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Pick of the Week #268 – Hellblazer #275

Show Notes

This week, the question is asked, “If a Pick of the Week falls in the forest, does anyone care?” but Josh Flanagan does and that’s okay by us. Throw in some anger and frustration about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and a voicemail caller who’s having a better time than we are, and all’s right in the world.

Running Time: 00:59:52

Pick of the Week:
00:01:15 – With Hellblazer #275, Josh plays to his stereotype but within reason for this landmark issue.

00:10:20 – Ron and Conor are amazed at Mark Millar’s obsession with Superman in Superior #4.
00:13:50 – Josh comes back for another round with The Invincible Iron Man #500.
00:17:47 – The tragedy of Hawkman and Hawkgirl continues in Brightest Day #18 and Conor’s enjoying it.
00:21:05 – Some mixed reactions on Scarlet #4, but Ron is enjoying it quite a bit.
00:24:24 – But Ron’s Pick of the Week was Wolverine + Jubilee #1.
00:26:09 – Another new Image series, Memoir #1 was a good start to a creepy story.
00:29:52 – Conor loved him some Young Justice #0.
00:30:56 – At long last, season 8 ends with Buffy the Vampire Slayer #40.
00:32:14 – Josh raves about the climax to the current story in Northlanders #36.
00:33:35 – Conor’s back to enjoying The Amazing Spider-Man #652.
00:35:14 – A new story arc begins and we’re still on board with Morning Glories #6.

User Reviews:
00:37:12 – ScorpionMasada loved the story angle on Wolverine #5.
00:40:02 – MountNJ was pleasantly surprised by Supergirl #60.

00:44:29 – Jordon writes in asking about self contained superhero stories.
00:47:19 – Jason wonders if part of the problems with the industry are the number of books that are published.
00:49:38 – Charles likes Icon books a lot. The Marvel books by the same creators? Not so much.

00:52:24 – Adrian has some questions about Manga.
00:55:09 – Gill is having too good of a time reading The Joker.

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  1. did anyone read Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom this week?

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @skrewzlewz  Yessir. Wonderful as always. I know Conor reads it in trade. 

  3. @skrewzlewz  @skrewzlewz  Yeah, it was obnoxious.  They’re bringing a whole new kind of awesome with the Keys to the Kingdom mini

  4. Thanks for answering my manga question! Honestly, I’m familiar with all these series, I was just wondering what you guys liked to read, or if you did at all. PLUTOOOOOO!!!

  5. There’re actually a few manga series I’ve been wanting to try out – Pluto and Oishinbo being the main ones – both series that’ve been mentioned on iFanboy.

  6. GUN-TOTING NAZI DINOSAURS… need I say more?

  7. Locke & Key was amazing this week, my POTW.

    Josh mentions how he hates how Tony Stark’s face is drawn in Invincible Iron Man…dude, it looks exactly like Sawyer from Lost.  I mean, so much so that it looks like he’s lightboxing still images of Lost episodes.

  8. Just to let everyone know, it looks like DC cut back the last two issues of Brightest Day and JLA: GL.

    They are now 24 issues instead of 26. 

  9. @TheNextChampion did they give any reason for the trim?

  10. @ron, Millar said that Superior is an ongoing that will be told in arcs, and that this first arc is seven issues. He said he knows where he is going for the first three at least, so this will be around for a few years. Which is awesome, because I love this book.

  11. @skrewzlewz  Loved every page of Locke & key (as almost always)

  12. I’m Gil (one L!), the one who left the voicemail cracking up and my question was if you guys know of any series similar to the Joker series from 1975, that’s a bit wacky, focuses on a villain, and just plain fun.  The Joker series, sadly, lasted only 9 issues.  It’s comedy gold, I tell you.  I mean, the Ha-Hacienda!  You just gotta love it.

  13. @TexasZombie99  I know it’s Sawyer, and that just doesn’t look like Tony Stark to me. Either way, they need to stop that.

  14. @kaufman: I thought it was because WAR OF THE LANTERNS was going to be the segway out of Brightest Day. But that is well into the event once April starts.

    Maybe they felt like they were padding too much and decided to end early. 

  15. Thanks for giving my review some shine.

    One behind the scenes question:

    Is the person who reads the user review the person who picked it out of the archives?

  16. @ScorpionMasada  Nope. The person who reads the review happens totally at random on the spot.

  17. @lifesend  Call 11 oclock comics when your high. They love that over there.

  18. Great show guys. 

    Two points:

    1) Great to see Hellblazer getting the pick though I will only get to this issue when it is collected in trade. I don’t think I’m alone in this either. 

    2) As far as Buffy goes, it’s worth mentioning that in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, I think, Joss Whedon basically admitted that without a budget, he allowed the series to get away from what made the TV show special. He promises that season 9 will be much more small scale and much more character centric. 

  19. Really bummed to hear that Spenceer isn’t continuing on Supergirl.  It was my pickof the week this week.  I’ve heard a lot about this guy and was really digging the plot threads he set up here.  Maybe I’ll check out Thunder Agents, but I doubt War Machine can draw me in. 

  20. I’m a little surprised there’s no G.I. Joe Cobra coverage in this episode.  This was a pretty important issue.  I’d love to hear what you guys thought of it.

  21. @stuclach  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, because I missed it. But I think I heard what happened.

  22. @JNewcomb   I was just high on some Joker comics.  I haven’t laughed that much at a written-word story since I read Don Quixote.  The mere recollection of some scenes is enough to induce the giggles.

  23. @josh  I hope being spoiled doesn’t diminish your enjoyment of the issue.  I found the art a bit choppy, but the story rock solid.

  24. Regarding Morning Glories (and someone correct me if I’m wrong) – but I agree and disagree with some things that were said. I enjoy this series so far, it’s interesting in concept but I do also feel jerked around a bit.

    However I believe Connor(?) was talking about how the whole issue just introduced a new character, but isn’t the reveal at the end Jade – the emo girl from the 1st five issues? Maybe some clarification from how others read this as well. I might be totally out of the ballpark (at work, listening to the podcast so I don’t have the issue with me)

  25. @heylook  I wasn’t talking about Jade, I was talking about the scientist.

  26. ah yes, that makes a lot more sense. forget I said anything.

  27. I agree for the most part with you JOSH about Scarlet. (especially the “punk rock facade” comment) But I hope that Bendis will show real world consequenses and dynamics in modern terms. What is revolution? Terrorism? That kind of thing…but maybe not. Bendis is kind of old.

  28. I enjoyed Scarlet this month much more than last month. I actually really like the character.

  29. Fullmetal Alchemist!  That’s my random manga mention.  I know it’s not that radical a suggestion because it’s one that Molly has mentioned in her columns, but I’ve just read the two most recent volumes and am really high on it.  It’s a series that I think has potential to appeal to fans of a lot of genres (superhero, fantasy, steampunk) and just has a great variety of characters you can get involved with.  Of course, there are 24 volumes out in English so far, and the series isn’t finished being published yet, so it took me about a year to catch up (with the help of my local library, but it hasn’t let me down yet.

    Great podcast as usual.  I am adding Supergirl & Wolverine/Jubilee to my list of titles to read and the BQE, whatever that may stand for (Bronx?  Brooklyn? after that I know is Queens) to my list of places to avoid. 

  30. Okay, you said Brooklyn in the show notes.  Never mind me.

  31. @lifesend  thank you for your voicemail.  That was the funniest thing I heard in awhile.  You almost made me crash on the freeway.

  32. Wish Josh would stop yakking about the Ennis run. Is that all he’s read? The Azzarello/Carey stuff is much better

  33. @Jordan0061  I don’t think so. And yes, I’ve read most of it.

  34. @Josh. Good to know that when you talk about a character, you never talk about all the other writers and artists, just repeatedly hammer home the same ones again and again. ITS BORING.The Reasons to be Cheerful arc of Carey and Manco was far superior than the Ennis stuff (althugh Son of Man was pretty damn good). If your a proper geek for this stuff talk about other runs in the future, if Hellblazer is the book you have been reading the longest, you should be able to do that….right?

  35. didn’t peter take off his mask in new avengers like a year ago?

  36. @Jordan0061  Only if he thinks the exact same way that you do. Which he doesn’t.

  37. @Conor. You don’t get what I am trying to say. If he doesn’t like the other runs, say why but at least talk about other writers and artists. This way your readers can get the whole scope of the character. It seems Josh has a list of like 5 guys and will only talk about them at any given time, most likely because he hasn’t read anything else. As you yourself said in a podcast to him, you and Ron actually buy/read the books you talk about and I feel Josh doesn’t do that so he will just bring up Jock/Rucka/Brubaker/Ennis/Hawkeye to fill the gaps.

  38. @Jordan0061 I do understand what you’re saying and you’re wrong. Josh HAS read those other guys’ runs on HELLBLAZER but he likes Ennis’ the best. He’s talked about an endless list of HELLBLAZER writers over the years on the show.

  39. @Conor. Mate, not to be mean or anything because I genuinely like your site and think you guys are the dogs bollocks (better than CBR) so just don’t talk about the things you DON’T LIKE as supposed to the things you LOVE, but say why) this way you can touch long to time readers ANF recommend newbies. I’ll admit I watched the vampire show and was worried that you were gonna cover too much American Vampire and not cover ANY Blade (Premier Vampire anti hero vampire/killing archetype). I can’t tell you how happy I was when it was mentioned. YES, great work, cover your bases, he hasn’t had a great run, but who cares, he important to the genre, regardless of who is writing him. That was my point RE: Azzerello Joker OGN and this is my point now. Rant over, 2:20 LDN, gotta get up for school

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