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Pick of the Week #369 – Batman #16

Show Notes

A cloud looms overhead as this marks Ron Richards’ second to last Pick of the Week Podcast, but that doesn’t stop Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards from talking the mastery of Batman and the other great comics that came out this week and other interesting bits of discussion. Most importantly, we get cameos from both Michael Caine and Eddie Vedder.

Running Time: 01:08:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:56 – Batman #16

00:10:26 – Savage Wolverine #1
00:13:30 – All-New X-Men #6
00:17:33 – Daredevil #22
00:20:01 – Saga #9
00:24:15 – Comeback #3
00:25:30 – New Avengers #2
00:27:16 – Green Lantern: The Animated Series #10
00:28:20 – Captain America #3
00:30:10 – Conan the Barbarian #12

User Reviews:
00:32:19 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:33:46 – director421 reviews Batgirl #16
00:35:03 – ItsBloodyMichaelCaine reviews Captain Marvel #9

00:39:33 – Isaac wonders if digital comics is the answer for cult favorite titles that get canceled.
00:43:05 – Jeremy needs Fear Agent-esque recommendations.
00:46:18 – Tim wants to move to trades from issues.

00:51:51 – Andrew from New Jersey would prefer artists who can maintain a monthly schedule.

00:58:22 – iFanboy Update

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• Chris Hardwick’s Mandroid – Releasing on January 22, 2013, it’s the first comedy special from Chris Hardwick of Nerdist fame – order it today!

“When Rock-n-Roll Was Just a Baby”
Texas Is The Reason


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  1. Great show guys! Already looking forward to next week with mixed feelings.

  2. Great show guys. Always the highpoint of my Sunday work day.

    You guys cracked me up four or five different times this week. At one point my coworker in the next room thought something was wrong with me. I’m really gonna miss this dynamic.

    Stiff upper lip, Josh.
    Hang in there, man.

  3. I wanna know when Josh is going to announce he’s leaving for Bluewater Comics. Those Shatner comics won’t write themselves!

  4. WOW. It’s weird to see the team change up like this. Holy shit. =(

    Congrats on the new career opportunity Ron. You will be missed, dude.

  5. So since Paul is being promoted does that mean he is no longer eligible for the all writers podcast usually done on easter?

  6. Wow emotional stuff. It’s pretty clear how close you guys are, it’ll be sad to see Ron go but he’s probably going to the best company in comics right now. Image is on the rise and I’m sure Ron is going to help the company take the publisher right to the top!

  7. Can we at least get Ron back to do the All Media Roundup? It’d be nice to see him back at least once a year

  8. still can’t believe you’ll be going Ron. you guys should do a tribute. plus awesome job on the intro/outro music today.

  9. Conor, I did notice your voice being emotional during the POTW discussion (similar to your “Scalped #60 voice I thought), but I was also glad that the show was so upbeat overall (Josh was on fire!). You three certainly have that lightning in a bottle effect.

    You sort of half joked about listeners getting on Amazon via iFanboy and ordering more stuff in light of your new independence. I for one would find it pretty useful if you posted more Amazon links to recommended products similar to what you did with the Holiday lists. For instance, with the recent “choose your Batman Artist” article you could have provided links to the series of Batman hardcovers and TPBs featuring Neal Adams, Marshall Rogers, Jim Aparo, Alan Davis, etc. Really you could basically provide links with just about any article you do, whether the products are directly related or just peripherally.

    Links to recommended stuff that is newly solicited would also be useful, even including pre-solicit stuff showing up on Amazon (like the Morrison Animal Man Omnibus, new Sandman Omnibus, and Golden Age Superman Omnibus.) That might help the iFanbase with lesser known books like the new Fear Agent edition. By the time of your recent Fear Agent articles, the first print was sold out (or nearly sold out) on Amazon.

    Personally, I would not view these sorts of links as “annoying advertisements” but rather as useful staff recommendations, since I’m sure you would not be linking to products that you don’t think are worthwhile.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the show tonight and look forward to the end-of-era show next week.

  10. Goddammit. I wish we didn’t know. Two weeks of this will be rough.

    Bummer/Stoked. So weird.

  11. God this is so rough. All my favorite podcasting hommies have gone through so much changes. Diggnation is gone, Totally Rad Show is gone, and now Ron is moving on. I have been pretty bummed all weekend although I am happy for Ron. My friends have been asking me what is wrong and I just can only give me them a blank look. These guys better hold it together on the next podcast or we are going to have a really bad case of Niagara Falls on the live show. Better get a supply of kleenex and bourbon for the show.

  12. Holy sh*t, I started to get a little choked up when I saw the about us page and scrolled down to see the legacies section. This is gonna be hard.

  13. 1st Peter Parker and now Ron? 2013 WTF is going on?! lol

    Good luck with everything Ron. iFanboy wont be the same without you. I’m Sure Josh and Conor got this tho. Plus this new guy… Paul is it?

  14. I started getting choked up just listening to you guys at the end there. Hopefully I’ll make the potential livestream, and if not, I’ll listen to Ron’s last podcast with a beer and some kind of symbolic gaze over a misty mountained view or something.

  15. I’m glad that Josh broke down towards the end of the podcast. If you all just soldiered on it would be a lot harder to take but the end was very cathartic. I’m just glad I didn’t listen to the episode in public.

  16. Man, it really hit me at the end there too.

  17. Sad. Just….I’m sad.

  18. Eddie Vedder needs to read every email!

  19. I’ve never even *met* the guy, and I cried.

  20. Great show… now I gotta figure out where to stand at Sundace to be noticed…

  21. Is iFanboy joining Nerdist Industries?

  22. I know you have heard it already. Congrats, good look, you suck 🙁 going to miss you Ron. I going to make an effort to grow some balls and call for the first time before you leave. Great show. Thanks again

  23. And good luck Paul. I’ve enjoyed the times you’ve been on.

  24. It was tough hearing Josh like that. This has been a long and very enjoyable run. Thank you for so many great episodes, Ron.

  25. Yeah, Conor, I heard your voice during Batman and thought sickness, allergies, or Ron’s departure. It was a sweet episode guys. I’m going to really miss the dynamic. Hopefully Paul brings the Marvel love to some degree of Ron’s. Best of luck, all of you!

  26. Best of luck Ron, you rock!

  27. Was Saga printed on a different stock. It felt weird in my hands when I read it. Maybe it was the coloring because now that I flip back through it it does feel a little off. The one panel of the Will running towards the gunman also felt way weird to me.

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