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Pick of the Week #317 – The Shade #4

Show Notes

Despite a dominating week by a little known up-and-coming comics writer, the veterans of the comic book industry were victorious this week earning the Pick of the Week nod. Beyond that, it was a strong week that lead to some startling confessions and some Real World reminiscing amongst the iFanboy gang.

Total Running Time: 01:02:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:42 – It might have been predictable, but James Robinson and Darwyn Cooke earned the pick of the week with The Shade #4.

00:11:32 – Mere inches kept Wolverine and The X-Men #4 from the pick, because Nick Bradshaw is awesome. Jason Aaron is pretty good too…
00:16:01 – …as evidenced on the milestone issue Wolverine #300, which Aaron continues to rule over Wolverine. Despite Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi.
00:18:21 – One of the best under the radar books for Ron is X-Factor and X-Factor #230 was no exception.
00:20:54 – But Jason Aaron can’t be held back and Scalped #55 was a satisfying fight issue for Josh and Conor.
00:24:37 – It seems like it’s wrapping up and Josh is okay with that as The Unwritten #33 was good.
00:26:41 – Man, we keep coming back to Jason Aaron, but Punisher MAX #21 deserves a shoutout.
00:28:20 – The energy and momentum of The Activity #2 cannot be denied.
00:29:17 – Sometimes crossovers don’t always work so well, as evidenced in Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #5.
00:30:33 – The New Avengers #20 was good as always, but Ron feels like he’s read this already.
00:31:27 – There is no better super hero book than Invincible, and Invincible #87 is no exception.
00:33:21 – Ron was really impressed with Scarlet Spider #1 by Yost and Stegman, great starting point.
00:35:43 – Captain America #7 looks great but both Conor and Ron couldn’t care less about the story.

User Reviews:
00:37:49 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:40:08 – TheMythicalReader gives some great reviewin’ of Batwoman #5.
00:42:16 – bello1234 recommends Joshua Luna’s first solo effort with Whispers #1.

00:44:11 – Nathan from Atlanta, GA wants to know who we think should write and draw comic versions of TV shows.
00:48:01 – Vichus S. is curious what comics are off limits for reading while on public transit.

00:51:33 – Logan from South Carolina gets a little passive aggressive in asking what we think went wrong with Green Arrow.
00:56:11 – Greg from Nashville wants to know our favorite alternate universes.

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  1. Descendants!?!!!?!?!?!?! Excellent Choice

  2. Thanks for keeping up pod. You guys continue to be my favorite comic podcast.

  3. I had to run back into my LCS when I realized Darwyn Cooke did a book this week.

  4. No talk on the final issue of Ellis’s Secret Avengers run? Boo!

    Maybe if Jason Aaron wrote it….

    • I think we’ve adequately praised Ellis on Secret Avengers – that said, I thought this issue was ok – wasn’t as amazing as some of the previous ones, or we would have discussed it, can’t talk about *every* book as you know. Besides, Immonen while great, this wasn’t his best…

    • I thought it was a lot better then most of his Fear Itself work.

      I don’t know four discussions on Jason Aaron seems a bit too much. But that’s just me.

    • Did you read any of the Aaron issues? they were all very, very good. the ones I read were better than at least 20 of the 30 books I bought and read this week.

    • I tried both of the Wolverine books and didn’t care for them. (So much so I didn’t bother to review them) The art was pretty damn good though, spot on Nick Bradshaw.

      I don’t know if Bradshaw fits in after Bachalo though cause that’s two VERY different styles clashing together.

    • What are you talking about? Warren Ellis has been well known and praised in the comic community for 15 years. There’s no bias against him.

      and Immonen’s work on the issue was very good but it was not as polished as fear itself

  5. Sean Murphy would draw Breaking Bad

    Downton Abbey – James Robinson and JH Williams

    Eureka – Warren Ellis and Francis Manapul

    Warehouse 13 – Scott Snyder and Cliff Chiang

  6. Thanks for the awesome podcasts. Synching this one to my iPod now!

  7. American Horror Story should be written by Scott Snyder cause he would actually make it ‘Horror’.

    The Cape by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen. (They could totally made it six seasons and a movie!)

    Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Jordi Bernet on Deadwood (or more recently Hell on Wheels)

    Rob Guillory on Happy Endings or Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Jeff Lemire on Walking Dead (he can make anything post-apocalyptic better!)

    Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard on Walking Dead…..wait.

  8. What about John Cassady for BSG?

  9. “amd”

    what does Wolverine have against conjunctions?

  10. Justified by Jason Aaron and Cliff Chiang.

    Aaron brings the authentic southern feel as well as the crime elements and the wry Elmore Leonard-esque humor.

    Justified is a show that’s more High Noon Western than Closing-Time Noir, so Chiang’s ability to draw clean, cool action sequences would be a good fit.

  11. I remember years ago Wizard magazine did this comic creators making tv show comics. They suggested Alan Moore and John Cassaday write and pencil a Sopranos comics. I don’t really agree with that but it was Wizard and they just said the most populist thing because they were horrible.

    Anyway, here the John Cassaday image from that story http://www.layercake.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/artsopranosjohncassadaywizarduniverse.jpg

  12. @josh, Not sure if you really care, but the new Invincible will be debuting in issue 89.

  13. Bluewater Comics could do all of the reality shows cause they are quite similar. (i.e. they’re all shit)

    Peter Tomasi could write The Wonder Years.

    Kieron Gillen could write Doctor Who.

    Brian Wod could write Homefront.

    Hickman could write AND draw The Prisoner.

  14. Scarlet Spider sold out at the shop i go to in san antonio, figured. great show guys. thanks

  15. TheMythicalReader also had a great review of Huntress #4. Go check it out. https://ifanboy.com/reviews/the-huntress-4-of-6/

  16. Re: Green Arrow. I think Oliver Queen works best as a tragic hero . When he’s lost his fortune, screwed up his relationships both personal (e.g. Black Canary, Connor Hawke) and professional (Roy Harper), plays second string in the Playboy/Hero stakes to Bruce Wayne’s Batman, and is battered and bruised by some street-level bad guy, there’s something heroic when he comes back fighting.

    So far the New52 version has just come across as a bit of a one dimensional IT whizz-kid and rich brat. No loss, no pain, no tragedy… yet. I only hope the creative team put Oli through the wringer a bit, so we get to see his true hero mettle.

    PS May I suggest Nicola Scott to draw Battlestar Galactica: her faces would be great, and I’d love to see her draw a squadron of Vipers mid-firefight….

  17. Great show guys.

    Just wanted to mention that the Battlestar episode of Portlandia is season 2 episode 2. It’s a great episode from a fantastic show!


  18. On the topic of book not to read in public, I’ll read anything if I’m outside at a park or in a coffee shop but if I’m on the bus i only non marvel/DC books because I find that people will try to start a conversation if I’m reading a spider man or batman.

    I did find myself reading chronicles of wormwood once on the trolley and had to immediately close the book because the first page had the pope in a threesome. It was a Sunday and I was sure the lady next to me had just came from church.

  19. What did you guys think of Superboy 5 and Resurrection Man 5? I thought Superboy was okay, but not as good as previous issues, and thought Resurrection Man was a 4 out of 5.

  20. Ron, Conor, and Josh- Thanks so much for reading my review and for the kind words. I was making tiramisu as I was listening to the podcast and was so surprised that I nearly over-beat my egg whites! While I’ve only been reading comics for five months, it’s been such a gratifying experience. Thanks in large part to the site and the iFanboy community, the inherently solitary experience of reading instead feels like thoughtful engagement in a larger conversation.

    • You’re not a myth at all!

    • Nope, but you were correct in the podcast: I’m a new reader who came onboard after the reboot. The username is a nod to Amartya Sen’s “missing women,” the idea being that systematic underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women influences social perception and reinforces the patterns we see today, whether they be in comics or in sex ratios in South Asia and North Africa.

  21. Groovy episode gents, and of course agreed Invincible is mindblowingly consistently excellent.

  22. Descendents. Awesome. My favorite band.

  23. Dude who called in about Green Arrow totally said Green Lantern first then switched to Arrow. Funny that it wasn’t picked up on.

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