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Pick of the Week #217 – S.W.O.R.D. #3

Show Notes

Things settle back to normal, or as close to normal as they can get as the discussion of Ron Richards’ Pick of the Week of S.W.O.R.D. #3 devolves into 90210 discussion and crazy fandom, as well as other trips down distraction lane, ending with a hard look at Josh Flanagan’s personal relationships. Oh yeah, we talk about comic books too.

Running Time: 01:04:32

Pick of the Week:
00:02:20 – After a few issues, S.W.O.R.D. #3 has won Ron over.

00:13:27 – But how good was The Amazing Spider-Man #617?
00:18:26 – Josh’s Pick of the Week was the latest issue from the Book of the Month, The Unwritten #9.
00:20:37 – The Superboy story comes to an end in Adventure Comics #6.
00:24:32 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31 ends a long and tedious arc.
00:29:22 – The genius of the brothers Ba and Moon continues with Daytripper #2.
00:30:52 – Ron really enjoys the anthology X-Men stories in Nation X #2.
00:32:03 – Josh spots a major flaw with the storytelling in Die Hard: Year One #4.
00:34:27 – Conor thinks that Batgirl #6 is one of the most solid titles at DC these days.
00:37:05 – The Marvels Project #5 is the latest issue in this least talked about series, and it is fantastic.

User Reviews:
00:38:24 – ohcaroline was disappointed in X-Men Origins: Cyclops #1.
00:39:30 – comicBOOKchris loved Catwoman: Blackest Night #83.

Book of the Month
00:41:55 – Ron explains his curveball selection of The Unwritten, Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity.

00:47:52 – Vinh wants to get started on Mike Allred’s Madman.

00:50:07 – Anonymous Caller wants to know what movies are coming out in 2010, and which tells super hero stories better: comics or movies?
00:52:50 – Anthony from NY wants to know if we read any mediocre books.

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  1. Is it true that SWORD is cancelled? I’m not trying to sound snooty, but this is a surprise if true.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Yes, it’s been confirmed as cancelled after issue #5. 

  3. Wow.

    They didnt give this a chance at all. Shame, cause Ron’s review did peak my interest on it.

  4. Shall we begin (or perhaps join) an ‘I’m with Brand-Brand’ campaign? Complete with Mike Mitchell painting of Agent Brand in black and white, save for her green hair?

  5. @Conor: If you dropped Catwoman after Brubaker left, then you actually did read the arc that this references. It was somewhere in the teens of the title, and Cameron Stewart drew it. I think its the best arc of Catwoman.


    Again, I always really appreciate it when you guys use my review. Didn’t Marvels Project debut to, like, HUGE fanfare a few months ago? I mean, people still talk positively about it when it comes out, but it really doesn’t seem like the type of series that explodes the internets. More of a quite sleeper series that people occasionally talk about with reverence in the future.


    PS: I grade depending on my immediate initial reaction to a book. I try not to make it a long hard decision whether a book should be a 4 or 5, I try and make it a gut reaction. Same w/ my POTW


  6. SWORD Cancelled, and I believe Dr. Vodoo was as well.  I would think with its tie in to the Xfanbase that it SWORD would have stayed around longer. 


    I might have to pick up some of the Brubaker Catwoman arc.  I haven’t been disappointed in anything he’s written, and am working on expanding my DC reading, so it sounds like a good place to start.

  7. I dunno, Catwoman is my favorite character and while there were a few cool moments in this issue, the direction they have taken Maggie really upset me. It wasnt believable and it felt really cliche, I hope they don’t continue this direction for the character.

  8. @DarkKnightDetective:


    I’m cool with this Maggie revelation. Back in the series, when Black Mask was torturing her, he made it crystal clear that the only reason that he was doing it was because that her sister was Catwoman. So I think that would naturally mindfuck her beyond any limits.

  9. I’m 9 minutes in and you guys really sound like nerds. NERDS.

    (but i still love you)

  10. you sounded like nerds again at 19:30 when you made the Crying Game joke. Again.

    I’ll keep you posted on other nerd-bursts throughout the podcast 

  11. Nation X also featured a great Martha story.

    Die Hard: Year One has been time-stamped since issue 1, and has bothered me ever since.

  12. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1245526/

    holy crap! if Red is coming out, look at that fucking cast! granted a third is listed as rumored, but still. 

  13. @ABird: There is no way that is the cast! That is waaaay to many A-listers.

  14. I picked up Batgirl this week along with #5 and it was fantastic.  This is another surprise book (Power Girl being the first) from DC.  I’m lovin’ it.

  15. I’ve been wondering where the heck Four-Eyes was.  I guess I am gonna have to buy some Spider-Man to get my fix for Fiumara’s art.

  16. My pick this week came down to a tie between PunisherMAX #3 and The Marvels Project #5. I completely agree that Epting’s artwork in this series is just ridiculously good. They need to give the hardcover collection the oversize treatment, not make it a Premiere.

  17. @TNC: Right?  I guess we’ll now in about 9 months, let the countdown begin!

  18. Josh tells it like it is.  I love it.

  19. sorry. i was distracted. you never really top the nerdiness after discussing Lockheed and how cool that cover was. anyway, i still love you

  20. Thanks for the show, guys.

    I agree that Marvels Project as kinda gone under the radar. Things that don’t have any bearing on current continuity tend to do that. Of course, if they just turn it into another Captain America book–like they’re doing–then it’s sure to get more love. 😉 I enjoyed the hell out of it BEFORE it turned into another Cap book, though… 😉

  21. Listening to the intro lets us know what Ron thinks about pirating I guess.

  22. Glad to see the Batgirl love.  It’s probably my favorite superhero comic, and it’s such an uphill battle to get people to read it.  They act is if it were… I dunno… Cable or something.

  23. Great show, guys – love the love you’re giving Unwritten here.  It’s giving you just enough to keep coming back and see what else could be coming into Tommy’s world next.  I’m surprised though, Ron, that you don’t have the same love for Fables.  It’s such a great world to dive into and how Willingham interconnects the fairy tale characters’ origins with the modern world is incredible.

  24. Good show, though another wacky one.

  25. Sorry to anyone who talked about the ‘RED’ movie. Apparently it is being made right now, and the cast is real!


  26. I don’t think Marvels Project is becoming a Cap-centric story.  The Angel is clearly the main character.  plus the solicit for the next issue talks mainly about Namor and Human Torch.

    and regarding Red, I guess that answers that.  all the A-listers isn’t too far-fetched because there are really only three parts that would last more than 5-10 minutes. 

  27. Every time the decade thing is mentioned I laugh my ass off. Good show guys. My pic was Batgirl, I loved the relationship between Robin 4 or 5? and Batgirl 3.

    Robins – 1.Dick 2.Jason 3.Tim 4.Steph 5.Damien

    okay it was 5. Had to think it through.

  28. @JFernandes, who’s Martha in X-Nation? Is she the weird giant lady from last week’s X Factor special? Thanks.

    Re: the Sword chat, did I miss something? Why was Victoria Hand suddenly mentioned?

     I nearly tried the Marvel Project but Marvel seems to have gone back to the Golden Age well too many times in recent years; it seems we get the origins of Cap, the Torch and co every other year.

  29. I still haven’t read my Mad Man complete omnibus book that I purchased last Wondercon.  I should do that.

  30. I got my Battlepug shirt today.  It’s great



  31. @Mart, Martha is the mutant who is just a brain in a glass jar. Grant Morrison introduced her in his run on New X-Men.

  32. @Mart, Re: Victoria Hand.  She was mentioned as a favorite bureaucrat, which was a questioned posed during the S.W.O.R.D. discussion.

  33. Ah, thanks J, I never made the connection between VH and the bureaucrat business. Am so slow. And Martha, blimey, I’d forgotten about her. Lord, I miss the days when the X-Men book would feature just a handful of team members at any one time.

  34. According to wikipedia, Ryan Kelly only did inks for Lucifer!

  35. Also, that Green Hornet movie is being directed by MICHEL GONDRY! :O

    And Red has a pretty good cast. Also, you forgot The Losers.

  36. Nice show!  I enjoyed the discussion of ‘Batgirl’ and ‘Marvels Project’ particularly, since I’m enjoying these two books a lot.  

    Thanks for spotlighting my review — it might not have been clear that the part of the book I enjoyed was only about 5 pages, and I thought the rest of it was kind of a waste, therefore I couldn’t really rate the story above a 2.  My overall rating was a 3, because I enjoyed the art and for a kind of intangible factor.  Those numbers don’t always make sense when you try to add them up, I guess.

    I interpreted Anthony’s voicemail a little differently than the guys did — I thought he was asking if there are books you read and enjoy even though you know they’re not ‘high quality.’  Kind of like guilty pleasures?  The discussion was interesting, though; it always seems to come back to the Flash kids.   


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