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“Pupaphobia” continues with Zatanna discovering a memory long repressed from her childhood on the road… the memory of the night that sadistic puppeteer Oscar Hempel tried to kill her! But while she thought her father’s magic cut Hempel’s strings long ago, he’s back and out for vengeance – and Zee may have no choice but to reverse his curse and set him free to kill again!

Written by PAUL DINI

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  1. I love quirky weaknesses like this.  Z isn’t often afraid, but who doesn’t think puppets are a little freaky.  Loved how she vommed on “Sesame Street.”

  2. Dini + Chiang = SOLD

  3. No offense to Roux, but that is such a lazy ‘logo’.

    It’s like it was just photoshopped on there. 

  4. I rather doubt that Roux drew the logo.

  5. Does anyone know if Chang is the ongoing artist for this book?  If so, I’ll hop on board.

  6. Given just how much fun the last ish was, I felt a little let down by this one.  A needless backup story that was only mildly amusing, fleshed out what felt like a bridge for the first.  I dont know if something was going on behind the scenes that necessitated cutting this one so short but Id just as soon get a full story on this one each month, not half-story…and I dont really feel like I need more stories starring Teen Zee.  Im still worried this book is going to get cancelled, and cutting the stories short isn’t going to help that. 

  7. anyone else kinda pissed that they are pushing this puppet story into yet another issue? I’d really rather that have wrapped up than get a childhood filler at the end. which was really well drawn. I like the art on this series but the story kinda blows.

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