 was up there in contention for Pick of the Week for both Conor and Josh.
00:22:08 – The most exciting comic right now is Green Lantern #37, at least according to Ron and the iFanbase.
00:28:32 – Marvel Elseworlds is delivering the goods with Spider-Man: Noir #2.
00:29:16 – Josh appreciates the branding in Robin #182. But where is the editorial oversight?
00:31:06 – Could John Romita Jr.’s art get any better than in The Amazing Spider-Man #584?
00:32:57 – Can you fall in love with Hellblazer #251 again? Josh did.
00:35:13 – A long title didn’t make Captain America: Theater of War – America the Beautiful #1 great.

User Reviews:
00:38:12 – akamuu hated Uncanny X-Men Annual #2.
00:41:26 – BrianBaer is loving him some Supergirl #37.

00:43:27 – Sean M. may have come into a fortune with Action Comics #1… or not.
00:46:54 – Elijah W. questions the direction of DC Comics with new characters vs. legacy characters.

Voice Mail:
00:51:26 – Darrell loves Secret Six by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott.

iFanboy News:
00:54:06 – Did you hear our Talksplode with Duane Swierczynski? If not, go listen to it!
00:54:38 – Coraline giveaway only for iFanboy Members. 6 winners will randomly be chosen from our members. Sign up for an iFanboy Membership, and you’ll be eligible too! Free Neil Gaiman download from Audible.com. This one’s for everyone who wants it. For more on both Coraline giveaways, please go here!
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  1. Woo! Morrissey!

  2. Why is the common opinion that continuity concerns are bad?

  3. Ah, I was hoping for some X-Factor talk. Did all of you drop it?

  4. @brianmaru: Josh and I definitely did.

  5. I dropped X-Factor, and I’m fairly sure Conor did.  I’m sure Ron didn’t, but my guess is, if there was something to talk about that interested him, he would have.

  6. LOL @ the Wu conversation!  In a week in which I had no books, this was great.

    Just a friendly tidbit about Mr. Liquid Swords… GZA is pronounced (jizza).

  7. Great episode guys. A few points that I want to address this week.

    First off, why no review for Superman Beyond 3D? Obviously you guys are free to talk about what you want but I was interested to hear what you guys thought of this (now typically) very controversial issue.

    Second, Secret Six. I’m going to say this without being groggy or negative about another book: Secret Six is stupendously good. It is seriously and unquestionably one of DC’s very best books. Yes, I know that Gail Simone can be a bit on the inconsistent side (but Conor you didn’t like her Birds of Prey? Really?) but Secret Six has it all. Sure enough there’s the beautiful art with colouring that really jumps out and enhances Nicola Scott’s already excellent art tremendously.

    On the writing side of things, we have a bunch of once fairly irrelevant characters that Simone has basically treated as a blank slate and turned them into some of the most fully realised characters in the entire DCU. Seriously, Gail makes BANE an interesting, three-dimensional character. In this first arc we’ve also have a thoroughly creepy and menacing villain and a thrilling story revolving around a Get Out of Hell Free card and a huge roster of villains fighting over it. All this and sharp, funny and, at times, brilliantly insane dialogue to boot.

    Lastly, as for the legacy vs. new characters debate, I for one hate DC editorial’s current mission statement to return their characters to their most (apparently) iconic versions. First off, this is silly. Beyond actual comic fans no one knows or cares who the Flash and Green Lantern are behind their masks and comic fans are such an assorted lot that everyone has their own versions of what’s iconic anyway.

    Secondly, what if the more iconic characters are worse characters than the "bastardisations". The Linda Danvers Supergirl was a well-rounded, interesting character that was tossed aside to make way for Kara Zor-El, a bland cypher of a character that is seemingly only now turning into a decent character. All this because the latter is the better known, more "iconic" version? Who cares. I think Superman having a cousin alive and kicking from Krypton with him on earth totally waters down the character as the last survivor of a dead planet.

    Then there’s Bart Allen who went from being a fun, funny and entirely unique Speedster character into a boring retread of Wally West simply because Didio wanted Kid Flash rather than Impulse. And on’t even get me started on the Flash. I’m only giving Rebirth a shot because if anyone can pull it off it’s Geoff Johns but the way that DC has treated Wally West for the last few years is horrendous. Wally’s been THE Flash for the last two decades and according to everything I’ve heard on the matter, he’s going to be forced into the second-fiddle role that Kyle Rayner is currently stuck with to make way for the apparently more "iconic" (read: the version that the current editors grew up reading about) Barry Allen.

    DC IS doing some good stuff now but a lot of their editorial decisions puzzle the hell out of me.


  8. @Ilash: I didn’t have very much to say about SUPERMAN BEYOND #D and being the only one of us who read it, it would have been a really boring segment.  As for Gail Simone’s BIRDS OF PREY — I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t really like it either.

  9. @Conor. Oh wow, I didn’t realize that you were the only one who read Superman Beyond 3D so yeah that certainly explains that.

    I am surprised about Birds of Prey though, I would have thought as the Bat-family fan, you would have found plenty to enjoy in Simone’s run. I still recommend at least trying the first issue or trade of Secret Six though.

  10. Creepy "Yaaa" from Ron after the bit about flickr…

  11. Well your not gonna wait long for the New Avengers fight the Dark Avengers. When NA #50 comes out it’s gonna be an all out brawl when both Avengers fight each other. So no long tension for those two teams to fight, just wait two months and you’ll get the fight.

    When is the trade for Secret Six coming out? Cause I cant wait to get my hands on that.

  12. (Sorry for double posting)

    Whoa…..once again am I the only one noticing something here? Scarlet Witch, who wiped out 99% of the mutant race and was considered dangerous cause of her mental problems, suddenly comes back in a B Avengers title and no mention of that at all to you guys? Has everyone already forgot about House of M, or Hawkeye and Beast meeting Wanda in Europe as she doesnt remember who she is?

    You would think the quick sight of her would cause the X-Men to come in, knock her out, and try and get her to undue her magic from House of M. Once again, we have forgotten continuity that is only a couple of years old. Marvel I could kiss you!

  13. @TheNextChampion – The Secret Six trade doesn’t appear to be coming out for a while [surprise surprise] which sucks because I really want to get on board with that series too

  14. @Josh/Conor

    Did Ron seriously not want to talk about what Madrox did to Siryn’s baby?

    Ron, explain yourself! 

  15. @TheNextChampion  San Francisco was frozen in amber.  The Xmen couldn’t have attacked Scarlet Witch if they wanted to.  This was explained in the comic.

  16. I dropped X-Factor too but saw this issue had normal art and had to do with the Madrox/Siyrn baby and decided to grab it. Conor and Josh, I can’t recommend it enough, even if it’s just borrowing Ron’s. It’s amazing.  


    Also…fantastic show guys.  

  17.  Mighty Avengers was surprisingly good. Thanks to Spidey I’m familiar with Slott being good, but Pham made a truly satisfying first impression with his art. The inks and colors were also exceptional. I even dug the lettering, as something about it bore an unmistakable likeness to classic lettering (i.e., big and out there). I’m really quite happy that I’m enjoying a real Avengers title. πŸ™‚

    @TheNextChampion – Until you get in the habbit of doing research and actually checking facts, you might want to consider very seriously the concept of silence (or not typing, really). Just a thought.

  18. @J4K3 – the only point of a comment like that towards another user on your part is to provoke someone, and then we end up having dumb fights over the internet.  Just let it be please.

    Also, since we live in NY and Ron lives in San Francisco, I’m probably not going to be borrowing a lot of his books. πŸ˜‰

  19. Josh, the internet IS a dumb fight.

  20. @ohcaroline: Oh wow Amber…..that is a pretty good excuse.

    Maybe it’s just cause Ron is suppose to be the uber-god of X-Men and he didnt even mention the Scarlet Witch appearence….and after seeing spoilers for X-Factor uh yeah….That seems like an ‘OMG!’ moment for Ron…..Just saying.

  21. Scarlet Witch is more of an Avenger character than an X-Men character.

  22. @conor: Okay fine, she’s an avenger…..

    But this is the woman that made the universe topsy turvy! This is the woman that killed, again, 99% of mutants on the planet! She was, I thought, the most wanted person in the Marvel U cause of her actions…..and it just seems like Slott ignores all of this and just let her come back in her costume and it’s all okay….did I miss something? How did she get her memories back? Why is she back in costume? This should be a huge deal and again she is just thrown in a messy Avengers title right now. That to me sounds like a bad move on Slott’s part.

  23. I imagine these are all things that Slott will deal with at some point soon.

  24. You guys are sooooo white…

    I loved Thunderbolts, and  you guys made Dark Avengers sound really really good.  I’m still a bit bitter about SI though.  But this coming week looks slow, so I might pick it up.   I think I would enjoy Mighty more though, need some old school Avengers action.

    P.S. I never enjoy Darrell voicemails, be it on iFanboy or other podcast.  I’ll admit I’m probably in the minority on this.

    @TNC-She didn’t kill 99% of mutants, she depowered them.  And I agree with Conor, the answers will come later on in his run.

  25. We had a packed show so X-Factor didn’t make the cut and to be honest, I wasn’t really jazzed by where the story went – what happened with the baby was a little far-fetched, even for an X-apologist like me.  We’ll see where it goes though, but that wasn’t so great…

    Oh, and I don’t believe it’s really the Scarlet Witch in Mighty Avengers SSSSSH  πŸ˜‰

  26. So did Conor like Superman beyond?

  27. I did, yes.

  28. The only way it gets to not be Scarlet Witch is if it’s Jean Grey.  This is my position.  But I think it’s gotta be her because they’re setting her up to fight Quicksilver, and come on, that’s awesome.

  29. @Gabe (and anyone else that is curious) – If you want to see what any of the big three thought of a book (or what any of your fellow ifanbase members thought) you can simply click on their name and follow the link to see their rating of recent books.  It is a very handy tool.  For example, Conor gave Superman 3D a 4.  Now, if we could just get them to write a few reviews (other than the POTW) we wouldn’t even need the podcast.

  30. Do you really think we’re deficient on content?  I gotta write a review on every book I read?  Jackals…

  31. @josh – I think your sarcasm detector might be broken (or maybe mine is).

  32. Damn web!

  33. I think it’s the Scarlet Witch– or her projected dream self, or some damn thing– but I’m not sure any of the events in Mighty Avengers are really "happening." If that makes sense. Which it assuredly does not.

  34. @iFanCrew – Robin #182, the page you talked about with Robin sitting in the chair right after walking away from Stef, read the caption at the top of the page; it’s set Weeks later, and both he and the city have healed, ta darrr, explained! Also he’s a super hero, like his superhero friends wouldn’t help get rid of the scars πŸ˜›


    Sorry if someone already explained it, just had to post before I forgot while listening to the show πŸ™‚ 

  35. @LukeB: That kind of burn doesn’t heal in a few weeks.  Also, hair doesn’t regrow that fast.

  36. @Conor-I’m sure Batman created some super powerful Bat-rogaine. 

  37. Point of Order

    I’d just like to highlight Ron’s earlier comment where he said that something that happened in a x-book was too far-fetched.

    I’m floored. Congrats Marvel, you finally broke Marvel Zombie Ron Richards.

    Seriously though, I am pretty shocked that Ron didn’t like it. I loved it though. Easily my POTW.

  38. @Ron: (reads his take on x-factor)

    Wait….Ron didnt like an X-Title? Never thought that would happen. Guess I can cross off my list of ‘Things that’ll never happen on ifanboy’

    (list includes: Me shutting up; me, drake, and j4k3 go out to dinner; stuclach shaving his muttonchops, and of course josh dying his hair blonde again)

  39. Slott’s been tying up plot threads left and right in Spidey; unless he was editorially mandated I can’t imagine he’s using Scarlet Witch for giggles without having a plan. 

    I really liked Ron’s comment about Uncanny X-Men Annual: Mitch Breitweiser’s art was awesome.  Looking at that, I think of what the Secret Invasion: Dark Reign special might have looked like with him instead of Maleev.  All the people who were turned off because of the art may very well have come to like it.  His Namor was WAAAY better, that’s for sure.  

    Final Note: This is the second Dark Reign book to be a POTW.  Was the Dark Reign Special Conner’s pick or Ron’s?  Watch it be Josh’s and I’ll be really shocked.

  40. @TNC-we aren’t going to dinner?!?!  But I bought a new outfit πŸ™

  41. *covers face* Ah Geez…..I thought you said you were vegan! It’s hard to go to Olive Garden without getting anything with meat in it,

  42. @BC1  I don’t think the Dark Reign special was POTW, It was Ron with New Avengers 48

  43. @BC1 & @piscesaul: All your answers are found here.  And Paul was right.

  44. @TNC – I already shaved the chops.  Your world is collapsing around you.

  45. @stuclach:

    *points gun to self*

    There is no god!!

  46. @josh: You hated Shade the Changing Man? I’ve really enjoyed the bit of Shade I’ve read and If my girlfriend ever meets you be prepared to hear why your wrong.

  47. I’ll have to deal.

  48. Shade the Changing Man was a good book and I really loved Chris Bachalo’s art in that series.  Not so much in his X-Men run.

  49. nice podcast!!

  50. I get the marvel zombie jokes, but I seem to remember from a video show that Ron didn’t like Morrison’s entire run on New X-Men, and that was some serious well draining that just went on here. 

    Why am I defending Ron?   Three words.  Years of Refusal.  

    He knows it.  I know it.  You should too.  

  51. ill be at NY comic con with my girlfriend : )

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